Cabbage Patch Kids

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Facility:Cabbage Patch Kids
Description:Known the world over as the birthplace of the "hand-stitched" Original Cabbage Patch Kids, BabyLand General Hospital is a very real place.

You can visit us on line or in person almost every day of the year.
Address 1:75 miles northeast of Atlanta off of U.S. 129
Address 2:
Zip Code:30528
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:9 am to 5 pm Mon - Sat
10 am to 5 pm Sun
Admission:Admission is free.
Telephone:(706) 865-2171
Website:Visit Website
Jackie Penn, Co-op Member
Cabbage Patch Kids is a wonderful place for children of all ages, not just children and not just girls. The site is full of exhibits featuring the beginning of the Cabbage Patch experience to today. Yes, you will find many babies eagerly awaiting adoption in the gift center. Prices vary, and you are sure to find something in your price range or on sale.

One of the most exciting features is when a baby is born. Be sure to gather round as the nurse shows off the new born baby. Make sure you have your camera ready to snap pictures throughout the hospital.

Helen, Ga is not far away and makes for a great side trip to visit Alpine heaven.
Tabatha, Co-op Member
The Cabbage Patch Hospital is a wonderful place to take your children especially for the girls that love cabbage patch baby dolls. The hospital shows a cabbage patch being born from the time they are in the cabbage until they are born. The audience can help name a newborn and can even adopt the baby if they want. The kids love participating in this. Afterwards they can shop the beautifully laid out store for clothes, shoes or anything else you can think of. Also, if you have your own cabbage patch baby you can send them to the bath camp for a few weeks this way they can get all cleaned up for there next adventure. I truly recommend this as a field trip. have fun to all
Dotty G., Co-op Member
This is a great place to go. We love Babyland General Hospital AKA Cabbage Patch Kids. We go every year.
We love the different displays, the hospital is laid out where you can find anything you would want for your cabbage patch kid.
If your CPK has a boo-boo, you can take it to see the Dr. (fee may apply). They do check-ups on your CPK (no charge).
The most exciting time is when a new Cabbage Patch kid is born. Everyone gathers around, (have cameras ready).
They let the audience help name the new CPK.
You can adopt a new CPK for a reasonable price.
They have special activities {some cost more}. But it is well worth the price. We attend the summer Tea Party.
Be sure to check out the Activity calendar for upcoming activities.
There are stuffed animals for the boys, so they do not feel left out.
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