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Always Icecream/Clever Dragons Save up to 60% 06-01-2018
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Save up to 60% on Always Icecream/Clever Dragons:
Language Arts: Reading
God's World News Save up to 58% 06-01-2018
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Save up to 58% on God's World News:
eMedia Music Instruments Save up to 52% 06-01-2018
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Save up to 52% on eMedia Music Instruments:
Third year running we are using Homeschool Planet, and we have no plans on quitting! Continues to provide everything I need, and it just keeps on improving!
Terry C., Co-op Member
After using the free trial for just a few days, I knew that Homeschool-Planet was going to be a lifesaver. I am a new Homeschooling mom, and this planner has kept us organized and helped keep my sanity! My son wants to be pretty independent with his work, and this planner has allowed us to do that. I just plug in his lessons for the week, and he completes them then checks them off when done. If they don't get done, then the scheduler makes them super easy to move to the next day and keep the rest of the schedule the same, or push it all out. I ...(more)
Anne T, Co-op Member
I'm setting up Homeschool Planet for this coming school year, so my daughter hasn't yet used it. But so far I LOVE that I can combine very specific class schedules and assignments into the same calendar that I can keep track of every other appointment for every other person in my family as well as multiple to-do lists. I also like that I can access it on multiple devices away from home. This is the ultimate calendar for the color coded perfectionist like myself! Of course, it would also be great for non-color-coded perfectionists :)
Shelley G., Co-op Member
I love Homeschool-Planet! As a beginner homeschooler, I was looking for a way to organize my day efficiently and easily, Homeschool-Planet was definitely the answer! It is easy to use with much flexibility and I love that I have printing options so that I can have a hard copy in my hands! Thanks!
Candace Kurtz, Co-op Member
I love this product. My son can work more independently. He likes having his whole day in front of him and being able to check off things. The best part for me is being able to move things around when our schedule changes without having to redo the whole thing. Being able to sync our family's Google calendars is also an awesome feature. Since Dad is able to log in he can see what our son is doing and his grades, so he feels more involved. I have tried many types of calendars and planners and this is by far the more detail-oriented and feature r...(more)
Kim, Co-op Member
I was skeptical about Homeschool-planet. I have used multiple other tools and found them hard to manage and unforgiving. I was able to use this from day one, and was very impressed with the high school transcript feature. I am excited about the new school year now, knowing I have this new "assistant" to help keep me organized. Thank you! Cindy, Mom of 6
Cindy, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet is by far the most comprehensive planner I have used for my family, and the only one I've used for more than a couple of weeks. I have four children, middle- through high-school, and the schedule really helps to keep them on track. My kids, they like being able to log on and see updates to their schedule and they love to click the boxes when they've finished their work. They also love the independence--no more coming to mom every twenty minutes to ask "What's next?" For me--I love how easy it is to make schedule changes in...(more)
Jessica I., Co-op Member
I am really enjoying Homeschool Planet. It has really helped me organize my Homeschool.
C.Conley, Co-op Member
Homeschool planet has made my planning easier. I am a huge planner so I like to know what I might be doing in 6 months and homeschool planet helps me with that.
Natashia P., Co-op Member
Well worth the $65! My husband and I recently separated, and as a result, I'm working more. I needed something easy to use -- for me and my kids -- since I'm not at home as much. Homeschool Planet was easy to set up, and I love that I can keep track of my kids' day even when I'm not at home.

My favorite feature is the Rescheduling Helper. Being able to shift one lesson--or the entire schedule--forward with the click of the mouse has already been a lifesaver. In the past, any deviation from the plan meant lots of erasing and re-writing. No...(more)
Jennifer Templin, Co-op Member
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