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”I am a 9 year old boy and have been listening to Jim Weiss for a few years now. I was very happy when my mom ordered 10 more because of this great deal. So far, my three favorites are: King Arthur and His Knights, Lewis and Clark, and American Tall Tales.”
Lukas, Co-op Member
”We absolutely adore Jim Weiss' tapes. We are currently travelling overseas and my son has been able to spend hours listening whilst we travel on a plane, in the car or in a hotel room. Much better than watching or playing on a computer screen!

The other wonderful thing is that my son remembers all the stories and has learned so much by listening to an entertaining and spell binding story teller. We are always in awe at the voices and atmosphere that Mr Weiss can create.

The only constructive criticism I will provide is that on two separate occasions we have needed to follow up Greathall to find out when our order will arrive. On both occasions, Mrs Randi Weiss followed up immediately, and we got our order shortly thereafter.

So thank you Greathall for making such a wonderful product and hope Jim Weiss continues to make wonderful stories available to our children.”
Lisa Norman, Co-op Member
”Wow! What a great product! My four children (12,11,8,6) sat mesmerized for over half an hour listening to Jim Weiss' stories...their favourite was Arabian Nights. They always cry for more when it time to turn it off...I can only imagine the pictures it is creating in their minds as they listen. I will definitely not be selling these second-hand, they're going in the memory box as a favourite childhood memory!”
Pam, Co-op Member
”Jim Weiss has recorded an impressive library of classics utilizing his amazing talents for storytelling. His passion for what he does is evident. He makes the classics come alive. He breathes life into characters that for so long have been prisoners to the printed word. He gives them a voice. With his gift of storytelling he captivates children into enjoying the simple art of listening.

In today's fast-paced and technologically-driven times children are bombarded with interactive-everything. With a click of a button they get instant gratification. I m not saying this is a bad thing- we utilize technology in our household. But what it doesn't teach is auditory acuity. How often do your children just sit and listen? Or you for that matter?

I read aloud to my children many times throughout the course of a day. We go through books like water and my girls are on a first name basis with our local librarians- but even so, there is plenty of room for Jim Weiss recordings. We can easily substitute a family movie night on the couch to a family Weiss night complete with popcorn. We can augment our school lessons with Weiss dramatic retelling of history, myths, and legends. And car schooling! I envision myself building up my collection of his CDs so that I have a big book of them in my car that we can crack open on the start of every drive. Oh the possibilities!

Yes my friends, I have a new homeschooling addiction: Jim Weiss audio recordings. See more of my review at”
Co-op Member, Co-op Member
”When Jim Weiss narrates a story, the story comes alive to my entire family. My children sit in silence as they live the setting in their minds. They have heard many of his stories and get excited over each one.”
Rochelle B., Co-op Member
”My son has really been enjoying the Giants CD in the car. (Now he doesn't ask me to make up stories for him as I drive, and I can focus on the road.)”
Mom of one, Co-op Member
”The Greathall Productions by Jim Weiss are wonderful audios of many great tales. I purchased a set of 10 cds for our family to add to our collection. The package never arrived. When I contacted Greathall Productions they were very quick in helping resolve the problem. Their material is high quality and Jim Weiss is a great storyteller that captures the attention of young and old alike.”
Kathy N, Co-op Member