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We're sorry!

This GroupBuy has expired. Youth Digital no longer offers Game Design 1 and 2.

We appreciate you at the Co-op!

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

I am the mother of a 12 year old boy and bought this class even though I was unsure, didn't know much about the company and the interface, etc. Now that he has completed the course, I recommend the class 100% but also after our interactions with the company I am eager to have our family take more classes with them.

I was very impressed by the fast, clear and friendly replies to all of his many questions. The instructor was great at getting the kids to work on independent problem solving but they absolutely would step in to help when he got ...(more)
KJ, Co-op Member
This is our son's second Youth Digital class, and he can't get enough of these! The instructors are funny, encouraging, and knowledgeable. The courses are put together in an engaging and extremely instructive way. As a parent, I really value their fast and helpful online support. Our son has learned much about 3D animation and coding through this course that he thinks he may like to work for Youth Digital one day!
Tonya, Co-op Member
We purchased App Design 1. My daughter, 11, and son, 8, LOVE it! It is silly and educational at the same time. It's great when your kids ask to do "school" on the weekend, and they have with this class. Also, the technical support has been Appmazing! ;)
Beth, Co-op Member
My daughter loved this course. She created her own model and we sent off and got it printed. She was so excited to see her own creation come to life in the form of a real figure she could hold and display. It was a great learning experience for her. We love all the Youth Digital Courses and would definitely recommend them!
Jill G, Co-op Member
I cannot overstate how fantastic this program is! I bought 2, one for each of my kids, and they are thriving in their modding course.

The instructor is so engaging and entertaining that they can't wait to see what he does in the next video lesson. The Youth Digital platform is well designed and easy to use. If the kids need help, they can message instructors right in the platform. The instructors are great and walked my daughter through restoring her source code. It's empowering for my kids to learn, create, and problem solve in this way. ...(more)
Rebecca Fisher, Co-op Member
It's a great buy because (a) You get everything you need to design and create your own game, (b) The course is fun to do and isn't extremely difficult to follow. And you can a lot more with the software you get. So it's a great buy!
Clay O. (11), Co-op Member
My 12 year old who gripes over any new curriculum, sat down with a silly smile on his face when I introduced him to this Youth Design class. Any free time he has, he is doing this class. Thanks a lot for providing this class!
Ruth L., Co-op Member
This program has been amazing for my two boys. They thoroughly enjoy their time going over the lessons and then digging in to the work. The team at Youth Digital make the videos so entertaining that my boys are constantly laughing while learning. The team also is very willing to help when your child hits a roadblock in their learning process. We have contacted them with questions and they respond immediately with a result that gets us moving again. My kids love the challenge of working with computers and can't wait until their mod is compl...(more)
M. L. Lopez, Co-op Member
I bought this as a xmas gift for my nephew and he is really enjoying it. We meet on the weekend and have bonded more because we sit with together throughout a course. His little cousins ages 10-5 are seeing this scenario that my 5yr son tells me that he has to do homework for mindcraft. That's because my oldest nephew went above and beyond to share his knowledge by writing step by step on creating tools and what items are req'd, I was very touched by his gesture. This product compares to no other out there and the host is the perfect fit as the...(more)
Mr. B, Co-op Member
My daughter was excited to do this class. She has plans to be a game designer. She is learning as much as she can now before college so that she will be ready when it is time for college. This class is teaching her about placement and how things should flow in a game design. The class is fun and easy for the student to follow along. If your student has issues, someone will be there to guide your student through. For us it was a great investment.
Nancy V., Co-op Member
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