Animated U.S. History Timeline

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Resource:Animated U.S. History Timeline
Summary:Age Range: 9 and up (with parental supervision). This commercial website provides a free, 10-minute interactive, animated video of the geographic history of the United States. As explained at the website, "It visualizes the admission of all the states and the development of the territories, intercut with major historical events."
Description:While the video is a "sample" of the full product, it is a terrific "stand alone" resource as an engaging overview of US history and geographic expansion from 1780 to 1960.

When you get to the website, read the options for how to view the video and use the interactive features. You can play the video straight through, or choose to view it in parts:

Part I: Completion of Territory (1789-1853)
Part II: The Civil War (1853-1865)
Part III: Post Civil War (1865-1959)

Be sure to turn on your speakers so you can hear the narration that explains the growth of the continental United States. Use your cursor to roll over states to reveal their names, and click on states and rivers to access pop-up windows with additional information.

Note: There is an ad to purchase the expanded version at the end of the presentation.

When you're through watching the video, check out the example of the timeline, with separate sections for tracking the history of the States, Territories, Presidents, Society, Native Americans, World, Science and Culture here.

Simply use your mouse to move the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the timeline to view it in its entirety. While this sample isn't animated, it's still a great reference tool.
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