Blue Bell Creamery

The Visiting Info shown below, if any, is always subject to change. Please check the facility's website for the latest information before making a trip.

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Facility:Blue Bell Creamery
Description:Tour the creamery and see how Blue Bell makes its delicious ice cream. You'll get a serving of ice cream, too. On the tour you'll see the creamery from the inside out. You'll learn about the process of making ice cream and the history of the Blue Bell Company. Tours leave every 10 minutes during the day, and include 50 people. Families with small children are welcome.

Address 1:1101 South Blue Bell Road
Address 2:
Zip Code:77833
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:M-F 8:30-3:00
Admission:Adults $5; 55+ and 6-14 $3; School groups free SEP-FEB; $1 per person MAR-MAY; no group reservations JUN-AUG
Telephone:(800) 327-8135
Kim, Co-op Member
They've recently changed the website a bit... here's a newer and correct link for visiting information.

My kids and I love the Blue Bell Creamery tour... It's a little like the Mr. Rogers' factory tours of old. In their small auditorium you'll hear a brief talk by an employee and watch a short film about the history of Blue Bell. Then you'll walk single file through the halls of the offices portion of the building to the observation decks above the ice cream factory. You'll witness the entire process, from milk to mixing to flavor and candy additions to packaging. It's a fascinating tour for kids and adults alike. At the end, you are deposited into a mini ice cream shop where you receive a scoop of your flavor favorite. Don't miss the company store where you can purchase apparel and other gifts with the Blue Bell logo. And remember your camera for posing out front in the statue garden.
Laura Dawson, Co-op Member
This is a great factory tour. You begin by watching a short film on the history of Blue Bell Ice Cream and then continue on the guided factory tour. You are able to see the many steps ice cream goes through before it hits the grocery store shelves. It is very informative. After the tour, you are taken to the gift shop where you get a free scoop of ice cream, the flavor of your choice. It is a fun tour that we will definitely do again.
Jackie Penn, Co-op Member
This was a very tasty field trip. My whole family enjoyed it. I have actually been twice. The auditorium showcases the beginnings of the Blue Bell sensation and then you are off and running for the complete tour. I think the thing I enjoyed most seeing was the fact that they cartons are packed upside down. I never knew that before. I believe they said something about the vacuum it creates. The end of the tour culminates with an ice cream of your choice. Doesn't get much better!
CC, Co-op Member
We took a tour of the Blue Bell factory last year. We had children ranging from 3-8, plus parents and grandparents along, and everyone enjoyed the tour. The little video was informative and interesting. It was fascinating to see the ice cream being processed. I think I was surprised how small-scale the place seems to be, in comparison to the amount of ice cream they produce. And of course the best part was the free scoop at the end!!
Amy R., Co-op Member
This was a fun place to visit with family. The best part was the free ice cream at the end of the tour. The tours are staggered and there is a tent to wait under to get out of the heat and sun. Each person on the tour receives a free hat as well. There is a small gift shop on site and a movie that is available to watch as well. The tour is guided and fast paced. If your kids love watching "How It's Made", they will love this.
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