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My household has truly been blessed by Homeschool Planet. This has been the first year for a while that the children are on target with their lessons. The accountability has been great, with Dad able to view each child's progress throughout the day. Checking off things accomplished during the day has also been a motivation for the children and for myself (the mom). It has also been great for my oldest who is in college and lives at home. He can see where we are during the day and we can see in general where he is during that day. This progr...(more)
Mrs. Joy T., Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet has decreased the time I have to spend on administrative tasks. I am usually pleasantly surprised when I am looking for a specific solution and email support - it's either already there or in the process. My parents like receiving the weekly progress emails so they can stay on top of what their kids are doing. I will definitely continue to use it! I have told other homeschool moms about this wonderful program.
Connie Herrick, Co-op Member
Homeschool-Planet helps us make the most of each day! I love the flexibility to plan a full year of class assignments in advance and then weekly or daily modify as needed. We've been using this system for 13 months and I really appreciate your continual development and improvement. It is a mom-saver!
Wendy, Co-op Member
I love it! It is well worth the money. I have 7 kids I am homeschooling and have never found a planner this easy to work with. This was a breeze and keeps us on track, instead of the day getting away from us. I recommend it to anyone looking for an great homeschool planner.
Brenda, Co-op Member
I simply cannot say enough about this product. I'm an old fashioned Franklin Covey, Word lover, structured planner type of gal BUT also very visual. This homeschool planner does it all. Although we only have 1 child, we also have 2 pets, a profession, and volunteer roles to fulfill in the community. Along with teaching roles within a co op and small study groups.

Not only can I schedule out the academic needs for our daughter, but I can also create a new family member representative of one of our hats, such as Science teacher, or theat...(more)
Lisa Fox, Co-op Member
This product has made me able to keep up with my plans for my 5 homeschooled children much better. My children were amazed that I was keeping track of when and what so much better. (I'm not sure they were glad, though).

I have used 4 different homeschool planner software products. I like Homeschool Planet the best. I have been playing around with another one that hasn't been out too long (Well-Planned Day). The WPDay is very visually pleasing but Homeschool Planet is more user friendly, and nice to look at, to boot. The other two weren't web...(more)
Kim, Co-op Member
Homeschool Planet is helping me stay on top of grading as it reminds me when I have missed a paper. Also rescheduling assignments isn't a time consuming thing anymore, just one click and everything moves back a day.
Melisa, Co-op Member
After 4 years of searching, I've finally found what I've been looking for!

I've used homeschool planners (teaching and individual), spreadsheets (and a master one to manage those), handing out work daily or weekly, work boxes, and an online assignment tracker. What I wanted was something that was flexible, wouldn't take up a huge amount of time once things got going, was easy for me to see if someone was missing a subject, and would enable my four children to independently work. I was truly at my wit's end with scheduling because none of th...(more)
SM, Co-op Member
This product is great! In fact, I was telling a friend about it this morning. I have used all the big homeschool planners and Homeschool Planet is by far the one I like the best. It has all the features I need and have looked for in other planners AND it is easy to learn, set up and use. Not an easy combination to find. I have used it exclusively for about 6 months and am looking forward to planning and tracking our next year with it.
Kathleen P., Co-op Member
I just wanted to say that I LOVE Homeschool Planet! I am a working and homeschooling mother of six and this has been the ultimate tool in keeping my family organized. It is very easy to use and I can create my lesson plans weeks to months in advance with very little time and effort. I have tried other computer homeschool planners in the past, but ended up not following through with them. Being able to print a check list for each child is great and the widgets are an added bonus. I will absolutely be purchasing this program after my free trial!...(more)
Ashley T., Co-op Member
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