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This GroupBuy has expired. Youth Digital no longer offers Game Design 1 and 2.

We appreciate you at the Co-op!

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

My 9 y/o started Game Design 1 four days ago and he absolutely loves the program! Aaron, the teacher, is entertaining and easy to understand. The pre-recorded lessons are well structured and easy to follow. I like that there are several questions during the lesson to make sure the child understands what is being taught. There is also a quiz at the end. All of the questions give the child an opportunity to earn points that can be used to "purchase" extra items to use in their game. My son is having fun creating a game, as well as learning how to...(more)
Michelle L, Co-op Member
We love this course! Teachers are funny and entertaining! We all want to watch. My 11yr old son is so enjoying it and whenever he has trouble, just emails in and always gets a cheerful, timely response! Planning on ordering 3-D animation soon!
Beth P, Co-op Member
My son age 10 loves this class. The first week he did several lessons. The help desk or support is awesome. On several occasions my son has needed help and he was helped very quickly before frustration set in.
L. Taylor, Co-op Member
I was a little skeptical about the scope of this program. After the first day I found my son gloating to his sibling brothers of his accomplishments. It has snowballed into quite an incredible understanding of coding (JAVA). We are most impressed by the fervor and ingenuity of Mod-Design. There is never a yawning moment when my son is watching it. Also, their tech support is super FAST! We hear back on questions we have asked within the day easily.
Chris H., Co-op Member
This is a great educational tool especially for those of you with Mine Craft aficionados. I bought the Mod 1 for both of my kids and they really love it. This really helped my son with learning to program without Mom trying to figure out what in the world he was talking about. The instruction team really answers his every little question and he has come a long way in working independent of me with this program. Highly recommend! I have already bought a second program from Youth Digital to keep him learning and also got the Fashion Design one f...(more)
Sherry C., Co-op Member
My son recently completed Mod Design 1. He is 11 and was able to complete the course independently, with the assistance of the instructors at Youth Digital. The design of the course is very appealing and kid-friendly, the material is understandable and my son often could be heard chuckling at the instructional videos. They did a great job of teaching this course. The instructors respond very promptly to any question, and are always so encouraging. They will go the extra mile to make sure students understand and will help them through any proble...(more)
Amanda White, Co-op Member
I highly recommend this and all other Youth Digital classes. My son has taken a few of them and he loves them! The training videos are humorous and easy for kids to understand. The kids learn a ton and end up with a great Mod at the end. Michelle Caskey
Michelle Caskey, Co-op Member
My 12 yr old daughter LOVED this. The video lessons were hilarious and easy to understand. Any questions she had were answered fully and by the following day. Her attitude toward maths has completely changed now from thinking it was boring and irrelevant to now understanding one of the practical applications of algebra. She loved it so much she spent every spare minute of her holidays using it, completing the whole course and getting %100 for her assessment in a matter of months. We will definitely be buying anything else that Youth Digital pro...(more)
Christie L Australia, Co-op Member
I liked Mod Design 1 because I thought it was exciting to see your items in Minecraft for the first time. The Mod Team was really helpful, every time I have a question/comment they answered really quickly. Although it would be nice if the Advanced Topics came out more frequently. Except for that I really like it.
Cameron Fisher-Gomez, Fun Course
My son is 14 and even though he is at the top of the age range for Youth Digital classes, we decided to try it because it was highly recommended to us. He flew through Mod Design in about three weeks and loved it! It was a great motivator for him to get the rest of his work done so that he could get to what he enjoyed the most. He was excited to get into the next course, 3D game design 1, and though he had a few technical issues, Youth Digital was quick to respond with tech support to get everything running smoothly. We are very pleased with c...(more)
M. Davis, Co-op Member
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