Topic:Getting Started with Visual Programming & Coding Lessons
Presenter:Nick Tjarksen, KOOV
Date/Time:11-19-2020 11:00 AM Pacific
Hosted By:Homeschool Buyers Club
Description:Learn the basics of coding in this introductory programming language. We will walk attendees through introductory coding concepts that can be explained through a visual, block-based coding language. This includes where to begin for programming, fundamental coding concepts, and general tips for parents who want to teach their kids to code. Sony will use its STEM education tool, Sony KOOV, to demonstrate how approachable robotics and coding can be for young learners and parents alike. KOOV makes robotics and coding easy and fun, and your kids will love the in-App lessons that make it feel more like play than actual curriculum. Spark their imagination and let their creativity run wild in the world of robotics and coding!
Where to View It:View it on YouTube
Where To Buy:At this time, this offer is no longer open.