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Homeschool Buyers Co-op BBB Business Review
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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add God's World News to their homeschool curriculum. If you have used God's World News publications and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
Our son devoured each issue the day it came and would often eagerly share with me new information that he learned. I liked the variety of stories from around the world and the way God's World News included questions to think about and verses to look up for a biblical perspective. We will definitely subscribe to this publication again.”
Janet B., Co-op Member
What an incredible resource GWN became in our home. I tried to use the parts of our local paper to teach current events, but editing everything inappropriate was very time consuming. GWN spoke the truth about our world, and allowed my child to see the world's issues without tainting his mind with any inappropriate material. What a gem!”
Lynda Glenn, Co-op Member
My kids (12,14,16 yrs. old) absolutely loved it! They all want to do it again in the Fall. I never thought I'd see the day when they all agreed on something!”
Nancy Steward, Co-op Member
"World" magazine is a quality Christian news magazine and I am thankful to have it to counter the worldly media that seeps into our home. Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op, for saving us money on its subscription!”
Jennifer Bond, Co-op Member
God's World News is an excellent addition to our homeschooling and something which --quite frankly -- would've been beyond our financial reach without the Co-op's great pricing. I was easily able to arrange a 10-bundle purchase with several other homeschooling families on our support group. My boys really enjoyed the news and human interest stories as well as the puzzles. I appreciated a Christian perspective on the news in a kid friendly format.”
Alane A., Co-op Member
This has been a fun, easy-to-read paper that has helped my young children learn about world events, geography, and God's Word all at the same time! They love the activities on the back page! It's a wonderful accompaniment to our regular curriculum! We can't wait to sign up for our 2nd year!”
Britta M., Co-op Member
My children devour these publications the day that they arrive. They feel so important to have their own newspaper to read!”
Esther Beal, Co-op Member
I love being able to offer my children news at an age-appropriate level. With six children, sometimes it is hard to filter through current events for what they need to know. I'm so thankful to have these things put together and presented with a Godly world view. My children look forward to receiving their God's World News - it is a great investment and something I plan on continuing to provide for them.”
Kristen Burns, Co-op Member
Two of my kids love to read and enjoyed having something new to read frequently. I particularly enjoyed hearing them DISCUSS the articles. // Since you need to buy more copies than a normal family could use, think about a group of people that you see on a frequent basis if you want to make this work...a math class, PE group, co-op, scouts, etc., so that you will be able to distribute them promptly.”
Jane, Co-op Member
We subscribed to the online edition of "Top Story" from God's World News last year. My son really liked it and enjoyed reading about national, and international, current events. He loved the news, inspiring stories, and Christian worldview. We are excited to continue a subscription again this year. I personally prefer to read from a PDF on the computer screen, and my son likes to read from the printouts I made. So we both meet our styles. I print each edition in full-color duplex and store them in chronological order in a 3-ring binder. We love to grab the binder when "on the go" to read in waiting rooms instead of some of the "twaddle" available (for kids and adults). I sincerely appreciate HSBC and GWN for offering us the individual subscriptions at such a great price - it was well worth it!”
Julie C., Co-op Member
Last year was our first year homeschooling. I was excited to find a good "at-home" magazine which for my kids to read and look forward to getting! They didn't quite take to it at first so I saved them up and now I pass them out and they LOVE them! So much they asked for it to be renewed and for the summer editions as well.”
Dana S, Co-op Member
We loved it. It was great for all members of the family. A Christian point of view was a refreshing way to see the news around us. I am looking forward to next year and the changes to the magazine.”
Christine, Co-op Member
My kids always looked forward to reading God's World News. The posters and maps were a great supplement to our curriculum. It helped establish a habit of reading and evaluating the news.”
EJK, Co-op Member
My 10yo reluctant reader read the God's World News cover to cover, and insisted that I not read it first, so he could share all the cool stuff he learned.”
Deidre, Co-op Member
Our family has really enjoyed the God's World Newsletters this year. My boys (ages 11, 10 & 7) really enjoy reading the articles on nature and technology. I would use the weekly quizzes that are included to review and it would trigger some really great discussions. The quizzes are also great to put in their portfolios.”
Karen M, Co-op Member
God's World News has been our current events curriculum for almost 15 years. Last year we tried the online edition which we purchased through the Homeschool Buyer's Coop. We recommend it highly.”
