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This GroupBuy has expired. Youth Digital no longer offers Game Design 1 and 2.

We appreciate you at the Co-op!

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My boys are 9 and 11. They are thoroughly enjoying the course. The instructor is hilarious and enthusiastic. If the kids have questions, the team responds promptly and helps them work through until they find the solution. We will most likely be doing more of these courses.
N. Frederick, Co-op Member
My 7-year old Minecraft fan and I have been taking this course together. The (somewhat complicated) material is presented in such a light-hearted step-by-step fashion, that neither one of us feels daunted. Because it's in short modules, we can tackle it a little at a time, which is helpful with his young attention span. We are VERY impressed with this high-quality course and would recommend it to anybody with an interest in Minecraft and making mods.
Amy Edwards, Co-op Member
My 12 yr old daughter LOVED this. The video lessons were hilarious and easy to understand. Any questions she had were answered fully and by the following day. Her attitude toward maths has completely changed now from thinking it was boring and irrelevant to now understanding one of the practical applications of algebra. She loved it so much she spent every spare minute of her holidays using it, completing the whole course and getting %100 for her assessment in a matter of months. We will definitely be buying anything else that Youth Digital pro...(more)
Christie L Australia, Co-op Member
This mod design is absolutely great. Especially if you like Minecraft because now you can add things you've dreamt of adding! The lessons are educational about coding but they are fun, too. And if you have a problem, they really do email you back with an answer!
GB, Co-op Member
My 14 year old son was very excited to add this to his school day. He is already asking for more and he currently has his eye on the app design. We have and will continue to recommend this to other students. Over all, this is a great instructional class, taking what the kids are interested in doing and making it a fun learning experience, that will benefit them in the years to come.
B. Beery, Co-op Member
Our 11 year old son absolutely LOVES this course! I thought he might work through it over the course of a semester. Instead he finished it in about two weeks. But he still has access to all the tools and helps, and continues to use it. When he has had questions, the answers from the tech help side have always been quick and personal. We found this to be a high quality resource that we would definitely recommend. I only wish there was a "Mod Design 2" I could sign him up for!
Don M., Co-op Member
We love the Mod-Design-1 program. My 8yr. old son is having a lot of fun with it. He was so motivated he finished the course in 2 months. Now, with the knowledge he acquired in the course, he is independently able to program his own additions to Minecraft. He wants to do the advanced course, but it is not yet available. Please Youth Digital, publish an advanced course!
T.Landrum, Co-op Member
My son has gained not only knowledge about how to use Java, but overall confidence in other things that he does. He is so proud of all that he is accomplishing. The support and overall format is easy for him to use on his own and he understands all directions. Very user friendly. I was at a Minecraft convention this weekend and recommended it to all the parents of the other kids as well. It is a great resource- and very much worth every penny.
Jessica R, Co-op Member
When I first saw Mod Design 1, I thought that it would be a huge hit with my son (a 9-year-old-Minecraft-fanatic), but my husband (who knows programming) was concerned that Java would be too difficult for a first time programmer. I over-ruled him and I'm so glad that I did. My son loves it and asks to "mod" as an after-school treat. My 7-year-old daughter is now begging me to get her it. The kids have both told all of their friends about it, and I have told their parents, who inevitably ask after hearing my kids' rave reviews. I would high...(more)
Jennifer M-G, Co-op Member
My 11-year-old daughter is so motivated by the enthusiasm of the instructor and the fact that she is learning to make her own Minecraft mod, that she does this class of her own accord. My computer professional husband is impressed with the material she is learning. My daughter says, "Mod Design 1 is really fun, and so is the teacher! He always says funny jokes about his 'Grandmodder'. I even want to do this during my free time!"
Angela S., Co-op Member
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