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Online 3-Month Courses
Mathematics & Language Arts for 5-13 year olds
Beginning Algebra & Intermediate Algebra for 14-16 year olds

Offer Expires 04-30-2017 at 11:00 pm Pacific

The Tutor Supported Courses mentioned in the video can be purchased separately through This offer can be used for BOTH Tutor Supported and Independent Study Courses.

An Exclusive Coupon for Co-op Members

The Co-op is pleased to present a new offer for any of the online courses, the next generation of Stanford's Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY).

Where Kids Become Extraordinary was named one of's Top 100 Educational Websites for their highly-personalized, adaptive, independent online learning courses in mathematics and language arts.

Cathy Duffy, a leading curriculum reviewer for homeschool families, says, "Overall, the program seems exceptionally good at developing conceptual understanding." To read more of Cathy's review, click here.

A great fit for children who need to build the foundations for their math skills, including algebra, and develop their literacy and critical thinking skills in language arts, these courses might just be the math or language arts supplement you've been looking for to add to your day-to-day!

Courses include:

Redbird Mathematics: Advanced Edition for Grades K-7: This 3-month independent study course systematically develops your child's foundations for elementary math skills and algebra readiness including: number systems, fractions, computation, proportional reasoning, expressions and equations, and critical topics in geometry and measurement. The course continually adapts to your child so she receives material at just the right level of challenge and enrichment.

EPGY Language Arts & Writing for Grade 2-7: Foster your child's literacy and critical thinking skills with this 3-month independent study course featuring a cumulative progression of multimedia lectures and associated exercises with writing and reading. The reading component of this course balances a broad range of high-quality informational and literary texts, including familiar classics and diverse modern works.

Math & Language Arts Combined Grades K-7: Best Value! A combination of both independent study courses above in one 3-month subscription.

As part of this offer, is introducing two new independent study courses to their award-winning line-up:

Beginning Algebra Grades 8-10: Students tackle concepts including the real number system, solving equations and inequalities, polynomials and exponents, factoring and applications, rational expressions, graphing linear equations, linear systems, roots and radicals, and quadratic equations with this new 3-month independent study course.

Intermediate Algebra Grades 9-12: Students learn intermediate-level algebraic concepts, including real numbers; linear equations and inequalities; exponents and polynomials; rational expressions; and more with this new 3-month independent study course.

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Exclusively through the Co-op, new subscribers to can save 15% for the first 3-months for any Independent Study individual subject course or the Combined Math & Language Arts course when you enroll on their site.

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The 15% Promotion Code will allow you to purchase any of the courses:

The Promotion Code will expire at midnight PDT on Sunday, April 30, 2017 so be sure to use before then for these exclusive savings!

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My 8 yr old son has been using the language arts and math components for a few weeks now. He's used to multiple choice computer studies and making fast guesses that are almost always correct. This program does not reward that kind of fast guess "laziness" that my gifted kid has developed from years of not being challenged or being exposed to sophisticated questions. With all its good points, be aware that the language arts materials are not edited as well as they should be. We haven't made much progress with third grade language arts, large...(more)
A. Powell, Co-op Member
My seven year old has truly enjoyed the Redbird math program. As a third grader I wanted to introduce my student to some independent learning. RB math has been an amazing help in this. It made focusing in on math concepts that may have seemed difficult fun! My student found out she could do it! The games and challenge math were an added bonus. Thank you so much.
Faith T., Co-op Member
My daughters use Redbird math as a supplement, and it is a great program. The content is rigorous, and I like that they practice until the concept is mastered. There is help offered if needed, fun graphics & the occasional game, excellent reporting & tracking, and encouraging progress trackers to share with the kids. My daughters' math confidence is strengthening, and building a solid math foundation through an online program seems much more fun than workbooks or tutoring.
KT, Co-op Member
We started the Redbird Advanced Math program with our 6 year old daughter. It has been great! She is somewhat gifted in math, and this program can definitely keep her challenged. Math concepts can be mastered easily through their approach. We will continue using this program and will consider trying the language arts program as well in the future.
Jen K., Co-op Member
We love this program. I was looking for something that my 7 yr old could do on her own with little guidance from me. I also needed help in the area of writing. As a child who tends to want perfection the fact that the program is designed to teach her about sentence and paragraph structure and not spelling is great. The words are right there for her to type.
Momof2, Co-op Member
I am so happy with I recommend this program to anyone who will listen to me.

I had always home schooled during the summer and the scheduling fun lesson plans was really time consuming and less effective than it needed to be. My daughter was falling behind in the public school repeatedly and I was stressed out from all the catching up we were doing -every year.

We started this program in the 4th grade with her and she is now on track to be 2 years ahead in 6th grade. My youngest has found her calling and is on trac...(more)
Lisa KElly, Co-op Member
I think this is one of the best Math courses. I have three kids enrolled in various courses. If you enroll be prepared that the courses are very short. My 9 years old finished 3rd grade in just 2 months. It is recommended to do 3 times a week, which wouldn't work for my children. We have only weekends off. 3rd grade Math has very fun projects, that my kids enjoyed a lot. Sometimes it is quite challenging. Every new unit starts with beautifully made videos. My daughter turns Math into Art as she stops the video and makes drawings of animals. My...(more)
Olesya, Co-op Member
The coursework for both Maths and English is great. My kid loves it.
AV, Co-op Member
Red Bird Math keeps my son very interested with the online manipulatives and quality of content. We are very pleased with the program and I never get an argument when it's time to work, because it's like smart play!
Michelle R, Co-op Member
My son is an accelerated learner who likes to learn on his own, or teach himself. After completing Singapore's elementary math program, I've tried NUMEROUS math curricula for him, none of which we liked. Then I found It is FINALLY the right fit! He loves it!
Angela C, Co-op Member
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