Janice Firth, Co-op Member
My son and I learned together about current events, people, and the world around us in the context of the Christian faith. My son also enjoyed the activity page, and was always able to correctly answer the quiz questions. We were glad for the opportunity to add God's World News to our weekly curriculum at such a reasonable price! Thanks, Homeschool Buyers Co-op, for making this connection for us!”
K. Wenger, Co-op Member
My son loves reading God's World News. It provides a platform for many great family discussions.”
R. Andrews, Co-op Member
We purchased the God's World News last year for all three of our children and really loved it. We did the online this year which worked out better for us and was cheaper for them.

Once we placed our order through the co-op we didn't have to worry about another thing. The kids look forward to their "magazines" every week to see what is new. The important thing about this newspaper is that it is has a Godly approach that others don't have and they are friendly to each age group so that they understand. We look forward to another year with them and have told untold people about them.”
O. Crider, Co-op Member
This past school year was the first time we ordered God's World News through the Co-op. We received great customer service. My 13-year-old looked forward to every edition. We're thankful to be able to keep her updated on current events from a Christian perspective. Thanks!”
Christie Underhill, Co-op Member
Our family loves God's World News. We each read it at our own level--grownups included and then have good discussions about current events around the dinner table. I love reading the news from a biblical perspective.”
K. Huang, Co-op Member
My whole family loves Gods World News!!!! It is our favorite part of the school day! GWN gets us talking about relevant issues and keeps us up to date. No school year would be complete without it!”
Nancy Steward, Co-op Member
We have used this for improve reading skills, then to introduce current events, and now to integrate current events into our Biblical Worldview classes.

This is a top-notch publication, which you offer for the cheapest price I have been able to find. My college kids have said that they learned to filter current events through their "Biblical Worldview" glasses using this great product.”
Kim, Co-op Member
We are so grateful for a current events source that is based on truth and in a format that our children (ages 3-15) LOVE and look forward to. The new online content is a fun addition. We plan to continue to use GWN for all of our children and are very grateful for the opportunity to purchase the subscriptions here at the Co-op for such an incredible price. A big THANK YOU to God's World News and the Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Janelle, Co-op Member
Thank you for offering this periodical at a discount. For my children, it is a wonderful source for learning about current events from a Christian world view. The articles are rather concise but are well written. A nice bonus is that Gods World News now offers free access to a web sites that corresponds to the magazine you subscribe to. The web site contains additional information and is full of fun and educational material. Buyers should be aware, though, that for each subscription you have, only one child/student is allowed to be signed up for access to the web site.”
Carol R., Co-op Member
Through Homeschool Buyers Co-op we ordered the World Teens and the World Kids magazines. Both our children have been enjoying and learning from them. I must add that my husband and I are too. It is an interesting way to keep up on world events.”
Kimberly, Co-op Member
We love these magazines for kids! They provide relevant news articles from a christian worldview, at a level that kids can understand. They also include fun puzzles and colorful posters. Wonderful! Our family highly recommends them. A great resource to supplement your reading, science, and social studies curriculum.”
Jean, Co-op Member
This is our third year to subscribe to God's World News, and there a couple of specific reasons why we continue to subscribe and recommend this publication to others. God's World News -- offers a Godly perspective on current and interesting news(includes Scripture references of application) and covers a wide variety of topics. The articles are concise but not too lengthy. We currently receive World Teen and I find that it provides some interesting topics to converse about with our boys, which provides opportunity for them to think about and discuss things that are occurring in our world today. This would be a great magazine to find for reading while waiting for appointments in Doctor's offices!”
Terri K., Co-op Member
My son really enjoys read God's World News. There are so many interesting articles. I like that it is a Biblically centered world view.”
Natalie, Co-op Member
My second grader loves this magazine! We are so grateful that it was part of a group buy!”
Sarah, Co-op Member
My teen enjoys reading his own level of current events, while my tween has a slightly less detailed description of the same events. Those younger have an even broader explanation. I also had a subscription to World Magazine, which gives even more information. We've found it to be a wonderful addition to our lives. When my children were younger, we also subscribed to the youngest option, which was a great way for youngsters to learn about what's happening in the world, without being overwhelmed by the complete reality that is more overwhelming and distorted in other sources.”
