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”I have told many people about this product because it is thorough and taught by university teachers who are aware of the most recent updates in the field. I had my son practice taking notes by hand as the video plays and this is often supplemented by accompanying outlines of the course. We have used these for schoolwork and also just topics in which we are interested. Some are a couple of hours long and some are 30 plus. We view one or two lectures at a time and then discuss. The style is similar to what they see in college and increases their auditory learning skills.”
Nancy Warner Vance, Co-op Member
”We love this website! My son has been learning so much.”
Miriam M., Co-op Member
”Of all the purchases we've made for homeschooling, The Great Courses Plus may be the one I love most. We're currently using two of their lecture series as spines, one for astronomy and one for history/civics. In addition, both my husband and myself are enjoying other lecture series just for fun. This makes The Great Courses Plus and excellent value for us.

If you choose to install the app on your iPad, you can download individual lectures so you can use them offline. This is especially helpful when we're on the road for the day but still want to get in a little "school time". Since the app also allows for family sharing, each of us can enjoy a different series at the same time.

I initially took advantage of the trial that Homeschool Buyers Co-op offered over the summer. Now, I've enrolled for the annual subscription and I expect we'll keep that subscription for years.”
Laura Zuluaga, Co-op Member
”I signed up for your trial of The Great Courses Plus. I always drool over their catalog, but don't usually have the money to invest in the several courses I'd like to get. This is a perfect solution - have access for a limited time, but in a very budget friendly way. I am glad to see they even have heard the feedback that $15 a month was too steep, so now I'm seeing it for $10 a month on FaceBook. Thank you for offering such a great opportunity to learn in SO MANY areas. Obviously, this is more for me than for my children right now. I used it specifically to equip myself to help my children with Latin. Latin 101 was engaging and, despite the professors serious demeanor, funny!”
Christine, Co-op Member
”The Great Courses Plus, the only complaint I have concerning this program is the pleading from my student, just one more, please, please!! Our family loves this program. Every single course we have watched has been entertaining and educational. The presenters are well informed and present their topic in such a way that can be used for multiple age groups. Many of the courses keep you on the edge of your seat. There is a wide variety of courses, and many of them, with more being added periodically. It is a little pricey but I feel it is worth the price, small price for a happy student who doesn't realize how much they are learning while being entertained. I am purchasing this program! My watch list is already quite long!”
Jana Hager, Co-op Member
”We are all enjoying The Great Courses Plus! There are an enormous variety of courses to choose from which works with our eclectic family. Recently my husnand and I watched "The Science of Natural Healing". We have begun making changes in our diet to improve our health. My daughter's interest in computer science was rekindled by a computer programming course and my son has been watching the robotic courses. We still have many art, cooking, history, photography and writing courses in our queue! Thank you for offering this. Our leisure time is much more productive!”
Cheryl Ramirez, Co-op Member