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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Grammaropolis to their home school curriculum. If you have used Grammaropolis and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”The kids (7, 9, 11) have been enjoying the silly videos in this program. Grammaropolis has been a fun change of pace for our grammar studies, a way to review (and in some cases extend knowledge) in a game-like environment.”
Mostly Mommy, Co-op Member
”Grammaropolis has helped my older student in areas where she was struggling. She had no problem with it being too "kiddish." I like the way the program is set up for the student to try as many times as they desire until they get the grade they are happy with or that I have set as a goal for them.”
Hope, Co-op Member
”My 5 and 7 year olds are learning grammar at an accelerated pace. They sing the songs from the video all day long and have even taught me some grammar rules that I forgot.”
A. Partee, Co-op Member
”My son loves this new way of learning his grammar. This is way more than just the broad concepts of parts of speech! They dive deep into the various types and forms of each part of speech and how they affect other words in sentences.”
Jessica B, Co-op Member
”Grammaropolis has been a "to the point" and fun way to learn basic grammar. My daughter hates to write, so another program that involved more writing was not a great fit. She enjoys Grammaropolis, so we don't waste our writing time on grammar exercises but apply the basic grammar in context. I would definitely recommend it.”
Ayelet Biruin, Co-op Member
”Great program. We use as a supplement but could be used as a stand alone. Kids live the songs.”
Lacey M, Co-op Member
”My kids love Grammaropolis! They have learned so much and it is finally clicking and sticking in their minds. The songs are great and the learning is fun.”
Sarah - mother of seven, Co-op Member
”I was looking for a fun way for my kids to practice grammar online so I decided to get Grammaropolis for them. They LOVE it. It includes The Parts of Speech, The Punctuation Department, and the Sentence Factory. Each part of speech has it's own catchy song. There are little stories to read and then a mini quiz about the part of speech.
I also like that it is a great value. For the purchase as a homeschool family, you may add up to five students. You set up a login for each child so that s/he can work at his/her own pace. My kids are learning more about grammar in a fun way. A win for all.”
Tiffany H., Co-op Member
”A fun and easy way to learn grammar. Site is very easy to use and my child is engaged from start to end. I have not seen any other program like this and I recommend this to any family who would like their kids to have a sound foundation to understanding and applying English grammar .”
Tamara B., Co-op Member
”I have three boys, two of them still struggling with reading. I have to sit with them as they go through the Grammaropolis lessons since it does require a lot of reading. Yet, they love it more than my eldest. We finished Noun Town in a week, and my youngest is excited to move on to verbs.”
A. Paragon, Co-op Member
”I have two boys - 10 and 12. Neither like English, composition, writing or grammar. They have always struggled with it, and I have struggled to get them to do it. Now with Grammaropolis, they are both fast at identifying parts of speech (now faster than myself) and are good at punctuation. Best of all, they enjoy doing it, and when it is one their daily schedule, I NEVER hear whining or complaining!”
Karen J., Co-op Member
”My daughter age 8 has been using Grammaropolis for a few weeks. She has thoroughly enjoyed the program with its fun songs, short lessons,and cute characters. She takes the initiative to use the program without my prompting or involvement! I hear her singing the songs and laughing! As a parent, I love that we can review the short lessons together easily, that there are many different optional short quizzes per concept, I can review her progress easily, and she enjoys the learning. This is a great compliment to our lessons that allows her a lot of independence! Thank you Grammaropolis!”
V. Baker, Co-op Member
”My kids love the Grammaropolis videos. This program is a great supplement to our language arts curriculum. In addition to the videos, there are activities that ensure they understand the material presented.”
Holly E., Co-op Member
”This program has made learning grammar engaging. I love that it has 2 parts, one on punctuation and the second on grammar and structure. My daughter wasn't quite ready for the grammar part just yet (nouns, proper nouns, etc) so we switched over to the punctuation side, and it has made learning about it so fun and engaging. As she uses it, she is growing into it and soon will be ready for the grammar side of it.

I definitely recommend.”
Nicole D., Co-op Member
”My kids (ages 11 and 8) LOVE Grammaropolis!! We use it as a supplement to our grammar program, which we do twice a week but my kids ask to do Grammaropolis every day. They sing the songs and draw the characters. It has really helped to clear up how to differentiate the specific types of verbs, pronouns, etc.”