S. Gray, Co-op Member
Our family LOVES God's World News! We have been reading this for YEARS. We do not have any cable TV and we don't get any channels either so this is our connection to the World News and I know it's the TRUTH! I recommend this to anyone and all ages for your family. It's good, it's accurate, it's God honoring. Thank Homeschool Buyers Co-op for partnering with such wonderful folks to offer us a discount on this wonderful magazine!!”
Louise U., Co-op Member
My children love receiving their Gods World News magazines in the mail. The little ones beg me to read theirs immediately. The older kids fight over who gets to read theirs first. I love that my teens and preteens can keep up to date with current events in the safe environment of the WorldTeen and WorldKids websites.”
Rachel T, Co-op Member
This is a great magazine, and at the fabulous co-op discount price, each of my school-age children are able to enjoy their own copy! We use the magazines to supplement our study of current events, and we love that it's from a Biblical perspective.”
Emily H., Co-op Member
I am very happy with this magazine subscription!!! My children are learning about many different topics and they all have God's message intertwined within each article/lesson. There is no doubt I will be renewing my subscriptions.”
J. Chavez, Co-op Member
Good way to introduce world events to children in a positive way.”
Vicky, Co-op Member
I am very glad to be able to give my children an educational news magazine written from a Christian worldview. Our children enjoy reading the stories. We have ordered it for about 5 years now and will continue using it in our homeschool.”
Kelly K., Co-op Member
The articles are a great tool for current events assignments. There are a variety of subjects to meet the interests of all children. My kids will just read it on their own, and gain a godly perspective of the world.”
Theresa R, Co-op Member
Our two boys love reading the stories in each issue. They make for great dinner table discussions. I have even found myself reading each issue. I will continue to subscribe and pass along what a great resource it is to others.”
K. Rebello, Co-op Member
All 3 of my kids love this. It keeps them up to date on interesting news. They get a printed news letter and on-line access for a year!”
Tracy B., Co-op Member
My children and I have loved this resource! They love to learn from all the interesting stories and I love that I now have a wonderful way to reward the children and I have no fear what they'll find on the site or what ads may pop up. We will definitely be continuing our subscription.”
Katharine Giddings, Co-op Member
My 4 & 5 year-old have really enjoyed receiving these magazines. I have loved the ease of use and the opportunity to share world news with them in a manner appopriate to their ages.”
Gina Davis, Co-op Member
God's World News has been a great asset to our Home School Co op. The class was so popular it was continued for a second year. The kids love the stories and the map lets them see where events and news is happening all over the world. It is a safe kid friendly magazine where parents can be assured stories are appropriate for them to read and connect with. We are using Kids World News for our 2nd to 5th graders.”
Patricia Nelson, Co-op Member
Love the magazines ... Love the price. Thank you”
B. Ebel, Co-op Member
God's World News shares relevant world news from a Biblical perspective. The online content has allowed my children to expand their world views from a Christian perspective. The Co op price is a wonderful benefit to purchasing our subscription.”
Jenn, Co-op Member
This is the second year I have ordered God's World News for my kids. They love each magazine and actively read the articles. Both will often tell me something interesting or neat that they read which spurs conversations about the topic. The price through the co-op makes it a great deal. I plan on continuing to renew my subscription and bumping up to the teen version when my oldest gets to that age.”
Jennifer B., Co-op Member
We have enjoyed this magazine for a number of years. Purchasing through this co-op allows generous discount pricing. I tell others about this magazine all the time.”
Treva B, Co-op Member
God's World for Teens is great! We use it to fulfill the current events portion of our history classes. The articles are wholesome and current-and I don't have to worry about pre-screening them before my children read them!”
T. Haynes, Co-op Member
We are so please that the Co-op offers this great discount of God's World News. We couldn't afford it otherwise. This year we were able to get two of the editions. Our kids love to read the interesting and timely stories in these publications. I love having good, wholesome truth around the house for them to read. There is a fight for it when it comes in the mail. We've had a few wrinkled pages because of it. Sometimes I have to hide it until they finish their school. We plan to use this resource for many more years! Thanks for offering this great deal.”
