Audubon Zoo

The Visiting Info shown below, if any, is always subject to change. Please check the facility's website for the latest information before making a trip.

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Facility:Audubon Zoo
Description:Wow, so much to see in this incredible zoo! Witness a real-life 'gator feeding or watch the black bears at play. Discover the amazing world of primates with tamarins, gorillas, lemurs and siamangs. Visit Jaguar Jungle and see spider monkeys, sloth and the most sacred animals in Mayan lore, jaguars all waiting for you. There are also recreated ruins, a dig site where young archeologists can unearth treasures and the magnificent jaguars. Don't miss the two white tiger brothers pouncing and prowling around. See the Southern white rhinos in the African Savanna exhibit. The Komodo dragon exhibit is a favorite of many, as is Monkey hill, which features a five-level treehouse to give visitors a monkey-eye view from the legendary tallest point in New Orleans. There is also a rope bridge, bronze lion sculptures, wading pools and plenty of "room to roll" down Monkey Hill.
Address 1:6500 Magazine Street
Address 2:
City:New Orleans
Zip Code:70118
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Telephone:(800) 774-7394
Website:Visit Website
Jill, Co-op Member
One of the best zoos I've been to! If it's warm bring the kids swimsuits so they can get wet!
Courtney P, Co-op Member
It is a great place. It has amazing animals without the large crowd of the zoo, and you get to feed the animals. The staff is wonderful.
Christa, Co-op Member
This trip was not the greatest we've taken. The zoo was okay, but lacked some appeal due to 2 exhibits being closed. The facility grounds were in good shape though. There were no lions which was disappointing to our family - this is one of our favorite animals. The best thing about the zoo was the peacock I think because it gave quite a demonstration of noise and fanfare, strutting around as it did. The price for the rides at the zoo were not clearly posted on the site, so you either had to stand in line to get the information or butt in line to ask for pricing.
I am curious but confused about the water attraction they are adding to the zoo. It seems like an odd place for it, and there was no information on whether this will be part of admission or another charge or what. I'm not sure what I think about it at this point other than it seems odd.
The hardest part of this trip for me was actually getting to the zoo itself. Traffic was chaos and it seemed as though we were taking back streets to get to a main location. You can still see so much of the devastation from Katrina, and it hurt my kids hearts to see that.
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