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Homeschool Buyers Co-op BBB Business Review

The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Youth Digital courses to their home school curriculum. If you have used Youth Digital courses and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”I can't say enough good things about this course! Obviously, students learn beginning programming skills by editing and changing existing Java code. They learn the logic of programming and the challenge of troubleshooting. But they also learn some excellent applied mathematics! This course capitalizes on kids' love of Minecraft and shows them how necessary some middle school math skills are to design the games they love. It's educational gold!”
M Stahl, Co-op Member
”Our 13 year old can't get enough of this lovely course. The teacher is engaging, funny, & keeps him hooked from the start to end of each lesson. I hear so much laughter each time he tunes into a lesson & the results he gets on the quizzes are amazing. Now the others can't wait to be signed up for classes!!”
Kendra, Co-op Member
”If you asked my 9 year old son what is the best thing he has done in homeschool, he would say Mod Design One- hands down! I got him this class for Christmas and for the next three months he raced through his school work every day so he could do this class, and even asked to work on his Mod on the weekends. He had very little programming experience when he started, but has successfully created a mod he is proud to show everyone, and is already planning to go through the lessons again to make another mod. The support staff has been great- my son has been able to contact them and solve his problems without my involvement. the video segments are so engaging that the younger siblings crowd around the computer to watch. I have been very happy with Youth Digital, and am already thinking about which class we will do next!”
Julie W., Co-op Member
”My 12 yr old daughter LOVED this. The video lessons were hilarious and easy to understand. Any questions she had were answered fully and by the following day. Her attitude toward maths has completely changed now from thinking it was boring and irrelevant to now understanding one of the practical applications of algebra. She loved it so much she spent every spare minute of her holidays using it, completing the whole course and getting %100 for her assessment in a matter of months. We will definitely be buying anything else that Youth Digital produce as she is now seriously considering a career in I.T.”
Christie L Australia, Co-op Member
”This course was amazing! The class is fun and presented in a very upbeat and motivating way. We looked forward to each lesson and learned so much. Built a great understanding of coding in a fun way. Very impressed.”
Patti P, Co-op Member
”My 11 year old daughter loves this program! She hasn't watched a lesson yet that she wasn't laughing and giggling while learning! She is also challenged by the work and has had to learn patience and perseverance. Finally, she was having trouble the other day and sent a message for help. In her words, I figure I won't have an answer until this afternoon or tomorrow. She had an answer in less than an hour and her follow-up question was answered in less than 20 minutes! I am glad I took a chance and ordered this class. It won t be the last class she takes with Youth Digital!”
Gwen Williams, Co-op Member
”It's been pretty good so far, easy to follow and you can go at your own pace due to the pause feature. I'm enjoying it!”
Levi H, Co-op Member
”My 12 yo son fully enjoyed this class. The instructors were prompt to respond to his questions and very patient. The video lecture was clear and age appropriate, and clearly they know their audience so there is the right amount of funny to hold their attention. We will be looking for another Youth Digital product for next semester.”
Vern P., Co-op Member
”My daughter has been excited to start this course. At first I was a little nervous because she is 8 years old. She is taking off and learning and I see the interest rub off not just on the computer but now wanting to learn to sew her own designs, which we have to learn to sew. I really like how the classes explain things in detail as well as show you and then you do it. The classes are done in ways that children and adults can understand, even if they have had no background. We will continue to use this. I hope there is a second design class somewhere down the road! Yes I have been telling others about it as well.”
Stacie Lewin, Co-op Member
”I really appreciate these programs made available at an affordable price. Living in a rural area we do not have access to classes that might be held in a city so online access to a knowledgeable teacher is so important. My son loves these programs. This is the 3rd program my son has done; he is now 13, my 22 year old tells me he's learning 'this stuff' in is college classes and he's very impressed and says his little brother is really getting a headstart. Thank you”
Kelly Graham, Co-op Member
”Mod-Design-1 has been a wonderful learning experience for my son. I have watched in amazement as he has learned how to write the code and logically think through solutions to different situations. The tech support is fast and very helpful. My son has emailed them when he could not figure out a solution to a problem. Their response helped him correct the error so he could keep working. I love that the lessons are on video and it is basically a course my son does on his own. He has been so enthusiastic that I have had to make him take breaks from the computer. He has almost completed this course and is asking for another. I have noticed my son's confidence level rise because he is learning something new and succeeding. The discounts offered to Homeschool Buyers Co-op are great so if you have a son or daughter who is interested in or that you think might be interested in programming, this is a great way to introduce them to it.”
Linda Y., Co-op Member
”My 9 year old son absolutely loves this course. He is GIDDY about each new step even though it is difficult and takes more concentration than other things. The instructors are quick to respond and everything about this course drives my son's independence & creativity, as well as spelling, typing, and programming. He is learning how to notice and appreciate details (not his strong suit) . He is motivated in becoming an pro in this digital world that is so relevant to him and his friends.
His friend also took some YD courses and is also enjoying them. They make plans all the time to share their expertise.
We will continue to use Youth Digital and hopefully finish all their courses.”
K. Swan, Co-op Member
”My 13 year old son has loved the online program. He's been doing it during the summer and will sometimes do 3 modules or more in one day. He really likes the program and enjoys spending time on it and he especially loves showing people the animation he's created while going through the program. It's also motivated him to work on his own 3D animation from scratch. I'm sure we'll be doing more classes in the future. We're grateful for the discount because we couldn't have afforded it without it.”
Carrie S., Co-op Member
”I cannot say enough good things about Youth Digital's Mod Design 1 class! My 12-year-old son has learned so much from the program. He has been taking game-making classes for several years, but with Youth Digital, he has been able to dramatically expand his technical knowledge. What he has learned also has encouraged him to pursue skills that are even outside the scope of the course. Anytime a class encourages that kind of independent learning, I count it as a win. I also need to say that the technical support team is fantastic! They are incredibly responsive, very detailed in their answers and very encouraging of the students. I have already told my friends about Youth Digital programming courses, and I will definitely be buying more of their courses myself.”
Barb R., Co-op Member
”If your child loves playing Minecraft and watching Minecraft youtubers, he/she will love this program. The videos are as fun as the youtubers make it. The instructions are very detailed and clear. Once my son created his own sword, he busied himself drawing designs of his own for many other items. He generally does not like to write or draw, but this program inspired him.

When we got a bit confused, the support was amazing. The responses were very quick and helpful.”
Esther, Co-op Member
”My Minecraft-crazy son has totally enjoyed Mod-Design-1. All he talks about is the Mods he's designing and what he'll do with them. This is a great product for your little computer genius.”
Fletcher R., Co-op Member
”My son LOVES this program. The classes are easy to understand and he has been very successful with it. I like that not only does it give an assignment but also a troubleshooting problem so they have to solve it. This is real life with computers. We also have Mod Design that we haven't taken yet. I foresee us buying more products from Youth Digital”
Kim C., Co-op Member
”We ordered the classes through youth digital for my son whom is 9 years old. He loves learning through the system provided. It is very helpful and keeps him entertained as well. Which is a wonderful thing for a young school student. We have to actually ask him to turn the computer off after he has been learning, instead of asking him to do his work! We also ordered a second course of the 3D Animation.”
Dawn S., Co-op Member
”My son is 14 and even though he is at the top of the age range for Youth Digital classes, we decided to try it because it was highly recommended to us. He flew through Mod Design in about three weeks and loved it! It was a great motivator for him to get the rest of his work done so that he could get to what he enjoyed the most. He was excited to get into the next course, 3D game design 1, and though he had a few technical issues, Youth Digital was quick to respond with tech support to get everything running smoothly. We are very pleased with course content as well as tech support, and would highly recommend Youth Digital for kids who love computers!”
M. Davis, Co-op Member
”This is an absolutely wonderful course for Minecraft kids! It takes them from being merely users of the program to becoming programmers.

Kids explore the Java code in a very simple and clean interface, taking existing code and modifying it.

What makes this an excellent course is the instuctor, Justin, who is wildly energetic and funny.

Your child won't become a Java programming whiz via this course, but it will be a great first step in that direction.

We've purchased "Server Design" after our wonderful experience with Youth Digital.”
Eric S., Co-op Member
”My son has loved Minecraft from the second we downloaded it onto our laptop. However, him being able to actually make a mod for Minecraft has brought it all to a new level. And given him the confidence he needs to realize it's not so crazy after all to want to become a video programmer. He might change his mind somedday but for right now he is convinced this is what he wants to become. And I love how happy it makes him.”
M. Wahl, Co-op Member
”This mod design is absolutely great. Especially if you like Minecraft because now you can add things you've dreamt of adding! The lessons are educational about coding but they are fun, too. And if you have a problem, they really do email you back with an answer!”
GB, Co-op Member
”I have a degree in computer programming and I highly recommend Youth Digital. What a great idea to take a game boys already enjoy and teach them programming with it! My eleven year old son can't wait to start each session. We will definitely take more classes and have recommended this to our friends!”
L. Pritchard, Co-op Member
”A great program for my 11 year old! We had a small problem downloading, but had one-on-one help within 24 hours. A great opportunity to learn basic programming and explore what your child's imagination can do!”
Mr. T, Co-op Member
”Our son was extremely interested in a mod-design class. As with many 12-yr-old boys, he loves Mine Craft and constantly watches YouTube to see others Mod creations. I had my engineer, Mine Craft playing husband check into this design class to see if it was what we were looking for. After checking out reviews and other options, DH deemed that this was worth purchasing. It was agreed that we would split the cost with our son to ensure accountability.

Our son really enjoyed this class. He seems to have learned a lot, although he was generally reluctant to use the teacher support offered when he got stuck.

My favorite part was the review that was given to him following completion of the mod. Very personal and positive, giving specific compliments and ideas of improvement. He would like to continue and purchase the next program, even knowing that he will be using some of his hard earned cash to do so.”
Mighty_Mama, Co-op Member
”My son loves Youth Digital! Their approach is very engaging. The buy one/get one deal was amazing!”
Joe L., Co-op Member
”My children have loved this class so much! This is our first online class so I don't have any points of comparison, but I think it will be hard to compete with this experience. We recommend it to anyone whose kids play Minecraft.”
Kristi H., Co-op Member
”My daughter loved the Fashion Design 1 course. The teacher gave her great feedback and she finished the course very quickly because she just wanted to keep working on it! This was our 2nd Youth Digital course, and we have since taken a 3rd, and are about to start a 4th.”
4Js, Co-op Member
”I love the Youth Digital 3D-Animation course a lot. I am 12 years old. One of the things that I like is that the videos are fun to watch. I never got bored while doing the course, simply because it is funny. Another thing that I like is it gave me a giant boost with my animating hobby. Before I did the course, I was not making that much progress with animating. I was using a different program that wasn't as good, and I almost knew nothing. After taking this course, I started using Blender (the program they teach you to animate with). I made a lot more progress. I am working on a new project right know. It will definitely help my dream of being an animator as a career come true. If that is your dream or you just want to tell a good story, I would definitely recommend this course for you. Also the 3D Printing and Modeling Course could also help you teach you how to make characters in the same program. I am definitely going to take that one next.”
ACE, Co-op Member
”As a mom purchasing this program. I am amazed how the teachers are engaging. My sons very words are the teachers are not boring but creative! It is challenging and fun all in one and my son has learned and advanced. In the moments where he was stuck or had errors teachers were very helpful and responded in a timely manner! Through the challenges my son pushed through and this helped him understand better. Thank you! I would highly encourage others to give this a try and it is well worth every dollar amount. They give our kids tools they need to move forward in advancing with computers and coding:)
Thank you,
Paula Prince, Co-op Member
”We discovered that our computer was in need of upgrading when we tried to download and use the programming tools that are part of the Mod design course. I'd just assumed that since we could run Minecraft, ModDesign would be ok too! Thats been quite expensive, but I guess it was coming; our computer is about 8 years old... While that may seem a downer, let me add that my son has been keen to listen to/ view the tutorials he has accessed; they are very focussed on engaging the younger age groups and are inspiring and uplifting! The promised technical support is prompt and thorough! The ongoing contact we have had from the company has been awesome. As far as customer service and knowledge of their product and associated hardware, I have to give them 11/10! Computer arrives next week and we can't wait to get started!”
Alison Cruickshank, Co-op Member
”This course is wonderful, the learning videos make this a very exciting and independent course. If you run into any problems you only need to write a question to them and they get right back to you and help you solve it. This has been a great learning tool and they end up with some pretty fantastic games to show and play with others. I would definitely recommend this to others.”
D. Beveridge, Co-op Member
”My 11 year old son and 8 year old daughter LOVE this program!! I never have to tell them to go on line and do their programming work. I have to tell them to get off because they have so much fun. The instructor is hilarious so there is a great deal of laughter going on throughout learning too. We will be signing up for more classes!! My kids have learned JAVA programming!!!”
Delia, Co-op Member
”We are enjoying this course. My daughter is only eight so some of it can be very frustrating. The support is fabulous though and the team understands her messages even though her literacy is quite basic. They do their best to work through any issues she has and checks in with her to make sure she is getting the best out of the course. I would recommend this course for a student with good literacy and computer skills.”
A. Christenson, Co-op Member
”We bought this for both of our sons, ages 12 and 14. The 12-year-old used it as his science for the year; the 14-year-old just for fun. My younger son loves it so much, I actually have to limit his time per day. He is almost done with his subscription, and is submitting his mod for grading. Any time he has questions or concerns, teachers are always there to help, and they always follow up with a "everything work out OK?" email. Great customer service! I have never used other programming programs, so I do not know how Mod Design 1 compares, but the only regret we have is that there is not a Mod Design 2 (as yet)! When they come out with it, we will be buying it! We tell all our friends about this program, and several of them have purchased it as well.”
B Burright, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love Mod Design 1! I ordered this for my 8 year old daughter. Her favorite thing is minecraft and she has been watching videos of mods that others have done. She talked for ages about the ideas of "cool mods" that she had. I am not a gamer or programmer so all of this is completely out of my league! I found this class and was weary because of the price. But the reviews plus that age of my daughter (other programs suggest that the child be closer to their teens for java programming) convinced me to try this. Even though it is recommended for ages 8+ I was still concerned. If she had a problem I just don't think I would be able to help her! But Youth Digital has been awesome! The videos are entertaining and engaging. Enough humor to keep their attention and all of the information in a very easy to understand format. But it doesn't talk down to the child either. Even my six year old will sit through the lessons! And if we do have a problem Youth Digital has always been very prompt with their replies. We are almost half way through and my daughter still loves it and has learned so much about java and minecraft modding. Love this product and look forward to trying their other ones!”
Jessica B., Co-op Member
”This course is brilliant to motivate kids to learn Java and the support is friendly, efficient, generous and unpatronising. Son loves it, thanks. I would never have afforded it without the discount, and forever grateful for that.”
Emanation, Co-op Member
”My daughter was excited to do this class. She has plans to be a game designer. She is learning as much as she can now before college so that she will be ready when it is time for college. This class is teaching her about placement and how things should flow in a game design. The class is fun and easy for the student to follow along. If your student has issues, someone will be there to guide your student through. For us it was a great investment.”
Nancy V., Co-op Member
”We have greatly enjoyed the Mod Design 1. My son enjoyed learning Java. He quickly picked it up and knows way more than I do! This was a fun way for him to learn more about computers and programming. Every time he had a problem and was unsure how to fix it, they were quick to help him. I would highly recommend it to others.”
Janelle S., Co-op Member
”I purchased this for my 14 year old son. I have been amazed how well the program is laid out. It is entertaining, inspiring, and uses hands on practice to teach each step. There are unit quizzes with prizes (coins, that they spend for upgrades for the games), and continuous points earned as they watch the videos and do the exercises. The teachers are dynamic and quickly answer submitted questions. I highly recommend Youth Digital for learning computer programming!”
B. Ringewold, Co-op Member
”We are very happy with Mod-Design 1! The lessons are engaging, the instructor is funny, and support for questions or problems are prompt & thorough. Programming skills are being learned in a fun way. Our son really enjoys the lessons & creating his own Mod. He likes it enough to do his chores to earn computer time. We have told others about it. We are extremely pleased and will continue to use it.”
Kelley V., Co-op Member
”My son likes it enough that he has told many of his friends about. He says,"It is a fun way to learn. and is well made. I definitely like it." He is always in a rush to get to his Mod designing. We would definitely try one of their other courses; and the Co-op makes it possible to afford them.”
L. Wagner, Co-op Member
”I purchased Mod Design 1 for my son (age 12) a few months ago. We enjoyed watching the videos, many of which were very funny. The course was designed very well and came with everything necessary to program a mod in Java and create the graphics for his new items, food, armor, etc. The course has taught my son valuable programming lessons in areas such as following directions, paying attention to details, and striving for excellence. Even after he packaged up his mod for review (by Youth Digital instructors), he kept adding things to it to make it even better. He eventually wants to make his mod compatible with the latest version of Minecraft.