Stephanie B., Co-op Member
I ordered this magazine for my 8 and 6 year old children. I love the content and the way it is presented. My only thought is that I should have waited a year or two. The World Kids has more in-depth information than my children are ready for in many of the stories. But in the future I definitely plan to subscribe again, when they are more ready to be involved in the world's news. They never watch news now, so it's a little over their heads with the current events. They do like much of it, though. I would highly recommend it to ages 9 and up, or younger if they are interested in world current events. I enjoy it myself!”
Cindy A., Co-op Member
My 8 year old can't get enough! When her publication arrives, she grabs it immediately and reads it cover to cover. Then she moves on to devour her brother's high school issue. Thanks for providing relevant news with a Biblical perspective. It's so needed! And thanks for providing it in such an engaging format. I read them myself and am never disappointed with the topics or content. Your articles have opened the door to more than one thought-provoking discussion over sensitive topics in our house over the years. And we absolutely love it!”
t. anthony, Co-op Member
My kids are loving God's World Teen magazine. Love the addition of the online account. Every week I get a link in my inbox and that's the day the kids get to check out the new content. Thanks for providing Christian world view content for today's news!”
KC, Co-op Member
We had a subscription to Gods World News years ago. Getting it a discount this time around was fantastic. My daughter loves reading the magazine.”
Anna R., Co-op Member
We have been grateful for some very interesting facts and information that is provided...all presented in a positive manner. Appreciate the page of questions that the student can answer... Often my son will discuss (on his own) something he has read in the magazine.”
C Stannard, Co-op Member
My 10 and 12 year old daughters have really enjoyed this magazine. They are very interested in the topics covered and have even done further research on several items. I'm impressed that it deals with very current news issues, but always with a Biblical view. I also like that there are daily additions on the website and an app for the iPad to allow them to read stories there too.”
Shelly F., Co-op Member
We've received 2 Magazines thus far, and I have enjoyed reading every article! Easy to read and understand with lots of facts that I haven't seen in any other news magazines. Best and easiest and safest way to keep my teen informed and help me discuss difficult topics with her.”
Shannon L., Co-op Member
My daughter loves this magazine. She keeps the paper copy in the car. She reads an article a day online. I am enjoying the new teachers guide giving me the quick version of the stories.”
DBJ, Co-op Member
This is a great magazine with age appropriate news from a Christian perspective. My kids really enjoy reading it.”
Christy A., Co-op Member
This has been the best way for my middle school-aged son to dive into the world around our immediate interests and concerns. In delicate news from difficult places, the stories still convey truth that my kids can understand and discuss, even those who are extremely sensitive. I believe that there are things they still need to know and pray about, and through the magazines and website, many great conversations have opened up. We use this formally for current events,and informally for learning about the amazing things God has made, is doing through people all over the world and throughout history, and is challenging us to think though and act upon. One final thought: the writers always pull the reader back to praise God for something good, or --when there is scary stuff-- to remember that God is good and He is in control.”
Meg W., Co-op Member
There are so many secular things out there....having something Christian and for my kids is a real blessing to us! My 4 yr old son and I look so forward to the magazines that come in the mail! I also love getting the emails, so I can plan a homeschool lesson before it gets here. I will definitely continue to use Gods World as long as I can! My husband and I are learning about all the cool things too! We got our subscription super cheap, it's Christian, it's super kid friendly, and all around perfect for my Christian homeschooled family. So, if you're reading this and wondering if it's worth it, it really is. My children's worlds are very limited because of their age, and all the things going is much appreciated to be able to allow this kind of a expansion in their education, and their Foundation. I really love and enjoy Gods World News with my family. Thank you for even doing Gods World...I pray you guys will be able to keep going for a very long time!!”
Catie Harlin, Co-op Member
God's World News is a great alternative to Scholastic. It is fun, informative and faith-based. My kids always loved getting their God's World News when they were little. We get the teen one now and my 17 and 14 year old daughters both like it.”
Cathy K., Co-op Member
My kids are loving Gods-World-News. They dig right in looking at the pictures and reading the stories.because it comes in magazine format there is no fighting with them to read something educational.I was hesitant to try it at full price but getting it at a discounted price helped us to be able to see how great it.”
Eiza G., Co-op Member
I love God's World News it gives my kids a Biblical perspective on the news.”
