Charlotte Mason Inspired Conference

Charlotte Mason Inspired Conference
Event Title:Charlotte Mason Inspired Conference
Start Date:05-16-2022
End Date:05-21-2022
About the Event:Learn how to incorporate Mason's teachings in your home alongside real moms who have embraced the Charlotte Mason philosophy in their own homes. Take part in live workshops geared towards building and implementing the best learning experience for your child so they can explore, grow, and thrive - building a strong foundation and a love of learning that will last for years to come.
About the Sponsor:The goal of the Charlotte Mason Inspired Community is to equip and encourage homeschool parents to follow their calling to home educate their children. We come alongside by providing training via our annual conference, by connecting you to today s leaders in the Charlotte Mason community, and share the best Charlotte Mason friendly resources for your family.
Zip/Postal Code:92831
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