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This GroupBuy has expired. Youth Digital no longer offers Game Design 1 and 2.

We appreciate you at the Co-op!

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My son loves this program. We had a little trouble at first he didn't like it because he didn't download the program correctly and completely. Once we fixed that eh was able to follow along fairly well. At one point he thought he would do whatever he wanted instead of waiting for instruction and his program didn't work. He is still working on how to fix that. It is good for him to learn how to go back and problem solve- not just follow each step- so I'm letting him work that out.

I haven't tried other products like this, but I do wonde...(more)
Linda W., Co-op Member
My son likes it enough that he has told many of his friends about. He says,"It is a fun way to learn. and is well made. I definitely like it." He is always in a rush to get to his Mod designing. We would definitely try one of their other courses; and the Co-op makes it possible to afford them.
L. Wagner, Co-op Member
We purchased this program as a Christmas gift for our son, a ten year old. From the moment he opened the program, he was hooked! We literally could not get him off of the program for about two weeks. He plowed through and was fluent in java (remembering correctly?)code language almost immediately. As we are not programmers, he would just inquire with the online instructors if he had any questions and they were very helpful in a timely manner. I would HIGHLY recommend this product!
Mary S., Co-op Member
My 10 year old son spent every free minute he had on this course. He would get up early so he could work on it before beginning his core classes. Learning to write Java taught him to pay closer attention to details (such as spelling and punctuation). It took him about six weeks to complete the course. He has asked on multiple occasions when he can take another Youth Digital course.
K. Chipman, Co-op Member
This has been an excellent introduction to programming for my son. One of the keys to learning programming is finding a project that captures their interest. This does. He is having a great deal of fun building his new components for the game.
John H, Co-op Member
My daughter loved the Fashion Design 1 course. The teacher gave her great feedback and she finished the course very quickly because she just wanted to keep working on it! This was our 2nd Youth Digital course, and we have since taken a 3rd, and are about to start a 4th.
4Js, Co-op Member
My son, Noah says, Game Design 1 is really cool. His dad and he play on it all the time. Dad and I are learning a lot together. We cannot wait for Game Design 2.
Kathryn C., Co-op Member
As a mom purchasing this program. I am amazed how the teachers are engaging. My sons very words are the teachers are not boring but creative! It is challenging and fun all in one and my son has learned and advanced. In the moments where he was stuck or had errors teachers were very helpful and responded in a timely manner! Through the challenges my son pushed through and this helped him understand better. Thank you! I would highly encourage others to give this a try and it is well worth every dollar amount. They give our kids tools they need to...(more)
Paula Prince, Co-op Member
My 11 year old loves this. He has learned he can make mistakes and go back and fix them. He has learned a lot more about computers and programming by playing. He loves the instructer and his sense of humor. We recieved fast answers to our questions. Can't say enough good things about it.
Whitney albright, Co-op Member
I purchases Mod-Design 1 for my 11 year old son and he has loved every moment. The instructor is very engaging and makes learn so much for for my son. The instructor is easy to understand for my son as well as for me. The few times that we ran into problems the help center was great. My son is looks forward to the program!
M. Quinones, Co-op Member
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