R Down, Co-op Member
God's World News has brought so many wonderful disscussions to our family! In our busyness of life, my husband and I don't read magazines often, but when God's World News arrives in our mailbox, we look forward to "read aloud" time! It''s a wonderful supplement to our history program.”
Erica W., Co-op Member
God's World news is our old time favorite!! Not only the kids, but parents will find it interesting and enjoy reading it. The three reading levels group the main topics together while each tailors to different reading levels and comprehension abilities. GWN provides interesting topics for our 'dinner table talk' and everybody from K to 12 can contribute his/her two cents.”
J. Yuan, Co-op Member
Our children love God's World News. It is the perfect mix of education and entertainment!”
Miriam Y., Co-op Member
Great subscription. I had it as a kid, and now my daughter likes them. It is a great resource of current events from a Christian perspective.”
Kristi s., Co-op Member
My children were very excited to be able to get the God's World News subscription again. We had previously had multiple levels of subscriptions to God's World News but the cost of the subscriptions was more than our budget could afford. Through the coop we were able to get 2 levels of the subscriptions for less than the cost of 1 subscription would have been on our own. I was excited for the resource of current events that are covered in the subscriptions and even happier at the cost savings.”
Jean T., Co-op Member
We recently started using God's Big World and Worldkids this summer. It has been a great summer tool to keep the learning going but in a really fun way. We read the articles together and then I showed them how they can go online to look further into the articles with a video, interactive, quiz and game (for Worldkids). Looking forward using this as a part of our home school this year. My 8 year old will be able to do much of it on his own including reading one of the news shorts each day. It really helps to open up conversation about so much in the world but from a godly perspective. And it's great that many of the stories coincide between the 2 age levels. My boys love the having their "own" magazine and love the interesting information that varies from their regular curriculum. I only wish we had started using it earlier. This is a wonderful tool whether homeschool or otherwise.”
Karla S., Co-op Member
This has been such a fun supplement to our homeschool week. The topics covered are unique and they provide my kids with information about interesting current events in their world. They love it when I pull out our magazines during read aloud time. The extra feature of a website they can browse around is an added plus and so well done.”
Debbie M., Co-op Member
Wow! I love God's-World-News. As an adult I struggle to find news from around the world that is thought provoking in encouraging. I enjoy reading God's World News as much as our kids love it. I also like the fact that I can read the teen issue and the younger kids issue and get different stories. It is not just the same stories at a lower reading level.”
Mrs Krull, Co-op Member
We love seeing the news from a completely different perspective than main-stream media. There really are stories that are interesting and inspiring! The Bible tells us to think about things that are noble, lovely and praiseworthy. Here is an opportunity to do just that and live in the world without being consumed by it.”
J. Polley, Co-op Member
We love these magazines. The kids enjoy the stories & I love that they are hearing current events from a Cristian perspective. There's quite a bit of info packed into these little magazines. We will continue to use these as a tool for current events from a Christian worldview.”
GF, Co-op Member
Our family has subscribed to WORLDkids and WORLDteen for a number of years. My 14 year old and 12 year old are always glad to find them in the mailbox, and both publications inspire interest in current events. I asked my younger child whether she wanted to switch to getting just WORLDteen, and she said she would feel bereft without WORLDkids, so we'll go another year with both! I don't have to worry about inappropriate content - what a relief!”
Tricia W., Co-op Member
I read several positive reviews on God's World News before I purchased a subscription for my kids. They were right! I purchased a World Kids and World Teen subscription for my kids, aged 8 - 16, and they all love it! There is hardly a day that goes by that one of my children doesn't come to tell me about something they've learned about in the world. It's opened up their minds to a variety of topics and expanded their viewpoints in ways I wasn't able to do before. Something that I really appreciate is the manner in which alternative viewpoints are represented - not in a condescending manner, but respectfully. I want my children to think for themselves and not sound like a parrot of me, even if they have the same views. And if they don't share my opinions, I want them to know why they don't, and have a good reason for it.”
C. Dachelet, Co-op Member
WE love receiving these magazines and the websites too!! My daughter looks forward to it every month.”
Tonya F., Co-op Member
We have used God's World News for many years...I love the way they present the news, age appropriate and interesting!! We all enjoy the articles and look forward to getting the news in the mail!”
