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Biltmore Estate

The Visiting Info shown below, if any, is always subject to change. Please check the facility's website for the latest information before making a trip.

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Facility:Biltmore Estate
Description:A working estate that would sustain itself and benefit the community. America's largest home. Acres of gardens, parklands, and managed forests. A country retreat for friends and family. This was George Vanderbilt's vision for Biltmore Estate more than 100 years ago, and it lives to this day.
Address 1:1 Approach Road
Address 2:
Zip Code:28803
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:Call or see their web site for hours and directions
Telephone:(800) 411-3812
Bobbie W., Co-op Member
The Biltmore Estate is so much fun. The house is very large and very beautiful. As much fun as the house is we prefer to wander around in the gardens. I love to visit in the spring but I have heard that is quite beautiful around Christmas also. They have a wonderful winery and there is so much to do and see in the surrounding area also. It is a must do field trip destination for anyone that plans to be in the area.
Vicky, Co-op Member
Come and learn about history at the Biltmore! It is interesting to see how those from the 1800's lived, from the wealthy owners to the servants. The gardens are beautiful in the spring. I recommend to take the guided tours to see the "surprises" of the house. It is worth the extra charge! The area has many sightseeing opportunities as well.
Laura Dawson, Co-op Member
The Biltmore Estate is stunning. Not only is the house wonderful to tour, the gardens are beautiful, too. There are plenty of outdoor activities you can take advantage of such as hiking, horseback riding, rafting, bicycling and guiding tours.
Ashley H., Co-op Member
The Biltmore is a fantastic place to visit. It's probably a better fit for older children (8+ years)but a wonderful experience nonetheless. One of the greatest things is that Biltmore offers a Spring Homeschool Festival all about gardening and food. Budding photographers will love the colors in the massive garden area. It's a history and science lesson waiting to happen.
Christine D., Co-op Member
Visiting the Biltmore was a great time for my daughter and I. They planned activities were wonderdul experiences for her. I look forward to the trip in September.
Pam M., Co-op Member
Although a bit pricey, I still feel this is worth the money! Living about an hour away, we purchased the year long membership and used it enough to really make an impact. There are several special events you can participate in at Biltmore Estate...the Christmas decorations, the Easter Egg Hunt as well as others. The house is wonderful to tour with your own headphones to listen to the tour. But the grounds were our favorite part!! There are acres and acres of trails to hike. I believe they even allow horses on the trails but double check on that part. A beautiful little bass pond with waterfall tucked away in one corner. Huge forests! The greenhouses are amazing! The food and shops are wonderful as well! My son enjoyed taking his insect identification book because with all the plants you will see a variety of insects...particularly caterpillars and butterflies. Bring a camera because the views are simply amazing...some of God's greatest handiwork!!!
Tabitha, Co-op Member
We LOVED Biltmore. We went a Christmas and it was beautiful. I would reccomend not to go the weekend before Christmas because it is so crowded! We had to move along with the flow of the crowd and were not able to just look at the rooms at our leisure. Our son enjoyed it too. Couldn't belive how big this house was. If you get a chance to visit it is well worth the trip and it has so much to do and look at on the estate and off.
Mrs. Crickon, Co-op Member
We went during the Spring Homeschool days and received a discount ticket price. We lived about 6 hours away so we went ahead and made a mini vacation of the trip.
The house and grounds were absolutely beautiful. The tours of the house were very crowded, but once you get outside there is plenty of room to spread out and explore.
The Theme for the Homeschool Day activities was the Around the World Travels of the Vanderbilt family. The activites were fun and kept the attention of my age range of 4-14.

It was really great and we can't wait to go back again!
Nicole Smith, Co-op Member
There are many activities other than the house and gardens.
The Winery has video tour rooms where you can watch and learn about the industry and how the Biltmore Winery works. North Carolina has tons of Wineries so this is good information for the state.
The farm is really cool. You get to see old farming equipement in the big barn, where they also hold eductational talks, and traditional ways of doing things before everything became automated. If you walk around the little "shops" there is a Tanners shop and a Woodworkers shop. There are more little shops like this to look into and see all the old equipment.
We were there later in the evening and they had an abundance of eggs left over so the guy let us take some. The eggs didn't taste any different being laid by Biltmore chickens.
Its a fun place to go and you can take tons of photo's every where but in the House. You can learn about a visit from other people such as Napoleon Bonaparte and others. I hear the audio tours share lots of extra information.
They even have thier own hotel on the grounds but if you go into town its cheaper and there are lots more tours and things to do in town that are educational. I can't wait to visit one last time before I move out of NC. My girls love Biltmore as much as I do.
Sher A., Co-op Member
The only reason for my 3 star review is the cost. It is extremely expensive. As of 2/4/2012 adults are $45 presale, and 16 and under are free but we were there in Dec. and adults were $65 and only kids 10 and under were free (11-16 was $25). We lucked out, my Aunt in Law bought a boatload tickets 12 years ago and they don't expire. We only had to buy a ticket for our 11 year old.

TIP: don't buy the headphones, for just a little more you can get a book, and the whole family can hear as you read, you don't have to pass headphones around and you then get to keep the book. It is a very nice book and you can see extra areas of the house.

It was beautiful and fascinating, but I don't think it is worth $65 a ticket. Especially when they keep closing more and more sections of the house that you used to be able to see - now you have to pay extra to see those areas.

We did enjoy it immensely, so if you are given tickets it is definitely worth it to go. It is beautiful at Christmas, and the technology is amazing (but to find out about the technology Vanderbilt Incorporated in the house you have to pay extra for another tour! - So buy the book!)
PjM, Co-op Member
We actually went during their annual Homeschool Festival so the tickets were do-able... we just can't afford it at any other time. The price is the only reason for 4 stars as opposed to 5. The house and grounds are something to behold for sure... so glad I don't have to clean it though! It truly is a spectacular place with so much fascinating history. Definitely worth a one-time see... not sure if we'll do it again or not... maybe when the kids are older.
Write a review of this Field Trip destination
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