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Always Icecream/Clever Dragons Save up to 50% 04-01-2017
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Save up to 50% on Always Icecream/Clever Dragons:
Alpha Omega 20% Sale Save 20% + FREE Shipping + BONUS SmartPoints 04-01-2017
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Save 20% + FREE Shipping + BONUS SmartPoints on Alpha Omega 20% Sale:
Math: Core
Life of Fred TBA Savings TBA
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TBA Savings on Life of Fred:
I have been using Homeschool-Planet for two months and really love it! It's super easy to use but also powerful. I would recommend it anyone wanting to get their homeschool more organized.
NS Colorado, Co-op Member
We switched to Homeschool-Planet this year after three years of using another homeschool planning program. We are delighted at the easy-to-use format, the edit-friendly options, and the flexibility of scheduling classes and making schedule adjustments.

During our first afternoon using the homeschool planner, we received multiple customer service emails because the technician working that afternoon noticed that there were problems we were encountering. He continued communicating with us and helping with our set-up process and learning time. ...(more)
Cynthia C., Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet is exactly what I was looking for for my family. I tell everyone about it. Working around my husband's odd work schedule is difficult and when you add in co-op classes and extracurricular activities and it gets very hard to keep up with our work using a paper planner. Every other online homeschool planner I tried was difficult to use or made rescheduling difficult. With Homeschool Planet I can easily reschedule lessons when things change and keep the kids on track. I love the printing feature and my sons like to have a paper t...(more)
Amber M., Co-op Member
Homeschool-Planet is a wonderful planning tool! Super easy to use - my 2 students (13 & 15) have no problem navigating around the application and love being able to check off their progress as they go. They also love "being in charge" of their schedule - Great for teaching personal responsibility! I just enter in their assignments - no nagging, no pestering . . . it's up to the kids to complete by the designated due date(s).

I wasn't feeling well today, and the kids were able to continue on with their studies without me being there!! Yeah...(more)
SBG, California, Co-op Member
I signed up for the Homeschool Planet Planner's free 30-day trial offer and I am now a yearly subscriber. I absolutely love this online planner. I am able to do everything with it; from planning my kids' school year and curriculum to keeping track of attendance & grades, to making transcripts, to appointments, to grocery lists and meal planning. I love that I am able to customize it any way I want and print off the calendars that pertain to each family member. Lesson planning is so easy and if you miss a day, it will automatically shift all...(more)
S. Park, Co-op Member
This planner has helped my daughter to stay on top of her busy high school schedule. It's been great that she can easily move assignments around to accommodate that week or that day. It's also nice to have the option to print out what we might need to take with us. It has also helped me keep track of grades and assignments. I especially like that I am reminded of what was missed or forgotten. And this year they have worked out some of the glitches, and so far it seems to run much more smoothly. Also, great customer service when we did run in pr...(more)
Renee P., Co-op Member
I started homeschooling last year with little to no knowledge. I quickly found numerous resources out there, but through last year i found that there was a lot of records to keep. With more understanding under my belt I quickly started doing research about how to keep better records before the new school year. I quickly found many sites that claimed to be easy and very helpful. I quickly tried a lot of them. (30 days trials) What i found was that Homeschool-Planet was the best out there. I really was glad I tried it. I did like I did wit...(more)
Stephanie V., Co-op Member
This is an awesome organizational tool that allows you to have detail and flexibility with your scheduling. If you are reporting to your school, it is fantastic to have the assignment completions right at your fingertips. I am looking forward to using it throughout this year and beyond.
Gina M., Co-op Member
This is our second year using Homeschool-Planet and it is one of our most valuable school supplies! While the ease of typing in our weekly lessons is invaluable, what I most appreciate about HSP is that changes are so simple to make. Using traditional planners, I was tired of having to erase and shift lots of handwritten plans every time that "life happened" and we needed to reschedule. I found that I almost spent more time maintaining my written planner than I did planning some of the lessons! With HSP, changes are quickly and easily done ...(more)
Lorie A., Co-op Member
I love the Homeschool Planet Planner! I use it not only for tracking school work but for tracking the entire family's activities, chores and more! I call it the hub because it has become the hub of our daily activity. It is simple to use with a 1 page interface which I love!
My youngest son age 12 loves logging on with his own personal login so he can see his activities scheduled for the day and check off his homeschool assignments as he completes them. He thinks it's neat how he can send me messages straight to my phone from the messenge...(more)
Jennifer Hoover, Co-op Member
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