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Reviewed by Diane Flynn Keith
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Resource:Free Illustrated Antique Books & Zero Tuition College
Provider:Children's Books Online: The Rosetta Project
Summary:Age Range: All (Mostly children's books for ages 4-12, but some books for teens and adult readers as well.) ClickScholar Theresa recommended this website that is a free online library of illustrated antique (out-of-print) books that include stories, poems, rhymes, and chapter books. As she noted, "The illustrations alone are worth taking a look!"
Description:The brain-child of one man and an army of volunteers, this site not only has free books online, but it translates many of them into a variety of languages including Afrikaans, Arabic, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and more!

You can use this not only for Language Arts but for Foreign Language practice as well!

When you get to the site you can click on either:

*A link to "Free Online Books and Translations" that will take you to a list of the free books available to read. Click on any one and a new page opens where you can access the book.

*A link to the "Online Books and Translations Indexed by Reading Level and Language" where you'll find an icon menu leading to the books sorted into the following categories:

*Pre-Reader and Very Early Readers
*Early Readers
*Intermediate Readers
*Advanced Readers
*Adult Readers
*Books in Multiple Languages
*Note that you'll also find links to "Multi-Media Books" and "Books with Audio" that are available for sale at the website.

If you just want to access the free books then click on the appropriate reading level and a new page opens to a menu of free books in that reading category.

You'll also find an alphabetized Super Index of the books too.

This is a remarkable collection that you'll want to bookmark so you can return again and again.

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