Rebecca, Co-op Member
”Grammaropolis is a lively, engaging tour through the parts of speech and other basic grammar topics. My son is enthusiastic and motivated to do the lessons and loves the songs and storybooks. The practice questions are thoughtful and push the learner to develop refined concepts. Both of us really like the availability of multiple practice in the "extra credit" section. This makes it possible to work on the concepts as much as needed to gain mastery AND review as needed. I have coupled it with beginning sentence diagramming and suddenly grammar is his favorite topic!”
Laura, Co-op Member
”I really like the program itself with the songs and quizzes, but I do find the navigation a bit awkward. We got to a point where one of my girls had jumped ahead, from what I can figure, and as we went back I could no longer see under the teachers login that she was completing quizzes. I ended up deleting her and we are starting over. I wish they had more info for the teachers other than just setting up the students. If there is more info it needs to be easier to find as I have yet to find it.”
2cutebuttons, Co-op Member
”As an older parent, I still remember things I learned from School House Rock. Grammaropolis is, in my opinion, a modern day version of this. My 9 year old special needs daughter has learned more from Grammaropolis via their songs and teaching methods than she did in 3 years of regular public school. I am so grateful to have found this wonderful resource and would recommend it for all kids, but especially those who learn best from music or visual means.”
Sheila Y., Co-op Member
”My kids both really enjoy Grammaropolis. It's a great way for them to learn with a program that is engaging and fun.”
Carrie M., Co-op Member
”I absolutely love Grammaropolis. It is not too young, too old or too simple. It is a great review and the videos and quizzes are short and sweet and review the material. Grammar is overlooked in the schools and is something negative for children for some reason and this makes it fun and understanble. I am so thankful we found it to add to our end of the year homeschool curriculum.”
Carrie Brody, Co-op Member
”My 7 old years LOVES Grammarpolis! She enjoys all the songs and different characters. Grammarpolis is a great way to introduce younger children to grammar. One word of caution the songs are very fast-paced.”
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
”The videos are easy for my child to remember and implement. I only wish there were more practice problems.”
MaryLu C., Co-op Member
”Both my girls age 5 and 9 have been using this ap and they love it. They are already doing so much better with their grammar! And they sing the songs. We will continue to use it.”
Amanda, Co-op Member
”I use this as a fun reinforcement and my five kids love it...we've got School House Rock memorized so these are new, fun videos to continue the learning!”
Susan R., Co-op Member
”The fun presentation of grammar keeps kids attention. Grammaropolis packs a lot of information into one song. I use it as an introduction to one of the parts of speech and then later as a review.”
Cheryl L., Co-op Member
”My youngest has learning disabilities AND is a very kinesthetic learner. We had had great success with First Language Lessons for my older 2, so naturally I followed suite with her. She had completed the first 2 years. She had memorized every poem and every part of speech. She could even tell me all the prepositions (while doing cartwheels of course)! But one day I asked her to find a noun in a sentence...she freaked out and could not do it! So I asked her what a noun was...she told me the definition word for word...but still could not pick any of the nouns out of the sentence. I asked her to find an action verb....same exact problem! I knew we needed a change!

That's when I found Grammaropolis! I decided to give it a try. The songs and short cartoons have really made grammar "real" to her! She is doing so well and can now pick out nouns, verbs, etc. in sentences! In fact, the very first day she UNDERSTOOD what an abstract and a collective noun was. I have been so pleased with her progress! And the best part??? SHE LOVES IT!!! In fact, she has told friends about it, and I have already recommended it to friends!”
Kristi R., Co-op Member
”It helps with the basics, nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. Catchy songs.

If they are too expand it, I'd recommend adding punctuation, capitalization, paragraphs, etc.”
Dee R, Co-op Member
”We love Grammaropolis! My 6 year old daughter learns so much through the cute songs and it is really a neat program.”
Jen K., Co-op Member
”My daughter uses this in conjunction with the IEW writing program. It is fun and interactive. It was recommended by her co-op teacher, and she enjoys it being a part of her homework.”
