Amazement Square - The Rightmire Children's Museum

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Facility:Amazement Square - The Rightmire Children's Museum
Description:Welcome to Central Virginia's first multidisciplinary, hands-on children's museum, AMAZEMENT SQUARE! Climb, slide and discover as you make your way through four floors of exciting, interactive exhibits, activities and programs. Visitors of all ages, backgrounds and abilities can explore global and regional topics, the arts and humanities, science and health-related themes, as well as expand their creativity
Address 1:27 Ninth Street
Address 2:
Zip Code:24504
V I S I T I N G   I N F O
Hours:Tuesday-Saturday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Sunday 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Closed Mondays except on major holidays and from Memorial Day through Labor Day when the museum is open from 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Admission:$6, Children under 2 Free
Telephone:(434) 845-1888
Website:Visit Website
Michelle Crooker, Co-op Member
Amazement Square Field Trip Review

For a local field indoor field trip, Amazement Square cannot be beat. When you arrive at the Amazement Square you know right away that you are at some place special. Amazement Square is located in downtown Lynchburg. The building used to be a pesticide factory, but boy have they changed. The wording on the side that used to read Death to all bugs has been edited to read Respect to all bugs , and that is just the beginning.

Upon entering my kids usually want to start at the farm. The farm is a section for the younger kids (although my older ones will go in it with their baby brother because they still enjoy it.) For kids 4 and younger the farm offers a chicken coop where the kids can count eggs, several things to ride on (a tractor and two horses), animals to pet (be sure to listen when you pet them, they make noise), and even a cow to milk. Feel like doing a bit of harvesting, there is a farmer s cart full of vegetables and a cornfield where corn can be sown or harvested. And be sure to check out the giant ant tunnels (big enough for several kids and some grownups too), but be careful looking under rocks, you never know what you will find.

Up a short set of stairs you will find the changing gallery this is where Amazement Square has (wait for it . . .) exhibits that change. We have seen silver production and an exhibit on celebrating difference, just to name a few.

Upstairs on the second level you will have a ball literally. There are all sorts of cool contraptions and golf balls to experiment with potential and kinetic energy. There is a magnetic wall where you can build your own track and a track that goes around a column (my kids always try to race the balls). Further down the hall you can experiment with electricity, while around the next corner you can take a walk through the human heart, crawl through an artery, perform surgery, go for a bike race and even play some virtual reality games.

Another floor up takes you to the top floor. Here you can float down the James River in a bateaux boat or you can float a bateaux boat down the river. Have you ever made it rain on the city of Lynchburg or cooked fish in an Indian village? You can do both of these fun activities, of head over to Once upon a Building to move some church steeples around, build a house out of giant blocks, or explore the shape house.
Once you have made it all the way to the top, don t forget to take a ride in the glass elevator to the basement. Amazement square doesn t have an ordinary basement. There is a tree stage for putting on puppet shows, a jam room for making beautiful music, another virtual reality area (aren t green screens fun) and of course, the Paint Box. The Paint Box is a great place it is a room with one mirrored wall and three glass walls. Once you go in (after taking off your shoes and socks and donning a smock) you will find the paint table. This isn t a table to sit at and paint, this is just a table to hold the paints and paint brushes. So where do you paint? The wall, of course. With a parent outside kids can paint over your hand (that is if you can stand to stay out and not go in and paint yourself) or they can let themselves go and paint anything. There is a time limit to the paint box so don t worry about not being able to get in, there is also a sink for washing up after.

You may be wondering why you rode the elevator down, but I didn t mention it for going up. BE sure to climb up or down at least one of the staircases and you will learn why they have become a family favorite. Oh, and if your kids are into climbing, did I mention the climbing structure dubbed Amazement Tower that allows kids to go from the basement to the top floor without having to get out. It is big enough for parents too (and lots of fun) and speaking of the top floor, in the tower there is a zip line and a tunnel leading up want to know what s up there? I guess you had better prepare yourself for the climb. The view is definitely worth it.

If you are local to the Lynchburg area, Amazement Square offers a resource room for teachers. Open several times a month (or by appointment) you can borrow all sorts of great materials for your homeschool. These wonderful people in the resource center are awesome. They are incredibly helpful, very knowledgeable and all around super people. How much does it cost? Nothing, as long as you are a teacher member, you can borrow to your heart s content.

So, if you are in the area or just passing through, be sure to stop by Amazement Square. It is definitely worth the visit.
Stephanie W., Co-op Member
I am a mother of 3 young children and I have visited "Children Museums" from Va all the way down to New Orleans. This is by far the best I have experienced. It is four stories tall and displays exhibits for all ages. The exhibits are both fun and educational. I would say a child's highlight would be the room in the basement that allows you to paint on the walls or the play area that is in the middle. The play area has slides, rope climbing, zip lines, tubes, etc and goes from the 1st floor up. Your children will be asking to go back again and again.
K.Wick, Co-op Member
We have enjoyed every one of our visits to Amazement Square! There is something to do for every age group. We have mostly enjoyed the barn area for our toddlers, the representation of the James River - a wonderful hands on exhibit, and the Rockstar Lab. We go all the time and just hang out; the kids never seem to get bored with the place.

There isn't anyplace to eat, but the store has some general snacks, and there are several waterfountains available. The bathrooms are always clean and are child friendly with lower sinks.

One of the best features is the special membership rate for teachers, that is of course extended to homeschoolers. With this membership not only can you visit anytime they are open, you have access to their teacher lending library which has many hands on projects.

I definitely rate this as a GREAT! field trip.
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