Karen S., Co-op Member
We love this magazine! My kids read it cover to cover - all of them!”
JAL, Co-op Member
Great magazine that generates lots of good conversation and enlarges the frame of reference of my inner-city students. We love the online access as well!! I've waited 2 years to get a class subscription. Well worth it.”
Mrs. R., Co-op Member
Wonderful magazine! My children and I have loved it and the website that goes along with it.”
Katharine G., Co-op Member
I bought my daughters their age appropriate subscriptions and they are loving them!”
JM, Co-op Member
Our family has enjoyed God's World News for several years. We have read from the God's Big World, Kids and Teen editions. We are grateful to study current events from a Christian perspective. The articles capture your attention. There is online content too that adds to the magazine.”
Angel Siegfried, Co-op Member
We have been using it for couple months so far. I was trying to find something that will connect Bible with application to modern life. This works wonderfully. I am doing Bible study 2 days and God's World News the other three days for my 11 years old. My 14 years old didn't find it interesting for her. For 6,5 years old it's too early, but for my 11 years old it's just perfect fit. She reads the stories, watches video and completing task sheets that they provide.
Good news, good connections with Scriptures. Magazine, that they send you, is not in a best quality, but it's easy to read. My child doesn't mind at all. It's me, who are more picky, I guess.”
Lana K., Co-op Member
We've gotten this magazine for a full year now and it will remain a part of our homeschool for a long time. You can basically use it as the foundation of your geography/cultures/current events. The topics are so varied and interesting, and my kids, ages, 9, 6, and 4 just love the articles. They pack a ton of information into a small magazine, and it contains no advertising, either. If you want another way to infuse more natural learning into your homeschool, interesting magazines like God's World, is the way to do it. Your kids will be engaged and not even realize they are learning!”
Liesl, Co-op Member
My daughter loves reading the daily short articles on the website. Its good for kids to see what is going on in the world. There are so many new technologies and ideas that they can grow up learning about.”
Laura G., Member
Gods-Word magazine is simply fabulous. My two sons age 7 and 9 were so excited to read cover to cover. I was excited because I love the check your knowledge quizzes at the end of each article. This magazine is seamlessly incorporated in my homeschool and this is important because this is my first year doing it and it calmed my nerves wondering if I had the best materials to teach, enrich and engage my children. Absolutely you should consider this product as a par of your home school journey.”
Cheryl Tate, Co-op Member
Ordered this magazine for my son, however I find I am just as excited to read it, as he is. Great articles and very well written on a variety of topics. Keep up the good work!”
Michele C., Co-op Member
My kids (ages 7 to 16) look forward to getting their age related copy of this magazine! It disappears as soon as it arrives and they read it cover to cover! We really enjoy it and The Buyers co-op makes it affordable for us to purchase a subscription! Thank you! Otherwise we would have to miss out on this wonderful magazine!”
Wendy S, Co-op Member
My son is fascinated by the evening news shows but I worry about the influence of secular media. With God's World News, we have the opportunity to study current events from a Biblical perspective, for which I am so grateful!”
E. Smith, Co-op Member
We have used God's World materials for many years now. It used to be more current events. It is not as current anymore, but it is still full of interesting facts that my children enjoy reading. It has helped my youngest child increase his reading ability. We love its Christian emphasis. We will continue to use it until all the children graduate. Then we all read World magazine, the company's adult version.”
Geraldine T., Co-op Member
We love this magazine. I love how it takes current events and makes it bite-sizedforsmallernews appetites!”
Krista F., Co-op Member
We love God's Big World. Not only is the magazine written such that my growing-in-confidence reader can sit down and read on his own, the weekly videos open up their world to good things happening all around the world. Such a great is the only magazine/subscription we consistently renew.”
M.C., Co-op Member
My kids love God's World News! They are always excited to get the current magazine. I find the coverage to be a great mix of current events presented from a Christian worldview and other stories that you might not see in the mainstream news. Sometimes we learn about animals we have never heard of or we learn how kids in other countries live. I love how the magazine ties issues to scripture. We have dropped several kid magazines because the material wasn't appropriate, but this is one I can recommend!”