Angela J, Co-op Member
”My kids and I are really enjoying Grammaropolis. It is easy to use and a fun learning tool. Some videos they even watch over and over for the enjoyment. We will continue to use it and have told others about it as well.”
Ana, Co-op Member
”My third grader absolutely loves Grammaropolis! He is learning the different parts of speech and how they are used quickly and spends time on his own playing with Grammaropolis. He especially loves the lively videos which make everything so much fun for him.”
Lori B., Co-op Member
”I like the silly little videos about the different parts of speech. This is something that, likely, your child will not breeze through easily on the first go, as there is so much to learn. It's a great learning tool to cycle through a few times. Eventually it will click. Good for kids of all ages. I would definitely recommend this site for anyone struggling in this area. It's even helped me to brush up on various things that I've forgotten.”
Dee Robin, Co-op Member
”Our family loves Grammaropolis and we highly recommend it to others. Very good for visual learners. My son loves it.”
Melissa Murphy, Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE Grammaropolis!! Even my 2 year old runs around singing the songs and talking about nouns and pwonouns! Great program--I highly recommend it.”
Kristi, Co-op Member
”My son is loving Grammaropolis! We spent 2 years trying other grammar curriculums and he could barely remember what a verb was. It's been one month with Grammaropolis and not only does he know what a verb is, he knows what a preposition and an interjection are! We both enjoy the songs, too!”
D. Stevenson, Co-op Member
”We are loving Grammaropolis! It is challenging enough for my oldest and engaging enough for my youngest! We will definitely continue working with Grammaropolis!”
Aubrey C., Co-op Member
”Grammaropolis is a great site to use for learning grammar. I highly recommend it for everyone because grammar is so very important for children to learn. I feel blessed to have found it through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. My child loves it and is having fun while learning to use proper grammar.”
JCW, Co-op Member
”Grammaropolis is a neat website that helps learn the parts of speech. It is a nice supplement for older elementary kids to adults. The songs move very quickly and the graphics are funny. It's not corny or childish either. I think the minimum target age is 3rd or 4th grade if they have a basic understanding of the parts of speech. We don't use this every day in our homeschool but I see it being beneficial when preparing for sentence diagramming. Younger children would enjoy the songs and graphics but lack the understanding of what and how the parts of speech are used. It does exactly what it supposed to do-learn the different parts of speech through song and animation. My 8 year old 3rd grader enjoys it a lot. But he doesn't "ask" to watch the videos but rather enjoys it when I turn it on. Overall, I like it and I think it's a great refresher for me as well.”
Donna M., Co-op Member
”My son just LOVE this program, he can't get enough of it...”
Happy mom, Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE this website. I have not done formal grammar lessons yet. We are starting next year and I really wanted a fun way to introduce and review. This hit the spot! Currently my 5th grader and 3rd grader use it daily. While I'm working I one on one with a student the other will play on the site. The songs are catchy and help my kids remember the parts of speech. I like that I don't worry about "other" content popping up. I will continue to use this with them even when formal lessons begin. They think it's fun and cute and Really enjoy it. It's a great value and I would recommend it for a gentle introduction and fun reenforcement to grammar.👍👍”
K. Nelson, Co-op Member
”My kids loved it! They'are very eager to do grammar everyday with this fun way of learning.”
Aden, Co-op Member
”This is a fun system that you can learn and review grammars. We love it, but the game speed is fast and the explanation part of the grammar is some what overwhelming to my seven year old. We wish it has more easier introductions to new concepts. We are satisfied with this program because it was one time payment with life time access. We'll refer to this site here and there, but not for everyday practice. The songs and characters are very fun and we love them all and the fun coloring pages.”
LemoMama, Co-op Member
”I just started using Grammaropolis a month ago for my grade 2 and 4 children. It is a very fun program for them to use with lots of songs and fun characters. I am finding that this is a great starter tool to expand off of. It is not something that I can just leave the kids with and expect that they will understand and know everything they have seen. I do have to sit with them after each lesson and review what they just learned for the lesson to really sink in. But that's not a bad thing! It gives an excellent starting point that I would not be able to replicate by myself. I am enjoying having them use Grammaropolis and will likely use it for my other child coming up as well.”
