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”I have enjoyed HOC Lapbooks for years. I was really excited when the Homeschool Buyers Cop-op had them listed. These are great Lapbooks for anyone to teach from. It gets the kids involved in learning but also having a fun time putting the Lapbooks together. When you do your first Lapbook you will be hooked and will want to do more.”
Keri Steen, Co-op Member
”My son really enjoys working on lapbooks, so we are really excited to have access to the Super Membership for such a discount! We just received our first set and not delved in just yet, because he wants to finish up another project so he can focus on these two (one for younger, one for older; he's right on the edge and can't decide which one he likes best ;) so we're going for both!)”
Jessica, Co-op Member
”I love Hands of A Child lap books! They are so easy to use and such a complete package. They are especially useful in this season of my life, with a newborn and two older children. All I need for planning are a couple of file folders and one of their units! The kids really enjoy putting them together, and the information is complete without being overwhelming.”
Casey M., Co-op Member
”Since we LOVE lapbooking, I was thrilled to see a great price on the Hands Of A Child Super Membership, which gives you more than 24 lapbooks per year for several age levels! I save them and whenever they fit into our schedule (a special holiday like Groundhog Day, or related to the topic we're studying) I print them ous, precut the square and rectangular pieces, so that my kids can cut the "uneven" shapes manually while we talk about the topic. This avoids pure busy work, which only tires the kids, while there's still plenty to cut left! I only wish there would be more with a cut and paste option for younger kids...”
Maren K., Co-op Member
”We love the lapbooks from Hands of a Child! I'd used them in the past; but the supermembership is lots of fun and an amazing deal. We don't complete everything in the Lapbook, but enough to have something they can look back at and show their Grandparents. Great little addition to our routine.”
Tammy N., Co-op Member
”My children love using Hands of a Child lapbooks! We have been using them for years. We have even had non-homeschool cousins do them with us and they had a blast!”
Melissa B., Co-op Member