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”This was perfect for my 6 year old daughter. We had some success with 'Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Lessons,' but she disliked doing it and always groaned when it was time to do it. Headsprout gave her this huge confidence boost which was crucial at that stage in her reading. She started with things she already knew, but that just solidified it and made her fell like she was making great progress. She loved the characters and looked forward to doing it every day. She has now completed all 80 lessons and is reading beautifully. She even reads things on her own just for pleasure, which I wasn't sure was ever going to happen. Headsprout is worth every penny!”
Amy Johnson, Co-op Member
”LOVE it! My 5 year old only knew basic letter sounds...and now we are on lesson 37 of Headsprout and she is reading SO much! And she loves doing it. They send you books that match the lessons AND you can print other books after almost every lesson, plus matching flash cards. I never could have taught her so much so fast. The Headsprout people are great, too. I asked to re-start the lessons at one point, because she needed review and they took care of it right away. Thanks to the Co-op for getting us a great price, too!”
Wendy M., Co-op Member
”I have used Headsprout for a few months now with four of my homeschooling children. They have all improved in their reading skills, especially with consonant and vowel blends and reading comprehension. I love the voice recording. My children can listen to themselves and hear areas where improvement is needed. I would recommend this program.”
Jodi P., Co-op Member
”Headsprout is a fun way for kiddos to learn reading. It adapts to their learning. My son breezed through learning to read very quickly. My daughter struggles with reading, and she has made a lot of progress with this program. The games and skits keep her entertained and take some of the stress of learning away. Thankful to have found this program!”
Tonya S., Co-op Member
”I first discovered Headsprout many years ago, when my now 16 year old son was very young, and fell in love. I used headsprout for his three younger siblings as well and was extremely disappointed to see that they had been bought out and the prices had more than quadrupled when it was time to start my fifth child! I was very thankful to have found this deal through the homeschool buyers co-op! My kids have all loved Headsprout. They loved learning to read in a fun, interactive way. I've tried other programs, but this one is the best!”
Shirley B, Co-op Member
”A friend recommended I try Headsprout after hearing the struggles I've faced with teaching my child with special needs to read. I tried it and was amazed at his response to it, but I couldn't afford the cost. I searched online for headsprout promos, and couldn't find any. I was sad! Then I remembered to check Homeschool Buyers Co-op, and I was elated to find they had a wonderfully economical offer for Headsprout! I am filled with gratitude, as my son is responding wo well to this program that I could not have afforded without HBC offer! If I can renew our subscription with a similar discount through HBC, I plan to keep using Headsprout until my son has completed the program and is a fluent reader.”
Shannon K, Co-op Member
”Love it! Kids are doing great with this program.”
Christie Scott, Co-op Member
”We love Headsprout! Three kids, ages six to sixteen, and all three learned to read with Headsprout. My kids beg to play, and even when it gets "harder," they keep going back for more.
Two of my kids have needed to go back and do a few levels over again to reinforce concepts, and the program allows to restart wherever you need to.
The characters are super cute and my kids love them.”
Meagan M., Co-op Member
”One challenge I've had with my 6 and 7 year old children is reading. Starting out, reading became overwhelming and a chore rather than a joy. I found that DIY vision therapy exercises helped them focus their eyes more effectively, but then I was having trouble with the amount of time the kids would spend with reading. We also could not find affordable leveled readers for them to use on a consistent basis.

Headsprout and Raz Plus has been an answer to prayers! This combines reading with games and fun interactive sessions that get the kids reading out loud. This program is also great for teaching the kids how to use technology and interact in an online environment. My kids started using these programs about 5 days a week and LOVE it! I don't get much complaining any more and they love having so many book options to choose from! Getting started was easy with the Headsprout pretest and this can be used to find the reading level as well. The kids enjoy the program, I can check their work, and they have both improved by one reading level in only one month's time. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great reading program, lots of leveled books, and a technology based online product. I've already had four other families sign up for this great learning resource!”
Jessa Hershner, Co-op Member
”My daughter has struggled to learn how to read for months, and a friend recommended Headsprout. At first, I was uncertain because of the price, but when I found it deeply discounted via Homeschool Buyers Co-op, I bought it immediately. She has been doing it almost daily for about 2 months, and she is reading!!!! It's really fun for her and she can do it without my help, which is great since I work and homeschool. Highly recommend Headsprout and Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Sarah Bolton, Co-op Member
”Our family loves HeadSprout!
My now 10 year old learned how to read with HeadSprout between three and four years old.
My six year old is finishing the program with a firm grasp on decoding language.
My four year old just started the program but has been peeking over his brother's shoulder for quite a while. He reads a lot of words already!
The kids don't think of it as "school work". They want to play the HeadSprout "game".
I am delighted I found the "game" so long ago. It has been an excellent launch pad for a love of reading.
Of all the products we have tried, this is the one the kids stick with without resistance or complaints.”
Paula F., Co-op Member
”We LOVE Headsprout! As soon as my children showed interest in learning to read (knowing all of their letters and letters sounds, and always asking what words said) I signed them up with a Headsprout account. My 3-yr-old daughter asks every evening when we will do our "reading game" and my 5-yr-old son (who completed all of the initial Headsprout lessons when he was 3) is now speeding through the newer comprehension lessons. We've enjoyed it so much that I've started recommending it for some of my young special needs clients at work as well.”
Rebecca G, co-op member
”My 8 year old son who has dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and dysgraphia has been using Headsprout for about a month now. He LOVES it. He told me that he is getting better at reading and that Headsprout is the reason. Headsprout has helped do what years of therapy has not been able to do. Before he made baby steps. With Headsprout, he is making leaps! Having a dedicated headphone set with microphone has been a great addition. It stops background noise and helps him to hear what the program is saying without the distraction. My 5 year old daughter is also using it and is beginning to read with very little formal instruction. I love that you can print the books to use as a tool and my child can show me how well they are reading! I would recommend this program to ANYONE...but especially to those with dyslexic or APD kids.”