Sarah M, Co-op Member
”My kids enjoy using Grammaropolis and it seems to work very well for them. Grammaropolis uses catchy songs to help remember different parts of speech and my kids really like them. I hear them singing the songs around the house. I would recommend Grammaropolis for any homeschool parent looking to teach the parts of speech.”
Natasha R., Co-op Member
”My 9 year old son has enjoyed this program and it has been a fun, non-stressful way for him to learn the parts of speech in a way that communicates well to him.”
L. Turbett, Co-op Member
”I found Grammaropolis good with the music and games. The only thing I think would be good would be having audio for the parts when it explains what a noun or verb etc are.”
Vicki, Co-op Member
”Very nice, lots of interaction and really breaks down the grammer in a fun way, kids like to learn.”
Tina Mayer-Fortuna, Co-op Member
”My kids love this website, they enjoy the videos and I often hear them singing the songs for days afterward.”
K Schilz, Co-op Member
”My two children enjoy this site and even sing the songs occasionally when we are driving around in the car. It is not only informative but very fun.”
J. Chavez, Co-op Member
”I really like Grammaropolis because it is easier for my child, who has dyslexia, to understand the different parts of grammar. The program is fun to use, but also has mini quizzes to challenge them. My child enjoys learning in this interactive format. I have also recommended this to several friends.”
Sherry B., Co-op Member
”This has been a great program. As of right now, we have not done the maps, for the music and the songs have had more of an impact. I grew up with School House Rock--and the songs stick with you. :) This is a GREAT updated and modern way to remember grammar for the next generation. Worth the buy!”
Kitty Brent, Co-op Member
”Hi, We have all really enjoyed this program and now my kids are singing the songs that are on it. This is such an awesome resource and fantastic deal! Thank you, The Hendon Family”
Mrs.Hendon, Co-op Member
”Wow this program really does make learning grammar fun! Had to laugh the other day when we were out shopping and my kids started singing the noun song! Even my 4 year old knew the words - he was getting lots of looks - doesn't every 4 year old know the difference between a common noun and a proper noun? Ha ha. I bought a lifetime subscription so we can review at any time if necessary and I would definitely recommend it to others.”
Tami A., Co-op Member
”When my daughter (2nd grade) first saw the videos, she said she didn't like it. But I knew she enjoyed School House Rock, so I believed if I moved ahead she would grow to enjoy learning grammar with this program. A few days ago she said, "I love learning! Learning is fun!" She was using Grammaropolis.”
Oceanna B., Co-op Member
”Wow (interjection)! Who knew learning grammar could be fun and entertaining? The catchy songs and crazy characters don't feel like work at all.”
Rae, Co-op Member
”My kids have enjoyed the interactive nature of Grammaropolis. And, I like that they can go over each section and quiz again and again!”
Jenn D, Co-op Member
”I recently purchased this for my 9yo son. He loves the fun videos and enjoys the challenge of the quizzes. I am even relearning lots about grammar when I take the time to sit with him. I love that it isn't just basic simple grammar. I will have him do it all over again when he finishes.”
Shanna, Co-op Member
”Grammaropolis is such a blessing!!! Kids are always excited to play it. I love how it breaks it down by sections of the grammar. Music is a catchy tune. Lots of Quizzes which is not intimidating. Very affordable and up to four kids all on one account, love it!!! Have not found any other product as simple and easy for my 1st grader to play, read and understand by herself.”
JusMe337, Co-op Member
”I bought this for $29.95 with the Co-op discount. I love it- its for younger kids grades up to 5th I think? I would say based on my kids experiences. The videos are short and sweet and to the point. You can do an English lesson in less than 30 minutes and its great review!”
Allie G., Co-op Member
”Grammaropolis is a great supplement to to our language arts. Our 9 year old sons struggles with writing and grammar, yet after only a few weeks he is already showing improvement identifying words in a paragraph. He enjoys 'playing' it on the computer and our 4 year old is learning the songs along with him.”
Cristy H., Co-op Member
”You know something is working when your 5 and 9 year olds are singing songs about nouns and interjections--for fun! My 9 year old has been doing easy grammar for two years, and he says that this is helping him understand much better. For the price it's a no-brainer!”