Overall, it was a great experience for my son. Before taking the course he was not interested in programming, but now he sees how it can be used to build what he wants in a game he enjoys.”
Richard F., Co-op Member
”This has been a great addition to our curriculum this year. I do have a confession though... I use it as a carrot. This is the reward that my boys achieve when they complete their core assignments with good attitudes & in good time. So, not only are they excited about learning modding, but it has improved the rest of our school day as well! We had a little trouble getting it set up because I'm not too tech-savvy, but not only did the online support team respond quickly & courteously, but they followed up on each of my questions to make sure things were still running smoothly. I was a little hesitant at first regarding welcoming this online activity into our days, but I couldn't be more pleased with the results I've seen.”
db waltrip, Co-op Member
”This is an incredible introduction to programming. It tapped into my son's interest in Minecraft and teaches the beginning of Java. It was so engaging that my teenage son would get up early to do the lesson and did not have to be pushed to work on it. The support from Youth Digital was equally incredible. They quickly and patiently answered any question my son had and copied to my email the conversation so I would know what was going on. I have told many of our support group and co-op members and my son is now working the Game Design 1 program.”
LuAnn Beck-Day, Co-op Member
”Our 8 year old son loves this program and seems to be able to keep up with the format. It is quite literally the only class I don't have to tell him to do.”
Kat H., Co-op Member
”This course, and all the courses we have done through Youth Digital, is fantastic. The lessons are clear, concise, entertaining, and the student support is wonderful. My kids feel pride in their finished work and their ability to use such "grown up" software. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to take Youth Digital's new fashion design course!”
Elisha W., Co-op Member
”DD age 12 just love!!! the classes. Originally scheduled for twice a week for about 30 minutes, it is now a daily class.
We also learn public speaking from watching the instructors. They are young, smart, funny, knowledgeable and quick to respond to any question.”
Yafa, Co-op Member
”My son is really enjoying Mod-Design-1. He is a 9th grader and I was concerned that it might be to elementary, but it is not. He loves Mine-Craft so he loves learning how to build his own world. He is very excited that he is learning JAVA Script and has already asked if he can do another course once he is finished with this one. Thanks for making these courses available at an affordable price.”
Patty, Co-op Member
”I bought this as a xmas gift for my nephew and he is really enjoying it. We meet on the weekend and have bonded more because we sit with together throughout a course. His little cousins ages 10-5 are seeing this scenario that my 5yr son tells me that he has to do homework for mindcraft. That's because my oldest nephew went above and beyond to share his knowledge by writing step by step on creating tools and what items are req'd, I was very touched by his gesture. This product compares to no other out there and the host is the perfect fit as the presenter. I will definitely use this for the next younger generation in our family. I have told others, who have kids that are into mindcraft, and were surprised to hear such a product. This is a great QUALITY product to motivate kids to CREATE and understand the steps to creating something fun. Please continue offering this product.”
Mr. B, Co-op Member
”i didn't quite know what to expect when I gave my 9 year old daughter the Mod Design 1 program to help her learn Java Script. Her response to it was overwhelmingly positive. She loves the program! It is set up in a way that she is joyously learning to create her own mods while learning Java Script. She sees it as a wonderful tool to help her play her favorite game in a make-believe world while I see it as a wonderful tool to teach her something she can, and likely will use, in the real world. There have been times when she has had trouble with the programming process, but every time she has asked for help from the Help Desk, she has received excellent and encouraging responses from the Help Desk Team. I am thoroughly impressed with everything and everyone at Youth Digital and highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to introduce computer programming to their children.”
Pamela P., Co-op Member
”I was a little skeptical about the scope of this program. After the first day I found my son gloating to his sibling brothers of his accomplishments. It has snowballed into quite an incredible understanding of coding (JAVA). We are most impressed by the fervor and ingenuity of Mod-Design. There is never a yawning moment when my son is watching it. Also, their tech support is super FAST! We hear back on questions we have asked within the day easily.”
Chris H., Co-op Member
”I bought this course for my daughter after my son had such a positive experience with the Mod Design 1 class from Youth Digital. She is really enjoying it and learning a lot. She is not only learning about fashion design, but about file management and learning how to get help from customer service online. This company has the best customer service I've ever seen. Help e-mails are copied to my account so I can see what my kids are doing and what they need. Follow up messages from Youth Digital are timely, friendly, and very helpful. My son is almost done with Mod Design 1 and he is already looking for his next course. Thanks for a great product with EXCELLENT customer service!!!”
Melissa B., Co-op Member
”We bought this for our 9 year old son who loves minecraft. He worked on it daily after his school work and had produced his first mod in 4 weeks. He has now made a mod for his brother and best friend and learned so much about coding. He knows how to look at pages and read the code. We can't wait until Mod Design 2 is out!”
Stacey Smith, Co-op Member
”My 10-year old son loves Mod Design! The instructors quickly reply to his email inquiries, and he usually is able to resolve any problems fairly quickly. While he has gotten highly frustrated at times (after all, he is dabbling in the highly emotional realm of Minecraft), the struggle makes his success more sweet.”
LydiaG, Co-op Member
”As with all the tech programming for kids, this online course is a great tool in developing interest in children where After they complete the program, can consider the idea of other avenues of study for college. It certainly has changed the way that our children process information as a tech savvy generation and has allowed them a window into a career they may have interest in. Some of the ways in which our son is using what he is learning from the program is definitely beyond our intent to give him experiences outside of school. He has certainly discovered some of his hidden gifts and he thoroughly enjoys the program. He is excited to learn everything put in front of him through this amazing program. I would recommend this to the gifted student whom needs more creative outlets.”
Mrs. G, Co-op Member
”The Youth Digital Fashion Design 1 was a great program for my child. It taught basic computer skills as well as fashion designing fundamentals. My daughter personally loved the easy step by step instructions, and being able to create her own personal fashion portfolio.”
Elizabeth Bennett, Co-op Member
”My 14 yr old boy is absolutely loving it! He worked through 10 of the 12 lessons during the Christmas break and has nearly completed the course - but he wants to keep working on his new mod - and make a couple more. The support has been fantastic. (He hasn't needed to contact support much at all.) The videos show him exactly what to do and he can play them again and again if he gets stuck. He loves the challenge of trying to figure out where he made a mistake (if he did). He makes something cool (like making things blow up - I did say he was all boy!) shows his brother and me, then explains he "would never actually put it in the mod because it would make the 'game' too easy - but isn't it cool!?"

The best part: "I" don't have to play minecraft, or understand minecraft or programming! It was super easy to get him technically started in the course.

The worst part: my son is hooked and we have to really monitor his "screen" time as he will forget how long he has been on - he is consumed! AND, sometimes we have to give time extensions because he is in the middle of something and doesn't want to lose his train of thought. The next worst part: what to do next?”
T.S., Co-op Member
”My son absolutely LOVED this course and has loved every Youth Digital course he has taken! The instructors are wonderful, the classes are clear and concise and her learned so much! I can't say enough about these courses! My son has grown in knowledge and independence and responsibility because of these courses and I would recommend them to everyone, even kids that don't have a strong programming background.”
Kim B., Co-op Member
”This is the third course that my 9 year old son has taken from Youth Digital. These are really great courses! He looks forward to a career in computers/technology someday, so these courses are definitely career development for him! Youth Digital offers a great product with awesome customer service. We anticipate taking more courses!”
Melissa R., Co-op Member
”This was a bit pricy for us, but well worth the money. My son loved it. There was no involvement for me, except for checking his work that he was very excited to show me after every lesson. My son is 13 and this was his first in the technology area. He finished less then 3 months and is asking to do another class. With his birthday around the corner, he has asked that his gift be another class. And the Homeschool Mom smiles!”
N.Collier, Co-op Member
”I bought this for my 10 yr old son who has ADHD. He has a high interest in video games & really wanted to try his hand at designing them himself. Purchasing this class was a great decision! He has been involved & interested every step of the way. The instructors are energetic & creative with how they communicate the lessons thru their videos. Communication with the instructors for questions or concerns are answered quickly, usually within an hour. They are very thorough in the lessons pausing for the student to practice & participate. My son really enjoyed making his game & put a great deal of effort into it. This surprised me since he usually tries to just do the minimum. He turned in his finished product & received his grade/review within a few days. They also provided constructive criticism to help him improve his own design. He is currently working on the Mod Design Class & will be doing the Game Design II shortly. I would highly recommend this class or any class from Youth Digital.”
Cricket, Co-op Member
”I purchased this for my 12 year old son who is into building-type games on the computer (e.g. Roblox and Minecraft). I thought it would be good for him to work on this program during school breaks, both to give him something constructive to do and to expose him to programming. He started the class over Christmas break and told me it was "cool" and "fun." He will continue to work on it when we have downtime from school.”
Suzette S., Co-op Member
”My daughter really has enjoyed her Mod-design. She like's being able to customize her own Mod. She looks forward to learning more about the program. Thank you!”
Lynn B., Co-op Member
”I cannot overstate how fantastic this program is! I bought 2, one for each of my kids, and they are thriving in their modding course.

The instructor is so engaging and entertaining that they can't wait to see what he does in the next video lesson. The Youth Digital platform is well designed and easy to use. If the kids need help, they can message instructors right in the platform. The instructors are great and walked my daughter through restoring her source code. It's empowering for my kids to learn, create, and problem solve in this way.

In Mod Design 1, they are working in Java with real code and they are using Eclipse - which is the same Java development software my sister uses as a programmer in a major company. It's important to note that this is not a fake or dumbed-down version. They will be using real tools and a real language, but it's taught in a way that makes them accessible to kids.

My kids are excited and inspired. They want to continue learning about 3D design and creating games. Youth Digital is amazing and we will continue to use them for our programming classes. I show the Youth Digital website to everyone who will listen and highly recommend their courses.

I'm so grateful to Homeschool Buyers Co-op for introducing us to Youth Digital. And by purchasing the classes through the Co-op, I was able to save enough money where this was feasible for us.”
Rebecca Fisher, Co-op Member
”Youth Digital's Mod Design 1 is top-notch. The video lessons are clear; the instructor is entertaining and informative. My 9 year old is now modding on his own and my 7 year old is needing less and less help from me. Tech support is very prompt and helpful. While it is a pricey course, for our family, it is worth it; the folks at Youth Digital have done a superb job in helping children learning today's technology. I wouldn't hesitate to enroll my boys in any of their other courses if they were interested in them.”
E. Teal, Co-op Member
”This class is awesome. Once my 8 year old gets started, he doesn't want to stop. It is really challenging at times but that's one of the things I love about it. The teachers are very responsive and quick to help but they're also great at making my son rethink some things before just handing over the answers. He is learning a language I don't speak so it's great that the teachers are available to help. He loves the class and is very impressed with himself for the things he's learned. I recommend this class to anyone with an interest in Minecraft/computer programming and look forward to checking out additional Youth Digital courses.”
Maggie Conran, Co-op Member
”We are so excited about this! My 3rd grader really wanted Minecraft for Christmas. So we made a deal that it would be a gift from Mom & Dad IF he committed to this course. He's already into it and knowing JAVA is a great skill to have in today's digital world.”
Calyn Z, Co-op Member
”My 13 year old son has been using the Mod-Design-1. He said that it is pretty easy to figure out. He likes to use it 2-3 times a week. He does it all by himself!”
DeLynn, Co-op Member
”Mod Design 1 has been very beneficial for my son in learning java programming. He really enjoyed learning to create his own mods for Minecraft. I have not found another service that is so attentive and knowledgeable when it comes to teacher/student interaction. We will continue to use it in the future, and have already recommended it to family and friends.”
Melissa F., Co-op Member
”This is a great educational tool especially for those of you with Mine Craft aficionados. I bought the Mod 1 for both of my kids and they really love it. This really helped my son with learning to program without Mom trying to figure out what in the world he was talking about. The instruction team really answers his every little question and he has come a long way in working independent of me with this program. Highly recommend! I have already bought a second program from Youth Digital to keep him learning and also got the Fashion Design one for my daughter as well.”
Sherry C., Co-op Member
”My teens have never been so anxious to start their day. I am thrilled that they'll be learning while they think they're playing!!”
Paige H., Co-op Member
”After researching tons of options for 3D Animation courses this one was the most economical and all-inclusive. It comes with the software, great video instructions, and stellar support. My daughter was excited to try this product out.”
Nita, Co-op Member
”My son absolutely loved the 3D-Animation course! It is fun and engaging. He laughs and learns at the same time. It is great that when the course is complete, he has a finished product that he can observe and share that gives him a sense of accomplishment. What he has learned with YouthDigital courses had encouraged him to dive deeper into animation, programming, and game development. Youth Digital courses were the platform to launch his interest!”
Jennifer M, Co-op Member
”This is our son's second Youth Digital class, and he can't get enough of these! The instructors are funny, encouraging, and knowledgeable. The courses are put together in an engaging and extremely instructive way. As a parent, I really value their fast and helpful online support. Our son has learned much about 3D animation and coding through this course that he thinks he may like to work for Youth Digital one day!”
Tonya, Co-op Member
”My daughter loved this course. She created her own model and we sent off and got it printed. She was so excited to see her own creation come to life in the form of a real figure she could hold and display. It was a great learning experience for her. We love all the Youth Digital Courses and would definitely recommend them!”
Jill G, Co-op Member
”The 3D Animation program is wonderful! My son was so taken with it I never had to ask him to work on it, and now he wants to possibly go into computer animation aa a career.

