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”We ordered the entire Highlights Which Way USA collection. This was made possible by the fantastic deal we received from the Co-op. It's the best deal I have ever seen on this series. My eight-year-old really enjoys these and is learning a lot while playing his way through. He needs some assistance but is able to complete a large part of the work himself. I plan to order more Highlights products from the Co-op in the future.”
Becky, Co-op Member
”We love the Highlights Secret Adventures! We're studying World Geography and Cultures this year, and Highlights has been the perfect supplement. I thought it might be too challenging for my five year old, and while some of the word puzzles are, he can do the majority of it. He loves collecting the clues to solve the crime and asks every couple of days to do another country. I love how educational they are. Not only do kids walk away knowing a ton about a country, but they also get to practice logical reasoning skills, reading/listening comprehension skills, and basic math skills (counting, adding, multiplying). I was shocked when my son (who's still learning addition in math), as part of a puzzle, figured out what 25x6 was. Awesome program!”
Mrs. T, Co-op Member
”My son loves Which Way USA. He spends all of his free time working on them until he has done them all! He goes through them so quickly that I'm glad I am able to get a discount here at Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Janelle R., Co-op Member
”Highlights - Which Way USA is a fun way to learn about the United States. My son loves doing all the fun activities in the booklets. I will be sure to tell other homeschoolers about this great product.”
Dawn A., Co-op Member
”I like the Travel Adventures. 11 year old loves to read about the different countries and solve the mysteries. Of course the passport and key chains are a plus. Will save them for his younger brother to use in a few years.”
Carolyn S, Co-op Member
”I bought this for my daughter hoping it would engage her in her studies. To my surprise, she LOVES it!! She s having so much fun learning about other countries and at the same time, solving a mystery. She does more than she needs to every day because she enjoys it so much.”
Ronda Fong, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old son loves World Adventures from Highlights. We are a military family so we traveled overseas quite a bit. He loves learning about the different countries, specially ones that we've visited or lived in. He enjoys pretending to be a spy. The book has fun activities for him to complete and figure out whodunnit . We try to do one country a month and I set aside the time for us to do it together. I m happy I purchased the full set. Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for the amazing discounts!”
Kirra S., Co-op Member
”My kids have really enjoyed the Top Secret Adventures series. We were looking for a fun way for the kids to developed awareness of other cultures and countries, but I have been amazed at how much they really have fun with it. They have already blazed through five of the adventures in about a month! We decided that since we only have 21 total, we will save them for the two days a week I work to give them a fun thing to look forward to when our babysitter comes, and to try and spread them out over the year.”
Karen Teague, Co-op Member
”We are using Highlights Which Way USA as our social studies curriculum this year. My children (6 and 9) love it and beg to do more each day. They are learning a lot about each of the states. Completing the puzzle books introduces topics they often want to learn more about, so we get to take our learning further through reading books or looking online.”
Ashley M., Co-op Member
”My son loves the highlight top secret series. He learned a lot about different countries and cultures and had great fun reading and working on workbooks. I as adult also have enjoyed reading those books.”
Y Zhu, Co-op Member
”The Highlight travel adventure books are very well written and illustrated. My kids love reading and looking at the pictures of the different countries! I have recommended it to others.”
B. Gomez, Co-op Member
”My son loves solving the mysteries through the various puzzles. He is a fan of learning about countries anyway, but I don't think he even knows he is learning while doing these fun activities. I would definitely recommend this as an educational activity that has a large emphasis on fun.”
Kari W, Co-op Member
”My kids love highlights. My son does the mathmania and it is a welcome break from doing plain math pages.”
Kathy H, Co-op Member
”My daughter hates math and it's honestly not her best subject, she definitely struggles. I saw this Mathmania for the first time this summer and decided to give it a try. She always liked Highlights, so, I thought, why not? We got them and she has devoured them! She loves them; probably because they are not your typical math lessons. It's something fun and it uses math and they don't even realize it. It was a great choice for summer fun, and to keep her mind in math condition!”
Julie Q, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love the Highlights program. I had been trying to decide between it and another popular program. They are drastically different in the teaching vs activities driven. The Hi-lights program actually teaches geography in an amazing, creative way. We love it. The discount at Homeschool Buyer's Co-op made the decision for us and we are so grateful we bought it! It was the right decision. My son jumped up and down for 5 minutes when it arrived!”
