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Great tool for the family! Easy to use and cute. I would suggest to open a tab where I can efile my daughter's project and pictures of each assignment or activities. Anyways, you are going to love it!
D. Tejada, Co-op Member
I absolutely love that my school planner can sync with my Google calendar (where my entire life and family's lives are scheduled). It keeps everything straight, and makes it super easy!

I also love the customization, email reminders, and ease of rescheduling.
Shoshanah B., Co-op Member
Thankful. Relief. Success. Homeschool Planet has turned my nemesis into my friend. I always struggled to keep up with grading, and recording grades was even more time consuming. Homeschool Planet has helped me stay on top of grading and recording the grades. Entering the assignment ONE time has saved countless hours. I no longer spend my Sunday afternoons preparing individual weekly plans for my children, and then typing the assignments into an online grade book. Now I enter the assignment once and Homeschool Planet does the rest.

Jody G, Co-op Member
I am really enjoying it. I am still having to learn how to navigate it though. It is helping as I have seven kids homeshooling and need a central place to keep this sort of thing. I also like that my older kids receive an email right to their inbox every day about their work and I am looking forward to using hte chore aspect of it.
K. Butler, Co-op Member
I have been looking for something like this for a very long time! Every year I search for just the right planner to use in homeschooling. Finally, I've found it! Every weekend I sit down and make a list of assignments and chores for each of my children. Each time I use it, I find another feature that enhances my use. Setting up profiles and entering subjects, etc. can seem time consuming, but it is SO worth it. I can have schedules emailed to me or each of my children, or I can print them out individually -whatever works for us. My kids ...(more)
Susan S., Co-op Member
I have really enjoyed using Homeschool Planet. I like that I can print the weekly schedule. My kids like the fact that they can pull it up on their iPads and keep track of their work. It has been a big help in planning my week and even ahead some. I wish I would have purchased sooner.
ACutshall, Co-op Member
I loved the Homeschool-Planet Planner. I've tried other computer-based planners and have also used Word and Excel on my own to organize my lesson plans. Homeschool Planet is by far the most user friendly program I've tried. Everything is very self explanatory and easy to understand. It's easy to use and set up. I also like the auto-generator for assignments. That being said, the only thing I didn't like was the way it printed out assignments. Each day is printed on 1 sheet of paper which translates to 5 pages per week per child. I would love to...(more)
Rhonda H., Co-op Member
What a great planner! There are others out there, but this planner has it all. How great it will be to have all of our appointments, family schedule, school schedule AND lessons plans with grade book/attendance keeping in ONE place. The grade book does the grade keeping/grade figuring for you. No more calculator and long nights on Fridays trying to figure grades on everyone's lessons! And there's a widgets for searching and list making...and daily Bible verses. I have always been a paper planner type of gal, but Homeschool-Planet ha...(more)
Jessica W., Co-op Member
Try it. It is great. My kids can sign in and see their day right in front of them. It has links to all their subject matter with instructions, assignments, etc... right there. They just click and go. It is in the cloud so it can be accessed anywhere. I do not see me using a different planner than this. It fulfills all my needs.
Rob, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet is by far the most comprehensive planner I have used for my family, and the only one I've used for more than a couple of weeks. I have four children, middle- through high-school, and the schedule really helps to keep them on track. My kids, they like being able to log on and see updates to their schedule and they love to click the boxes when they've finished their work. They also love the independence--no more coming to mom every twenty minutes to ask "What's next?" For me--I love how easy it is to make schedule changes in...(more)
Jessica I., Co-op Member
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