Great program! Great deal! We are so glad we tried it! We will be letting others know about it.”
Cornelia Schuster, Co-op Member
”My 9-year-old son has loved Youth Digital's Mod Design 1. They day we installed it, he spent 6 hours working on it. He recommends it to all his friends who are into Minecraft.

I was initially concerned the program would be too challenging for him, as he struggles with reading. I thought reading the Java source code might be too hard. The course is very well designed, though, and this was not a problem. The instructor in the video portions is very engaging, and the material is broken down into manageable chunks, starting with the simplest things like how to cut and paste and move around between the different panes in the software development environment. Every few minutes the kids are told to pause the video and do the thing they were just taught. There's plenty of repetition and review, and the lessons build on what was taught previously.
I've been impressed with the level of the course. At the start of the course you download Eclipse and Gimp, easy-to-use tools used by professional software developers. It made my son pretty proud when his dad, a software engineer, saw that he was working in Eclipse and told him he uses the same tool at work.

I found it was helpful to sit with my son and help him for the first few lessons. After that, he was able to work on his own.
My son is just completing the course, after 3 months (and many, many hours), and he's now pretty comfortable navigating in the source code, making the modifications he wants, and fixing his mistakes (at least some of them -- sometimes he needs help with the troubleshooting). I think he could make mods on his own now, but it will help to have continued access to the course and support for another 9 months.”
Kathy L, Co-op Member
”This is an amazing program -- our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed using it and we are amazed at the skills she has learned! We are so confident in the value of these programs, we also recently purchased the "Fashion Design" course. Thanks Youth Digital for your fantastic course offerings!”
Monica G., Co-op Member
”My 14 year old daughter really enjoyed creating her own animation short! Youth Digital was always very helpful and responded quickly and courteously to all questions she had in the process. This is the second course she has taken from Youth Digital. She also took Mod Design 1 and enjoyed it very much as well.”
Mrs. H, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves Minecraft. Being able to design her own MOD has been a lot of fun for her. The instructor is a lot of fun. And he leads them step by step through the whole thing. Imagination combined with excellent instruction.”
Kenda S., Co-op Member
”Our 11 year old son absolutely LOVES this course! I thought he might work through it over the course of a semester. Instead he finished it in about two weeks. But he still has access to all the tools and helps, and continues to use it. When he has had questions, the answers from the tech help side have always been quick and personal. We found this to be a high quality resource that we would definitely recommend. I only wish there was a "Mod Design 2" I could sign him up for!”
Don M., Co-op Member
”I bought this product for my son, who loves Minecraft. He loves the interactivity of it and it has definitely helped his computer programming skills. Their customer service is very responsive, replying in a timely manner to any problems he experienced with effective interventions. He has taken another computer programming course, but this one has been much more enjoyable for him. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with a child who is crazy about Minecraft. Although this was out of our price range initially, with the co-op discount, we were able to purchase it as part of our curriculum for the year.”
Jenna D, Co-op Member
”We love this.The support is outstanding. Our daughter has learned a lot about programing and is always excited to continue. I highly recommend this company we will be purchasing other programs they offer.It was worth the price. Thanks to the Homeschool Buyers Co-op we could afford it.”
Aimee M., Co-op Member
”My son generally doesn't like school, but he loves this computer class. I tried another JAVA programming class and he barely finished it. This class I don't even need to ask him to work on - he just does it and for hours at a time.”
April, Co-op Member
”Youth Digital has been an amazing experience for me. Everything is organized and ready to explore and learn. Whenever I had a problem, they came, fixed it, and gave an amazing service far beyond any other, always with a constant laugh and always with a goal to keep the not-so run of the mill kid (like me) going. The instructors are so funny yet super knowledgeable. I love the possibility in every step, and it always astounds me how non-linear Mod Design is. And with that crucial factor, I am always happy to call Youth Digital a part of my homeschool curriculum.
Sage Hamilton, 11 years old, 5th grade”
Sage Hamilton, Student/Child of Co-op Member
”We love the Mod-Design-1 program. My 8yr. old son is having a lot of fun with it. He was so motivated he finished the course in 2 months. Now, with the knowledge he acquired in the course, he is independently able to program his own additions to Minecraft. He wants to do the advanced course, but it is not yet available. Please Youth Digital, publish an advanced course!”
T.Landrum, Co-op Member
”My 13 year old daughter just loves the Mod 1 class. It has opened her eyes to a world that is fun and challenging. The introduction into Java has been so exciting for her that she now wants to pursue it as a career. She is so interested in programming now, she wants to know the ins and outs of all of her games. I am very happy with this class.”
Nancy V., Co-op Member
”Great class! My two sons enjoyed it. One son finished the classes in two months. The teachers were great. My non-writing sons soon learned to write lengthy posts to their teachers for help with out my help. I was copied on every missive between the teachers and my sons. For one son, learning the programming language was easy and it gave him and opportunity to teach the lessons to his older brother. We will be purchasing more classes from Youth Digital.”
Sonya P., Co-op Member
”My son has really enjoyed the Mod Design class. He couldn't believe that he got to play Minecraft during school. (Computer programming is his elective this year). This class teaches Java through play and the kids learn a great deal about programming and modification while enjoying a popular game.

The teachers are very upbeat and funny and keep the kids (and any nearby adults) engaged. The videos are clear and entertaining while teaching the new concept. If my son still didn't understand, there was a chat / email contact that answered all his questions right away. It has assessments integrated so I knew that he was grasping the concepts, and he was always begging to do more. (It's not cheap, even with the discount, so I needed to make sure that it lasted the whole semester!) But it was worth every penny. We fully intend to enroll in another Youth Digital class next semester - as soon as it comes back on sale. ;-)”
Heather Matthys, Co-op Member
”My 8-year-old son is taking this online class. He is enjoying it tremendously. I sit with him while he works, but for the most part he is picking it up just fine without help from me.

The online instructor, Sean, is great...funny, engaging, and explains things well. The class goes at a good pace. You learn a little, then do a little, then learn a little more. My son was able to start creating a game almost immediately, which makes it really fun.

At one point, we had a problem with the game design software and were stuck. We couldn't figure it out ourselves and we couldn't go forward. We used the website's "support" function to send a message asking for help. I was worried that my son would lose interest if we had to wait very long for a response. But Sean himself replied within just a few minutes with the solution we needed. (and, BTW, the problem ended up being something dumb we had done ourselves, not something wrong with the software, and Sean was very gracious in his assistance!)

Overall, we are very happy with the class. The only part that is a bit challenging is that my son figures things out really fast and sometimes it feels to him like the instructions are repeated too many times. However, I personally don't share his opinion -- I tend to appreciate the multiple explanations myself!

Bottom line -- I highly recommend this class!”
Amy, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son spent every free minute he had on this course. He would get up early so he could work on it before beginning his core classes. Learning to write Java taught him to pay closer attention to details (such as spelling and punctuation). It took him about six weeks to complete the course. He has asked on multiple occasions when he can take another Youth Digital course.”
K. Chipman, Co-op Member
”This program has been amazing for my two boys. They thoroughly enjoy their time going over the lessons and then digging in to the work. The team at Youth Digital make the videos so entertaining that my boys are constantly laughing while learning. The team also is very willing to help when your child hits a roadblock in their learning process. We have contacted them with questions and they respond immediately with a result that gets us moving again. My kids love the challenge of working with computers and can't wait until their mod is complete!!”
M. L. Lopez, Co-op Member
”My son really liked 3D-Game Design. He said that he really liked Sean(the teacher). He says he was really funny. He thought the program was cool and gave him a lot of great ways to design his own game. It has made him think about going into a game design field. All of the Youth Digital Programs that my children have done have been awesome. My kids have learned so much and are excited about computer programming. We look forward to more products from Youth Digital. We would highly recommend the courses to anyone whose children have an interest in computer games, video games, or computer programming.”
Jill G., Co-op Member
”We have been very pleased with this program. My 14yr old son loves it. We weren't sure if it was going to be too kiddish or too complicated since he really didn't have any computer skills. It's neither though. He has gained some computer skills along with the learning to design a game. The teacher is a crack up, in a great kind of way. Which adds to the fun of learning to design your "own" game. :) The teacher does respond right away if you have any questions. We are on the look-out for a discount on these programs to come back to the Co-op, so that we can purchase 3D game design 2. We are that pleased!”
Julie, Co-op Member
”Bravo! Awesome online class. Youth Digital is A-plus in class design, support and communication. My 10 year old is ecstatic over the class. He giggles every time he watches a class video. I even find the videos entertaining and fun. We can't believe he is learning java so fast. He is already talking about taking the 3D game class next. A great and valuable resource to add to your current curriculum.”
Marla Jollie, Co-op Member
”Our 13 year old really loves this course so I am adding direct feedback from our student:"Mod Design 1 is a fun and innovative way to learn the basics of modding in Java. The guy that narrates the lesson is funny and entertaining, and the instructions are easy to learn. Making the mod itself allows you to express your creativity, plus you later get to see it in Minecraft! This course was definitely worth the money."We would consider other courses through the coop and youth digital.”
RJI, Co-op Member
”Mod-Design 1 has met our every expectation, and their customer services has EXCEEDED it! Our daughter loves the video instruction, which is fun, age-appropriate and clear.

I encourage users to have the best video card and memory for their computer as they can.

I really appreciate the discount arranged by Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Karen Johnson, Co-op Member
”I am always on the lookout for educational products that will help my kids learn about their interests in a fun and engaging way, so when I saw Mod Design 1 for offer here at the Co-op, I new I had to get it. My oldest son is very into Minecraft and had asked me to help him learn how to make Bukkit plugins, which use the Java programming language. We tried using YouTube videos to no avail. But when I saw that we could learn Java using this video series, I decided it would be well worth a try. We now understand all of the ins and outs of programming with Java, and we have gotten such a kick out of watching and learning along with the maker of the videos, Justin. Not only is he knowledgeable and fun, but he also provides personal support along with the course, and you can email him anytime with your questions. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to help their kids learn something useful from Minecraft, wants to teach their kids to code, or wants a cool enrichment class for their home school year. My kids, ages 11 and 8 just devoured it, and we are looking forward to more courses by Youth Digital!”
Stacey Kopp, Co-op Member
”My son loves all things by Youth Digital and this course is no exception! He's learned so much about different animation programs and skills. Great buy!”
Christi B., Co-op Member
”Bought this for my 6th grader and he is pleased with it. We have had a few bumps in the road and asked the instructors for help. They have been helpful and nice about it. It is quite a challenging with all the little details but I think once he finishes it will be worth all the effort! It makes children realize they have to work hard for what they want.”
K. Case, Co-op Member
”I just loved this course. The instructor was very fun and enthusiastic! Anytime I needed help the people at YouthDigital responded back instantly!
The skills learned were essential for today's culture.
We definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to code.”
Henry J., Co-op Member
”Our family loves all the courses we have taken through Youth Digital. With Mod Design 1, Youth Digital has taken two passions for my son, Computer Programming and Minecraft, and combined them into one great project for him to work on. My older sons are working on animation and 3D Design which are also great programs, but my 7 year old, with a little help, is working through the Mod Design successfully while thoroughly enjoying the process.”
Patty B., Co-op Member
”My 11 year old daughter loved this. From the very first lesson, students are able to create something and have it appear inside Minecraft.

Students watch videos then create and edit Java code in Eclipse which is a very professional Java programming environment. Students do not become experts in Java programming. What the course does is get students very comfortable with working in a professional programming environment which is a huge part of software development. Students copy existing Minecraft Java classes and then make modifications to them to create their own versions of Minecraft blocks, weapons, armor, and animals in Minecraft. Students also learn how to draw in a bit editor to create textures for blocks, weapons, armor, and animals in Minecraft.

The video tutorials are very humorous and aimed at a child audience. But make no mistake the skills the kids learn from this are exactly what a first year employee at a software development firm typically needs to know: how to get around in the software development environment, how to read code, how to edit code, and how to test and debug it. So it is a very worthwhile experience for kids and would certainly benefit many, especially those who may think that programming is some weird nerdy thing and not for them.

