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EdOptions Academy Save up to $250 07-23-2018
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Family Time Fitness Save 80% 08-01-2018
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Language Arts: Grammar
GrammarInANutshell Save up to 25% 07-30-2018
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Save up to 25% on GrammarInANutshell:
Roman Roads Media TBA Savings 08-10-2018
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TBA Savings on Roman Roads Media:
Math: Core Save up to 50% 07-26-2018
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Thinkwell Save 45% 07-28-2018
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Math: Supplemental
Elephant Learning Save up to 40% 07-26-2018
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Apologia Health and Nutrition Save up to 39% + $5 Flat Shipping 07-26-2018
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Save up to 39% + $5 Flat Shipping on Apologia Health and Nutrition:
Thinkwell Save 45% 07-28-2018
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Social Studies
Thinkwell Save 45% 07-28-2018
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Save 45% on Thinkwell:
My famiy has been using this homeschool planner for just over a month. This is just what I have been looking for over a decade! After fiddling with paper planners and other difficult to navigate through systems, this has been a true blessing! My ninth grader plans out his entire schedule, giving him the opportunity to be autonomous. Easy to set up as well! We plan on keeping this well into our future! - Thank you!!!
Tami Nickel, Co-op Member
I truly love this planner! I must confess that I am not the most organized person but this planner is so simple and offers an all-in-one program that I find myself wanting to stay on schedule. I love it because it's compatible with our homeschool curriculum which has been a challenge for me with other digital planners. This has been the best one I've ever used thus far! I can customize it to fit our lifestyle. I also like the options to choose themes and I am looking forward to more in the near future. Another great feature is the ability to ha...(more)
T. McLeod, Co-op Member
After using several other online planners over the years, it's such a relief to find Homeschool Planet. It's extremely user friendly, organized and their customer service is top notch. I've told several friends about it, and I would highly recommend Homeschool Planet to anyone thinking of trying it out.

Thank you for such a valuable resource! :)
Katie W., Co-op Member
This online planner has been such a blessing to me over the last year as we started Kindergarten. I live in a state that requires no records to be provided, but I've still tracked everything, and I loved being able to print out the grades and attendance record for their school box this year.

I love the ease of use for planning, rescheduling, and keeping my family on track. It's also been great to be able to send my husband a quick list of groceries to grab on the way home if needed.

I couldn't live if I didn't have Homeschool Planet...(more)
Kim Hawkins, Co-op Member
As a first time homeschooling Mom to four (5th grade, 3rd grade, Kindergarten, and Preschool) I was struggling to see how I could organize everything for the coming year. I love to color code and organize my family. I am adamant about our calendar being up to date constantly. So, when I ran across Homeschool Planet I thought, well, it's better than writing it all out by hand, but I probably won't like it as much as my Google Calendar. I have been so surprised! I love it! It has kept me so organized and has completely replaced my families ...(more)
Angie, Co-op Member
I am so glad that I found Homeschool Planet. I wish I had known about it last year. Paper planning calendars are so hard when life happens and you need to re-schedule numerous assignments. Homeschool Planet has been extra helpful to our family because one of my sons suffers from a chronic illness that makes rescheduling an almost daily task. With Homeschool Planet, I can move assignments with ease. I also enjoy the grading feature that reminds me to keep up with grading on a daily basis. I am so much more organized with this program. I pla...(more)
Alena B, Co-op Member
Awesome! This program has been a life saver. Not only does it help me keep track of my homeschool lesson plan, but I also use it to keep track of upcoming projects and assignments for my non-homeschooled child. I would highly recommend this program. Worth every penny!
S Vaughan, Co-op Member
I just started a free trial membership of Homeschool Planet, and I absolutely love it! Although I am very technically challenged, I have found this website to be completely user friendly. This is my 8th year to homeschool my three children (8th, 6th, & PreK), and I have struggled with organization/time management every year until now. Thanks so much for developing such an amazing product. I look forward to improving my ability to use this homeschool planner to the fullest.
K. Grafton, Co-op Member
I am loving Homeschool Planet! I was able to plan my whole year out, but also have the flexibility to shift things when life happens. It definitely takes the stress out each week to plan. Great website!!!
Joanna, Co-op Member
Its 1:27 a.m. here in KCMO and I am up playing with my new favorite online homeschool planner. As a homeschool mom, record keeping has always been worse than math for me. I am only 3 days into my 30 day trial with your online planner and anticipate purchasing it near the end of the trial. I am absolutely in love with this planner. I keep making changes to "test" it and it gets an A+ every time. I cannot thank you enough for creating this product.
C. McGinnis, Co-op Member
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