N. Biles, Co-op Member
”Our son has always been a reluctant reader, but since we've been using Headsprout that is changing. We have seen a great improvement and he no longer has tears when it's time to do reading.”
Ernie T, Co-op Member
”I purchased the subscription to Headsprout at the beginning of this year when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I knew I would need something that the kids could work on independently but still make strides with their reading. The program seems like a game to the kids. They ask me to do a lesson every day. My son is 5 and has started reading things while we are out and about as well. I'm impressed with the fun and learning in the program. Money well spent!”
Tonya S., Co-op Member
”In one word. Relief! It's one of the best programs out there to teach children how to read and more. I love absolutely love the comprehension section of the head sprout. My son,8, is weak in comprehension. He has just started the comprehension section and already started recognizing things like clue facts, what does most likely mean etc. This really helps him understand what is going on in the passage. It's def. Worth the money and special thanks to the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for providing us with this program.!!! Recommended it to friends of mine.”
Suchitra P., Co-op Member
”I have been looking at Headsprout for several years and my son with Autism was not quite ready for it. Last November I looked again and decided to get it. I'm so glad I did. My son is reading went up 1 grade level in 6 months. Comprehension is still weak and I work on it with other readings using graphic organizers but he does well with a lot of the pictures used by Headsprout within it's comprehension questions. I had slowed down over the summer focusing on just comprehension and my son has missed the characters from the stories. I was so happy to see the program here with the discount and recommend this program to any parent of a struggling reader with or without special needs as well as those with young children just starting to read.”
Sharon D., Co-op Member
”I am a homeschool mom to a 7 yr old boy who is Language Delayed and has Central Auditory Processing Disorder. He received private therepy from a Language Therepist for a year, and near the end of that year, I was introduced to this Headsprout Program. The program resembled the FastForward Program my son was using for his therepy, but the price way WAY cheaper. We tried it out and he liked it very much. We are now nearly finished with the program, and I have seen improvements in his reading. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has a special needs child, or to those who have children who are just having a hard time grasping beginning reading. The cartoons are enjoyable, the scenes continually change(which prevents boredom), and the repetitive games this program uses to enforce the reading skills are really great. I am so glad this program was introduced to us! Even my 3 yr old will watch the program with his brother and he has picked up sounds and words as well! Use this program and you will not regret it!”
Gretchen Cline, Co-op Member
”My son loved Headsprout. He often asked to do more than one episode a day. He was already a self-taught sight word reader and was bored by many other phonics/reading programs. This program introduced the sounds through games which he really enjoyed.”
L. Rubin, Co-op Member
”We love Headsprout. My youngest daughter is a visual learner and Headsprout fits the bill. She was learning but it was so fun, she didn't have time to think about her "dislike" for reading. My oldest, a great reader, couldn't keep her eyes off the screen too! She loved it. I used Headsprout along with my normal phonics curriculum, and she is doing well. I have to say, that I wish that they had an additional 20 or more lessons, or an advanced reader program. It was worth the money.”
Julie, Co-op Member
”Both my eight year old boy and six year old daughter love this program! The eight year old has already completed both levels, and he is very upset there is not another level! It has kept their attention and definitely increased their reading abilities. I am very pleased with Headsprout and the stories that you can print out too. I will use it when my third child is old enough too.”
Jessica P., Co-op Member
”This program was highly recommended to me by the reading specialist at the local elementary school. My (then) 6 year old son was barely able to read at a kindergarten level. One year later, he is reading at a mid to end 2nd grade level. He LOVES the characters & the map you use to chart your progress, and can't wait to get new books when he completes a level with books. There are also books available for you to print out from their website as you progress. We paid full price, since we didn't want to wait for the Group Buy to close last year, and we definitely got our money's worth, but I wish we had been more patient and saved some money by using the Group Buy. I would buy this program again, and have recommended it to several people. LOVE IT!”
Donna, homeschooling mom to 7 year old boy, Co-op Member
”After seeing headsprout on the Co-op we tried it and it has been invaluable. My son was really struggling with reading and in a few short months his skills and confidence have blossomed. I can not tell you what a blessing that has been to the whole family. The Co-op has exposed us to so many quality products. Thank you for all you do to make these great products affordable. The knowledge about the products available to expand our son's home school experience is even more valuable to us than the savings and we love the savings!”
C. Courtright, Co-op Member
”This program was recommended to me in our first year of homeschooling (1st grade). Being new to homeschooling, I felt more comfortable having a curriculum and my son absolutely LOVED it! Every day he would ask to do Headsprout. No coercion, and after the first few episodes he rarely needed help. He had such a sense of accomplishment when he finished the first program and he begged to start the second set of episodes. He finished the second 40 episode in record time and wished there were more. I recommend this program to everyone I know with beginning readers. We read to our son everyday, but other than that, Headsprout taught him to read, with no fuss. We highly recommend Headsprout!”
Jennifer H, Co-op Member
”I just wanted to let everyone know that we were Beta testers years ago for Headsprout. My son was 4 when we started. He really taught himself how to read with this program. He loved it. It was easy enough for him to navigate without me having to prompt him. I had the computer in the kitchen and he would play on Headsprout for 30 min to an hour easily at a time. When we started there was only a certain number of stories and he mastered them all. Since they added twice as many levels.

It's the best product to help teach reading and the use of the computer.”
Valerie B., Co-op Member