Overall, I am very pleased with the product and as programming skills are so essential for success today, I recommend it for everyone. It is a great introduction to programming that kids should take before taking a more advanced programming class that focuses more on learning all the language features and class libraries.”
Jill Mayfield, Co-op Member
”My son loves this program. Its very simple and easy for him to learn by himself. Its his favorite subject of the day. We will be using other programs by Game Design again.”
J.S.Boyd, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old LOVES this class. The instructor is so funny my son will laugh outloud. The instruction is top-notch. It's the perfect combination of an engaging instructor, using a meaningful connection (Minecraft) and unveiled in thoughtful, acheiveable steps that allow the student to study independently. Plus, I couldn't be happier with the customer service. If my son gets stuck, we send them a note and get back a very kind, supportive message that solves our problem. Hands down, one of the best curriculum purchases we've made. Can you pretty please also offer math, language arts, history, etc., etc??”
G Thomas, Co-op Member
”What a fabulous source for introducing kids to the world of computer design and language. The staff at Game Design is exceptionally patient, encouraging, and positive while holding reasonable standards for the students to work independently and to remember or look up information they have been taught. They really have found a beautiful balance. I'm as impressed with the curriculum as the staff. Game Design 1 is the first computer programming/gaming course my son has ever taken. We both realized it may be above his level, but our concerns were quickly put to rest with the first lesson. He now has about 2-3 other courses he wants to take through Youth Digital, and I won't think twice before letting him take whatever he finds intriguing with them.”
Anna D., Co-op Member
”My 11 year old son is probably about half way through the course already, but he has really enjoyed it so far. I love that he is learning how to create his own mods rather than just copy or download someone else's creation. Anytime he has ever gotten stuck or has a question, he always receives prompt and helpful responses most times the same day or the very next day. I also like that he can do this independently or with very little help from me. The videos are funny and informative and he has really learned a lot so far.”
Peg, Co-op Member
”Great product! My 12 and 14 year old boys did it faithfully all summer. I never had to remind them, they begged to have time to mod. I was a programmer before kids and am impressed with the engaging way the kids learned to understand real programming.”
JC, Co-op Member
”My 16 year old daughter loves this! It is the only part of school that she doesn't try to get out of. The lessons are easy for her to understand and when she did have a problem there was someone to help her figure out where she had made a mistake. She loves that she gets to do a little bit of lesson and then go make something. I love that she is learning about computer programing!”
Anna Kinney, Co-op Member
”My 8-year-old son loved this course. The course was very well produced and extremely engaging.”
Eric L., Co-op Member
”My 12-year-old son absolutely loves this class! We gave it to him as a gift and he doesn't even realize he's "doing school" -- he gets online to learn programming just for fun. The course instructor never fails to make him laugh. My son is becoming proficient at Java and is even learning a bit of Gimp (graphics software). This was an excellent purchase and we're passing it on to other friends. (Meanwhile my son is eyeing other courses they offer -- he is eager to learn everything they have!)”
Emily C., Co-op Member
”Mod Design is an outstanding programs. My 11 year old loves programming of all types and the Mod Design class was well ordered, easy to understand, challenging. Most importantly, the user support was excellent and we received immediate and useful feedback for all of our (many) programming questions. I highly recommend this, especailly at the HSB coop price.”
Betsy, Co-op Member
”My son has gained not only knowledge about how to use Java, but overall confidence in other things that he does. He is so proud of all that he is accomplishing. The support and overall format is easy for him to use on his own and he understands all directions. Very user friendly. I was at a Minecraft convention this weekend and recommended it to all the parents of the other kids as well. It is a great resource- and very much worth every penny.”
Jessica R, Co-op Member
”My son recently completed Mod Design 1. He is 11 and was able to complete the course independently, with the assistance of the instructors at Youth Digital. The design of the course is very appealing and kid-friendly, the material is understandable and my son often could be heard chuckling at the instructional videos. They did a great job of teaching this course. The instructors respond very promptly to any question, and are always so encouraging. They will go the extra mile to make sure students understand and will help them through any problem. Youth Digital is an extremely high quality program. We've tried various methods of helping our son learn programming (mostly Python) and have been somewhat successful, but this is just so much better. He is learning and having fun while doing so, and the fact that any and every question he has is met with a quick, patient, kind, and thorough response (that I would never have been able to give him b/c I certainly don't have that level of expertise) is invaluable. I cannot recommend Youth Digital highly enough.”
Amanda White, Co-op Member
”This is the second Youth Digital course my son (age 11) has taken. We LOVE these courses. I cannot recommend them highly enough. The format is engaging and understandable for him. He works without any assistance whatsoever from my husband or me. That being said, he receives loads of assistance from the instructors at Youth Digital. They are always amazingly prompt in their response, patient, kind, and encouraging. Just today, an instructor spent a very long time helping him, messaging back and forth all morning, creating a screencast for my son to watch to try to help solve his problem, and when that didn't work, "meeting" him one on one via a screenshare to further try and help. He really went out of his way and I am very impressed. We love Youth Digital and hope to take many if not all their courses in the future.”
Amanda White, Co-op Member
”My son just loved the program and he was hooked on it. He still works on it but in the beginning he was there constantly and he was raving about it. It's the best product that we have used. I would recommend it to anyone that has children interested in computers and don't know how to engage them in more productive ways of using the computers or games.”
Melanie, Co-op Member
”Mod Design 1 is a great learning class that is both educational and fun. I have had a great time going through the lessons. I learn something new every time! The teacher, Justin, is HILARIOUS. He keeps every lesson fun and leaves me with wanting to learn more. Mod Design 1 is especially good in letting me show off my creativity. I love creating new swords, items, and armor that we can actually use in Minecraft! I will continue to use it to design my mod and will recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Java programming. Overall, Mod Design 1 has been a wonderful learning experience and is fun for everyone with its easy to understand, entertaining, and creative format.”
Grace K., Co-op Member
”Awesome product. Within 30 minutes, my 10 year old daughter was coding in Java. The lessons are entertaining and engaging. I hear my daughter cracking up with laughter during the video portions because she thinks the instructor is so funny. This helps her stay engaged with the lessons. And because she's playing Minecraft as part of her lessons, it helps encourage her to finish them. She already has her eye on a few of the other courses this company has available.”
Teresa Bettenhauser, Co-op Member
”We are completely thrilled with the Youth Digital mod design course. My 8 year has learned many times more than I expected from the program. He can write java code AND fix errors in his code. I love seeing all the creative mobs and objects he has designed. I also love seeing his enthusiasm for all he is learning. The program is well put together, engaging and entertaining. We will be doing more courses with Youth Digital.”
Robin, Co-op Member
”The course is very well put together. The videos are short and have simple to follow instruction. My son has really enjoyed learning how to make his own mods. He has been showing them off to his friends. The support is also very good.”
Scott, Co-op Member
”A great program. The video quality is great and the kids find the instructor funny and engaging. They follow along with the lessons and have picked up on the coding amazingly well. My 8 year old has really caught the coding bug. They enjoy the quizzes and really feel a sense of accomplishment after each lesson and quiz. The kids have planned which courses they will each do next. We will definitely continue with youth digital.”
L. Law, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old is really having a blast with this program. I love the support. They immediately assist. I will definitely be using Young Digital for future classes.”
Lisa B., Co-op Member
”I am a professional software developer, and this program introduced my 8 year old son to the same programming tools I use everyday.”
Doug Lassiter, Co-op Member
”This was an awesome course that kept my son engaged from start to finish. The responsiveness of the help desk was top-notch. It took less than 24 hours to get help each time it was question too small. I only hope they can get their other courses translated to Mac, so we can order more classes! This class was far better than other programming classes we have tried as it is understandable to a 10-year-old boy.

I highly recommend this class to anyone who likes Minecraft and designing your own version.”
Heather T, Co-op Member
”This class has been invaluable, and I would suggest it to anyone who is at all interested in Minecraft. (Even if your children have no interest in programming)

The learning is easy and fun and the support is wonderful.

I simply cannot say enough about this company!”
Jim F, Co-op Member
”My nine year old son is taking this course and absolutely loves it. The course is presented in a way that is very entertaining and easy to follow. You are able to jump right into modding which keeps the interest level high for the younger kids. My sons and I absolutely love this course and I tell everyone I can about it.”
E.K., Co-op Member
”Wow, we purchased this class for our 10 year old and he loves it. It is entertaining and a great way to teach Java.I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting their student to learn Java programing. The class is easy to follow and navigate and loads of fun.”
S. Chase, Co-op Member
”We were thrilled with the Mod Design program. My 11 year old absolutely loved it! The teacher on the video was funny and kept the interest level high, while at the same time teaching what could be a very tough subject. The set up of the program was very impressive. Everything is included, and all instructions are very, very clear. The program is set up to allow you to work at your own pace, and the team is "on call" for chats or help, if needed. At the end of the course, the instructor plays the Mod that you built, and gives very sincere and positive feedback. My son was so proud of himself that he could create a working Minecraft Mod. Overall, I can not recommend this program enough. It is a very entertaining, educational, and wonderfully put together program, which walks your child through the steps of creating a workable Minecraft Mod. The accomplishment and enjoyment is incredible!”
Michelle R., Co-op Member
”We purchased this class for our 14 year old son, who has no programming experience. He loved it! He enjoyed the lessons so much and learned very quickly.

As a former programmer myself, I was amazed how quickly he became comfortable with Java, and even enjoyed troubleshooting. My biggest suprise came weeks after he'd finished the classes and I was going to show him how to do something in GIMP (a graphic image manipulation program). I started to tell him how, and instead he showed me a completely different and easier way to accomplish the task.

We are very happy with this purchase.”
Dorrie Y., Co-op Member
”My daughter LOVES Minecraft so we were so excited to hear about this program. It was a little intimidating for her and she had a little bit of a tough start, but now that she's going, she is LOVING this and we are so PROUD of her. Thanks for offering this!I have told several people about this program. It is giving her more confidence and she's so excited about making her own things for Minecraft.”
Pat Parker, Co-op Member
”We have been thrilled with the MOD Design 1 course for Minecraft Mods! Both of my boys (age 11 & 13) are loving the course, Justin's humor, the ability to be creative and earning points towards advanced items. My 11 yr. old would get up at 6am and start coding, as well as during his spare time! What a pleasure to see his enthusiasm. If we needed any assistance, Youth Digital was very quick to respond and help us. This is the first video based course we have tried and we will look for more from Youth Digital! We especially appreciated the discount through Homeschool Buyer's Co-op and have recommended the course to several families who have also shown interest.”
K. Houlding, Co-op Member
”We couldn't be happier. My 8 year old loves the Mod Design class from Youth Digital. It's fun and easy to follow. In each section, the info builds slowly from what was in the previous section. The instructors in the videos are fun and engaging. It's the first thing he wants to work on everyday! I don't know of other sources that introduce Java to children my son's age, and the context of minecraft is the perfect way for us.”
YS, Co-op Member
”Written by my 11-year-old daughter, who didn't know that this was school and loved doing this on weekends and nights for fun! We have shared this class with homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike and will be taking more classes with YouthDigital.

When I started my mod class through YouthDigital, I wasn t sure about it because I thought I was going to have to do a bunch of binary coding. But I was so wrong!

YouthDigital has helped me for almost a month coding my very own mod. They made it so easy and fun to make it exactly the way I want it. The only problem about it is that after you start, you can t stop! The software is the same software that the makers of Minecraft use. The programs include code that you can just copy and paste straight into your mod (after you change some things).

If you have problems, you can message a YouthDigital worker and they will help you along. I had a problem and a very nice woman named Courtney Johnson helped me. Within an hour I was back to modding.

In conclusion, YouthDigital made modding a walk in the park. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to modding!”
Debbie, Co-op Member
”My 12 year old son has really enjoyed working his way through the mod design course. He's usually laughing out loud as he watches the clips and he is integrating all the knowledge with ease as it is fun, meaningful and just the right amount of challenging. He's thrilled with all that he's learning and enjoying himself immensely along the way. And I'm thrilled to watch him so engaged with material.”
Tabitha, Co-op Member
”This course is AMAZING!!! My girls love it and I love seeing them code! Awesome!”
Suzette Stapp, Co-op Member
”Wow, Great class! I purchased this class for my 10 year old son in 5th grade. It is very entertaining, easy to navigate and follow along. I was fraid it would be to difficult for him but it is not. It has been fun to see the pride and excitement he gets from creating his mod. I don't think he even realizes he is learning Java. Would recommend this class for anyone wanting to include Java or programming in their homeschool curriculum. Sarah”
Sarah C., Co-op Member
”My 11yo son just started doing the Mod-1 class and is LOVING it! He told me it was really hard but he had a gleam in his eye when he said it & then he turned back to the computer to keep working. It's been two weeks & he hasn't stopped working on it (we have to give him time limits, in fact). I'm thrilled to find such a challenging & fun class for him!”
Jennifer B., Co-op Member
”This course is AWESOME! My son has never been so excited about a course where he learns so much. Recently placed my order for game design, 3D game design, and the app design courses. When those are finished, I will be looking to do proceed to the level two courses! I am as excited as my 11 year old is over what he is learning. Highly recommend!”
Chad Kennedy, Co-op Member
”This class was one of the best purchases I have made for my children. They are learning concrete, transferable technology skills and having a ball doing so. It has been especially rewarding to watch them collaborating on projects as they learn new concepts. Most days, all 4 (ages 9-15) want to skip free-time and take another lesson of Mod-Design. An excellent purchase, which we have enthusiastically promoted to other parents who have seen our kids absorbed in "school" when they could be goofing off.”
Sarah Westcott, Co-op Member
”Like most homeschool families, our budget is tight, so we really had to weigh the cost of this course before signing up both of our boys. All I can say now is: this course is SO worth the cost! The boys *love* the funny instructional videos; the instructions themselves are *very* clear & easy to follow; and anytime they have had problems (and we have had several technological issues on our end), the YouthDigital staff has been *incredibly* responsive & dedicated in helping us resolve those difficulties. All this, and the boys are having fun while learning valuable programming skills for the future--what more could I ask for?? :)”
Bettina, Co-op Member
”This has been the best purchase, by far, in my homeschool curriculum! My son loves the class. The videos are easy to understand, entertaining and done in a step by step fashion to ensure success. When my son did have trouble, Youth Digital was quick to respond to the email and helped him through. The troubleshooting and reviews at the end of each segment are valuable and check for understanding before moving on to the next lesson. We will definitely continue to look for more DigitalYouth products that interest our family. My younger son has been watching his big brother and can't wait to try it next school year! "Justin" feels like part of our family now! I have told many people about it and highly recommend this product. I can't speak highly enough on the quality of this product and the timely and effective customer service! I have been pleasantly impressed!”
Kellie Dungan, Co-op Member
”We have been using this for a few months. - 10 year old son. He has been doing this completely on his own. He has made two mistakes and received error messages. We contact them and they respond promptly, are always nice, and help him see where he missed something or had a typo. He absolutely loves his class. I have him on a schedule where he uses the class two evening a week. While his brother is at karate. He would love to do more! When you consider the cost of karate classes and other sports that parents are willing to pay for - this is a great deal! My son is not interested in these type of sports, although he is always outside playing or helping us. So, we consider this his sport/extracurricular activity.”
Melody S., Co-op Member
”This is a great product. The boys are thrilled to design and publish their own mod for minecraft. I am thrilled because it is not something that they will never use. It's Java and it is real programming experience, definitely something they will use and build on.”
Betty Jo Randolph, Co-op Member
”This course was just what we needed! It is both engaging and inspiring for my boys (14 & 15) who already enjoy playing Minecraft, are now in the process of learning how to make modification in game. They are keen on learning more of the coding (as this was primarily an opportunity for them to cut and paste, but still a good chance to learn how JAVA works and the importance of attention to detail and to see how changes they made modified the outcome). Both boys also had an opportunity to interact with the help desk, which was a good experience for them. The Admins are prompt, helpful and courteous. I would recommend this course.”
Michelle M, Co-op Member
”Our son, 11, has really enjoyed making his own tools, foods, and other items on Minecraft. My husband and I are happy that he is learning a programming language. It has been great exposure for him. Thanks for offering this great program to the homeschooling community!”
Sharon H., Co-op Member
”My son has been using the Mod Design 1 program for a few weeks now and he is really enjoying it! He says it is awesome and highly recommends that other people use it also. The videos are well done, fun and very informative. He has used the customer support and has found that they are very prompt and helpful with their responses, and all issues have been resolved quickly and efficiently. I have included this program in his homeschool curriculum, and it is the one subject that he does willingly and enthusiastically. We will continue to use this product, and are looking to purchase other products from this company.”
Ellen M., Co-op Member
”My children love to work on their Mod Design project. The class has been very easy to understand, and it keeps them interested. With the instructional videos they can keep going on their own, which frees me to work with other children on other subjects.”
Theresa Peter, Co-op Member
”Mod Design 1 has been a really fun addition to my son's education. He really enjoys the quality video lessons, and the rest of the family find themselves hovering around while he watches. It catches and holds his attention and teaches all the concepts in a very straight forward way. I haven't had to help him at all in the process, so he feels really empowered to be working with all of the technology on his own.

