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Note: We make every effort to recommend websites that have content that is appropriate for general audiences, but parents should ALWAYS preview the sites for suitable content.

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Wild About Reading
Age Range: 5-12 (Grades K-6)
A Maryland ClickScholar recommended this website, sponsored by Six Flags theme park and Weekly Reader, that offers free ...
Reading, Online Interactive Wild About Reading 5-12
Book Wizard from Scholastic
Have your children ever fallen in love with a particular book? Have they begged for more books like it? Do you wish you could find extension activiti...
Reading, Literature, Language Arts, Online Interactive Scholastic All
Children's Literature Coloring Pages & Crafts
Age Range: 3-10 (for pre-readers and early readers; a few ideas for more advanced readers as well)
This is a massive arts and crafts website that o...
Reading, Online Interactive DLTK's Children's Book Breaks 3-10
Free Audio Stories in Many Languages
This website offers a selection of culturally diverse children's fairy tales and stories that you can download and listen to for FREE in a variety of ...
Reading, Language Arts, Online Interactive BookBox 3-10
Free "Charlotte's Web" Lessons & Activities!
Age Range: 6-11 (approximately, with parental supervision) Today, July 11th, is the birthday of E.B. White, American author of the beloved children's...
Reading, Language Arts, Online Interactive Read Write Think 6-11
Free American Folklore Stories & Lesson Plans
ClickScholar Jill D'Agnenica recommended this website that provides a free archive of retellings of American folktales, myths, legends and stories. Y...
Reading, Lesson Plan, Online Interactive American Folklore All
FREE Audio & Video Literature for Kids - and More
This is a commercial website that offers quite a few FREE, educational audio books, MP3 downloads, and podcasts just for kids and teens. This review f...
Literature, Reading, Online Interactive Kids Learn Out Loud 4-18
Free Audio Literature
Age Range: 4-104 (As always, parents should preview content to determine suitability.)
Once again, I have a Maryland ClickScholar to thank for this r...
Literature, Reading, Poetry, History, Online Interactive 4-18
Free Audio Stories for Kids! (CSAW)
Age Range: 4-12 (approximately, with parental supervision) If you don't know about this website - you should. :) offers a treasure trov...
Reading, Language Arts, Literature, Online Interactive 3-12
FREE Downloadable Books
This website was sent to us by a Co-op member. WOWIO offers FREE downloadable ebooks and textbooks...
Reading, Literature, Online Interactive All
Free Easter Books!
Age Range: All (with parental supervision) Get a free, downloadable Easter-themed activity book. It contains games, riddles, Easter Word Sudoku and ot...
Holidays, Reading, Online Interactive *21 Easter Activities for Kids 3-18
Free Illustrated Antique Books & Zero Tuition College
Age Range: All (Mostly children's books for ages 4-12, but some books for teens and adult readers as well.) ClickScholar Theresa recommended this webs...
Foreign Languages, Reading, Drill & Practice, Unit Study Children's Books Online: The Rosetta Project 4-12
Free Interactive Educational Website
Toy Theater is a free educational website with interactive activities in the areas of math, reading, art, music, puzzles, and games. The activities on...
Educational Games, Math, Reading, Music, Online Interactive Toy Theater 3-10
Free Language Arts Lessons & Activities (CSAW)
Age Range: 5-18 (Grades K-12)
The amazing teacher and internet lesson provider Mr. Donn has collaborated with artist Phillip Martin to bring students...
Language Arts, Reading, Poetry, Grammar, Writing, Online Interactive PowerPoint Station: Language Arts 5-18
Free Listen and Read books for Scholastics!
Age Range: 4-10 (For emerging and beginning readers, with parental supervision.)
A Maryland ClickScholar suggested this resource from Scholastic, whe...
Language Arts, Reading, Online Interactive Scholastic Teachers: Listen and Read 4-10
Free Math & Multi-Subject Worksheets
ClickScholar Cie, who has recommended numerous websites for ClickSchooling reviews (let's hear it for Cie!), wrote, "This site has an excellent select...
Math, Reading, Educational Games, Holidays, Spelling, Online Interactive, Drill & Practice, Unit Study Super Teacher Worksheets 3-18
Free Math & Reading Courses
Beestar Educations was founded to serve kids in our community. Our math exercise programs are offered for free. Once you set up accounts, your child c...
Math, Reading, Online Interactive, Drill & Practice BeeStar 6-18
Free Multi-Subject Lesson Snips
I am continuously AMAZED by the educational material available for free on the Net. While this is not a multi-media site, it does offer free, multi-su...
