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This GroupBuy has expired. Youth Digital no longer offers Game Design 1 and 2.

We appreciate you at the Co-op!

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My 13 year old son has been using the Mod-Design-1. He said that it is pretty easy to figure out. He likes to use it 2-3 times a week. He does it all by himself!
DeLynn, Co-op Member
It's fun! I highly recommend it. I've learned how to create armor, a sword, and a pick-ax. If you are using Macintosh, you'll need to make sure you are using Mavericks.
Kaeden, 11yo user, Co-op Member
I can't say enough good things about this course! Obviously, students learn beginning programming skills by editing and changing existing Java code. They learn the logic of programming and the challenge of troubleshooting. But they also learn some excellent applied mathematics! This course capitalizes on kids' love of Minecraft and shows them how necessary some middle school math skills are to design the games they love. It's educational gold!
M Stahl, Co-op Member
My 10 year old daughter, who had NO previous Java exposure, began the Mod-Design-1 course at the beginning of the year. She finished her first Mod within 8 weeks. Since the license we purchased said it was good for an entire year, I told her to continue creating mods and asking the teaching staff for assistance. She's now almost finished with her second, more complex mod and I am very pleased with the team responsible for interacting with the students. They are friendly, encouraging and seem sincerely excited to be teaching and shaping the ...(more)
A. Crosby, Co-op Member
As a student user of a number of these Youth Digital courses I rate them 5 stars.

The instructors are very clear and quite amusing. They teach you skills that can allow you to go beyond what they teach you after the course. The points system for each activity makes sure that students strive to do their best to unlock new content to add to their games.

This specific course allows you to experiment and play with Minecraft.In conclusion this course is well done and fun, I would highly recommend getting it for any kid of ages 8+.
Joe Panara, Co-op Member
We absolutely love this! It is just great, the kids have no problems following it (and learning English, which is second language) and learn so much - the course is well designed and the instructor fabulous :-) My kids have really gotten into game designs with this so we're thinking about some of the other courses from YD in the near future. I have told lots of people about it, in our home chooling community and outside it :-)
Sisse H., Co-op Member
Although my son has a very logical mind, he has been reluctant to attempt any coding. Because he is MineCraft crazy, we decided to try this program. He is almost through the entire program and has programmed a few of his own mods (the programming is started and the student needs to finish it to complete the mod). He still has a ways to go to be proficient in the programming language, but this is a way to get him see how the programming language is and how it translates into a mod. He is almost at the end of the lessons and I...(more)
KS, Co-op Member
Clear instruction, good support, and most of all entertaining. There was never a question of not finishing the course, in fact we had to limit our daughter's time spent on the program each day. We are signing up for the 3D game design next!
Antoinette G., Co-op Member
My son loves the Mod Design class. It is his last assignment of the day, and it has been a big motivator for him to get the rest of his schoolwork done. I definitely anticipate that he will want to continue with these classes.
Ann S., Co-op Member
I am so impressed with the Youth Digital company! My son has learned so much about Java and a lot about Minecraft that he didn't previously know. Their customer service and tech support is amazing. Anytime my son has a question about something in the program or about something he is trying to accomplish, his emails receive a very prompt personal response, sometimes within a few minutes. The support staff are always extremely kind, patient, and encouraging. The program and instruction videos are fun, engaging, thorough, and easy to understand...(more)
Amy M., Co-op Member
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