We also really enjoy the creativity you get to have in the whole experience. It is a wide, wide world of possibilities and my kids have had many fun discussions trying to decide a theme for my son's Mod.

This is the most kid friendly technology curriculum I have seen out there. I say that based not only on ease of use, but on entertainment level and volume and quality of info taught. No one told the folks at Youth Digital that kids need lots of entertainment and very little substance. They have accomplished an incredible feat in making a product that gets all the info across, but also makes kids WANT to use it.

I have recommended this product to friends, and will continue to do so. The price is pretty high for our family's budget, but I think the quality is there to justify it. As budget allows, we will definitely use Youth Digital's products in the future.
This company makes laugh-out-loud fun products with a high skill level of learning and couples it all with great customer service. What more can a parent want?”
Britany F., Co-op Member
”I think this course helped kick my son into gear into finding something he really enjoys besides just playing a game. Now he has seen what it is like to actually have a part in creating a game and he is looking forward to learning more about programming. It is great to see your children become interested in productive activities. Thanks for offering this great course!”
Chris, Co-op Member
”My son has thoroughly enjoyed this course. It has challenged his creativity and has helped him think through what he is going to do. Good qualities to take with you through life. I would definitely recommend the course to others. He is looking forward to the follow-on course.”
Chris, Co-op Member
”When I first saw Mod Design 1, I thought that it would be a huge hit with my son (a 9-year-old-Minecraft-fanatic), but my husband (who knows programming) was concerned that Java would be too difficult for a first time programmer. I over-ruled him and I'm so glad that I did. My son loves it and asks to "mod" as an after-school treat. My 7-year-old daughter is now begging me to get her it. The kids have both told all of their friends about it, and I have told their parents, who inevitably ask after hearing my kids' rave reviews. I would highly recommend this product.

Here is my son's review:
"I love it! Justin is very enjoyable to watch and learn from. He walks you through all of the steps needed to finish what you are working on. He makes it fun and easy!"”
Jennifer M-G, Co-op Member
”I purchased this for my 14-year-old, since he loves Minecraft and has expressed an interest in programming. Once he really got into the course, he became enthralled by the ability to create his own mods. Having done a bit of previewing of the course (and assisting with the occasional troubleshooting), I have to say that I think they've put together a fine product and it's a very good value.

The instructor, Justin, is goofy and accessible to kids and the instructions are very specific, which is important for anybody that is learning coding.

I am absolutely planning on purchasing one or more additional Youth Digital courses and have already recommended it to several friends.”
Nathan A, Co-op Member
”I think the Mod Design 1 is great because the teacher in the videos is very funny. He explains the code in eclipse really well.”
Michael A., Co-op Member
”This was an excellent product with great online help. It made Java code fun for my children and we have/do recommend it! Currently our kids are working on their second mode now. They really enjoy this.”
Beverly, Co-op Member
”My son is on his 3rd class with Youth Digital and I plan to purchase all the classes if his interest continues. We have learned a lot and just love the classes.”
Susan Thompson, Co-op Member
”My son is a big Minecraft fan and was excited to be able to create custom mods. He got to learn how Minecraft works from the inside. The instructor is entertaining in his instructions. Highly recommended as first exposure to programming and for Minecraft fans. I plan to try other classes.”
Mr. Alamo, Co-op Member
”Both my 10 and 12 year old boys love MineCraft and were excited to take this class. They found the instructors to be quite entertaining and the activities both fun and the right level of challenge. They learned quite a bit about programming as well as using creative programs like Gimp. I would highly recommend this class.”
Tammy M., Co-op Member
”Our family has enjoyed the Mod Design 1 class! The instructor is funny, with humor that is age appropriate. The steps are easy to follow, and the kids feel a sense of accomplishment throughout. This is a creative way to use a child's natural interest, in this instance Minecraft, to introduce them to Java programming.”
Juli Smith, Co-op Member
”This, from my 13 year old son:

"I love this Mod Design 1 course. It is the best resource in mod design I have ever seen. It goes through every step in amazing up-to-date accuracy. It is cool in every way, shape, and form."

He looks forward to each lesson and I never have to remind him to get to work!”
Roxanne M., Co-op Member
”My family has enjoyed this educational project. It has been extremely entertaining and the support we have received has been exceptional.”
D. Moore, Co-op Member
”My 9-year-old son has been using Youth Digital's Mod Design 1 for several months now. It has been a wonderful experience for him. He is really learning how to program with a real programming language in a game that he loves - Minecraft! The videos are excellent and easy to follow. I am really impressed with how much he's learned already. When we have needed support from Youth Digital, they have responded promptly and resolved our concern. This is the best programming experience my son has had so far.”
Debi Reihman, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old daughter, who had NO previous Java exposure, began the Mod-Design-1 course at the beginning of the year. She finished her first Mod within 8 weeks. Since the license we purchased said it was good for an entire year, I told her to continue creating mods and asking the teaching staff for assistance. She's now almost finished with her second, more complex mod and I am very pleased with the team responsible for interacting with the students. They are friendly, encouraging and seem sincerely excited to be teaching and shaping the next generation of IT experts. My daughter, my IT husband and I highly recommend this program and company!”
A. Crosby, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love this! It is just great, the kids have no problems following it (and learning English, which is second language) and learn so much - the course is well designed and the instructor fabulous :-) My kids have really gotten into game designs with this so we're thinking about some of the other courses from YD in the near future. I have told lots of people about it, in our home chooling community and outside it :-)”
Sisse H., Co-op Member
”My 10 year old Ds has adored this product, and we will struggle to get a years worth out of it, as he's nearly finished it in 3 months. A great springboard to learning Java for other applications. We have recommended it to lots of friends!”
A Phillips, Co-op Member
”My twin 14 year old boys are obsessed with Minecraft. They each received this as a Christmas gift. Both of them are really enjoying the course. They really like the instructor, the customer service has been very helpful when they had issues, and we are excited to be able to count this course as an elective for our homeschool. We will definitely finish the course!”
Lise B., Co-op Member
”My son has really enjoyed the Minecraft Mod Design which is helping him appreciate the game even more. While there have been some misunderstandings on his part for the programming code, the technical assistance from YouthDigital has been wonderful. They are timely Mon-Fri in responding to help from the kid's questions. The Mod Design 1 class is really comprehensive with entertaining video lessons. As a parent I don't know about programming, so having a class my son can take that is complete with tech assistance is wonderful. YouthDigital has been a blessing for our family. Hopefully they will have more classes for MAC users like us because after this class, my son wants to take all the other classes they offer.”
Sharon A., Co-op Member
”So I asked my child "what is so great about youth digital mod design 1" and he said "EVERYTHING"! He said it really brings out your imagination. He also learned about coding in java and he says it is very complicated. As a parent, I am so glad I made this purchase.”
K. Pearson, Co-op Member
”We purchased this program for my 10 year old son to learn with my husband. They've had a blast! It's been great to watch them learn about writing code for MineCraft and put it to good use.
We are looking forward to moving forward with the program and complete it.”
Amanda, Co-op Member
”My 7-year old Minecraft fan and I have been taking this course together. The (somewhat complicated) material is presented in such a light-hearted step-by-step fashion, that neither one of us feels daunted. Because it's in short modules, we can tackle it a little at a time, which is helpful with his young attention span. We are VERY impressed with this high-quality course and would recommend it to anybody with an interest in Minecraft and making mods.”
Amy Edwards, Co-op Member
”My 11-year-old daughter is so motivated by the enthusiasm of the instructor and the fact that she is learning to make her own Minecraft mod, that she does this class of her own accord. My computer professional husband is impressed with the material she is learning. My daughter says, "Mod Design 1 is really fun, and so is the teacher! He always says funny jokes about his 'Grandmodder'. I even want to do this during my free time!"”
Angela S., Co-op Member
”This is my son's second class from Youth Digital. He is learning a great deal about Java and programming, while having fun. The teachers at Youth Digital have been fantastic. He works on his Mod daily. I look forward to seeing his completed Mod. This course has required very little input from me, allowing me time for grading/etc during the school day. I'm very pleased with both of the courses we've purchased from Youth Digital.”
Jenn L., Co-op Member
”Mod-Design-1is by far is my son's favorite course. I often hear him laughing when he watches the instructional video. The course is well designed and can be done independently. I helped him do the initial download of the software but it was not necessary because the process was well taught step by step. This was a great investment to jump start interest into the world of computer programming. We have since purchased another course from Digital Media and have had the same response. The price tag was a bit high but the quality is high and the motivation it produced in an otherwise hard to motivate student was priceless.”
Laurie, Co-op Member
”We got the Mod Design 1 class for both of my boys. They absolutely love this class. Some days they even do beyond their daily work and keep going. I'm so glad that we were able to get this class through the homeschool buyers co-op! Thanks so much!”
Heather T, Co-op Member
”This class is so well produced! The videos are engaging and the instruction is very thorough. The lessons are challenging but not too hard for my 11yo to do on his own. He's very proud of what he's been able to produce using Mod Design 1. This class is a great value and I highly recommend it.”
Rachel M., Co-op Member
”My boys, ages 13 and 11, loved taking ModDesign 1. The videos kept them engaged and challenged. The instructors always responded promptly whenever we had a question. I was so impressed with Youth Digital that I registered for the 3D Game Design class through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op.”
Kelly, Co-op Member
”Mod Design I has been so great for us! We have enjoyed the amusing and engaging lessons taught by the super knowledgable instructor. The interface that is used to deliver the online class is first rate. These guys have seriously raised the bar! My son has learned so much and is eager to get started with the 3D graphics class.

Thank you so much for introducing us to this wonderful company. We love Homeschool Buyers Coop!”
Michelle Spencer, Co-op Member
”I feel like I've "tricked" my son into learning programming! He LOVES this class and all the cool things he can do with it! I love that he's learning something that could help in his future career!”
Bethany N., Co-op Member
”My 11yo has had a great time with this class. He seems to be learning a lot, and it is presented in an engaging way. Help desk has also been very helpful.”
J. Marchman, Co-op Member
”Youth Digital is awesome!!! We purchased Mod Design 1 for our 9 year old son about a year after purchasing Game Design 1. We have been so excited to be able to tailor his schooling to something he loves that is also great career training. And, the prices through HBC were unbeatable! Our son loves doing his Mod Design each day and the training videos are SO fun and informative. I love hearing him in there cracking up as he watches the videos. I have often heard him say, "This is awesome!" The support from Youth Digital has been fantastic. Whenever we have an issue, we hear back from them right away and sometimes several times a day as we email or chat back and forth. They are always super friendly, helpful, and very clear in their instructions. I can't say enough good things about Youth Digital and their products. :) We will definitely be purchasing more of their classes!”
Rachelle P., Co-op Member
”We purchased Mod-Design 1 for our 11 yo son. He is learning so much and enjoying creating his own mod for Mine Craft. This class is not only teaching him to mod his favorite game, he is also learning the computer language JAVA which I'm sure will help him in the future should he wish to pursue computer programming later on.”
KB. Avery, Co-op Member
”This is the first java class my son has taken and it has been a wonderful experience. The instructional videos are funny, entertaining, and educational. My son was able to advance through the class primarily through the video instruction, however, when he did run into a few problems, the teachers were always ready, eager, and capable of fixing his issues. I highly recommend the class.”
S. O'Connor, Co-op Member
”We are extremely happy with our decision to purchase this for our 11 year old son. This is so much more than just learning Java Script. Although that in itself is worth while. Our son has learned so much and is proud of his accomplishments. As parents, we are too. Let's face it, video games are not on our priority list, but they are on our kids list! This was a great way for us to take his love for gaming to a whole new level. Practical skills our son has learned is how to follow instructions, and consequently, what happens when you don't!, how to ask for help, how to fix his own mistakes, patience, and self control, persistence-it pays off, problem solving, collaboration with others to name a few. The ability to be creative and have complete control over his own project has empowered him in good ways. We have no regrets with Mod Design 1. Justin, the instructor was fantastic. His lessons were engaging and humerous. When we needed on line teacher help, we got it. They were prompt, courteous and helpful. We have recommended this product to many others already. Some of whom have purchased Mod Design 1. It's been rewarding to hear my son get phone calls from other kids asking for help and advice and seeing how he is meeting their needs. Again I have to say...This is so much more than learning Java Script!
Kelly & Doug Gawitt”
Kelly & Doug, CT, Co-op Member
”MOD-Design has been a great experience for my daughter! She has become so computer savvy that she is now teaching her older siblings about all things computer related. We couldn't be happier with the skills she is acquiring. And the support from Youth Digital is timely and excellent. We are beyond satisfied with these courses! Our daughter can't wait to move on to more challenges and other courses. Thank you, Youth Digital!”
A. Hauck, Co-op Member
”My son loved the Youth Digital Mod Design course. He got up every morning and asked when he could work on his course! I highly recommend it!”
M. Robinson, Co-op Member
”This is a fabulous course!! The support team are wonderful, friendly and helpful. My 11 year old son loves it and is inspired to learn more about game design and programming after he finishes this course. We're very pleased! :D”
Sarah, Co-op Member
”I can't say enough good things about this product. It's worth it's weight at full price since I never had to make my child sit down and do this course daily, she simply loved it. The video instructions are rather interactive. The support staff is very helpful and speedy in their responses. Not only that but my daughter learned the basics about Java programming, painlessly while creating items in minecraft. I wish they had more products in other computer languages, and when they do, I'll gladly sign my kids up.”
Nita, Co-op Member
”I purchased this product for my son although he was at the high end of the suggested ages. He loves computer games and favors mine craft, so this program really interested him. He has really enjoyed not only the course itself, but also having the support team available when things don't go as planned. We plan to order several of the other courses offered by this company! An excellent buy for our family!”
Kim Briggs, Co-op Member
”This is a great course - worth the money if you child is interested in coding or modifying mine craft. The video lessons are enough fun that my daughter calls us in to watch the funny parts and will play them multiple time. Their response to questions is 24 hrs max, they only take Sundays off. And my daughter is learning to code in java - she really has a grasp of how changes in one section affect the game and how to find and correct errors. It seems a bit expensive with so many "free options" out there - but the it is organized, progressive, and fun in a way no free program is.

