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Summary:Age Range: 6-13 (Grades 1-7, with parental supervision). October 18th, 1898, was the date that Spain turned over Puerto Rico to the United States' control, a condition of The Treaty of Paris after the Spanish-American War. At this website, you'll find free lesson plans and activities about the history, geography, and culture of Puerto Rico.
Description:When you get to the site, read the brief introduction. Then use the horizontal menu at the top of the page to access:
  • A Map of Puerto Rico

  • A Fact Sheet - Includes the national flower, bird, flag, capital, government, terrain, notable people, etc.

  • Tainos - Learn about the indigenous people of Puerto Rico, the Taino Indians.

  • Puerto Rico, U.S.A. - A brief history of Puerto Rico's history with the United States of America.
Then, use the menu on the left to explore:
  • Food - Get recipes for Coconut Kisses, Plantain Chips, and more!

  • Songs - Listen to Children's songs such as "El Gato Y El Raton."

  • Coloring Pages - Print and color symbols of Puerto Rico.

  • Coqui - Learn about Puerto Rico's very tiny tree frog.

  • Rain Forest - Discover Puerto Rico's tropical rain forest, El Yunque.

  • Lesson Plans - Free lessons, designed for classroom teachers, that cover Puerto Rican social studies, geography, history, and much more.
Print out quizzes, word search puzzles, coloring activities, and more!
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