American Museum of Natural History

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Facility:American Museum of Natural History
Address 1:Central Park West at 79th Street
Address 2:
City:New York
Zip Code:10024-5192
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:The Museum is open daily, 10:00 a.m.5:45 p.m.
The Rose Center remains remains open until 8:45 p.m. on the first Friday of every month.
The Museum is closed Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Telephone:(212) 769-5100
Website:Visit Website
Mary Beth, Co-op Member
We cannot begin to describe our trips to this landmark museum. We go as a family and even though we live about 200 miles away we always buy a membership and come back at least twice a year because there is SO much for us all to see and experience.

The planetarium is wonderful. The exhibits on the planets and stars really give you a sense of distance and magnitude not seen in any other science museum. There are plenty of shows in this area of the museum and lots of little free movie areas.

The dinosaur exhibit could take a lifetime to visit as could all of the other sections of the museum. Some of them are quite old and still amaze us. The educational value is enormous as the explanations are great.

We would highly recommend that people go out of their way to visit this great museum.
BDF, Co-op Member
The American Museum of Natural History lives up to its name in every way. It's much too big to be seen in one day, so pick just a few exhibits that you really want to see, then spend some time there. But make sure you don't miss the dinosaurs!
BDF, Co-op Member
The American Museum of Natural History definitely lives up to its name--it's got to be the single best natural history museum in the US.

The museum is so big that you'll never see it all in one day, so pick the exhibits you really want to see and spend some time at each one. But definitely don't skip the dinosaurs!
Yesenia Reyes, Co-op Member
This Museum is Great! They have so many different sections. You can take your child every day for a week and never see the same thing. The exhibits are coherent and well explained. There is always a guide there to help you. And an exhibit for all ages!
Daniel Inverso, Co-op Member
When I was a child, one of our class trips was to the Museum of Natural History. This happened about 42 years ago. Last week I decided to take my two children, ages 5 and 6
to this Museum. We were amazed and overwhelmed with the wealth of what one could see and learn. Of course we became members and plan to visit monthly to take advantage and maximize our learning experience.
Khadijah M., Co-op Member
Great place to go for the whole family. Warning you will not be able to see everything in one day, there's just so much under one roof. It's best to check with their website to see if their are any events on the day of your visit and to plan your day according to what areas interests you most on the map. It doesn't have to cost a lot to go since the admission price is suggested.
Martha C., Co-op Member
It's worth it to make the trip to see any of the exhibits, but especially the special exhibits. The special exhibits are always extensive and well-done. For example, we just saw the special whale exhibit. My kids loved going inside the "heart" of a sperm whale. There was also a reconstructed skeleton of a very large sperm whale. It was a valuable learning experience for the whole family. My children are ages 9, 11, and 14. We often buy the family membership. If you go just twice in one year, it is worth it. It includes the special exhibits and a certain number of IMAX tickets also, so the membership ends up paying for itself. If you get there early enough in the day, the parking garage under the museum will not be full, and it's so convenient to get into the museum then--very nice when there's inclement weather!
S. Ryan-Farmakis, Co-op Member
This museum is fantastic. There is always something to see or do here. The kids enjoy the planetarium immensely.
Tara D., Co-op Member
Whats not to like about this place!? It just keeps getting better. Definitely a days worth of exploring and learning (I find its had to cram everything in with the kids in just one day). Lots of fun and educational activities for kids and any group honestly. You must visit the Planetarium! Seems to be the busiest place we visit just about anytime you go.
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