Lydia W., Co-op Member
”Purchased the full sets of Which Way USA and Top Secret Adventures for home schooling. We are excited to start using them this fall as a supplement for our study of USA and then the World. my kids love the rich color of the books and expecially the maps and keys tags that come with each book.”
Bonnie Z, Co-op Member
”We are loving the Travel Adventures series from Highlights! My 8 and 9 year old boys love working together to solve the mysteries. It is such a fun way to learn about other countries as they do activities, read the guidebook. We have tried a few different programs and this is definitely our favorite!”
Holli B., Co-op Member
”We love Highlights Puzzle Buzz! My kids love all the different puzzles and they really love using the stickers for the search and finds. They are fun and engaging. I would highly recommend them to build thinking and visual skills.”
Michelle P., Co-op Member
”My daughter LOVES being a top secret agent as she learns about different countries around the globe. She would spend all day on this if I let her. It's fun, informative, can be challenging, and encourages a child to read and explore to obtain further clues. This was a wonderful purchase for our family.”
J. Chavez, Co-op Member
”My daughter enjoyed the set of highlights puzzle books and it helped identify which one she would benefit from the most. Highlights has the best quality and most fun in children's magazines in my experience. We are now trying out the Top Secret subscription as a result.”
Jackie R, Co-op Member
”My daughter really enjoys doing the puzzles and figuring out who the culprit is. She learns about the country where it's happening as she does the puzzles.”
CurlyGirl Mom, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves the Puzzle Buzz books. They make her use her brain and keep her attention, which considering she's 5 and on the spectrum is pretty amazing. I haven't found another puzzle book or magazine aimed at children that has so many different types of puzzles.”
Meredith W., Co-op Member
”Highlights Travel Adventures is far better than I expected. My nearly 9 year old daughter gets totally immersed in solving the Top Secret cases - so much so - that all other school work gets set aside for a day and a half while she works her way methodically through the entire case. I pull one out every few weeks and leave it in a spot where I know she'll find it and I'm always surprised at how delighted she is to become a Top Secret Agent! Oh and by the way she's learning and retaining a LOT of the geography and social studies the cases provide.”
Cindy M., Co-op Member
”In a world of video games and fast-paced entertainment it is hard to grab the attention of kids these days. I was very pleased with the quality of puzzles and clues that held my children's attention through the evening! They were drawn in and worked together to solve the mystery. The authors took their time to make this mystery game. The puzzles weren't repetitive and It gave a little challenge with out being too hard. I loved that the kids learned a little about the country where the mystery took place. They are begging for more.”
Julia H., Mama of 6
”My kids have enjoyed doing the top secret adventures. It is one of the last things we do in a day because it acts as a motivator for them to do the other work. We used it to tie together a unit on Sherlock Holmes/ logical reasoning and a study on Mexico. We will be using other country cases in the future for example, china during the Chinese New Year and India when we do a book study on jungle book. My children are in first and third grade, the level is perfect for my third grader and my first grader needs a little help.”
K. Stanton, Co-op Member
”We love this product! My son has thanked me continuously since we purchased it and asks every day if we can do some 'Top Secret'! It's become a great reward system for us. We love the presentation of the activities as well as the info books. We wish there were more countries as well as the USA, we will be so sad once we've completed all 26 countries. We have told all our friends and they purchased packs as well. Now we organize 'TopSecret' days where the children complete a country challenge together, dress up and taste food from the focus country. It's a celebration each time. The information is challenging and well presented. Thanks for making learning fun!”
Toni Gadd, Co-op Member
”We loved the Highlights Ancient Civilizations! It was a lot of fun for both my daughter and I! Lots of information provided in a great "Mystery" she loved trying to "guess the villain". I loved the decoding puzzles, she struggles with problem solving quite a bit but she thought these were FUN! It was a fantastic program! I plan to buy more in the future.”
L Walker, Co-op Member
”I am very pleased with my Highlights purchase. The price was incredibly affordable and my little ones enjoy the crafts so very much. The directions are so easy to follow and the outcome is amazing! Overall it's a great buy.”
