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If you are like us, you are ready to give your kids a break for the summer, but you may prefer they do things that are educational as well as fun!

This summer, the Co-op has secured permission from some of our leading publishers to offer these homeschool curriculum products FREE for the summer. These are products that have received rave reviews from homeschool parents and kids alike. Many of them have won national awards.

Choose any or all of the great products shown below - absolutely FREE! In addition, we have four 30-day trials with special offers as part of our FREE for the Summer Promotion, too!

Enjoy, and please help us spread the word!

Homeschool Curriculum - Homeschool Planet Free Trial
Enjoy a FREE 30 day subscription to Homeschool Planet, an easy-to-use online planner that organizes your home AND your homeschool. 
Click here for more info or to BUY NOW.
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FREE! on Homeschool Planet Free Trial:
Homeschool Curriculum - Monarch Free Trial
Try Monarch, an online Christian homeschool curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications, for FREE with a 30-Day Trial! A Cathy Duffy "Top 102 Pick"! For grades 3-12 
Click here for more info or to BUY NOW.
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FREE for 30 Days on Monarch Free Trial:
Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you do at the Co-op. I am very thankful to have purchased the Auralog French curriculum at a price that would not have been available to me except through the Co-op. What a blessing. Thanks again!
B. Demers, Co-op Member
I can't tell you how much this website has helped to relieve stress. I am a newbie to the whole homeschool thing. I mean I taught my son everything he knew prior to him going to public school but I was a ball of nerves pulling him out. Your site, the freebies, and all the curriculum available was just what I needed to regroup. I can do this. Thank you for your wonderful site and endless amount of resources.
Tesha, Co-op Member
Thank you for all the work you do in making the Homeschool Buyers Co-op so great! We appreciate knowing that someone out there has our back in looking for great programs that can help our kids and our wallets. Thanks again for all you do!
Bukowski Family, Co-op Member
This co-op has been a life-saver. We have used several of the curricula offered and the price is what allows us to do so. We do not belong to any "school" but always make up our own curriculum from year to year so there's a bit of trial and error and it's far easier to stop using an item that didn't break the bank.
Dee Ott, Co-op Member
Thanks so much. Great site. Great info. Great deals!
Cheryl, Co-op Member
Thanks so much for all your hard work. You have helped me save not only money but time with having so many great offers in one place.
Katie A., Co-op Member
Every since I found my way to the Co-op the way I teach has changed. I can now use all the varied programs to help me teach better. My homeschooling has improved leaps and bounds because the Co-op works to bring very expensive programs to the home. As an individual, I know have access to many national and international programs that were only offered to school districts. The negotiations that make this possible are priceless. I began homeschooling in 2014 with my first grader. He has been assessed several times since then and recently scored a ...(more)
Petra & Peter, Co-op Member
I'm a long time special educator and have taught my lad in day to day life for years . I finally took the leap to homeschooling. Twas uncharted waters for me. However Homeschool Buyers Co-op made the transition seamless. They offer a myriad of products and plans with amazing discounts. Thank you , my son loves homeschooling and we both share our secret co-op with friends
Ken Robinson, Co-op Member
Thank you for making schooling easier, more affordable and fun for my family.
Michele ok, Co-op Member
Just wanted to let everyone at Homeschool Buyers how much I appreciate having such a great place to see, try, and find Secular and Non-Secular curriculum! I also love the daily Click-Schooling e-mails I have found wonderful free lesson plans and support. Keep up the great work, keep finding great curriculum offers!
S. Chase, Co-op Member
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