Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

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Facility:Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Address 1:4250 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Road
Address 2:
City:Colorado Springs
Zip Code:80906-5755
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Telephone:(719) 633-9925
Website:Visit Website
AKA, Co-op Member
This is a nice zoo with several areas that have been redone recently. The Africa exhibit (where you can buy crackers to feed the giraffes) was a hit with my kids. The down sides (for those with younger kids) are that the zoo is on a mountain, so pushing a stroller can be a strain. The older buildings' restrooms are not stroller-friendly at all (as in, you can't even get a stroller in the door!), so if you have smaller ones you'll need to plan bathroom stops when you're in the newer areas of the zoo. Overall, though, my family enjoyed this zoo.
Debra Brinkman, Co-op Member
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is built into a mountain (yes, THAT mountain), and that is something you definitely need to know before you arrive. Pushing a stroller is quite a workout, and younger kids (and older adults!) can end up pretty tired after hiking around.

But the zoo is wonderful, particularly the giraffes. From what I understand, this zoo has been particularly successful with its giraffe population, and there are always big and little ones around.

The views of Colorado Springs are phenomenal as well. This is one of our favorite field trips.
J. Thompson, Co-op Member
There were really a great assortment of animals at this zoo. We spent a full afternoon there with so much to see. We loved the giraffes and there were so many of them. Our favorite had to be the monkeys though. We happened to see the monkeys at just the right time, so we were able to catch the show at feeding time. The trainers were equipped with microphones and educated the guests while having the monkeys do some magnificent tricks for food. This would be worth asking about when you first get to the zoo in order not to miss it if possible. We took the sky lift to the top and we felt this was a waste of money. There was really nothing much at the top and we didn't see much from the lift that we hadn't already seen on the ground. However, do take the time to visit the Shrine of the Sun (believe it is included in the price of the zoo tickets) if you are able to walk up steps because it is worth the drive up the mountain--it is an incredible structure with some interesting history.
Felicia J, Co-op Member
This is a really neat zoo. You get to feed the giraffes which is just the icing on the cake! It's not a huge zoo, but its not small either. It's on Cheyenne Mountain and has beautiful scenery. We even participated in the Christmas Lights during December. Lots of fun!
PamR, Co-op Member
As others have said, the zoo is built on the side of a mountain but that just adds to it's appeal and no matter how hot it is you can always find a shady spot. The number of giraffes is incredible and now they have a new habitat.

The owners of the zoo are working to make the exhibits more realistic as well as habitable for the animals in their care. They have incorporated numerous art displays in their exhibits to enhance the habitat as well as provide additional information about the animals in a new way. (ie. fake scat droppings of the animal near it)

This zoo also has a gorilla who paints pictures that you can then purchase. A tram that goes around the entire park and a carousel for the kid in all of us.

Overall I would say you can't go wrong in visiting this zoo
Heather, Co-op Member
Great zoo to visit. Every time we come to Colorado we visit this zoo.
We enjoyed the giraffe enclosure. We fed the giraffes and my kids didn't want to leave. The giraffes are wonderful animals and we were able to pet them. This zoo is puts their animals in very natural looking habitats.
We rode the carousel and the horses.
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