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My grandson loves this program. He has created a sword to use in Minecraft. The program eases them into learning computer programming in a fun manner. The excitement over creating on the computer is increasing energy with other school tasks. Thank you for this program.
The Andrepont's, Co-op Member
This was an excellent product with great online help. It made Java code fun for my children and we have/do recommend it! Currently our kids are working on their second mode now. They really enjoy this.
Beverly, Co-op Member
My 11 year old daughter loved this. From the very first lesson, students are able to create something and have it appear inside Minecraft.

Students watch videos then create and edit Java code in Eclipse which is a very professional Java programming environment. Students do not become experts in Java programming. What the course does is get students very comfortable with working in a professional programming environment which is a huge part of software development. Students copy existing Minecraft Java classes and then make modifications to...(more)
Jill Mayfield, Co-op Member
I bought this for my 10 yr old son who has ADHD. He has a high interest in video games & really wanted to try his hand at designing them himself. Purchasing this class was a great decision! He has been involved & interested every step of the way. The instructors are energetic & creative with how they communicate the lessons thru their videos. Communication with the instructors for questions or concerns are answered quickly, usually within an hour. They are very thorough in the lessons pausing for the student to practice & participate. My...(more)
Cricket, Co-op Member
My 7-year old Minecraft fan and I have been taking this course together. The (somewhat complicated) material is presented in such a light-hearted step-by-step fashion, that neither one of us feels daunted. Because it's in short modules, we can tackle it a little at a time, which is helpful with his young attention span. We are VERY impressed with this high-quality course and would recommend it to anybody with an interest in Minecraft and making mods.
Amy Edwards, Co-op Member
We've been struggling with how to integrate more computer programming into our 12-year-old's curriculum. There are many programs out there to use, but unfortunately most require my support and I just don't know enough to be helpful to him. We tried Mod Design 1, expecting that with a year to use it if I had to learn it first so I could help him that would give us plenty of time. Thankfully, the support they have provided my son has been wonderful and the fact that he can use the product and ask for assistance on his own when he's struggling ...(more)
Beth P., Co-op Member
Game Design by Youth Digital is fantastic for a child who wants to learn Game Design. My daughter (nine years old) took the class and loved it. She enjoyed the videos and the humor of the instructor, who responded to all questions in a timely fashion. My daughter even uploaded her game to her website. She has signed up for app design one and has begun it. We have told many people about it and simply love YouthDigital.
Christine M., Co-op Member
I highly recommend this and all other Youth Digital classes. My son has taken a few of them and he loves them! The training videos are humorous and easy for kids to understand. The kids learn a ton and end up with a great Mod at the end. Michelle Caskey
Michelle Caskey, Co-op Member
I purchased this for two of my children (8 and 12 years old). They absolutely love it. They enjoy playing Minecraft and they're learning how to program at the same time.
I would have considered buying this directly from YouthDigital itself but by going through the Co-op my children got a great learning opportunity and I reduced the beating my wallet took. A double win!
If anybody saw this before and didn't take advantage of this offer, the next time it comes out, jump on it. We may very well do it again to get another of their courses.
Karl Keller, Co-op Member
We are completely thrilled with the Youth Digital mod design course. My 8 year has learned many times more than I expected from the program. He can write java code AND fix errors in his code. I love seeing all the creative mobs and objects he has designed. I also love seeing his enthusiasm for all he is learning. The program is well put together, engaging and entertaining. We will be doing more courses with Youth Digital.
Robin, Co-op Member
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