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I'm really enjoying this planning system. The product is easy to use and it is simple to navigate about the system. I love having my schedule for the day e-mailed to my inbox so I can see what was planned. I also love being able to move assignments around with ease. Beats my old method of erasing and rewriting assignments on paper. I'd highly recommend Homeschool Planet if your current system is tedious or not working and you'd like to get your school organized!
Maria, Co-op Member
Homeschool-Planet has improved our homeschooling! I tried the 30 day free trial close to the end of our year. I spent time using Homeschool-Planet and setting up schedules for everyone. My children love it!!! They loved having a scheduled time and limit to certain assignments and were really motivated to follow it. They finally completed their assignments in a timely manner instead of dragging it out aallll day long. It has helped me schedule times for housework and all the things that need to be done. While using our free trial, we all got ...(more)
Stacy, Co-op Member
I can't tell you how incredibly helpful Homeschool Planet has been to our house. I have 4 children from preschool to middle school as well as work outside the home. I really have to plan out their schoolwork and stay on task as much as possible. I had been using a planner and google spreadsheet however that had it's limits and still took lots of planning each week and if something came up it really messed with our written plans. I came across a program that had a lesson plan for Homeschool Planet and tried the free trial. I was hooked! They rea...(more)
Jenny, Co-op Member
I love Homeschool-Planet. It has helped keep us all accountable. This summer, I input every assignment for 4 kids for the entire school year. With life changes, I have had to add/remove assignments to fit our schedule and it is an absolute breeze with Homeschool-Planet. I will absolutely continue to use it, and I have told several other moms about it.
Erin Mitchell, Co-op Member
Without question, this homeschool planner has been a God-send. I have tried several planners, spreadsheets, etc. which never worked well. The best part is the fact that none of my students have any excuse as to why their work is not done. Their assignments are emailed to them daily. I love this. I would like to see a desktop version, as my internet is glitchy at best, which has been a headache at times.
Sam W., Co-op Member
This has made planning for our homeschool year so much easier. We are a military family with a move in October (but we didn't have specific dates). Homeschool Planet enabled me to plan out the full year and then make adjustments when the disruptions came.
Miriam, Co-op Member
With Homeschool-Planet I finally feel organized for my school year! It is what I have been wanting for so long! My children also enjoy the freedom they have of checking their schedule for the day and using initiative to get it done, they love marking their assignments complete!
Vivienne vdM, Co-op Member
I was looking for an LMS that would allow me to schedule my kids days, provide web-links, and allow for them to log-in and check it off as they go. Homeschool planet is the only LMS on the market that I found that was user friendly and could do all those things and more. This system has made my days so much easier and the kids like knowing what is expected for the day. If something comes up it is very easy to reschedule or adjust as needed. I have researched and done the free trial for every LMS available on the market and Homeschool planet is ...(more)
Mimi F., Co-op Member
This is our second year using Homeschool-Planet and it is one of our most valuable school supplies! While the ease of typing in our weekly lessons is invaluable, what I most appreciate about HSP is that changes are so simple to make. Using traditional planners, I was tired of having to erase and shift lots of handwritten plans every time that "life happened" and we needed to reschedule. I found that I almost spent more time maintaining my written planner than I did planning some of the lessons! With HSP, changes are quickly and easily done ...(more)
Lorie A., Co-op Member
I love Homeschool-Planet! As a beginner homeschooler, I was looking for a way to organize my day efficiently and easily, Homeschool-Planet was definitely the answer! It is easy to use with much flexibility and I love that I have printing options so that I can have a hard copy in my hands! Thanks!
Candace Kurtz, Co-op Member
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