Jodi P., Co-op Member
”My kids (ages 7 and 10) love it! This software has been the missing link for what their Ohio public education system lacked. There teachers either glossed over grammar or pushed off teaching it to the next grade teacher.

It offers your kids multiple ways to retain proper grammar skills. At first, my 10 year old thought it looked a little too young for him but he has found it to be very funny, helpful and rewarding. He says he can't believe how much he has learned in such a short time.

I would recommend watching it with your children for the first go around. Then let your kids try it on their own. We have also used it as a refresher course after the kids school breaks.

The value is worth so much more than the price! We highly recommend it to children 7 and over!”
Sherry W., Co-op Member
”This is an engaging online system for learning Grammar. My kids and I really enjoy the songs. I really encourage mom's and dad's to try it out too. Learning along side your children is a lot of fun and reinforces that learning is something we do all our lives.”
Shannon B, Co-op Member
”My kids love Grammaropolis! The noun song is a hit in our house! This program is a keeper!”
Vivian, Co-op Member
”We are about halfway through Grammaropolis. It is a very basic program that defines the eight parts of speech. It does not teach any advanced grammar or writing skills, but presents the topics in an engaging and gentle manner. I would say it is aimed for children between 3rd and 5th grade, who need to learn to recognize the basic parts of speech. My daughter's grammar and writing mechanics are at a much lower level than her reading skills. So we are using Grammaropolis to catch up to her reading level. So far she has enjoyed the videos and books. She isn't as enthused about the quizzes, but that is to be expected. We are also using the "Painless Junior" grammar and writing books, and I feel that with both of these resources, feel we can cover what she needs to learn without a lot of tears. I think the program is a good value, and would recommend it to others who need to learn the different parts of speech.”
Ann B, Co-op Member
”My daughter's online public school presented a lesson on pronouns today which was so boring it felt like I was having my finger nails pulled out. I got out of that lesson and we watched fun, interesting, yet thoroughly educational GRAMMAROPOLIS instead.”
Ramona Jane, Co-op Member
”I love Grammaropolis. The graphics are great and the songs are contagious. My kids love it as well. We will definitely make it a part of our regular school curriculum.”
Ruth W., Co-op Member
”Grammaropolis has been a great addition to our homeschool grammar arsenal! My 5 and 8 year old sons both love the fun, upbeat songs and videos that help teach grammar concepts, in addition to the games and quizzes. We have tried several online resources and this is well worth the money. A fabulous addition to our grammar studies.”
Jenny K, Co-op Member
”My 2 kids, grades 2 & 5, both LOVE this product. I decided to purchase this product thru the Co-op because of the great offer for the lifetime membership. We are using this as curriculum and to as review so I like being able to use this for as long as we need.

My kids love the songs and videos & I find them singing the tunes throughout the day. When discussing parts of speech during our writing time, I am pleasantly surprised to hear my 5th grader offering in-depth and specific information that she has retained from Grammaropolis!

I also really appreciate the Dashboard where I can review each child's progress and score on each portion of the parts of speech. Then I can choose to have them repeat the problem portions or just review.”
Rebekah S., Co-op Member
”I am a former high school teacher and am now homeschooling an elementary and middle school child. Incorrect use of grammar has always been one of my pet peaves. My children have always called me the "Grammar Queen." With the use of Grammaropolis, they are able to improve their grammar skills and hopefully be among the grammar royalty themselves.”
S Couch, Co-op Member
”We have recently purchased Grammaropolis through a Co-op deal. My kids are excited to have an interactive grammar option, and I am thrilled about the content and presentation of the material! Thanks for the offer, Homeschool Buyers Co-op!!”
Shelly Burdick, Co-op Member
”My nine year old daughter loves Grammaropolis and has learned a lot so far. I think the way it uses characters and stories to teach grammar is very clever and effective. I've recommended it to my friends.”
Val R, Co-op Member
”Today I heard my kids, 7,9 and 11, singing a grammaropolis song about adjectives. Two weeks ago my daughter was asking me questions about two parts of speech, I don't remember which, but one I'd never heard of. (And I'm a graduate if a top-rated university). Grammar hadn't been important to me to this point. I only got Grammarropolis because it was a good deal and it was the start of summer with no major plans. It's proved worthy of every minute and penny invested in it.”
