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The God's World News Sale has expired. You can still purchase a subscription on our ongoing offer page here.

This is a great magazine, and at the fabulous co-op discount price, each of my school-age children are able to enjoy their own copy! We use the magazines to supplement our study of current events, and we love that it's from a Biblical perspective.
Emily H., Co-op Member
Great magazine that generates lots of good conversation and enlarges the frame of reference of my inner-city students. We love the online access as well!! I've waited 2 years to get a class subscription. Well worth it.
Mrs. R., Co-op Member
We are so grateful for a current events source that is based on truth and in a format that our children (ages 3-15) LOVE and look forward to. The new online content is a fun addition. We plan to continue to use GWN for all of our children and are very grateful for the opportunity to purchase the subscriptions here at the Co-op for such an incredible price. A big THANK YOU to God's World News and the Homeschool Buyers Co-op!
Janelle, Co-op Member
We recently started using God's Big World and Worldkids this summer. It has been a great summer tool to keep the learning going but in a really fun way. We read the articles together and then I showed them how they can go online to look further into the articles with a video, interactive, quiz and game (for Worldkids). Looking forward using this as a part of our home school this year. My 8 year old will be able to do much of it on his own including reading one of the news shorts each day. It really helps to open up conversation about so much in...(more)
Karla S., Co-op Member
Wow! I love God's-World-News. As an adult I struggle to find news from around the world that is thought provoking in encouraging. I enjoy reading God's World News as much as our kids love it. I also like the fact that I can read the teen issue and the younger kids issue and get different stories. It is not just the same stories at a lower reading level.
Mrs Krull, Co-op Member
Ordered this magazine for my son, however I find I am just as excited to read it, as he is. Great articles and very well written on a variety of topics. Keep up the good work!
Michele C., Co-op Member
I love God's World News it gives my kids a Biblical perspective on the news.
R Down, Co-op Member
My kids are loving God's World Teen magazine. Love the addition of the online account. Every week I get a link in my inbox and that's the day the kids get to check out the new content. Thanks for providing Christian world view content for today's news!
KC, Co-op Member
We had a subscription to Gods World News years ago. Getting it a discount this time around was fantastic. My daughter loves reading the magazine.
Anna R., Co-op Member
Gods-Word magazine is simply fabulous. My two sons age 7 and 9 were so excited to read cover to cover. I was excited because I love the check your knowledge quizzes at the end of each article. This magazine is seamlessly incorporated in my homeschool and this is important because this is my first year doing it and it calmed my nerves wondering if I had the best materials to teach, enrich and engage my children. Absolutely you should consider this product as a par of your home school journey.
Cheryl Tate, Co-op Member
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