Shelly F., Co-op Member
As second generation home-schoolers, both my children and I have been incredibly blessed by this tremendous resource. It's well written and a great introduction into current events for the early/mid elementary grade years.”
Lauren, Co-op Member
This is our first year subscribing to the magazine. My children (ages 6, 10, 11) absolutely love it! They get so excited when it is magazine day for reading in our homeschool routine. I love it because I do not have to worry about questionable content. It has relevant, meaningful articles that not only show them something going on in the world around them, but also presents Biblical truths to accompany the articles. Recently, we have also explored the website that coincides with the subscription. They love it too. Their favorite thing is exploring back issues that we don't have!! I highly recommend this addition to your homeschool routine!”
Crystal M., Co-op Member
We have World Teen and our teenagers really look forward to receiving the magazine every other month. We wish it was a monthly subscription!”
Patty Burchet, Co-op Member
I really like God's World News. Right now I have my high schooler and my 6th grader reading the high school level one. The articles are great! I like that they don't "talk down" to the student. It's great for leaving around for reading material for the kids to just pick up and enjoy, but I've also incorporated it at times into their assignments (ex. "choose l article to read and write a 1 paragraph summary.") I highly recommend GWN!”
Jackie S., Co-op Member
My 10 year old has enjoyed God's World news for the past three years. He looks forward to every issue. It is a gentle introduction to the news in a safe, edifying way. I appreciate the world view and all of the discussions that come after he reads articles. I REALLY appreciate the deal that World News Magazine offers through Homeschool buyers co-op! I will eagerly continue to use it as long as it is offered through the co-op!”
Sarah, Co-op Member
We have purchased God's World News for about 20 years. Currently my 10 year old is reading the teen version and loves it. She likes that the articles are interesting and relevant to the world around her. My older child reads World Magazine and this is his go-to magazine when he wants a Godly viewpoint. We have never been disappointed by any of the World publications.”
Joanne, Co-op Member
We have used Gods World magazine in our homeschool on and off for years. We find it to be a wonderful addition to our other studies. Biblical teachings are so important to our homeschool. We will continue to use their magazines.”
M. Newell, Co-op Member
I bought each level of magazine. They have great little articles that my children enjoy reading.”
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
I was raised on God's World News. Twenty five+ years later, I'm happy to be able to give my own kids that same joy. Having kids in all three age brackets, we subscribe to all the kids papers AND the adult version. The news is perfectly geared to each bracket, and actually, the older kids read all three and get more details on many of the stories. The news articles are interesting, very wide-spread in content, and appeal to each of my kids widely-varied interests. They love being "up on" some of the "weird news" out there. Eel-slime car wreaks?- bring it on! Meanwhile, I'm SO HAPPY to have a publication enter my home that does NOT have to be pre-screened/censored before being passed to the kids!!! This is the GOOD stuff! I'm encouraging my friends to gift their kids with this as well. God bless God's World News!”
Rebecca R., Co-op Member
My kids have loved reading God's World News this year. My 3rd grade son has learned many interesting facts through reading the articles. I am so glad I was able to get it at a discounted price or we would not have been able to afford it for our family.”
Ruth, Co-op Member
My kids love this magazine.
My oldest who just became a US marine remembered an article in the magazine at his boot camp. It was about a marine who received a Medal of Honor. A similar article/display was in the museum he toured at the marine base in San Diego.
My 15 year old daughter insisted we renew our copy of God World News because she enjoyed reading it so much.”
Kara Matthews, Co-op Member
My daughter has subscribed to God's World magazines for many years. The last couple years we have subscribed through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op instead of trying to join a group locally. We love the convenience of having them come directly in our mail! They are a great publication and it has helped so much having current news in a Godly format to use for a basis of not only enjoyment but also for writing assignments in her schoolwork. We love the discounts through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op! I have recommended them to others who have joined and subsequently bought God's World News from them!”
Bonnie Compton, Co-op Member
I have ordered the Kids and Teen version and we are really enjoying them. The pricing is a plus!”
Kimber, Co-op Member
GREAT magazine! wonderful way to expose kids to current events through a Christian worldview. I like that it offers so many different version for the various age groups!”
Julia T., Co-op Member
Others told me about this and its true.
GWN has: Terrific, relevant and always insightful news and information! Even the adults like reading it!”
Alison R., Co-op Member
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