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Math Mammoth - 40% Sale Save 40% 04-24-2017
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I am just beginning this amazing program and already I am a fan. I am traditionally a paper calendar girl, but having two high schoolers and one in elementary, I found I could no longer type a legible assignment into the one inch section a paper calendar provides. I tried an online calendar given to me for free and it was absolutely terrible and not user friendly among various children and assignments. So far, I am super excited about this, especially for the ability to print out the sometimes lengthy assignments and notations and the email to ...(more)
Jennifer F., Co-op Member
I am very grateful for this service. It's really helped me to organize my family's schedule. It makes it simple to record my child's progress and empowers her in her own organization of her learning. It's easy to use and builds her confidence with having a sense of control over her schedule.
M Lord, Co-op Member
This Planet Planner was absolutely the best thing I've ever see, to be able to move things forward, etc, it was all done online, and could print a daily or weekly schedule off, as well as receive an email every day for daily schedules. Awesome
Anne Perez, Co-op Member
I can't tell you how incredibly helpful Homeschool Planet has been to our house. I have 4 children from preschool to middle school as well as work outside the home. I really have to plan out their schoolwork and stay on task as much as possible. I had been using a planner and google spreadsheet however that had it's limits and still took lots of planning each week and if something came up it really messed with our written plans. I came across a program that had a lesson plan for Homeschool Planet and tried the free trial. I was hooked! They rea...(more)
Jenny, Co-op Member
I have 10 children and Homeschool Planet is really helpful. I like how I am able to see each child's schedule separately but most of all I like how the scheduler allows me to easily change my daily plans by moving things ahead a day when life happens! I've always just used paper planners but I think this is so much more helpful!
Renee P, Co-op Member
Homeschool-Planet has revolutionized the way we do school. We went from a somewhat disorganized schedule to a neatly arranged agenda of work - thanks to Homeschool-Planet's excellent planning software. This program is by far the easiest to use of the multitude of new programs popping up. Not only is the software user-friendly, but it is being enhanced on an ongoing basis to make it the most useful planning tool possible.

My children love pulling up their daily schedule via e-mail and then printing it out. Rescheduling missed classes is...(more)
Michele Petersen, Co-op Member
I work two days a week,so I especially love the daily email schedule reminders and the email during the day letting me know what my boys have finished/are still working on. I love all the details I can add, like web links and notes, to each specific assignment. It's very personalized and efficient-much quicker than others. I plan on using Homeschool Planet for the rest of my homeschool years!
D. Owens, Co-op Member
I think that I've tried at least a hundred different life/homeschool scheduling programs over the years. They cost me a lot of money, wasted too much of my valuable time, and left me feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and helpless. I had been a member of Homeschool Buyers Co-op for many years, so in desperation I finally decided to try Homeschool Planet. Since they offered a month's trial period for free (and they didn't even ask for my credit card info), I thought "What have I got to lose?" Well, I DID lose some things: my stress, frustratio...(more)
S in FL, Co-op Member
This is an awesome organizational tool that allows you to have detail and flexibility with your scheduling. If you are reporting to your school, it is fantastic to have the assignment completions right at your fingertips. I am looking forward to using it throughout this year and beyond.
Gina M., Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has probably been my best Homeschool investment yet! I love everything about it. I love that my children can check the checkboxes when they are done with their work in each class individually. They love that they only have to see their specific work and not the whole family's. I love that I have my entire day all planned on one homeschool planner. I love that Homeschool Planet has thought of every single situation a homeschool parents might be trying to put on a planner and they have made it as easy as possible! There has not...(more)
Jennifer Burton, Co-op Member
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