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This GroupBuy has expired. Youth Digital no longer offers Game Design 1 and 2.

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My son has really enjoyed the Minecraft Mod Design which is helping him appreciate the game even more. While there have been some misunderstandings on his part for the programming code, the technical assistance from YouthDigital has been wonderful. They are timely Mon-Fri in responding to help from the kid's questions. The Mod Design 1 class is really comprehensive with entertaining video lessons. As a parent I don't know about programming, so having a class my son can take that is complete with tech assistance is wonderful. YouthDigital h...(more)
Sharon A., Co-op Member
Our son, 11, has really enjoyed making his own tools, foods, and other items on Minecraft. My husband and I are happy that he is learning a programming language. It has been great exposure for him. Thanks for offering this great program to the homeschooling community!
Sharon H., Co-op Member
My son loves the Mod Design class. It is his last assignment of the day, and it has been a big motivator for him to get the rest of his schoolwork done. I definitely anticipate that he will want to continue with these classes.
Ann S., Co-op Member
We purchased this class for our 14 year old son, who has no programming experience. He loved it! He enjoyed the lessons so much and learned very quickly.

As a former programmer myself, I was amazed how quickly he became comfortable with Java, and even enjoyed troubleshooting. My biggest suprise came weeks after he'd finished the classes and I was going to show him how to do something in GIMP (a graphic image manipulation program). I started to tell him how, and instead he showed me a completely different and easier way to accomplish the...(more)
Dorrie Y., Co-op Member
What a fabulous source for introducing kids to the world of computer design and language. The staff at Game Design is exceptionally patient, encouraging, and positive while holding reasonable standards for the students to work independently and to remember or look up information they have been taught. They really have found a beautiful balance. I'm as impressed with the curriculum as the staff. Game Design 1 is the first computer programming/gaming course my son has ever taken. We both realized it may be above his level, but our concerns were q...(more)
Anna D., Co-op Member
We like the structure of this self-paced program. I like that my son can't jump ahead without achieving milestones in the program. He works on it daily for about an hour and likes it a lot. He likes being able to immediately interact with Minecraft; he can see the result of his script work. The point system helps him to achieve. We are especially pleased with the quick feedback on questions. However, I wish live chat was more active.
Annie P., Co-op Member
My son loves all things by Youth Digital and this course is no exception! He's learned so much about different animation programs and skills. Great buy!
Christi B., Co-op Member
My family has enjoyed this educational project. It has been extremely entertaining and the support we have received has been exceptional.
D. Moore, Co-op Member
After researching tons of options for 3D Animation courses this one was the most economical and all-inclusive. It comes with the software, great video instructions, and stellar support. My daughter was excited to try this product out.
Nita, Co-op Member
We purchased this program as a Christmas gift for our son, a ten year old. From the moment he opened the program, he was hooked! We literally could not get him off of the program for about two weeks. He plowed through and was fluent in java (remembering correctly?)code language almost immediately. As we are not programmers, he would just inquire with the online instructors if he had any questions and they were very helpful in a timely manner. I would HIGHLY recommend this product!
Mary S., Co-op Member
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