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This GroupBuy has expired. Youth Digital no longer offers Game Design 1 and 2.

We appreciate you at the Co-op!

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

My daughter took this class recently. She absolutely LOVED it!! The instructor was funny and engaging. The lessons were not complicated. The tech support is awesome! Anytime she didn't understand something, there is the support button, to guide. Each time they looked at her code they found exactly what she did wrong. She couldn't wait to do the class every day. She feels so great having just posted her new mod for all to play. I HIGHLY recommend this class. We are going to try a few more of there offerings as well.
Teresa L, Co-op Member
Youth Digital is awesome!!! We purchased Mod Design 1 for our 9 year old son about a year after purchasing Game Design 1. We have been so excited to be able to tailor his schooling to something he loves that is also great career training. And, the prices through HBC were unbeatable! Our son loves doing his Mod Design each day and the training videos are SO fun and informative. I love hearing him in there cracking up as he watches the videos. I have often heard him say, "This is awesome!" The support from Youth Digital has been fantastic. Whene...(more)
Rachelle P., Co-op Member
My 12-year-old son absolutely loves this class! We gave it to him as a gift and he doesn't even realize he's "doing school" -- he gets online to learn programming just for fun. The course instructor never fails to make him laugh. My son is becoming proficient at Java and is even learning a bit of Gimp (graphics software). This was an excellent purchase and we're passing it on to other friends. (Meanwhile my son is eyeing other courses they offer -- he is eager to learn everything they have!)
Emily C., Co-op Member
My 10 year old son saw this program at a homeschool convention, and months later was still talking about it. When we got it for him through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, we weren't disappointed! He learned about programming while having a LOT of fun. The video instruction modules were a great guide to building his game. When he had questions, their customer support was prompt and helpful. My son was thrilled with the personalized evaluation provided when he sent in his finished game for review. Our biggest challenge has been limiting his tim...(more)
Trish W., Co-op Member
My son absolutely LOVED this course and has loved every Youth Digital course he has taken! The instructors are wonderful, the classes are clear and concise and her learned so much! I can't say enough about these courses! My son has grown in knowledge and independence and responsibility because of these courses and I would recommend them to everyone, even kids that don't have a strong programming background.
Kim B., Co-op Member
My son has gained not only knowledge about how to use Java, but overall confidence in other things that he does. He is so proud of all that he is accomplishing. The support and overall format is easy for him to use on his own and he understands all directions. Very user friendly. I was at a Minecraft convention this weekend and recommended it to all the parents of the other kids as well. It is a great resource- and very much worth every penny.
Jessica R, Co-op Member
We are very glad we purchased this course. We felt that the price was high (even with the discount) as we weren't certain whether we would get a good enough return on it. However, we have been extremely pleased and would purchase future products from this company. I have been sitting next to my son who is 11 as he works through it, so I've seen every bit of it so far. He is definitely learning some java (and already understood some basics of programming through SCRATCH before this). My thinking is that this is a first step for exposure to ja...(more)
Megan RK, Co-op Member
We absolutely love Mod Design 1! I ordered this for my 8 year old daughter. Her favorite thing is minecraft and she has been watching videos of mods that others have done. She talked for ages about the ideas of "cool mods" that she had. I am not a gamer or programmer so all of this is completely out of my league! I found this class and was weary because of the price. But the reviews plus that age of my daughter (other programs suggest that the child be closer to their teens for java programming) convinced me to try this. Even though it is recom...(more)
Jessica B., Co-op Member
Mod Design 1 has given my homeschooled 9th grader a chance to develop his computer skills through creating a Mod for Minecraft, his favorite computer game. Learning about and coding Java is a brand new set of skills that he is enjoying. Another advantage is that this program works on our iMac. I am so pleased with this purchase!
Melissa V., Co-op Member
My 11 year-old son and I love the program! He has learned so much in a fun and engaging way. He would do 6 lessons a day if he could:)

This is our stand out purchase of the curriculum year. Money well-spent for us.
Sue W, Co-op Member
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