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Here is our calendar of upcoming GroupBuys and special offers. All dates are subject to change! ("TBA" = To Be Announced.)

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BrainPOP Save up to 25% 08-01-2017
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Save up to 25% on BrainPOP:
Language Arts: Vocabulary
Word Voyage Save up to 50% 08-07-2017
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Save up to 50% on Word Voyage:
Math: Core
Math Mammoth Save up to 50% 08-01-2017
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Save up to 50% on Math Mammoth:
"I have been using this planner while on my FREE trial. WHAT A PROGRAM!!! I am BLOWN away! This is my 26th year of homeschooling, and with only 3 years left to go,...I JUST NOW started using this awesome planner? Thank you, THANK YOU!!!"
Lori Kilfian, Co-op Member
I'm setting up Homeschool Planet for this coming school year, so my daughter hasn't yet used it. But so far I LOVE that I can combine very specific class schedules and assignments into the same calendar that I can keep track of every other appointment for every other person in my family as well as multiple to-do lists. I also like that I can access it on multiple devices away from home. This is the ultimate calendar for the color coded perfectionist like myself! Of course, it would also be great for non-color-coded perfectionists :)
Shelley G., Co-op Member
Special thanks to Brett and the amazing support staff at Homeschool Planet for a resource that has helped our family tremendously with our organization, communication, planning, and record keeping for everything that has to do with homeschool! It is a unique program that takes into consideration all of the necessary aspects of what a homeschool parent needs for both home life and school life. Another thing that I am consistently impressed with is the timely and helpful responses that come from the staff when I have any questions or issues, but ...(more)
Jules, Co-op Member
I have been homeschooling for years looking for a simple homeschool planner that was easy to change and manage. Homeschool Planet took a load off of my used-to-be hectic scheduling.Thanks to this program, I'm able to focus more on curriculum than planning!
Lane Strahan, Co-op Member
I had tried various methods to track our homeschooling, but nothing seemed to be the right fit until we found Homeschool Planet. It's so easy to use, we just love it!
Homeschool Planet is a robust online homeschool planner. Previously, I maxed out my spreadsheets trying to track everything I wanted to track and I still was not able to get it all. Homeschool Planet has a way for me to track all of our school subjects and non-school subjects (like chores, extracurricular activities, and field trips) as well as designate family vs. independent work. I can have it all in one place!

Plus the support for Homeschool Planet is phenomenal and very timely! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an ...(more)
Crystal Wagner, Co-op Member / blogger at Triumphant Learning
I was a bit hesitant to use an online planner. I really wasn't sure that it would be worth making the change from using paper. I've used pencil and paper to make outlines of subjects and then schedules based on those outlines since starting homeschooling my eldest daughter in the late 90's.

During the last few years she was doing high school work and my second daughter was doing grade school work. It wasn't unusual for me to be laying out a schedule for the week on a Monday morning-even though it was my goal to do them on the Friday befo...(more)
Karen M., Co-op Member
Love Homeschool Planet! It has made planning for our homeschool year so easy and took the stress of planning away. Unexpected changes to our schedule are no problem. Changes are so easy to implement. You can split assignments or merge them. If you miss a day, it will shuffle all your assignments forward. We print up the kids daily assignments so they know exactly what they need to do each day.
Sue Humes, Co-op Member
I love,love,love Homeschool Planet! It is the BEST tool I have ever used to homeschool.
Tanya Parker, Co-op Member
The Homeschool-Planet planner is absolutely amazing. My kids love the fact that it gives them the independence to know what they need to do and when it is due and I can allow them access to mark it as completed. When I log in I can see what is done and what they are behind in. I love it because they are not asking me all the time "What do I need to do?" I also use it for their chores, MY CHORES, and things I need to do for our family in general. Everything can be color coded (another feature that I LOVE!!). I am the type that at the beginn...(more)
Mom of 3, Co-op Member
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