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If you are like us, you are ready to give your kids a break for the summer, but you may prefer they do things that are educational as well as fun!

This summer, the Co-op has secured permission from some of our leading publishers to offer these homeschool curriculum products FREE for the summer. These are products that have received rave reviews from homeschool parents and kids alike. Many of them have won national awards.

Choose any or all of the great products shown below - absolutely FREE! In addition, we have four 30-day trials with special offers as part of our FREE for the Summer Promotion, too!

Enjoy, and please help us spread the word!

Homeschool Curriculum - Homeschool Planet Free Trial
Enjoy a FREE 30 day subscription to Homeschool Planet, an easy-to-use online planner that organizes your home AND your homeschool. 
Click here for more info or to BUY NOW.
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FREE! on Homeschool Planet Free Trial:
Homeschool Curriculum - HomeSchoolPiano Freebie
Does your family love music? Enjoy a FREE subscription to HomeSchoolPiano and start learning to play (through August 31, 2017). For grades K-12! 
Click here for more info or to BUY NOW.
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FREE! on HomeSchoolPiano Freebie:
Homeschool Curriculum - Discovery Education Streaming Plus FREE Trial
Enjoy the award-winning Discovery Education® Streaming Plus, the nation's premier, educational media content service, including videos and lesson plans, FREE through August 31st, 2017. For grades K-Adult 
Click here for more info or to BUY NOW.
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FREE! on Discovery Education Streaming Plus FREE Trial:
Homeschool Curriculum - Fab@School Maker Studio Freebie
Your child can design and create 2D, 3D models and more with a FREE subscription to Fab@School Maker Studio, a fun, easy-to-use design tool from FableVision (through August 31, 2017). For grades 3-8. 
Click here for more info or to BUY NOW.
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FREE! on Fab@School Maker Studio Freebie:
Homeschool Curriculum - IEW Free for Summer
Enjoy a FREE digital download and video course (through August 31, 2017) to High School Essay Intensive from Institute of Excellence for Writing. For grades 9-12. 
Click here for more info or to BUY NOW.
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FREE! on IEW Free for Summer:
Homeschool Curriculum - CompuScholar Freebie
Your child can learn to program this summer with a FREE subscription to a CompuScholar Online Computer Programming course (formerly known as Homeshool Programming) (through August 31, 2017). For grades 6 & up! 
Click here for more info or to BUY NOW.
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FREE! on CompuScholar Freebie:
Homeschool Curriculum - The Great Courses Plus
on The Great Courses Plus with over 8,000 engaging streaming educational videos to supplement your homeschool curriculum! 
Click here for more info or to BUY NOW.
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Free Trial Month + Save $20 on The Great Courses Plus:
Homeschool Curriculum - MathHelp Freebie
Need a math tutor for the summer? Enjoy a FREE subscription to (through August 31, 2017). Includes Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, SAT/ACT Prep, and more. A Cathy Duffy "Top 102 Picks" choice! For grades 3-12. 
Click here for more info or to BUY NOW.
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FREE! on MathHelp Freebie:
Homeschool Curriculum - CCC! Streaming Freebie
"Travel" this summer from the comfort of your own home with a FREE subscription to CCC! Streaming National Geographic Online Streaming with U.S. geography, around the world & more (through August 31, 2017). For grades K-12! 
Click here for more info or to BUY NOW.
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FREE! on CCC! Streaming Freebie:
Homeschool Curriculum -, an award-winning Online Early Learning Academy, features Reading, Math, Science, Art & More, including new mobile apps!
Click here for more info or to BUY NOW.
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Get Your First Month Free! on
Homeschool Curriculum - Monarch Free Trial
Try Monarch, an online Christian homeschool curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications, for FREE with a 30-Day Trial! A Cathy Duffy "Top 102 Pick"! For grades 3-12 
Click here for more info or to BUY NOW.
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FREE for 30 Days on Monarch Free Trial:
So grateful for a one stop shopping experience that gives me the best curriculum at discount prices!!
Susan, Co-op Member
My daughter recently recieved a microscope that I was able to purchase through the co-op. I was able to get her a much better model then I could have afforded without the discount - and now my budding scientist is looking at everything through new eyes. One day, if she becomes a great scientist and discovers a cure for a strange disease - I'll be able to remember this first microscope and how it set her out on her journey !!

I've told many other homeschool families about the co-op - what a great idea. Even just the free teachers ID's -...(more)
Jerzydeb, Co-op Member
I have been getting updates from HSBC for 5 or more years & really appreciate them helping me educate my children. We have not always been able to get program due to our internet service provider, but at least I knew the options were available.

Taking our children's education on responsibly is so necessary & HSBC has helped immensely! Thanks for all you do.

I regularly pass deals on to our home education group & other families.
Jennifer, Co-op Member
I have just recently joined and made my first buy. The price breaks were great but the thing that impressed me the most was the exposure to different types of educational items. I just purchased a beginners computer programming software. By offering the program, you gave me the great idea of offering this to my boy....I am hoping he enjoys it and I think he will. Thank you
Silvia K. Baker, Co-op Member
I wish I had found the Homeschool-Buyers-Co-op earlier in my homeschool career! I love everything it has to offer! I have told my friends about the homeschool ID, savings and reviews!
Linda, Co-op Member
I LOVE this co-op. It has saved our family a ton of money and also introduced us to many products we otherwise would never have heard of. The reviews are always spot on. There is a good variety of product. As long as I homeschool I will continue to use this site. The best part is that it is free to join!
J. Distel, Co-op Member
You guys are great at listening to our suggestions and then putting together some awesome GroupBuys! I've saved a lot of money on curriculum over the years. Still have lots of homeschooling years left so looking forward to many more Co-op deals. Thank you!!
Laura M., Co-op Member
I am so glad I found Homeschool Buyers Co-Op. The products are incredibly fun and engaging for my sons and make my life much easier as their teacher. The mix of online activities and videos that I've purchased so far have become my sons' favorite subjects. Searching for curriculum on my own was taking hours and hours with little results. Not only do I see a consolidated list of options through the Co-op, they come at incredible discounts that I could not have received on my own. Less time, less headaches and saving $$ - this is why I love th...(more)
Audra, Co-op Member
Homeschool Buyers Co-op is a great stress reliever for busy moms and dads to find great curriculum and lots of support. Tons of information to read up on and don't forget the freebies...Prices as well are great, cant find discounts like these elsewhere. I tell all that I come in contact with about Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Great place..
Mary Johnson, Co-op Member
This is a wonderful resource for homeschool parents. The Co-op always has a large variety of curriculum and the discounts are hard to pass up. Thanks ya'll for a great service!
PennyW., Co-op Member
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