Cameron Park Zoo

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Facility:Cameron Park Zoo
Description:See zebras run with giraffes and antelopes as they would in the wild of the African Savannah! Watch as a playful White-Handed Gibbon taunts a pair of black swans, just as he would in his native homeland! You'll find many rare species living together at the Cameron Park Zoo, the nation's newest natural habitat zoo, located in Waco, Texas. 52 acres of lush vegetation. Winding paths lead to splashing waters cascading waterfalls down to picturesque lakes and ponds. And the midst of all this beauty visitors see that the wild ones not only survive, they flourish!
Address 1:1701 N 4th Street
Address 2:
Zip Code:76707-2463
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Saturday; and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. The zoo is open year-round. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day holidays, and the last Friday and Saturday of June.
Admission:Admission is $5 for adults; $3 for children 4 years to 12 years; and $4.50 for senior citizens (60+ years). Children three and under are admitted free.
Telephone:(254) 750-8400
Krissy Eckholdt, Co-op Member
Cameron Park Zoo is a fantastic zoo for homeschoolers! It has an inexpensive entrance fee, free parking and the entire zoo can be "done" in 2.5 hours. The habitats are small so that animals are always seen close up and active. The only animal difficult to catch is the lion. There is a savanna where giraffes roam with antelope and storks and can be seen eating and drinking water up close. Getting to the zoo from the freeway is simple. However, if you hope to eat before going to the zoo, the many fast food places close to the freeway are your best bet. There is a concession area at the entrance and one halfway through, but guests are also welcome to bring their own food into the park. When entering the park, consider going to the left and touring in a counterclockwise fashion so that your tour ends with a lovely playground for the kids to run and play on. Don t miss the reptile house and the new Brazos River Country section. If future arrangements are made the zoo also has a "Zoo Snooze" program for overnight zoo adventures for children over 5.
Laura Dawson, Co-op Member
This zoo is beautiful and a wonderful way to see animals up close and personal. We got lucky and caught the lions talking to one another. They roared and roared and roared. It was fabulous! The animals are well taken care of and look very healthy. There are different programs for children that you can take advantage of. It's very easy to navigate the zoo. Our family loves it!
M. Vineyard, Co-op Member
This is by far the best zoo! The enclosures are close together and there's plenty of natural shade. The animals look very health and are clean. We can't wait to visit again.
Jessica H., Co-op Member
We have been to the Cameron Park Zoo 3 times and it is amazing every time. It is the half way point for us to meet with Grandpa and Granny, so we try to do go at least once a year. We love the park! The layout of the tour is great, and it is very clean and well kept. We think it is just the right size and amount of walking for our kids (all 7 and under) and there is so much to see and learn for everyone. This year, they had a baby gibbon and we got to watch the baby, mom and dad in their habitat. It was amazing and the baby was SO cute! If you haven't been, I would say to plan for 3-4 hours in the park. They also have had fun free crafts and activities out for the kids the last few times we have been. Great day trip!
B. Nash, Co-op Member
Love this zoo! We live close, so we get to visit often. Our kids really enjoy coming to this zoo. It's well shades and pretty easy to navigate. There is a nice variety of animals for a smaller zoo, and they are still expanding. There is plenty to see without being overwhelming. There are also plenty of parks nearby for picnics if you don't want to eat inside the zoo. Definitely worth a visit!
Amber M., Co-op Member
This zoo is really awesome! My son loves going whenever we can! Great variety of animals, and the staff is nice.
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