Sharon B., Co-op Member
”The children love it and are processing the information, taking the tests and learning without even encouragement. I just have to list grammar”
Kelly M, Co-op Member
”We have been using the program for a couple of weeks now. Both of my kids (age 7 and 9) LOVE it. They love the songs and story book part the most. They actually ask if they get to do Grammaropolis today! Some of the material is a bit advanced for the 7 year old. He is a bit slower in the Reading/Grammar department than his sister. But, he still loves the program.
They are both learning a lot and I can tell a big difference in their understanding of the subject in other projects we do as well. Thanks to the Co-op for such a great deal. Thanks to Grammaropolis for making grammar fun!”
Diane M, Co-op Member
”My daughter was reluctant at first since she was told it would be part of her homeschooling curriculum. After she saw the very first music video she was hooked. I catch her sneaking computer time to play. I was convinced to put the app on my phone and she watches that instead of playing mindless games. I tell everyone about it!”
Crystal I., Co-op Member
”My kids love it. It is a very fun way to learn. One of my son is getting grammar!”
Jenny D., Co-op Member
”My kids really love this cartoon based series--it actually goes farther into depth than they need (I have a 1st grader and 2nd grader), but it is a great refresher for me, since at some point I will have to teach them the finer points of grammar. The words go a little fast, which at first I didn't like, but it has captured their interest by making them want to figure out the words to the songs.

I've mentioned it to several friends and a few elementary teachers in my circle, as it is definitely NOT boring and stale like most grammar products out there.”
S. Berberich, Co-op Member
”the kids love the songs! it took them a few times of listening to realize it was about grammar. it has been great to supplement game time with educational tools. my 5th grader is finally catching on to what he has been doing all year in the books.”
Tara M, Co-op Member
”I purchased the Forever Pass through the Co-op last month. My 5yo son LOVES it! I read everything to him and we answer the questions together. He gets most of them right with very little help! The explanations are wonderful and the cartoon characters really keep him hooked, but the REAL proof of how wonderful this program is came today. The doorbell rang and my son said, "'Ding-dong', is that an adjective?""No," I said, "but it does tell us that there is a NEW person at the door.""Oh, NEW," he said. "Yes, new is the adjective," I said with a smile!”
Lauren H., Co-op Member
”Wonderful programme! My kids enjoy grammar for the first time and walk around the house singing the songs! I can really recommend this for younger learners - I would love a updated version for teenagers. I have recommended this to multiple home school families with no regret.”
L Smith, Co-op Member
”My son is a preschooler who recently asked to learn the parts of speech. Grammaropolis met the challenge perfectly. He loves the cartoon characters and their educational books and songs and now a subject I feared would be too advanced for him, is right at his level. We've not attempted the quizzes but I expect we will use them in the near future.”
Kristin, Co-op Member
”An entertaining supplement to grammar lessons.”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”My 8 year old says Grammaropolis is fun. He likes the songs. They are complicated, and not simplified and dumbed down. There are many jokes for my boys. My 13 year old says it is slightly young for him. But, I have them studying it together, and he benefits from reading it to the little guy, and waiting for him to answer.

I would recommend Grammaropolis as a good introduction to the parts of speech and their use. It is fun with a good beat.”
Britt Family, Co-op Member
”This is a fun and effective way for students to remember some parts of speech and grammar son is an audio learner and loves the catchy jingles that keep him singing around the house and to his friends.”
Debi S., Co-op Member
”Fun Grammar! My 4th grader likes this as a treat to play on the computer. It's great to reinforce concepts he already knows & breaks the boring worksheet drill & skill. I'm now starting to let my PreK & K to "play" on it & so far they like it. It's a great way for them to see what is grammar & for the early years they don't need the boredom of worksheets!”
Elaine, Co-op Member
”Grammaropolis has far exceded my expectations. I tried it out for my 3rd grade son who was bored with other grammar programs we had tried. With Grammaropolis he now looks forward to grammar each day. He is singing the songs while he is playing and he is retaining what he has been taught. The songs are very catchy and the lessons are short and not overwhelming. We love this program!”
