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Math: Core
ALEKS Save 25% 01-23-2017
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Science: Hands-on Experiments
Brock Magiscope Save 20%   FREE Shipping 01-30-2017
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Having participated in the Beta test, I have experienced first-hand how the developers listened to my suggestions and implemented them. They have built a program that is tailor-made to homeschool families.

Last year I looked high and low for a decent online planner but everything that I found was missing at least one key component of what I needed. Planners designed for public school teachers were either too expensive or included elements I simply didn't need (like behavior tracking).

We were thrilled to get to start using this homescho...(more)
Susan Wright, Co-op Member
It provides my kids the ability to move through their assignments when I am working with one of their siblings. They show a greater ownership of their workload. The schedule/assignment entry is intuitive, easily adjustable, and provides an ease during the actual school day that is incredibly helpful. The options for grading requirements and transcripts are an additional blessing in record keeping. I don't want to do another year without it.
Mrs. Letsche, Co-op Member
I tried the free month and like it so far. We're going to try month-to-month for a while. This is our first product of this nature. I like that it works so fluidly with multiple different schedules. I'll like it even more when it seamlessly integrates with our various smart devices, and is fully editable when offline.
Ann, Co-op Member
I absolutely love Homeschool Planet!!! I was afraid to try it because I am seriously technology challenged when it comes to computers but I wanted to quit erasing and rewriting my daily/weekly/monthly planner all of the time. Homeschool Planet has been very easy to use and I absolutely love that it even has video instructions on how to set everything up. My children love getting printed daily lesson plans and I love the convenience of just pushing a button. I love everything about Homeschool Planet not just for the extreme convenience of schedu...(more)
Shannon G., Co-op Member
After a miserable year last year of spending hours on Sunday afternoons compiling lists for all my kids, I knew something about my planning routine had to change. I have 6 children, and the youngest is starting preschool, so it had to be automated and EASY. I researched for weeks, but everything I found was either not user friendly, too expensive, too confusing or took just as much time to maintain as my paper system. I even had a Saturday afternoon date for coffee with my computer-geek husband and listed all the things I wanted a planning prog...(more)
Kerry Marsh, Co-op Member
I've been homeschooling for nine years now and I've tried many different record keeping systems. Most of them have been in a binder format, but a few were software based.

I was hesitant to try Homeschool Planet, because of the many disappointing experiences I had in the past. I had also recently created my own binder system and felt happy with it. But, since there was a free trial I decided to take a chance. I immediately began inputting my information for the new school year. At first I just wasn't sure that the program was what I needed. ...(more)
Mandy F., Co-op Member
This is my second year using Homeschool Planet and I LOVE it!! It is so much easier to stay organized and especially to reorganize if we decide to change things up once in a while. If we decide to take a field trip or a day off, it's so easy to reorganize his work that was missed. My kids love that they receive their email checklist daily and can check off when their work is done. I will continue to use this until my kids are no longer homeschooled.
Mary S., Co-op Member
I have been homeschooling for 7 years and just found Homeschool Planet. I have no idea how I haven't found this sooner!! It has made my life so much easier! I love the dual calendar/school planner setup. It helps me easily keep track of assignments for my 3 kids. I tried it out for about 2 weeks on the free trial basis, and then I bought it! I highly recommend Homeschool Planet!
Leslie Smith, Co-op Member
I just wanted to say THANKS for developing a digital homeschool planner that actually fits the bill and is not to complicated. As homeschoolers, we are all super busy. The last thing I want to do is fuss with a non-user friendly planner. I tried about 6 planners, sometimes even with no FREE trial. Needless to say, I canceled them all! I have been using your planner for about 2 weeks and I really love it! I homeschooled for years when my older daughters (now 28,29) were younger and digital wasn't an option. I pulled my 13yr old son out last year...(more)
J. Rixey, Co-op Member
I have found it so easy to be organized with this program. Seeing as this is an area I have struggled in for a long time,I can honestly say I love it. I believe it has the ability to grow with my family's needs and I am a lifer for sure. Thanks Homeschool- Planet.
M. Kobe, Co-op Member
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