Marlisha Hall, Co-op Member
”My children and I loved this! It's a great, quality product that helped us learn about other countries while having lots of fun! We would take a guess at the beginning as to who we thought the criminal was and it was fun to see who was right in the end. When we finished our last booklet, they asked for more. This is a product I have recommended to others and will continue to do so!”
Melanie V., Co-op Member
”I bought this for my nephew who loves to get things in the mail. I love to send him Highlight magazines because they are fun, but very educational. I got a phone call the day he received his magazines in the mail and got to hear the excitement in his voice. He loves them!”
Michelle, Co-op Member
”My son has enjoyed working through the Top Secret Adventure packs. They are opening the door for an interest in geography, history, and other cultures. We are hoping to add a ethnic recipe/meal to our country study as well.”
Becky B, Co-op Member
”My 8 year old LOVES Top Secret Adventures. I bought it as a birthday gift/school activity and she begs to do it. We solve the colorful puzzles together, while reading and learning about countries around the world. She receives a "souvenir charm" each time she solves the mystery and gets a stamp in her passport. It's a great combination of learning and fun!”
Jill, Co-op Member
”We recently purchased the Travel Adventure series and it is awesome! My 8 year old son loves it. We use it as a fun incentive after his other less fun work is done. It puts him in the role of a secret agent trying to find clues. There are multiple activities and lots of opportunities for fact finding through non fiction reading about the country. The puzzles tell you what page to look up the information so it's not over whelming. We bought the whole set, and while very expensive, it is totally worth the price. We love it!”
A. Schneider, Co-op Member
”I ordered Mathmania hoping to keep my 10 year old boy in practice over the summer. He was very excited about getting 20 books just for himself! He picked out 2 to start with, and had already finished 1 within the first 4 or 5 days. It has been no trouble at all to get him to do a few pages every day, in fact, some days I'll ask for 2 pages and he'll do 6! LOVE THESE BOOKS!”
Leslie A., Co-op Member
”My daughter (age 7) loves the puzzles and the 'detective' work in Top Secret Adventures. I love that she's learning more about countries around the world at the same time.”
Curly Girl Mom, Co-op Member
”Our 9 and 10 year olds (one boy, one girl) have both enjoyed Highlights Mathmania. The puzzles are of varying levels, so some are easier, some require hints and help. The books are easy to grab and take along, still wisely using your learning time, when you will be sitting in a waiting room, if you have a 'sitter/nanny', or during independent work time. Our children are doing just fine with math facts (for your comparison, they have completed MUS delta without difficulty). What I want them to learn is the processing and practical use of math in various situations. This is a fun way to practice that skill.”
Allison B., Co-op Member
”My 4 yr. old loves PuzzleBuzz! It's one of the few quiet writing activities she can do without help. It keeps her busy in places like church or when her sister is having lessons and we need to wait quietly. She loves putting the stickers in the missing places!”
Jamie, Co-op Member
”My children, ages 3 and 6 enjoy these activity books by Highlights. They especially enjoy the Hidden Pictures books with stickers, which are unique to Highlights. These were the best price I could find online, and they arrived in a timely manner. Highly recommend the Co-op service.”
Victoria, Co-op Member
”I was very excited to receive our Highlights Travel Adventure packs. My children love learning about other countries. These kits help us to create thematic units focusing on one country at a time. Thanks!”
Danica Allen, Co-op Member
”My son loves math and loves looking through these all on his own.”
mom0f2, Co-op Member
”What a great magazine to entertain the kids with! So nice to not have to worry about what they are reading or seeing in a magazine. Keeps them busy while driving and my oldest is actually helping the youngest learn how to do the puzzles. Thanks Highlights for your years of service!”
Lori, Co-op Member
”My 8 yr. old son very much enjoys the travel adventures we have received from Highlights. He asks to do it although he does need some help getting started on some of the puzzles and clues. He especially gets a kick out of the name of some of the villain's. We use this as a supplement to some of our other curriculum.”
B. Beck, Co-op Member
”Our four year-old loves both the Highlights Maze and Hidden Picture books. They are the perfect level to challenge him, and they are especially great at keeping him occupied and thinking when I am working with my older children.”
M. Holmes, Co-op Member