Caldwell Zoo

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Facility:Caldwell Zoo
Description:Go on a scavenger hunt for your school field trip! The Caldwell Zoo has lots of great programs, zoo camps and exciting scavenger hunts for children, ages 3 through 14, through schools, homeschools and individually. See the website for all the details.
Address 1:2203 Martin Luther King Blvd.
Address 2:
Zip Code:75702
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:March - Labor Day 9:00 a.m.- 5:00 p.m.
After Labor Day - February 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.
Admission:Children 2 years and younger: Free
Children 3-12: $4.00
Adults 13 to 54: $7.50
Seniors 55 and better: $6.50

Telephone:(903) 593-0121
Tisha C., Co-op Member
This zoo was great! We had a wonderful time and very much enjoyed the animals. It is best to go a little earlier in the day before it gets hot so that the animals are out. One of our favorites was a white tiger that sat right at the glass and "posed" for pictures with us! It was beautiful! The elephants, giraffes, rhinos are fantastic! Way, way fun is to buy the little popsicle sticks of bird seed to feed the birds! They land all over you-your head, hands, feet, arms they are everywhere and all of us adult and kids alike loved it! We took a lunch and ate out front on the steps where they have some picnic tables and it was overall a fantastic day with loads of great pictures taken and the kids talked about it for days! Wonderful field trip!
D Millerl, Co-op Member
I have been here many times with my kids. It is just the right size for young children or school groups. There is a variety of animals and birds. My kids always loved feeding the ducks and looking at the snakes. They also have a petting zoo...just keep your kids fingers out of the goats mouth. ( Yes, I learned from experience.) My favorite time to go is spring or fall when it is not so hot.
Marista M., Co-op Member
For a small local zoo this one is great! We enjoy visiting Caldwell multiple times a year. I recommend cooler even rainy days. A lot of the animals are more active if it isnt too hot.
Carol T, Co-op Member
We just moved into the area and went to the Caldwell Zoo. We LOVED it! Even though it was much smaller than what we were used to (the Houston Zoo), it was more of a natural surrounding for the animals. We are members now and will definitely be back.
K. P., Co-op Member
We have been going to the Caldwell Zoo for the past 10 years. It is spacious, clean, very well manicured grounds. The animals looks well taken care of, and the zookeepers are knowledgable. They even offer homeschooling classes!
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