It's worth the price.”
teacher Athena Academy, Co-op Member
”Our son really enjoyed this class. Their instructional videos are fantastic and have the best geek humor. We highly recommend this class to anyone who has a kid interested in learning to mod Minecraft.”
Heather H., Co-op Member
”Mod-Design-1 has been great for my daughter! It is engaging and entertaining while she is learning programming skills. Thank you for offering these courses!”
A. Otto, Co-op Member
”I originally bought this online course because Minecraft was dominating all of my son's extra time and I thought that he could learn some valuable skills, such as a programming language, through this course. The best thing about this course is that they provide a skeleton of the program and allow the students to add to it slowly rather than starting from scratch. This helps in seeing immediate results. My son absolutely loves the videos and has gained quite a bit of knowledge about Java through this course. He looks forward to learning more about it every day. He has also learned a lot about troubleshooting and problem solving. I mentioned how much he enjoyed this course at our last curriculum-share night with our homeschool group.”
Patricia Mason, Co-op Member
”LOVE IT!!! My older son started on the course first and my 7-year-old started watching and really wanted to do it also. We bought the course for him and, with my help with the reading, he has thrived! He loves the instructional videos -- Justin (the instructor) is great. Now that we are near the end of the course, my little guy can basically do everything himself and needs only a little of my help. It has also been great for me to refresh my own programming skills.”
Debra Horton, Co-op Member
”We absolutely LOVE this class! We have recommended the Mod Design 1 class to people far and wide, including a family at Disney World who stopped to ask us a question.

Justin, the teacher, is passionate, fun & engaging. What better way to learn.

It is well worth the money!”
Ann S., Co-op Member
”As a student user of a number of these Youth Digital courses I rate them 5 stars.

The instructors are very clear and quite amusing. They teach you skills that can allow you to go beyond what they teach you after the course. The points system for each activity makes sure that students strive to do their best to unlock new content to add to their games.

This specific course allows you to experiment and play with Minecraft.In conclusion this course is well done and fun, I would highly recommend getting it for any kid of ages 8+.”
Joe Panara, Co-op Member
”This class (which offers access for an entire year!) has been incredible for my 10 year old son. He loves Minecraft, and now I have been able to redirect his creative efforts into learning a programming language!

The staff is excellent. They have a real talent for working with young kids, even through email. They are always encouraging and enthusiastic. I was initially concerned at running the help function through email for such young kids (they do have live chat available too, but I need not have worried. It's been wonderful for my son's typing and writing (learning to express what his problem is and ask for help) and the staff is exceedingly good at "deciphering" the "creative spelling" in some of the emails I don't see beforehand.

Overall, I'm extremely pleased. So much so in fact, that I hope they come out with a Mod Design 2 soon. We'd easily pay full price for these classes in the future, if they aren't offered through the co-op. We plan to purchase App Design soon as well.

Excellent vendor, excellent purchase, another excellent co-op deal.”
Lauren D, Co-op Member
”Their addiction to Minecraft can be used for good!
My 11 year old has been a Minecraft fanatic for several years. The opportunity to use his addiction as a learning tool was a no-brainer! He is learning computer skills while having fun playing?! Win win for this Mom!
Oh, and I am the hero for buying this for him :-)
Thank you for your product and for the savings!”
Treva, Co-op Member
”The teacher for this course is engaging and makes difficult problems easy to master. It allows you to learn Java and at the same time see your work as you go though the course. I highly suggest this course for anyone learning how to use Java.”
Joel Johnson, Co-op Member
”We're not quite half way through yet, but my 10yo son is loving this course. His 8yo brother also enjoys watching the lessons. The videos are very entertaining and do a great job of walking a budding developer through the process of learning code and image editors. I'm hoping Youth Digital releases more Mac compatible products in the future.”
Erik R., Co-op Member
”I bought the mod design 1 class for my 8 yr old son who had been using Minecraft for only 2 months. He had been curious about adding Mods but I had no clue about how to do that. The class is broken up into 12 modules that have several tutorial videos on how to do each step. There are review, troubleshooting challenges and quizzes in each mod. The user can accumulate points towards earning extra codes. My son earned a lightning sword, potion effects and default enchantments. He hopes to earn other odes. The creator, Justin, is hilarious in the videos. My son begged me to do more videos each day. He was mad when I didn't have the time so he worked ahead. The class was very fun for him but he had times that were frustrating due to errors and also glitches due to our computer. No worries. The customer service was fabulous! The folks at Youth Digital sent detailed explanations on how to solve situations. They were always enthusiastic no matter how many emails we sent. Three times they were able to share our computer screen to solve our problems that were due to errors with JAVA software and the way our computer was set up. My son was able to learn many computer functions (and so was I), he learned about programming in JAVA, he became independent at sending emails asking for questions or providing suggestions to the company, his spelling improved, he learned it wasnt the end of the world if a mistake happened and he just finished his first mod!! What a great feeling for him! He now can redo the steps to make other mods or improve his first one. He loves this class and wants to do a gaming one at some time. This class was worth the price. I recommend it for any Minecraft lover.”
Christine Voss, Co-op Member
”This is a GREAT learning home-school program for teens wanting to learn and take them to the next level in computer gaming with MineCraft. It is easy to download and to follow the module steps. When support is needed, the staff is quick to respond and solutions are often resolved quickly.”
M. McCartney, Co-op Member
”We purchased Mod-Design 1 for our 8th grade daughter. She has not completed the course, but has absolutely loved what she has finished. She likes how the videos explain things in a clear fashion, and that you have to practice each step. There is also daily review, with a quiz after each section. That all helps to make sure that she is truly understanding the material before moving on to the next section. Another huge plus is now entertaining and fun the videos are. She truly looks forward to watching them each day.”
Leah B., Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son, loves the Mod-Design-1 program. He used to spend a lot of time playing mine craft, which I thought was a waste of time, but now he has created many new tools and creatures for mine craft, while learning to program in Java. At times he gets frustrated with the programming, but has been able to work through the problems and learn more about Java. I highly recommend this program.”
Ben E., Co-op Member
”My 14 year old son was very excited to add this to his school day. He is already asking for more and he currently has his eye on the app design. We have and will continue to recommend this to other students. Over all, this is a great instructional class, taking what the kids are interested in doing and making it a fun learning experience, that will benefit them in the years to come.”
B. Beery, Co-op Member
”Mod Design 1 has given my homeschooled 9th grader a chance to develop his computer skills through creating a Mod for Minecraft, his favorite computer game. Learning about and coding Java is a brand new set of skills that he is enjoying. Another advantage is that this program works on our iMac. I am so pleased with this purchase!”
Melissa V., Co-op Member
”My 9 yr. old son enjoys Mod Design 1. When he encounters problems, he emails Customer Service and they respond right away. I've also been able to help him solve problems on his own which provides for more learning and problem solving skills. It has allowed him to be creative, understand the work that goes into his favorite game and given him an easily accessible glimpse into the world of Java.”
D.C., Co-op Member
”I looked for a while to find a programming class for my 10 year old son that would not be so dry! This class certainly met our needs. It's fun, packed full of information and the support team is quick to respond with any questions. I'll be buying additional classes from you!”
Keely A., Co-op Member
”My 10 yr old son and I have been working through MineCraft Modding together and we both love it. Entertaining and educational. I have learned a lot as well as my son. I am not a computer expert by any means it is easy to use and understand. Highly recommend.”
Rhonda Smith, Co-op Member
”My 11 year-old son and I love the program! He has learned so much in a fun and engaging way. He would do 6 lessons a day if he could:)

This is our stand out purchase of the curriculum year. Money well-spent for us.”
Sue W, Co-op Member
”Mod Design 1 is the third Youth Digital course my 10-year-old son has taken over the past two years (after Game Design 1 and App Design). As always, I was extremely impressed with the quality of the course. Youth Digital courses are the best online classes we've encountered and teach great basic computer/keyboarding skills as well as the specific programming lessons. Courses have a nice progression and are easy for the kids to follow along with independently (a big bonus for homeschool moms!) Technical support is quick and helpful whenever kids run into a glitch, and the feedback they receive on their final product is very thoughtful. My son recently completed his mod and ask every day when he gets to start his next Youth Digital course!”
Jessica Long, Co-op Member
”We've been struggling with how to integrate more computer programming into our 12-year-old's curriculum. There are many programs out there to use, but unfortunately most require my support and I just don't know enough to be helpful to him. We tried Mod Design 1, expecting that with a year to use it if I had to learn it first so I could help him that would give us plenty of time. Thankfully, the support they have provided my son has been wonderful and the fact that he can use the product and ask for assistance on his own when he's struggling has kept him moving forward quickly. So, we've had use of it for a month and he's been through the entire program. Now he's able to basically start over and improve upon what he's already learned. He loves it! We've even invited other families who might be interested in purchasing to come sit with him to see how it works.”
Beth P., Co-op Member
”Great class! I'm a computer scientist, and I mentor a robotics team at the local high school. Teaching a 10-year old Java seemed like a real challenge. This class does a great job of introducing troublesome concepts in a fun way. The focus on Minecraft keeps it playful. Each section ends with a challenge or quiz that gives points toward bonus codes. Our kid enjoys the lessons, remembers the importance of tricky syntax like commas and semi-colons, and is comfortable with terms like instantiation. I've recommended this to several co-workers who are looking for good classes to teach their kids programming.”
Tim E., Co-op Member
”WOW! What a great course. This is one of those courses in which you do not have to tell your child to do, they beg to do it! My son, 13, finished the course in 4 months. It was engaging, well planned, and the instructors were available as promised. The feedback/help on the MOD was quick and friendly. The website was easy to navigate and visually appealing. I would say I highly recommend this, but if I left out my sons input I would be in trouble. We are already looking at doing the following 3D classes etc, but will have to be a birthday present (YES, he would love getting this, surprised? I was too!) as they are more than this course when you buy outside of the Co-op. Would love to see those other courses offered at the discount too. Not that we don't think they are worth it, just more than I have in the budget. I did send to everyone I know in hopes of deep discount! Thanks for carrying this! We will look for others from Youth Digital.”
P. Poole, Co-op Member
”Mod-Design-1 couldn't have been better. This is by far one of the most professionally done online courses I've ever seen. My 7 year old was engaged and even entertained by the lessons from day one. And since he is having fun, he is REALLY learning and enjoying coding. We are already planning which programming course he will take next. Very grateful for the discounted rate, without which, we probably wouldn't have tried this.”
Paul D, Co-op Member
”My son loves Youth Digital. We started out taking Game Design 1 and he completed it in 4 months. Now he is taking Mod Design 1. He started the lessons last week. What I love is that he feels confident, he is proud of himself. He stayed up to midnight 4 nights in a row to program in java. He is very excited about learning and can't wait to finish the class so that he can take 3d modeling class next. The staff is exceptional too. We had few setbacks on setting up the software they helped us get up and running before frustration set in. My son is 10 years old.”
L Taylor, Co-op Member
”This class has been wonderful for our family. I bought the program for my 10 and 14 year old children. They are really learning a lot and enjoying it! My older son who is taking JAVA in college is also learning from this program as he works with his siblings. It is an excellent course that is challenging for the younger kids but not overwhelming and reinforcing what my older son is doing in college. Also, the online technical support has been very good. Thank you”
Kelly G., Co-op Member
”I have been extremely impressed with this course and the company that offers it from start to finish. The instruction has been engaging enough to hold my son's attention, and the support they provide has been quick and top notch. Every time my son has come up against an issue with his programming he can't work out on his own, they have responded with a day to our support requests and resolved the issues. I highly recommend Youth Digital to anyone with a child interested in any topic covered by the courses they offer.”
Christian R., Co-op Member
”This has been a leaning blessing and reminder that learning can also be a gas! My grandson is addicted, studies/researches the videos, does his work, tests it and redoes it a number of times, and LOVES THIS COURSE!!! More Youth Digital is all he wants for the summer/fall. The instructors are fantastic and I've been sharing my thoughts with other homeschool parents. Youth Digital is expensive, but worth it. This course is much more than just Java. It's math, critical/creative thinking, and art! Haven't tried anything similar, but will do to the cost. However, if I can't find anything comparable, we will complete all the Youth Digital courses.”
Nana, Co-op Member
”This is one of those magical classes where the students are having so much fun, they don't even realize how much they are learning.”
Jane Henley, Co-op Member
”My son is addicted to Minecraft. It's is a creative game that challenges him to build ever more complex designs from buildings to creatures. As a homeschooler, this program challenges him to create on a whole new level. He learns basic Java language programming to design totally new tools, armor, ores and other things. He then "imports" his new design into the minecraft game on his computer. This program has both engaging lessons and excellent tech support. I highly recommend this program.”
V. Penny, Co-op Member
”The Mod Design 1 program has been a hit at our house. The well-designed instructional videos give clear, step-by-step instructions, and our 12 year old quickly gained the programming skills to begin designing his own Minecraft elements. The technical support team is also excellent, and they responded promptly whenever our son ran into any problems. The video instructor, Justin, is hilarious, and we enjoyed watching the videos just to hear HIM! We highly recommend this program.”
J. Lay, Co-op Member
”My kids love,love,love the Mod Design 1 course. We didn't know what to expect but both of our children love to play Minecraft. We saw this program offered through Homeschool Buyers Co-op at a good price so we decided to try it. My kids took off with it the very first day. They were watching the videos and making things very quickly. They loved the humor of the video teachings. It was easy to follow and understand what to do because of the teaching videos they got to watch. They were able to e-mail the teachers when they had a problem. They got responses pretty quickly when they were stuck. We think Youth Digital is a very good company and have been impressed with what we have seen so far. It has had a very positive influence on both my son and daughter. They are able to see how computer programming works behind the game. It gave them a new perspective about how video games are created. It has made them think in different ways now when they play Minecraft. They look forward to moding and after finishing the first mod that got sent in for reviewing they continue to add more mods. They are really looking forward to doing more courses from Youth Digital and we really hope Homeschool Buyers Co-op can have good deals on the price. We have told others about the course and they have been interested. Thanks so much for offering such a great product for us to purchase.”
Jill G., Co-op Member
”We are very glad we purchased this course. We felt that the price was high (even with the discount) as we weren't certain whether we would get a good enough return on it. However, we have been extremely pleased and would purchase future products from this company. I have been sitting next to my son who is 11 as he works through it, so I've seen every bit of it so far. He is definitely learning some java (and already understood some basics of programming through SCRATCH before this). My thinking is that this is a first step for exposure to java to get him motivated to learn more. He gets to see results fairly quickly - it takes a few hours to work through a module on how to create a new sword, make it move in Minecraft, create its crafting recipe, and actually go try it out in the game for fun. For my particular kid, I don't think he'd have the patience to try to learn java start to finish without some fairly quick Minecraft gratification like this, so for us, the fact that they are teaching the required steps specifically for this mod works fine. I do believe that it will teach him enough to be a jumping off point to then learn more java. He definitely gets to be creative but also has to stick to the requirements (which, with programming, can be many). The video instructor is incredibly engaging. I find myself laughing out loud at him sometimes, so my son and I are enjoying this together. They really take you through everything step by step and pause often enough for you to go carry out the steps before moving on. They also have troubleshooting modules so that you can practice troubleshooting mistakes in code, and there are short quizzes that allow you to earn points to purchase additional code for your mod (that presumably will make it cooler though we haven't shopped in the point store yet). Definitely a big thumbs up from us.”
Megan RK, Co-op Member
”The Mod Design has been such an awesome program for my son (13) to get his hand on. It has boosted his confidence knowing he is able to create these Mods all on his own. I literally handed him the information and he was off to the races with it. I have had zero involvement. This is something he has been able to do independently at his own will.

