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The Homeschool Buyers Co-op is pleased to announce the best deal on the planet for popular history curriculum downloads from Home School In The Woods.

Artist of the 16th-20th Centuries Activity Pak - Download<-- Click here to expand/collapse 
Artist of the 16th-20th Centuries Activity Pak - Download

Retail Price: $18.95
Bonus SmartPoints: 379
ISBN13: 9780981552323

Get to know 33 master artists whose styles spanned the centuries! Also learn about various art movements such as the Baroque, Renaissance, Impressionist, various Modern, Americana, and more!

Other Lap Book projects include vocabulary terms as well as a variety of mediums used by artists!

There is also a pocket designed to hold various works your child will create as they mimic the masters! By experimenting with the techniques and styles of various artists, he will not only become exposed to different media, but try his hand at creating works in the same styles himself!

Also included is the File Folder Game, "Art Gallery"! Travel around the game board by answering questions about works of art by 18 different artists. Provided are printable cards with 60 images of famous works, along with the name of the work, the artists, the medium it was done in, and the year it was created.

And finally, a printable, personal Art Sketchbook containing over 20 quotes from various artists. Journaling through artwork is a practice in exploring the world around you through observation and imitation. As Pablo Picasso says, "Painting is just another way of keeping a diary."

Beautifully detailed masters are provided for all printable projects! The Directions Pages will provide printing and assembly instructions.

Also included are step-by-step illustrated directions for assembling the Lap Book.

For more information.

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