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This GroupBuy has expired. Youth Digital no longer offers Game Design 1 and 2.

We appreciate you at the Co-op!

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

My 9 y/o started Game Design 1 four days ago and he absolutely loves the program! Aaron, the teacher, is entertaining and easy to understand. The pre-recorded lessons are well structured and easy to follow. I like that there are several questions during the lesson to make sure the child understands what is being taught. There is also a quiz at the end. All of the questions give the child an opportunity to earn points that can be used to "purchase" extra items to use in their game. My son is having fun creating a game, as well as learning how to...(more)
Michelle L, Co-op Member
My 11 year old son has absolutely LOVED this course! Matter of fact, my entire family gets swept away in the engaging videos. When the video lessons are on we are ALL entranced and laughing...from my 9 month old up! Jason's teaching style speaks directly to this generation and is really effective and entertaining!

Best money I've spent on my child's education in a LONG time! Looking forward to many more classes with Youth Digital!
Stephanie Blake, Co-op Member
This has been a leaning blessing and reminder that learning can also be a gas! My grandson is addicted, studies/researches the videos, does his work, tests it and redoes it a number of times, and LOVES THIS COURSE!!! More Youth Digital is all he wants for the summer/fall. The instructors are fantastic and I've been sharing my thoughts with other homeschool parents. Youth Digital is expensive, but worth it. This course is much more than just Java. It's math, critical/creative thinking, and art! Haven't tried anything similar, but will do ...(more)
Nana, Co-op Member
My 10 year old daughter, who had NO previous Java exposure, began the Mod-Design-1 course at the beginning of the year. She finished her first Mod within 8 weeks. Since the license we purchased said it was good for an entire year, I told her to continue creating mods and asking the teaching staff for assistance. She's now almost finished with her second, more complex mod and I am very pleased with the team responsible for interacting with the students. They are friendly, encouraging and seem sincerely excited to be teaching and shaping the ...(more)
A. Crosby, Co-op Member
My son absolutely loved the 3D-Animation course! It is fun and engaging. He laughs and learns at the same time. It is great that when the course is complete, he has a finished product that he can observe and share that gives him a sense of accomplishment. What he has learned with YouthDigital courses had encouraged him to dive deeper into animation, programming, and game development. Youth Digital courses were the platform to launch his interest!
Jennifer M, Co-op Member
I got Game Design 1 for my 13 year old son. He is having a great time with it and learning a lot. The videos are engaging and fun while still teaching what is needed. They are designing their game from the very beginning. My son is so excited that they have come out with Game Design 2. He can't wait to finish the first class so he can start the second one.
Susie G, Co-op Member
What a fabulous source for introducing kids to the world of computer design and language. The staff at Game Design is exceptionally patient, encouraging, and positive while holding reasonable standards for the students to work independently and to remember or look up information they have been taught. They really have found a beautiful balance. I'm as impressed with the curriculum as the staff. Game Design 1 is the first computer programming/gaming course my son has ever taken. We both realized it may be above his level, but our concerns were q...(more)
Anna D., Co-op Member
We're not quite half way through yet, but my 10yo son is loving this course. His 8yo brother also enjoys watching the lessons. The videos are very entertaining and do a great job of walking a budding developer through the process of learning code and image editors. I'm hoping Youth Digital releases more Mac compatible products in the future.
Erik R., Co-op Member
I have been extremely impressed with this course and the company that offers it from start to finish. The instruction has been engaging enough to hold my son's attention, and the support they provide has been quick and top notch. Every time my son has come up against an issue with his programming he can't work out on his own, they have responded with a day to our support requests and resolved the issues. I highly recommend Youth Digital to anyone with a child interested in any topic covered by the courses they offer.
Christian R., Co-op Member
My son has thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has challenged his creativity and has helped him think through what he is going to do. Good qualities to take with you through life. I would definitely recommend the course to others. He is looking forward to the follow-on course.
Chris, Co-op Member
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