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This GroupBuy has expired. Youth Digital no longer offers Game Design 1 and 2.

We appreciate you at the Co-op!

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

The 3D Animation program is wonderful! My son was so taken with it I never had to ask him to work on it, and now he wants to possibly go into computer animation aa a career.

Great program! Great deal! We are so glad we tried it! We will be letting others know about it.
Cornelia Schuster, Co-op Member
This course was just what we needed! It is both engaging and inspiring for my boys (14 & 15) who already enjoy playing Minecraft, are now in the process of learning how to make modification in game. They are keen on learning more of the coding (as this was primarily an opportunity for them to cut and paste, but still a good chance to learn how JAVA works and the importance of attention to detail and to see how changes they made modified the outcome). Both boys also had an opportunity to interact with the help desk, which was a good experience ...(more)
Michelle M, Co-op Member
I bought the mod design 1 class for my 8 yr old son who had been using Minecraft for only 2 months. He had been curious about adding Mods but I had no clue about how to do that. The class is broken up into 12 modules that have several tutorial videos on how to do each step. There are review, troubleshooting challenges and quizzes in each mod. The user can accumulate points towards earning extra codes. My son earned a lightning sword, potion effects and default enchantments. He hopes to earn other odes. The creator, Justin, is hilarious i...(more)
Christine Voss, Co-op Member
We discovered that our computer was in need of upgrading when we tried to download and use the programming tools that are part of the Mod design course. I'd just assumed that since we could run Minecraft, ModDesign would be ok too! Thats been quite expensive, but I guess it was coming; our computer is about 8 years old... While that may seem a downer, let me add that my son has been keen to listen to/ view the tutorials he has accessed; they are very focussed on engaging the younger age groups and are inspiring and uplifting! The promised tec...(more)
Alison Cruickshank, Co-op Member
We absolutely LOVE this class! We have recommended the Mod Design 1 class to people far and wide, including a family at Disney World who stopped to ask us a question.

Justin, the teacher, is passionate, fun & engaging. What better way to learn.

It is well worth the money!
Ann S., Co-op Member
I liked Mod Design 1 because I thought it was exciting to see your items in Minecraft for the first time. The Mod Team was really helpful, every time I have a question/comment they answered really quickly. Although it would be nice if the Advanced Topics came out more frequently. Except for that I really like it.
Cameron Fisher-Gomez, Fun Course
I purchased this for my 14-year-old, since he loves Minecraft and has expressed an interest in programming. Once he really got into the course, he became enthralled by the ability to create his own mods. Having done a bit of previewing of the course (and assisting with the occasional troubleshooting), I have to say that I think they've put together a fine product and it's a very good value.

The instructor, Justin, is goofy and accessible to kids and the instructions are very specific, which is important for anybody that is learning codin...(more)
Nathan A, Co-op Member
I think the Mod Design 1 is great because the teacher in the videos is very funny. He explains the code in eclipse really well.
Michael A., Co-op Member
This has been a leaning blessing and reminder that learning can also be a gas! My grandson is addicted, studies/researches the videos, does his work, tests it and redoes it a number of times, and LOVES THIS COURSE!!! More Youth Digital is all he wants for the summer/fall. The instructors are fantastic and I've been sharing my thoughts with other homeschool parents. Youth Digital is expensive, but worth it. This course is much more than just Java. It's math, critical/creative thinking, and art! Haven't tried anything similar, but will do ...(more)
Nana, Co-op Member
This is a fantastic product. It is the best produced online learning tool that I have used to date. It is funny and engaging to the kids and fully educational in terms of learning coding. The only issue I have is that I wish there was a family rate instead of having to purchase individually for each child.
M. Fernandez, Co-op Member
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