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I purchased this product for my son although he was at the high end of the suggested ages. He loves computer games and favors mine craft, so this program really interested him. He has really enjoyed not only the course itself, but also having the support team available when things don't go as planned. We plan to order several of the other courses offered by this company! An excellent buy for our family!
Kim Briggs, Co-op Member
My 12 year old son loved this course. We gave it to him as a Christmas gift and he immediately wanted to "play" with it. We had to force him to take breaks - it was that much fun! If Youth Digital offers more courses to the co-op, we'll definitely buy them.
Jennifer Taylor, Co-op Member
My 10 year old son, loves the Mod-Design-1 program. He used to spend a lot of time playing mine craft, which I thought was a waste of time, but now he has created many new tools and creatures for mine craft, while learning to program in Java. At times he gets frustrated with the programming, but has been able to work through the problems and learn more about Java. I highly recommend this program.
Ben E., Co-op Member
My 7-year old Minecraft fan and I have been taking this course together. The (somewhat complicated) material is presented in such a light-hearted step-by-step fashion, that neither one of us feels daunted. Because it's in short modules, we can tackle it a little at a time, which is helpful with his young attention span. We are VERY impressed with this high-quality course and would recommend it to anybody with an interest in Minecraft and making mods.
Amy Edwards, Co-op Member
My daughter took this class recently. She absolutely LOVED it!! The instructor was funny and engaging. The lessons were not complicated. The tech support is awesome! Anytime she didn't understand something, there is the support button, to guide. Each time they looked at her code they found exactly what she did wrong. She couldn't wait to do the class every day. She feels so great having just posted her new mod for all to play. I HIGHLY recommend this class. We are going to try a few more of there offerings as well.
Teresa L, Co-op Member
Mod Design 1 is the third Youth Digital course my 10-year-old son has taken over the past two years (after Game Design 1 and App Design). As always, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the course. Youth Digital courses are the best online classes we've encountered and teach great basic computer/keyboarding skills as well as the specific programming lessons. Courses have a nice progression and are easy for the kids to follow along with independently (a big bonus for homeschool moms!) Technical support is quick and helpful whenever kids...(more)
Jessica Long, Co-op Member
My 11 year-old son and I love the program! He has learned so much in a fun and engaging way. He would do 6 lessons a day if he could:)

This is our stand out purchase of the curriculum year. Money well-spent for us.
Sue W, Co-op Member
My 11 year old son has absolutely LOVED this course! Matter of fact, my entire family gets swept away in the engaging videos. When the video lessons are on we are ALL entranced and laughing...from my 9 month old up! Jason's teaching style speaks directly to this generation and is really effective and entertaining!

Best money I've spent on my child's education in a LONG time! Looking forward to many more classes with Youth Digital!
Stephanie Blake, Co-op Member
This is the second Youth Digital product we've purchased& my son loves them!

He enjoys the subject matter, but Youth Digital's support & engaging videos are an incredible added bonus.

My son ran into an issue & worked on it with their support team via email until they escalated it to an WebEx. They really went the extra mile & I've told them so via social media on Twitter (& they were kind enough to reply!).

This purchase was so helpful that after completing it, my son (who had some previous Java experience) felt confident enoug...(more)
Marie Stroughter, Co-op Member
A kid review
I liked Game Design 1 from the start. The instructional videos are very fun and easy to follow, and whenever you encounter a problem in your game, there's a handy 'talk to a teacher' button. There, you can either talk to a teacher if there's one online, or leave a message describing your problem. The game that you make is really fun to play and the process is pretty easy too.

I love Game Design 1 and hope that homeschool buyers co-op will be able to get a discount for the 3D game design because I'd love to use i...(more)
Kate, daughter of a Co-op Member
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