I would not consider my son a reader. It is something we have fought about for years. As a mom, I'm happy to find something my son can't put down. We finally found the right material to motivate him!!!!

I would highly recommend to any child that loves Minecraft.”
Meaghan, Co-op Member
”This is our second class we've bought for our son from Youth Digital. He is at the top of their age range for this class but it hasn't made a bit of difference. He is really enjoying it, being somewhat of a Minecraft fanatic! We are thrilled with the class and say "Thank You" to Youth Digital and Homeschool Buyers! We've recommended these classes to several and have had some sign up because of it, as well.”
The Pace's, Co-op Member
”We love this course! Teachers are funny and entertaining! We all want to watch. My 11yr old son is so enjoying it and whenever he has trouble, just emails in and always gets a cheerful, timely response! Planning on ordering 3-D animation soon!”
Beth P, Co-op Member
”My daughter took this class recently. She absolutely LOVED it!! The instructor was funny and engaging. The lessons were not complicated. The tech support is awesome! Anytime she didn't understand something, there is the support button, to guide. Each time they looked at her code they found exactly what she did wrong. She couldn't wait to do the class every day. She feels so great having just posted her new mod for all to play. I HIGHLY recommend this class. We are going to try a few more of there offerings as well.”
Teresa L, Co-op Member
”I highly recommend this product. My son is finally learning something while playing his favorite game, Minecraft.”
J. Norton, Co-op Member
”This class was wonderful and absolutely worth every penny we spent on it. My son has completed his first mod and received high marks on it from the Youth Digital staff, and is working on his second. The Youth Digital classes are well structured and easy for kids to use, and the staff was very responsive via email to any questions my son had along the way. We haven't used any other online computer classes, but we would definitely do another class from Youth Digital in the future. I have made sure that all my friends know how wonderful I think Youth Digital classes (and the Mod Design class in particular) are.”
F. Michel, Co-op Member
”My son has really enjoyed the Mod Design class. It has sparked his interest in programming and he plans to take more classes. The customer support at Youth Digital is great! Any time my son has had a problem and contacted them, he has gotten a response very quickly. They are very helpful and encouraging. I high recommend this class for any kid who loves Minecraft and wants an intro to programming.”
Kim C., Co-op Member
”We are so happy to have discovered Youth Digital through Homeschool Buyers Co-op! My son loves this class. He is learning so much. The instructors are very accessible if he runs into a problem or has a question. They are also very entertaining and teach at a good pace for my 11-year-old. It has been a wonderful experience! We will be taking more classes through Youth Digital.”
Beth C., Co-op Member
”I highly recommend this and all other Youth Digital classes. My son has taken a few of them and he loves them! The training videos are humorous and easy for kids to understand. The kids learn a ton and end up with a great Mod at the end. Michelle Caskey”
Michelle Caskey, Co-op Member
”So far this class has been great. My son has really enjoyed the lessons he has thus far completed and is always eager to get to the next. It is by far one of the best modding/Minecraft courses he has attended. And, he has taken both online and in class courses.

The help, when needed, has been quick in reply and very thorough. Being a not-at-all-tech-savy mom, I appreciate the quick turn around time from the support staff. I am so glad we found this course and that the Homeschool Buyer's Club offered such a great discount. If available in the future, I know my son would definitely take a ModDesign 2 course.”
Katrin B.T., Co-op Member
”We purchased Mod design 1, and love it !! My son is 10 years old, he has an easy time doing the assignments on his own. He really enjoys the humor and simple instructions in the videos. He contacted tech support with a question, and got the issue resolved quickly. He is nearing the end, but doesn't want it to be over !! I hope Mod-design 2 will be coming soon ! Also Justin is favorite !!”
Brandy H., Co-op Member
”I purchases Mod-Design 1 for my 11 year old son and he has loved every moment. The instructor is very engaging and makes learn so much for for my son. The instructor is easy to understand for my son as well as for me. The few times that we ran into problems the help center was great. My son is looks forward to the program!”
M. Quinones, Co-op Member
”My 11 year old sons loved completing this class. We bought two subscriptions for them each for Christmas. ...The staff was so incredibly encouraging .....and so much fun! I probably wouldn't have purchased this without the homeschool discount as it would be cost prohibitive...but this product is definitely worth the experience! I'm thrilled to see that Youth Digital specials are coming back...we will be purchasing more classes! Thanks so much!”
Nicole E., Co-op Member
”We like the structure of this self-paced program. I like that my son can't jump ahead without achieving milestones in the program. He works on it daily for about an hour and likes it a lot. He likes being able to immediately interact with Minecraft; he can see the result of his script work. The point system helps him to achieve. We are especially pleased with the quick feedback on questions. However, I wish live chat was more active.”
Annie P., Co-op Member
”My son loves the Mod Design class. It is his last assignment of the day, and it has been a big motivator for him to get the rest of his schoolwork done. I definitely anticipate that he will want to continue with these classes.”
Ann S., Co-op Member
”My boys are 9 and 11. They are thoroughly enjoying the course. The instructor is hilarious and enthusiastic. If the kids have questions, the team responds promptly and helps them work through until they find the solution. We will most likely be doing more of these courses.”
N. Frederick, Co-op Member
”We purchased this program as a Christmas gift for our son, a ten year old. From the moment he opened the program, he was hooked! We literally could not get him off of the program for about two weeks. He plowed through and was fluent in java (remembering correctly?)code language almost immediately. As we are not programmers, he would just inquire with the online instructors if he had any questions and they were very helpful in a timely manner. I would HIGHLY recommend this product!”
Mary S., Co-op Member
”This is the first program I've purchased where my son said week after week, "I'm so glad you bought this for me, Mom. Thanks!" It has been a great testament to this program to be so engaging, allow him to move at his own pace, and the feedback when you ask questions is amazing! We had 1 hour turn arounds on each of the questions he asked. I thought for sure it would be the next day before we got a response, but my son was able to finish up whatever vexed him that day. He's so proud of what's he's created. My son is 14 and not easy to find an online computer program he looks forward to working on each week. It seems a lot of programs are too hard or too easy. Mod-Design 1 is perfect :)”
Brandy Bergenstock, Co-op Member
”My 11 year old son has absolutely LOVED this course! Matter of fact, my entire family gets swept away in the engaging videos. When the video lessons are on we are ALL entranced and laughing...from my 9 month old up! Jason's teaching style speaks directly to this generation and is really effective and entertaining!

Best money I've spent on my child's education in a LONG time! Looking forward to many more classes with Youth Digital!”
Stephanie Blake, Co-op Member
”Well, my husband and I bought this for our son and it's been love at first sight. We are now trying to figure out how to get him to do his school work. He spends almost all his free time learning and implementing his new skills. He is looking forward to the next level.”
L. Murray, Co-op Member
”My son has taken several camps and classes on game design, but none of them made programming and learning Java click as well as this Mod-Design course has. He thinks the tutors in the video clips are wonderful - funny, encouraging and interesting - and anytime he has a question or problem he e- mails the support staff himself and gets an almost immediate response. My son is so proud of what he's created in the lessons so far, and can't wait to finish the course and submit his own mod for publishing.

My son loves what he's learning through this course, and I love what it's done for his self-esteem. He can't wait to try out more courses in the future.”
Casey B., Co-op Member
”My 8 year old son has enjoyed being able to add 'stuff' into Minecraft. This was very exciting for him. The anticipated frustration has never been a problem, as the code is already written for them, and they just have to alter small sections of it at a time. I would consider this a very gentle introduction to how Java works. For our family, it has been useful to assess whether we want to take programming education further.”
Judy N, Co-op Member
”It's fun! I highly recommend it. I've learned how to create armor, a sword, and a pick-ax. If you are using Macintosh, you'll need to make sure you are using Mavericks.”
Kaeden, 11yo user, Co-op Member
”My 11 year old son is about half way through Mod Design 1 and he really likes it. He is confident that he'll be able to continue to make mods on his own after the course is over. The teacher is funny so he enjoys the videos, and the bonus code allows kids to add cool effects to their mods that are beyond their ability to code right now. (they get bonus code with points earned by answering review questions, it's code written by YD developers that they can incorporate into their mods to make them even more awesome)

As a parent, I've been impressed by how easily my son can do this program without help from me. I know how to program and had been expecting to sit with him and help, but it hasn't been necessary at all. The instruction is fun and engaging for kids - never boring at all. They have "troubleshooting" sections where they give the students sample code with errors to find and fix. I think this is a great way to introduce debugging and show how important every last semicolon is.

Overall, I've been thrilled with this class and intend to continue with other courses offered by Youth Digital when my son finishes this one.”
Stephanie Ozenne, Co-op Member
”Although my son has a very logical mind, he has been reluctant to attempt any coding. Because he is MineCraft crazy, we decided to try this program. He is almost through the entire program and has programmed a few of his own mods (the programming is started and the student needs to finish it to complete the mod). He still has a ways to go to be proficient in the programming language, but this is a way to get him see how the programming language is and how it translates into a mod. He is almost at the end of the lessons and I am hoping that finish their Mod-design 2 ASAP so he can continue.”
KS, Co-op Member
”The following review was by a 12 year-old Minecrafter with permission from his Mother to submit it.

Mod Design 1 is an online class that teaches you how to design your own mod for Minecraft. I liked that I can put what I ve always wanted in Minecraft. I could also put what I feel is missing in Minecraft. I like the way they teach too, it s a I-do-you-follow . First Justin shows you the steps on how to do it. Then he tells you to pause the video and copy what he did. Plus the videos he are in are hilarious! Also if you ever get stuck and need help, you can send a message to one of the many teachers. I learned how to code and create images for my own items, blocks, foods, my own mobs and even made my own biomes. Youth Digital teaches you a lot of things, I love Minecraft and really love Mod Design 1. I would continue the program when Mod Design 2 comes out. Most of my friends use Mod Design 1. For people who are thinking about buying Mod Design 1, I say it s worth your money.

Thank you for reading :D”
S.Kurniawanto, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son took the Mod Design 1 class and loved it. He had no prior programming experience at all. I took Basic and Pascal in Middle School, but that was it so nobody in our house knew Java or could help. It didn't matter. It was totally on his level, and geared towards his age group. 't used it as a reward after he did his regular homeschooling. He loved it. The Youth Digital folks were great at getting back to him regarding questions, etc. He is so proud of the Mod he created. We will take more Youth Digital classes, even if we can't get a great discount through HSBC.”
Karla, Co-op Member
”We purchased this as a Christmas present for our 11yo. He loves Minecraft and the education of Mod Design appealed to us. He worked on this almost every day for 3 months and was rewarded with great feedback from the teachers.
Questions were answered very quickly!
This was a great purchase. We hope to look into and purchase some of the other Youth Digital programs.”
M. Bingham, Co-op Member
”This is the second Youth Digital product we've purchased& my son loves them!

He enjoys the subject matter, but Youth Digital's support & engaging videos are an incredible added bonus.

My son ran into an issue & worked on it with their support team via email until they escalated it to an WebEx. They really went the extra mile & I've told them so via social media on Twitter (& they were kind enough to reply!).

This purchase was so helpful that after completing it, my son (who had some previous Java experience) felt confident enough to apply to a Java summer camp assistant position with his former robotics coach!

Thanks, Youth Digital! As long as you continue to partner with Homeschool Buyer's Co-op, we will continue to buy these great products!!”
Marie Stroughter, Co-op Member
”I am the mother of a 12 year old boy and bought this class even though I was unsure, didn't know much about the company and the interface, etc. Now that he has completed the course, I recommend the class 100% but also after our interactions with the company I am eager to have our family take more classes with them.

I was very impressed by the fast, clear and friendly replies to all of his many questions. The instructor was great at getting the kids to work on independent problem solving but they absolutely would step in to help when he got stuck.

I also really appreciated that they took Sundays off and we'd get a short autoreminder of that fact if we emailed them on a Sunday. I love that they have set a family day for their employees as well and it was a good example to my son of not letting even something you are passionate about, take over your life. I would not hesitate to recommend this purchase to anyone else.”
KJ, Co-op Member
”This is such a great program!! I was leary because I have no computer coding experience. They are very helpful! Every time my son has a question, they quickly reply. He loves it! I'm surprised by how nicely it is set up -- and simple to navigate. He's really enjoying it! He's already looking forward to their other programs, like creating apps, etc.
Thank You!!!”
Emily Schultz, Co-op Member
”I am so impressed with the Youth Digital company! My son has learned so much about Java and a lot about Minecraft that he didn't previously know. Their customer service and tech support is amazing. Anytime my son has a question about something in the program or about something he is trying to accomplish, his emails receive a very prompt personal response, sometimes within a few minutes. The support staff are always extremely kind, patient, and encouraging. The program and instruction videos are fun, engaging, thorough, and easy to understand. Overall, the experience with Youth Digital has been outstanding, and we would definitely purchase from them again.”
Amy M., Co-op Member
”This has been an excellent introduction to programming for my son. One of the keys to learning programming is finding a project that captures their interest. This does. He is having a great deal of fun building his new components for the game.”
John H, Co-op Member
”This was a Christmas gift for our oldest son. He loved all things Minecraft, and as expected, he loved Mod-Design-1. Doesn't seem like a class to him. In fact, I have to limit the time he can spend on it each day. Worth every penny!”
Cheryl S., Co-op Member
”I was hesitant to sign up for an on-line computer programming class for elementary and middle school. Why was I hesitant? Simply due to the fact that I knew my 9 year old would need help at some point, and I am not gifted with computer programming. I have been extremely pleased with the customer service provided. The tech people do not talk down to the kids, but address the concerns on a professional level which is easily understood by students of all ages.

We have been telling everyone about the class we are taking, as it truly is one the kids look forward to.”
S. Gray, Co-op Member
”We have told everyone we know how excellent Mod-Design 1 is. My son (8 yrs old) is about half way through and has loved it from the very first lesson. Justin, who presents the tutorials, is animated, engaging, knowledgeable and so very clear in his instructions. He is also so likeable and entertaining it's a pleasure to sit with my son to help him with this course as necessary (my son is beginner reader and so requires a bit of help at times). Otherwise he would be fine on his own. We will definitely do more courses from this company in the coming years.”
Susan, Co-op Member
”My 11 year old loves this. He has learned he can make mistakes and go back and fix them. He has learned a lot more about computers and programming by playing. He loves the instructer and his sense of humor. We recieved fast answers to our questions. Can't say enough good things about it.”
Whitney albright, Co-op Member
”We purchased this computer course for our 14 year old son. It has been a great tool for him as he creates his own mods and learns java programming. We are very pleased with the way this course is put together and the fun he had in going through it!

