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Virtual Field Trip to See Butterfly Metamorphosis
This website provides a free video of the complete metamorphosis of a Monarch Butterfly...
Biology, Online Interactive, Virtual Tour A Butterfly in Transformation 3-8
Kids Virtual Tour of National Arboretum
Age Range: 6-14 (approximately, non-readers will need assistance)
ClickScholar Chris in Virginia recommended this website that offers a free virtual ...
Biology, Virtual Tour National Arboretum Virtual Tour for Kids 6-14
Ask A Scientist
Age Range: 5-18 (Grades K-12 with parental guidance and supervision) This website, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and Argonne National La...
Science, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Technology, Online Interactive Ask A Scientist 5-18
Online Visual Dictionary
Age Range: All (with parental supervision) It offers a free online Visual Dictionary. It's different from a regular dictionary. Instead of just word d...
Biology, Music, Technology, Foreign Languages, Online Interactive The Visual Dictionary 3-18
Virtual Field Trip to Eagle & Falcon Nests!
Age Range: All (with parental supervision) There is nothing quite so fascinating or educational as watching live feed from a camera trained on nesting...
Factory Tours, Earth Science, Biology, Online Interactive, Virtual Tour Conserve Wildlife: Eagle Cam 3-18
Virtual Tour of Bee Hive!
At this website you can take a virtual tour of a beehive and find out about the social structure of a bee colony through illustrations and informative...
Factory Tours, Biology, Virtual Tour CC Pollen: Official Beehive 3-18
Beautiful Images of Biological World
Age Range: All (with parental supervision) This website, created by Roger C. Wagner, vividly demonstrates how computers can be utilized to enhance bio...
Biology, Online Interactive The Exquisite Beauty of Life 3-18
Free, All-ages Cell Biology eBook & More!
Age Range: All (with parental supervision) This website, sponsored by Nature Publishing Group, offers The Essentials of Cell Biology, a free e-book c...
Biology, Online Interactive Scitable 3-18
Virtual Tour of Amazon Rainforest!
Age Range: All (with parental supervision) Michigan State University offers this free interactive virtual tour of the Amazon rainforest. When you get...
Biology, Online Interactive, Virtual Tour Michigan State University: Virtual Amazon Tour 3-18