Language Arts, Reading, Spelling, Math, Social Studies, Online Interactive Lesson Snips 5-13
FREE Online Magazine For Kids
A FREE online magazine written entirely by kids for kids called "The Bunk Room"...
Reading, Language Arts, Art, Online Interactive The Bunk Room 8-18
Free Online Picture Books
This website that allows you to look at children's picture books - in their entirety, from cover to cover - online...
Reading, Online Interactive Lookybook 3-10
Free Reading & Writing Activities for K-12!
Age Range: 5-18 (Grades K-12, with parental supervision) ThinkQuest offers this remarkable archive of activities to help students of all ages acquire ...
Reading, Online Interactive ThinkQuest: Write On Reader 5-18
Free Reading Activities & Lessons
Age Range: 5-9 (Grades K-3)
ClickScholar Nancy Hogan recommended this website that provides a well-researched reading program with hundreds of lesson...
Reading, Online Interactive Free Reading 5-9
Free Reading Lessons, Materials, & Resources for K-3
This website offers a free, multi-media, open-source instructional reading program that helps educators teach early literacy...
Literature, Reading, Online Interactive 5-8
Free Writing Study Guide & More
This site provides free study guides for a variety of subjects - and this review focuses on one particular guide titled "The Seven Stages of Writing A...
Writing, Reading, Science, Spelling, Online Interactive 7 Stages of Writing Assignment 12-18
Fun Reading Activities & Videos for All Ages
Age Range: All (with parental supervision/guidance) A Maryland ClickScholar suggested this innovative website, sponsored by the Goodwill Community Fou...
Reading, Online Interactive GCF Reading 3-18
Interactive "Elements of a Story"& More!
Age Range: 7-18 (Grades 2-12 with parental guidance) A Maryland ClickScholar recommended the Language Interactives section of the incredible Learner.o...
Literature, Reading, History, Online Interactive Language Interactives 7-18
Kids' Novel & Picture Book Activities!
Age Range: 5-12 (about grades K-7 with parental supervision) Can Teach is an ad-supported education website with lots of curricula resources designed ...
Reading, Online Interactive Can Teach 5-12
Literature Learning Ladders
Age Range: 5-18 (with parental supervision) This website offers literature-based WebQuests for grades K-12. WebQuests challenge students to use the In...
Literature, Reading, Online Interactive Literature Learning Ladders 5-18
National Homeschool Book Award!
Age Range: 8-17 (approximately, with parental guidance) Have you heard of the National Homeschool Book Award? It was developed by a group of homescho...
Reading, Online Interactive National Homeschool Book Award 8-17
News Resources For Kids
Newsademic is a newspaper for young readers and anyone studying English as a foreign language. Its aim is to educate and inform them about current eve...
Foreign Languages, Reading, Online Interactive 8-18
Free online paperback book swap club...
Reading, Online Interactive Rich Pickering / Founder 14- 21+
Reading, Writing, Spelling, & Grammar Games!
Age Range: 11 and up (with parental preview and supervision) This BBC website offers free interactive games that teach practical literacy skills. Alth...
Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar BBC: Skillswise 11-18
Rhyme Generator
A free rhyme generator. You just type in a word and in seconds you're provided with a list of words that rhyme with it...
Language Arts, Writing, Reading, Online Interactive Write Rhymes All
Stories From A Long, Long Time Ago
Age Range: 6-11 (with a separate page for ages 3-5, see details below) Children's book author, Rohini Chowdhury, retells a collection of timeless tale...
Language Arts, Reading, Online Interactive Long, Long Time Ago Stories 6-11
Summer Reading Programs with Freebies for Kids!
Age Range: 5-14 (about grades K-12, with parental supervision). Summer is here and many companies offer National Summer Reading Programs where kids c...
Language Arts, Reading, Drill & Practice Barnes & Noble Summer Reading 5-18
The Big Read - Free HS Literature Lessons & More!
Age Range: 14 and up (high school and beyond)
The National Endowment for the Arts developed this program and companion website to "create a nation of...
Reading, Online Interactive The Big Read 14-18
The Big Read - Free HS Literature Lessons & More!
Age Range: 14 and up (Grade 9 to adult - children, with parental supervision). The National Endowment for the Arts developed this program and companio...
Reading, Online Interactive The Big Read 14-18
The Bubonic Plague & Nursery Rhymes
Age Range: All (with parental supervision) This website offers the fascinating and surprising history of nursery rhymes. Did someone actually put thei...
Language Arts, Reading, Online Interactive Nursery Rhymes - Lyrics, Origins & History 3-18
World eBook Fair - Free Downloads!
ClickScholar Nancy Hogan recommended this website where you can download free eBooks (including children's classics and some modern and commercial tit...
Reading, Online Interactive World eBook Fair All