Here are his thoughts:

This Mod-Design-1 course is exciting from the very first video! It teaches you how to make everything in Minecraft. It is a little bit difficult at the first step, but as you go deeper into the code, it makes more sense. I have told many of my friends about this course and my new "Mod of Fire" that I created. If you purchase this course, you will be able to put your thoughts into the program and make your own mod come to life!”
Kim L, Co-op Member
”This is a fantastic product. It is the best produced online learning tool that I have used to date. It is funny and engaging to the kids and fully educational in terms of learning coding. The only issue I have is that I wish there was a family rate instead of having to purchase individually for each child.”
M. Fernandez, Co-op Member
”The Mod-Design-1 is great. My plan is to have a career is computer programming and this has been a great start. It is what he looks forward to each school day. I have recommended it to several friends.”
L. Bolick, Co-op Member
”Perfect buy for the Minecraft enthusiast! Your child will design their own food, biomes, ore, mobs, armor, weapons and tools. Youth Digital's customer service is very quick and thorough. Lessons are interesting and easy to follow. My 10 year old loves the program and is looking forward to sharing his very own mod with all of his friends.”
Tami J., Co-op Member
”This is a great program for kids. The narrators that explain the step by step instructions are not only thorough but they make it fun and entertaining. The kids learn how to program but they also get to see and play with what they programmed in minecraft. That is very exciting for them.

The tech support has also been wonderful. When my son has entered things incorrectly (which is inevitable being a beginner) the support team has been quick to respond with the solution to the problem and sometimes have even emailed us that there was a problem before we knew it. I would recommend this for anyone wanting to try out programming especially if their children like minecraft. Well worth the money.”
Jane, Co-op Member
”My son has been hesitant about beginning a computer programming course. In fact, I've purchased 3 different courses already for him in the hopes of his gaining some programming skills, and he's given up by lesson ten of each of them. He loves Minecraft and spends hours a day playing it, so when I saw this course, I thought it was my best hope of getting my son interested in programming. It worked! He spends time several days a week working on the programming aspect of the course, and he spends at least an hour a day customizing graphics for his mod. He finds it more engaging than the dry courses he's attempted in the past, and so far he hasn't run into any problems with understanding the coding and getting to the next section of the course. I'm so excited about how much he's enjoying it, and I'm hoping he will want to continue on and learn more coding skills once he's done with this program.”
Susan Gilleland, Co-op Member
”My son loves this web class. He loves Minecraft and is learning so much about code. It is a great addition to our homeschool.”
Cyntha Holt, Co-op Member
”From the student: It is awesome. I love the quick responses when I had a question. Classes were hard at times, but the teachers were very helpful. I would love to take another class like it.

From the parents:Our son thoroughly enjoyed this class. We've never tried anything like this before. For us it was a way to combine his love for video games with something that was educational and challenging. The staff was very helpful and professional along the way. We highly recommend the class.”
Hayden A., Amy A., Co-op Member
”My kids have really enjoyed this class, and have asked to do other online classes with Youth Digital. They've had lots of fun and have learned a lot. They're always eager to do the next lesson. I've recommended it to friends. It's very well put together and thorough. Well done!”
Amy C., Co-op Member
”I bought the Mod-Design-1 for my son to do for homeschool, and he loves it. I find him working on the class even on days we are not doing school (Big compliment!), and I hear him laughing in other room at the videos. I love it when my son enjoys doing his school work.”
Kim H., Co-op Member
”My ten year old son is enjoying Mod-Design 1. He has been using it for about four months, and though I have to help him out once in while, the tutorials are user friendly and allow him to complete most tasks on his own. The one time we did have a technical question, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they responded (less than 24 hours).

I don't anticipate my son losing interest in this program anytime soon, and I'm happy I made the investment.”
Jennifer, Co-op Member
”This is, by far, the most successful homeschool product we've purchased. My 12-old son loves it, and it has inspired him to commit to hours of java coding practice without any prompting. In fact, he pleads to do this instead of other schoolwork, and constantly wishes that all of his courses were so well done, motivational and helpful. (He wishes Youth Digital did languages, math and science programs!) He is now able to impress his teachers and friends with his own Minecraft customizations, and feels like he has quickly learned a lot about Java in a fun and useful way, instead of just reading a textbook about Java.”
Todd D., Co-op Member
”Got this for my son, an avid MineCraft fan but only lukewarm on the idea of programming ... until now!

Great online learning facility with professionally produced material and quick email response!

Makes learning something new and challenging fun for him ... and affordable for us through the awesome Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Ryo T., Co-op Member
”My 12 year old son LOVES this online course. He asks to do it, excitedly shows me his progress, and is learning A LOT. We plan on taking another class after this one. He is already asking about it.”
Rhonda T., Co-op Member
”I saw this program on the Youth Digital site about six months ago and it was not affordable for our family. We had lost our programming teacher and were looking for a replacement. When this program became available through the HSBC, it was 1/2 off the regular price. Suddenly it became a contender. My 12yo right-brained son started about 2 wks ago and just can't stop learning! I hear him laughing from the other room and when I investigate he says that the teacher, Justin, is really funny and it's fun and easy to learn from him. Music to a home educator's ears! Since then my son "plays" every day and can't wait to show off his Minecraft creations to his friends. My 10yo son said that he did NOT want a subscription and now he's regretting it terribly! He sees how much fun his brother is having and wants in on the action.

The classes are in a format where the student watches a video and then works step-by-step through the tutorial. The class teaches everything the student needs to know. I have not had to help my son one time since he started. That was not the case with other computer programming software. There is software that you need to download but it's free and YD gives you a link from which to download it. Within the first one or two lessons my son had created a pickaxe to place into Minecraft. This is really one of the best products I've ever purchased. I'm sincerely hoping that we can continue to purchases classes at this price in the future. The great HSBC discount has made it affordable for our family.”
Kim Green, Co-op Member
”My son loves this program. We had a little trouble at first he didn't like it because he didn't download the program correctly and completely. Once we fixed that eh was able to follow along fairly well. At one point he thought he would do whatever he wanted instead of waiting for instruction and his program didn't work. He is still working on how to fix that. It is good for him to learn how to go back and problem solve- not just follow each step- so I'm letting him work that out.

I haven't tried other products like this, but I do wonder if it will really be of value outside of this specific program, I think it is best for teaching the process and not necessarily the technique. We will continue to use this and learn more.”
Linda W., Co-op Member
”My son age 10 loves this class. The first week he did several lessons. The help desk or support is awesome. On several occasions my son has needed help and he was helped very quickly before frustration set in.”
L. Taylor, Co-op Member
”My 12 year old who gripes over any new curriculum, sat down with a silly smile on his face when I introduced him to this Youth Design class. Any free time he has, he is doing this class. Thanks a lot for providing this class!”
Ruth L., Co-op Member
”My 9 y/o started Game Design 1 four days ago and he absolutely loves the program! Aaron, the teacher, is entertaining and easy to understand. The pre-recorded lessons are well structured and easy to follow. I like that there are several questions during the lesson to make sure the child understands what is being taught. There is also a quiz at the end. All of the questions give the child an opportunity to earn points that can be used to "purchase" extra items to use in their game. My son is having fun creating a game, as well as learning how to troubleshoot - which is a huge part of software development in general. We'll definitely be moving on to Game Design 2!”
Michelle L, Co-op Member
”Game Design by Youth Digital is fantastic for a child who wants to learn Game Design. My daughter (nine years old) took the class and loved it. She enjoyed the videos and the humor of the instructor, who responded to all questions in a timely fashion. My daughter even uploaded her game to her website. She has signed up for app design one and has begun it. We have told many people about it and simply love YouthDigital.”
Christine M., Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son absolutely loved Game Design 1. The instructor really gave immediate feedback and encouragement throughout the course. My younger son loves playing the new video game his brother created. We can't wait to try Game Design 2 and App Design.”
Gina, Co-op Member
”I had been looking for a fun and not overly complicated game design program for my son and decided to try Game Design 1. It was a perfect fit. The program is very engaging and has a nice build up of skills.
My son is now on to App Design 1 and loves it too. We may end up doing all of their courses :)”
Kate, Co-op Member
”When my 10-year-old son asked me to purchase this product I was dubious at best. He is very active and nothing that requires him to stay in one place and focus holds his attention for more than a few minutes. However, to my delight, this program has been a huge blessing for us. My son absolutely loves it and sits at the computer for an hour or more at a time, carefully designing each step of his game. This program is engaging and interesting, as well as very educational. My son is excited to share each step of the game he is building with each one of us in the family and has never once complained of being bored with the program. We have to watch our money and are very careful about our purchases but we have already purchased the 3D Game Design from this company. I believe we will end up buying every one of these programs before my son is satisfied. This program would be a valuable addition to the curriculum of any young person who has expressed an interest in designing video games!”
Kelly Perkins, Co-op Member
”We purchased App Design 1. My daughter, 11, and son, 8, LOVE it! It is silly and educational at the same time. It's great when your kids ask to do "school" on the weekend, and they have with this class. Also, the technical support has been Appmazing! ;)”
Beth, Co-op Member
”I purchased this program for my son, and he loves it. It is easy to use, easy to understand, yet challenging and has taught him a lot. He loves working on his game. He hasn't completed his game yet, but works on it diligently and regularly. It has been a good learning experience for him. We hope to purchase Game Design 2.”
K Cheney, Co-op Member
”A kid review
I liked Game Design 1 from the start. The instructional videos are very fun and easy to follow, and whenever you encounter a problem in your game, there's a handy 'talk to a teacher' button. There, you can either talk to a teacher if there's one online, or leave a message describing your problem. The game that you make is really fun to play and the process is pretty easy too.

I love Game Design 1 and hope that homeschool buyers co-op will be able to get a discount for the 3D game design because I'd love to use it once I'm done with Game Design 1.”
Kate, daughter of a Co-op Member
”Hands down our best homeschool purchase! My 11 year old son enjoyed this course so much. Usually he balks at anything with the word 'class' or 'lesson' in it. I never had a problem getting him to do his game design class, in fact he would often do extra chapters during his free time. The videos are funny and engaging and very informative. We packaged up copies of my son's game and gave it as gifts. The pride on his face when he handed out his game was priceless. Looking forward to trying more game design classes.”
Michelle, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son saw this program at a homeschool convention, and months later was still talking about it. When we got it for him through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, we weren't disappointed! He learned about programming while having a LOT of fun. The video instruction modules were a great guide to building his game. When he had questions, their customer support was prompt and helpful. My son was thrilled with the personalized evaluation provided when he sent in his finished game for review. Our biggest challenge has been limiting his time at the computer. He becomes so engrossed in programming that he totally loses track of time. He has continued to develop his programming skills with Youth Digital's 3D Game Design. Their products have been a "win" for our family.”
Trish W., Co-op Member
”My daughter loves Game Design 1. We have tried other basic programming courses, which where all dry and difficult for her to follow, but Game Design 1 is different. The interactive videos are entertaining and make it easy to understand. She wants to do all of their programming courses when she finishes this one. We would certainly recommend this product to any family who's looking for an intro to programming course.”
Jessica M., Co-op Member
”Excellent! Aaron is the teacher and very fun to listen to and learn from. Plan on an hour per module if taking notes (recommended). My 5th grader needs help to take notes but he is able to do the video on his own. I just found that it was better to do with him because if he got to the end and couldn't do what the lesson said I had no way to help him. I would say that the adult needs to be a little computer savvy to get everything downloaded and working. Highly, recommend! My child thinks he is going to be a game designer so I wanted to start tapping into that so he had a better understanding what he would be getting into. 100% worth the expense.”
Susan Thompson, Co-op Member
”It's a great buy because (a) You get everything you need to design and create your own game, (b) The course is fun to do and isn't extremely difficult to follow. And you can a lot more with the software you get. So it's a great buy!”
Clay O. (11), Co-op Member
”Game Design 1 is absolutely wonderful! The modules are very well taught...not too fast, not too slow, and they don't assume prior knowledge. The teacher, Aaron, is hilarious and explains things in a way that is perfect for the targeted age group. My son would like to meet him one day, he thinks Aaron is so great! My son has a greater appreciation for the games he now plays, and is excited and proud to be creating his own video game. I'm pleased that he is learning valuable skills in a way that he finds interesting. Customer service is excellent - we've had questions 2 times that were answered quickly and completely. We have already suggested it to others. I just can't say enough good about it.”
D.Kennedy, Co-op Member
”I got Game Design 1 for my 13 year old son. He is having a great time with it and learning a lot. The videos are engaging and fun while still teaching what is needed. They are designing their game from the very beginning. My son is so excited that they have come out with Game Design 2. He can't wait to finish the first class so he can start the second one.”
Susie G, Co-op Member
”My 10 year old son hopes to become a video game designer when he is older, and this was a great way to get him started. We had some books on programming at home but he didn't get very far through them because the material was too dry. I think it also helps to use a visual programming language rather than text-based, so he doesn't get stuck with syntax and spelling too early on. My son loves the videos on the course and the humor appeals to him - I can often hear him chuckling as he works through each unit. I like the way the course is very well planned out and presented to the children. My son can do the work without any hand-holding from me, because it is all explained very clearly. The support is great too. My son has e-mailed the team several times because he thought his program wasn't working properly, and each time they have sent back a helpful message asking him to review a particular part of the course and then try again. So far, he has fixed all of the bugs without having to e-mail his game to them and ask them to sort it out for him. I feel my son is not only learning how to design games, but also how to persist and to overcome difficulties. He and his brother are now pestering me to get Game Design 2!”
Sam, Co-op Member
”Absolutely LOVE the Game Design program! It allows the computer 'geek' in my teens to play. The interactive screens and simple directions allow them to create their own computer games. The opportunity to test their additions and deletions provides immediate feedback as to what works and what doesn't. A great way to have fun & learn at the same time!!”
Beth F., Co-op Member
”My 9 year old son began Game Design 1 about three months ago. I have been very impressed with the entire experience. He was able to do the online recorded class sessions completely independently, and only required occasional help with his activities. The presenter/teacher is great - enthusiastic, funny, and very specific in all of his instruction. When we did require help, I emailed our questions and received VERY prompt help (often within the hour) from owners Justin and Molly - unbeatable customer service. He has now almost finished Game Design 1 and we are looking forward to Game Design 2 which we will start next week.

In the past my son has attended Video Game Design camp here locally as a summer camp. That experience was much more costly, only lasted a week, and was impossible to follow up with instructors for later questions.

This experience has been dramatically better - he has worked at his own pace, learned more about computers, and is very proud of the game he has created.

I think this would be a great co-op activity, with each child with their own subscription account on their own computer, maybe meeting periodically to do a module together and share their games.

I would highly recommend this class ( and have already) based on our experience, and feel it is a much better value than our previous similar experiences. We look forward to doing business with this company again.”
Jennifer S., Co-op Member
”My son, Noah says, Game Design 1 is really cool. His dad and he play on it all the time. Dad and I are learning a lot together. We cannot wait for Game Design 2.”
Kathryn C., Co-op Member
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