Amanda B., Co-op Member
”When I previewed Grammaropolis, I already knew that my son would enjoy it because of the music and action in it, aside from the extensive lessons being tackled. Sure enough, as soon as my 8 yo son, Jarel, started on it, he finished the whole curriculum in a week. He kept on asking if he could go continue during his break times during the day and even at night. When I went back to his regular curriculum, he would add information that he learned from Grammaropolis. Seeing that it helped a lot, I asked him to go back and do the whole thing again. I had no problem with that request at all... LOL! He said he really likes everything in the site! Since he has memorized the songs before, now he sings with the characters! I did email the company if there are new things coming up so my son can enjoy the site once again and they said that there are indeed new things coming up on the site. I am excited for that now!”
Esther Gomez, Co-op Member
”Our 8-year old son love this. Thank you!”
K. Wolf, Co-op Member
”We love Grammaropolis! My kids actually want to visit Grammaropolis...even when we are not in school! I hear them singing about proper nouns while they are playing with their toys. What fun!”
Sharon O., Co-op Member
”I always thought parts of speech was hard to teach because the rules are so boring and tedious. It took me a whole year of remedial English back in 6th grade to learn what they were and how they worked. But my kids have been using Grammaropolis for only a month or so, and they understand all the parts of speech now, can can apply the rules in everyday speech. Sometimes they would blurt, "hey, that's a concrete noun cuz you can smell it!" I especially like the variety of musical styles that are employed in the different songs. There is even one that is kind of techno-dance and disco-y. I was impressed by how the quality of the music is actually quite good. I've tried teaching the concept of 'NOUN' with another book written by homeschoolers before. It was painful even for me. We will use Grammaropolis until my kids have mastered all the concepts in it. I've already recommended it other families about it because I am very confident that they will like it, too! Thank you, HB Co-op! Your recommended products have worked out very well for our family.”
W. Chang, Co-op Member
”We have just begun to use this product but my son seems to really like it. I love having it available for several years to come as at six years old I don't think he comprehends all of it the first go round. It seems to be very thorough and complete. Even I have learned from it! Will be nice to use as he grows and learns more. I have recommended it to others. Love the app as well!”
S French, Co-op Member
”The kids love Grammaropolis! They get hooked on the songs just like I used to with Schoolhouse Rock. I like that's there is a path to take so it's paced just for them. I already recommended it to a family member who is a teacher at a private school and she fell in love with it and plans to implement it in her class.”
Jen H, Co-op Member
”A great program! My 10 year old son loves it!”
Brenda P, Co-op Member
”My kids love Grammaropolis. I purchased it thinking we would use it next year since my children are on the younger side, but it has already been so useful. It's a fun and lively way to introduce the parts of speech and quite addicting. We've only had it a month and my six year old already has all the songs memorized and runs around the house singing them. It is so popular in our house that is used as a reward after all the "school" is done. Both of my children's understanding of the parts of speech have greatly increased and they are having a blast learning. Money well spent.”
Vonda P, Co-op Member
”I bought Grammaropolis for my three boys ages 7, 9 & 11. We had a little bit of trouble signing up but the owner helped us quickly and easily and we were off and running! The program itself is easy to navigate as you weave your way down the paths to learning about nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc. My boys repeatedly watched the introductory videos over and over and over. Even if one was playing a video game, if one of the Grammaropolis movies was played, all eyes were focused on it. It is a simple and light learning tool. It's not in depth and I'm sure plans are in the works to offer more lessons but this is a wonderful start. Grammaropolis offers an iPad/iPod app for $12.99 that would be for only one learner and does not (yet) coordinate with any purchased online account. If you have one child, the app would suffice. If you have more, you want to buy the Passport. My kids willingly play Grammaropolis every day and I'm just happy that they know how to spell "grammar" properly at such a young age!”
Kim Green, Co-op Member
”This works well as a review for older students and/or an introduction for younger students. My younger child just loves the songs and videos and will benefit more from the books and quizzes later. The program is a nice balance of fun and content.

The cons: there is a pretty small amount of content here. My 10 year-old student finished the material in about 3 weeks (and she did not do this every day). Also, I agree with other reviewers who have noted that this product could be improved if quizzes changed when repeated.

