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Homeschool Buyers Co-op BBB Business Review

If you are like us, you are ready to give your kids a break for the summer, but you may prefer they do things that are educational as well as fun!

This summer, the Co-op has secured permission from some of our leading publishers to offer their products FREE for the summer. These are products that have received rave reviews from homeschool parents and kids alike. Many of them have won national awards.

Choose any or all of the great products shown below - absolutely FREE!

Enjoy, and please help us spread the word!

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I really appreciate this service. I was able to purchase Drive Thru History on a group buy and our family has really enjoyed it. We have finished Greece, Rome and Turkey now. I read my Bible with a whole new view now. I also purchased Lego Science on a group purchase. Although we haven't gotten a good start on it yet, we have worked through a couple things and have enjoyed it. This is a valuable service. I don't always check out the offers, simply because my budget won't allow me to purchase everytime there is something good up, but when ...(more)
Marsha Iddings, Co-op Member
Thank you SO much, this is a site that I know that I will visit again and again!!
Sarah K, Co-op Member
Thank you for providing opportunities to try many products on the free trial basis, and low cost. Your service is a vital part of making our homeschool experience interesting and successful.
S., Co-op Member
Homeschool Buyers Co-op is such a blessing to our family. We are on a tight budget, and through the Co-op we are able to purchase quality curricula at a price that is manageable. The Co-op is continuously looking out for its members, keeping on top of the curricula market and making sure that they can offer their members the best deal possible. My children were struggling with writing, spelling and math, and I was having trouble finding anything I could afford that would help them. Thanks the Co-op, not only was I able to find and afford cu...(more)
Laura G., Co-op Member
We have found amazing deals on curriculum we were looking to purchase through this site. We have also found curriculum we'd never seen before that we purchased on this site for a great price... And we've been pleased with everything.

I highly recommend using homeschool buyers co-op!
Jennifer S., Co-op Member
I heard about the Homeschool Buyers Co-op from another homeschooling parent's blog. I'd been searching for a specific product for my son. I was happy to find that you offered the product for a reduced price. The free resources have been a huge benefit to our family as well. Thank you!
Kristy B., Co-op Member
The issue that I have with HSBC is that they have too much to choose from and I find myself wanting to do everything with my children.
Julie E, Co-op Member
I adore the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! We have been able to purchase curriculum items that we never would have been able to budget without the Co-op. Thank you!
Christine M., Co-op Member
I do not remember how I stumbled upon the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, but I could not imagine living and teaching my children without them. What a wealth of resources and materials. They certainly give me the opportunity to purchase materials that otherwise would have been out of my financial reach. I am glad to be part of this family.
Daniel Inverso, Co-op Member
What a great help it has been to be a part of the Co-op! Not only have I found many great deals here for curriculum I was wanting to use or try, I have also actually found great curriculum here that I had never had experience with before! Their customer service is great if you ever have a question and they seem to connect with a lot of the companies whose curriculum we use. I highly recommend HS Buyer's Co-op!
Kim B., Co-op Member
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