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We switched to Homeschool-Planet this year after three years of using another homeschool planning program. We are delighted at the easy-to-use format, the edit-friendly options, and the flexibility of scheduling classes and making schedule adjustments.

During our first afternoon using the homeschool planner, we received multiple customer service emails because the technician working that afternoon noticed that there were problems we were encountering. He continued communicating with us and helping with our set-up process and learning time. ...(more)
Cynthia C., Co-op Member
I started using homeschool planet this year and I love it. Planning out classes is a breeze. The flexibility to reschedule one or all classes in a click is amazing! Also, recurring or sequential assignments is a very powerful tool. I am experimenting with the grading system and I am really liking that feature. I have used other online products before that just did not have this high functionality. My son uses it and is able to follow what he is to do on his own.
Donna Reichle, Co-op Member
I am a paper-and-pencil kind of gal, but I shall never go back as far as homeschool planning goes!! Life happens a lot and we get behind on lessons. (Latin. Why can't I ever fit in Latin?!) With the paper and pencil method I would have to erase days of plans in my planner, make the pages all smudgy and take up so much precious time RE-planning everything if something was missed. With Homeschool-Planet, all I have to do is click a little button and my plans align.

Homeschool-Planet is also just plain fun to use. I haven't stopped at ...(more)
Amanda W, Co-op Member
We have only been on the Planet for two weeks now, and quite frankly I'm not sure how we got along without it! Now that I have middle school-ers with in depth assignments, I noticed last year that I was often the hurdle holding them back. If life threw a curve ball, and I got behind in lesson planning, they were waiting on me, and I hated that feeling. This year, they can clearly see what they need to do, check it off, check in when they need help, and (I can always hope!) see what lies ahead should they wish to get ahead. Wow! What a tool. At ...(more)
Tracy, Idaho, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has been a God-send to our homeschool! Thanks to this wonderful product I am able to stay organized (I'm organizational-challenged). At a glance, I know exactly what we will be doing each day and my children know what assignments they will be working on. My kids love it - our entire school day goes more smoothly. I love the fact that if we take a day off for an appointment we can easily move everything at once to the next day. This homeschool planner is very flexible and allows for customization, changes and alterations a...(more)
Yvonne, Co-op Member
I have really enjoyed Homeschool-Planet. It is so great to have everything electronic. When plans change, it is super easy to just move back our schedule (without having to erase or draw a bunch of arrows). The check marks and reports make it easy to make sure that everyone completed their tasks as well. It's become my "command central" as I can put tasks, shopping lists and schedules in the software. Totally worth the investment!
Angie V., Co-op Member
I love this product. My son can work more independently. He likes having his whole day in front of him and being able to check off things. The best part for me is being able to move things around when our schedule changes without having to redo the whole thing. Being able to sync our family's Google calendars is also an awesome feature. Since Dad is able to log in he can see what our son is doing and his grades, so he feels more involved. I have tried many types of calendars and planners and this is by far the more detail-oriented and feature r...(more)
Kim, Co-op Member
I began our homeschooling adventure 12 years ago when my first daughter was kindergarten age. We have 8 children, 2 of which are now in college. For most of these years I have been writing out each students weekly assignments. That took time from homeschooling, and often time from my weekend. This year I began using Homeschool-Planet. I have 5 "students" and also participate in a homeschool co-op one day a week. Homeschool Planet has helped me organize and save hours each week! I am so happy with the product! The customer service is AMAZING! N...(more)
Stacey C, Co-op Member
I recently purchased this great organizational tool through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. While I've not been using it long enough to have tried every feature that it has to offer (the many uses are vast) I love what I know about it thus far. One of my favorite features is the shopping list widget. I can add and delete items as I need to and send myself or my husbands texts with said lists. In addition to that, I can organize our curriculum, which can be complicated because we piece ours together, so this website is invaluable to us. I've tr...(more)
Dee Robin, Co-op Member
This is my eighth year of homeschool and I consider myself a pretty organized person I had a very good system in place last year in regard to keeping track of grades attendance and daily work So when I saw Homeschool Planet advertised I initially dismissed it because I was so satisfied with my own system After seeing it in several emails I decided to watch the introduction video and give it a trial since we were about to start school and I was getting ready to create my booklets for each child I am SO happy I did This is the best tim...(more)
Laurel D., Co-op Member
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