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This GroupBuy has expired. Youth Digital no longer offers Game Design 1 and 2.

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My 9-year-old son has loved Youth Digital's Mod Design 1. They day we installed it, he spent 6 hours working on it. He recommends it to all his friends who are into Minecraft.

I was initially concerned the program would be too challenging for him, as he struggles with reading. I thought reading the Java source code might be too hard. The course is very well designed, though, and this was not a problem. The instructor in the video portions is very engaging, and the material is broken down into manageable chunks, starting with the simplest th...(more)
Kathy L, Co-op Member
After researching tons of options for 3D Animation courses this one was the most economical and all-inclusive. It comes with the software, great video instructions, and stellar support. My daughter was excited to try this product out.
Nita, Co-op Member
This course, and all the courses we have done through Youth Digital, is fantastic. The lessons are clear, concise, entertaining, and the student support is wonderful. My kids feel pride in their finished work and their ability to use such "grown up" software. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to take Youth Digital's new fashion design course!
Elisha W., Co-op Member
We got the Mod Design 1 class for both of my boys. They absolutely love this class. Some days they even do beyond their daily work and keep going. I'm so glad that we were able to get this class through the homeschool buyers co-op! Thanks so much!
Heather T, Co-op Member
This is a great program for kids. The narrators that explain the step by step instructions are not only thorough but they make it fun and entertaining. The kids learn how to program but they also get to see and play with what they programmed in minecraft. That is very exciting for them.

The tech support has also been wonderful. When my son has entered things incorrectly (which is inevitable being a beginner) the support team has been quick to respond with the solution to the problem and sometimes have even emailed us that there was a probl...(more)
Jane, Co-op Member
I was a little skeptical about the scope of this program. After the first day I found my son gloating to his sibling brothers of his accomplishments. It has snowballed into quite an incredible understanding of coding (JAVA). We are most impressed by the fervor and ingenuity of Mod-Design. There is never a yawning moment when my son is watching it. Also, their tech support is super FAST! We hear back on questions we have asked within the day easily.
Chris H., Co-op Member
My son loves Youth Digital. We started out taking Game Design 1 and he completed it in 4 months. Now he is taking Mod Design 1. He started the lessons last week. What I love is that he feels confident, he is proud of himself. He stayed up to midnight 4 nights in a row to program in java. He is very excited about learning and can't wait to finish the class so that he can take 3d modeling class next. The staff is exceptional too. We had few setbacks on setting up the software they helped us get up and running before frustration set in. My...(more)
L Taylor, Co-op Member
This course is wonderful, the learning videos make this a very exciting and independent course. If you run into any problems you only need to write a question to them and they get right back to you and help you solve it. This has been a great learning tool and they end up with some pretty fantastic games to show and play with others. I would definitely recommend this to others.
D. Beveridge, Co-op Member
I cannot say enough good things about Youth Digital's Mod Design 1 class! My 12-year-old son has learned so much from the program. He has been taking game-making classes for several years, but with Youth Digital, he has been able to dramatically expand his technical knowledge. What he has learned also has encouraged him to pursue skills that are even outside the scope of the course. Anytime a class encourages that kind of independent learning, I count it as a win. I also need to say that the technical support team is fantastic! They are ...(more)
Barb R., Co-op Member
The Mod-Design-1 is great. My plan is to have a career is computer programming and this has been a great start. It is what he looks forward to each school day. I have recommended it to several friends.
L. Bolick, Co-op Member
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