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This GroupBuy has expired. Youth Digital no longer offers Game Design 1 and 2.

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I bought this as a xmas gift for my nephew and he is really enjoying it. We meet on the weekend and have bonded more because we sit with together throughout a course. His little cousins ages 10-5 are seeing this scenario that my 5yr son tells me that he has to do homework for mindcraft. That's because my oldest nephew went above and beyond to share his knowledge by writing step by step on creating tools and what items are req'd, I was very touched by his gesture. This product compares to no other out there and the host is the perfect fit as the...(more)
Mr. B, Co-op Member
I purchased this for my 12 year old son who is into building-type games on the computer (e.g. Roblox and Minecraft). I thought it would be good for him to work on this program during school breaks, both to give him something constructive to do and to expose him to programming. He started the class over Christmas break and told me it was "cool" and "fun." He will continue to work on it when we have downtime from school.
Suzette S., Co-op Member
Got this for my son, an avid MineCraft fan but only lukewarm on the idea of programming ... until now!

Great online learning facility with professionally produced material and quick email response!

Makes learning something new and challenging fun for him ... and affordable for us through the awesome Homeschool Buyers Co-op!
Ryo T., Co-op Member
My daughter took this class recently. She absolutely LOVED it!! The instructor was funny and engaging. The lessons were not complicated. The tech support is awesome! Anytime she didn't understand something, there is the support button, to guide. Each time they looked at her code they found exactly what she did wrong. She couldn't wait to do the class every day. She feels so great having just posted her new mod for all to play. I HIGHLY recommend this class. We are going to try a few more of there offerings as well.
Teresa L, Co-op Member
We purchased Mod-Design 1 for our 8th grade daughter. She has not completed the course, but has absolutely loved what she has finished. She likes how the videos explain things in a clear fashion, and that you have to practice each step. There is also daily review, with a quiz after each section. That all helps to make sure that she is truly understanding the material before moving on to the next section. Another huge plus is now entertaining and fun the videos are. She truly looks forward to watching them each day.
Leah B., Co-op Member
Well, my husband and I bought this for our son and it's been love at first sight. We are now trying to figure out how to get him to do his school work. He spends almost all his free time learning and implementing his new skills. He is looking forward to the next level.
L. Murray, Co-op Member
My son likes it enough that he has told many of his friends about. He says,"It is a fun way to learn. and is well made. I definitely like it." He is always in a rush to get to his Mod designing. We would definitely try one of their other courses; and the Co-op makes it possible to afford them.
L. Wagner, Co-op Member
We are completely thrilled with the Youth Digital mod design course. My 8 year has learned many times more than I expected from the program. He can write java code AND fix errors in his code. I love seeing all the creative mobs and objects he has designed. I also love seeing his enthusiasm for all he is learning. The program is well put together, engaging and entertaining. We will be doing more courses with Youth Digital.
Robin, Co-op Member
Mod Design I has been so great for us! We have enjoyed the amusing and engaging lessons taught by the super knowledgable instructor. The interface that is used to deliver the online class is first rate. These guys have seriously raised the bar! My son has learned so much and is eager to get started with the 3D graphics class.

Thank you so much for introducing us to this wonderful company. We love Homeschool Buyers Coop!
Michelle Spencer, Co-op Member
We purchased this program as a Christmas gift for our son, a ten year old. From the moment he opened the program, he was hooked! We literally could not get him off of the program for about two weeks. He plowed through and was fluent in java (remembering correctly?)code language almost immediately. As we are not programmers, he would just inquire with the online instructors if he had any questions and they were very helpful in a timely manner. I would HIGHLY recommend this product!
Mary S., Co-op Member
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