For one child, especially an older child, I am not sure if I would feel this is a good value. With a younger child or multiple kids, the value of program increases.”
CarolAnn, Co-op Member
”Grammaropolis has been a WONDERFUL addition to our homeschool activities. Both of my sons are challenged with grammar. Grammaropolis has helped them to enjoy learning and helps them to have fun with grammar instead of dreading it. It makes my job so much easier - I was also dreading grammar before Grammaropolis. I have also had a great experience with their support team. I had a question that I sent to their email support and received a response the same day - within hours. I would highly recommend this fun, engaging and informative product.”
A. Serrano, Co-op Member
”I have fourth, third, and first grade boys using Grammaropolis. The first and third grader love it and often sing the songs. They'd play all day if they could!The fourth grader isn't quite as enamored, but he will sit for awhile with it. I love the program, and the lifetime pass makes it that much better. I'd recommend this product for sure!”
Missy P, Co-op Member
”My kids (7 & 8) love grammaropolis. They ask if they can go to even on days I don't have it as part of their school schedule. The songs are so catchy that I have learned a few things myself. I recommend grammaropolis to anyone who wants to make learning grammar interesting.”
Katy, Co-op Member
”I purchased this program for my three home-schooled children. They found it entertaining and enjoyable! For my 11 year old it was a great refresher on the basic grammar concepts. My twins, age 9, loved the songs and replayed them constantly! This is a great add-on program for developing grammar skills.”
C. Roney, Co-op Member
”We love Grammarpolis. My daughters like to memorize the songs, and I hear them singing it to themselves when they're taking a test on Grammar. It is a wonderful teaching tool. I am sure that we will be using it for a long time. Excellent product!”
Deborah Douglin, Co-op Member
”The Grammaropolis program is OK. I wish it had more practice and that the quiz's changed each time the student accesses them. The music is cute but a parent has to sit and read and explain to the student what is being taught. My kids are 7-9. I would not recommend to most parents.”
Donna Vogel, Co-op Member
”Grammaropolis is a fun, exciting, and engaging way to learn about the parts of speech. My kids age 3 - 12 are all engaged! We work on it as a group and I'm learning new things too! I have recommended it to several friends and will continue to do so. I would love this program to expand to all subject areas!”
Robyn Cuthbert-Adair, Co-op Member
”I subscribed to Grammaropolis because I wanted to get my 10 year old excited about and interested in grammar. He loves it! He asks to go to Grammaropolis, even when it isn't assigned that week. He and his 5 year old brother even sing the songs to each other. Grammarpolis is a hit in our house! It's fun and educational! I'll definitely recommend it to anyone who asks.”
Debi J., Co-op Member
”My girls have really enjoyed the characters and games that they have encountered. Through the day they go around identifing what part of speech something is or how it would work in a sentence.
Right now, they show each lesson with 18 quizzes but only 2 available to take. My older child can't wait till there is more available that isn't as easy.”
Nina, Co-op Member
”Grammaropolis has made learning the parts of speech tons of fun for my kids. This isn't an exhaustive grammar program. It is an introductory program that digs deeply into dissecting each part of speech. From there it is an easy leap into more intensive grammar structure. The best part is the fun and exciting way this program is presented. The videos, songs and characters make it a blast and somethings the kids really want to do.”
Lydia F., Co-op Member
”My daughter (8) loves going to grammaropolis. It doesn't feel like a grammar lesson to her. She never whines about learning about the parts of speech now! It's been the best language arts resource that we've found that addresses grammar. So glad we went ahead and paid for a subscription!”
Melinda L., Co-op Member
”We have tried many grammar programs but all have failed. My nine year old is having a lot of fun with Grammaropolis. The reading, videos, quizzes, etc. have all helped cement the parts of speech. My son said it was easy to understand and didn't go too fast. We will definitely continue using it and tell our friends!”
lillehei, Co-op Member
”I purchased the annual membership with Grammaropolis to my 6th grade son for homeschool; we both love it. It is a very good match for him and I have learned a few things too. Definitely, worth the investment, which is very affordable for a grammar curriculum.”
Laurie F, Co-op Member
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