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Summary:Age Range: All (All grades; children with parental supervision). Discover the works of artist Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson at this website from the Columbus Museum of Art. Aminah’s unique art form of “combining traditional art materials with found objects and everyday materials” inspires visitors to explore new ways to create art.
Description:Using the image map on the home page, select where you would like to begin:
  • Meet – Explore a timeline of Aminah’s life, meet the artist and see her home studio by watching videos.

  • See – See some of the artist’s work through images often accompanied with audios narrated by the artist.

  • Understand – Learn about the special techniques the artist uses to create her artwork, also narrated by the artist.

  • Teach – Find downloadable lesson plans and other resources that not only further an understanding of the artist’s work but also “encourage students to research, document, and honor their own ancestors, families, and communities and those that are different from their own”.

  • Share – Read what others have to say about Aminah’s work and more.

  • Create your own artwork – Use the interactive application to create your own artwork in Aminah’s style and save to the online gallery or print for your own home gallery.
Visitors can also see where to go to see Animah’s work and images from her 70th birthday party. This website is sure to get your student exploring their own creativity using what they find around them.
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