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”My kids (14 and 17) were very happy I switched to this program. We were using a program that -- while interesting -- was extremely dense with info on philosophy and the history of mathematics and very heavy with writing. This program is great for both my kids, who have various traits that can affect their learning: autism, reading difficulties, dysgraphia. It is done on the computer and is very straightforward and not too long as to keep my younger son from finishing the lesson. Dr. Margulies has a pleasant voice and the visuals are simple and correspond with the narration. The tests are sufficiently difficult and there are prep tools and help links for if they get stuck. If you want to track individual tests for your individual students, you would have to get more than one program. We will do this for the full Chemistry. For this Intro we have been doing the slides and tests with the kids together orally and via screen mirroring. My only criticism of the program is that I wish the screen with the visuals/slides would go full-screen on my Mac so when I use screen mirroring on our TV, the kids aren't having to see a bunch of other distracting stuff around the slides. Overall, though, we all like the program and I like that they are getting the science info while not having to struggle through a lot of reading and writing during science learning. They have been working on the Intro to Chemistry. We were testing out how they liked the program and will move on to the full Chemistry after this.”
Allison N., Co-op Member
”I am very impressed with the fast customer support and feedback. I sent them questions on the courses and received an immediate response that was not only helpful but also economical. They have a solid product.”
Susan, Co-op Member
”Fascinating Science is a perfect match for our needs. We have used Chemistry and Biology with two high schoolers and both have caught concepts well. Since everything is jam-packed into 20 lessons (or less), we supplement with projects and other resources to round out a year of science. I really like that every lesson has a quiz. My kids print that and and it becomes their record of online work.”
Michelle A., Co-op Member
”Finding a good science program has to be one of the hardest subjects for homeschoolers to find. Upon reviewing Fascinating Education Chemistry my kids really liked the layout and style if teaching. Some reviews I have read expressed concern that there wasn't enough material however I disagree. I just finished going through the entire program, assigning and breaking up lessons for the entire year. This course seems to me to be very thorough. It's meant to be mastered not sped through. There are some labs, we may add some of our own. One thing I especially like is the conversational tone of the narrator and how he anticipates questions the reader will have, explaining science in a thorough but simple manner. That in of its self is gold to me. We have seen too many programs that are overwhelming because of their layout or distracting because the language is too complicated. I feel the tougher subjects should be explained simply. When that happens there is retention and learning flourishes. We're excited to start!”
Jacky Parrales, Co-op Member
”We have used Fascinating Education for three courses so far and are signed up for our fourth, we love it. My son finds the lectures to be engaging and he doesn't get bored. The lessons are great.”
Regina Bishop, Co-op Member
”Our children have enjoyed learning science through this program. We have invested and experimented with several other science curriculums over the years and finally settled on Fascinating Education to get our children the credits they needed. They found this program easy to understand and were able to grasp the concepts through the videos.”
Linda D, Co-op Member
”This is an extremely professional product. It is very well thought out and logical. The lessons are easy to follow and explain complex subjects with ease.”
K Davies, Co-op Member
”My son is studying Chemistry this year with Fascinating Education. Since he has some processing disorders that affect his reading comprehension, the format of audio lecture coupled with visuals is perfect for him. He likes this class, and is retaining the information that he learns. This is my 7th time of teaching chemistry and I find the information to be concise, clear, and complete. I will use Fascinating Education again next year for physics, and have shared/will share this information with my friends!”
DeLena J, Co-op Member
”I was so incredibly relieved and excited when I discovered the Fascinating Education high-school science curriculum several years ago. We have used and are using all three of Fascinating Education's science courses--biology, chemistry, and physics--for our five home-schooled children. The courses have provided an excellent foundation for two of our sons' college-level science courses. FE's lectures are thorough and organized, and the post-lecture quizzes have helped us hold our children accountable for retaining (actually learning) information. My husband is a university professor in the sciences and is also impressed with the quality of FE's courses. I recommend FE for every family home-schooling through high school.”
D.C. Harris, Co-op Member
”Last year, my oldest boy wanted a bit more structured learning about biology and I found Fascinating Education on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. It was great to get a sense of the curriculum by trying out a lesson. It was perfect for my son. He liked it and learned so much from it, he asked me to do another, Chemistry. He is doing that one right now. I'm glad I found Fascinating Education.”
Kelly Jo Murphy, Co-op Member
”I purchased Fascinating Chemistry for my science-loving 3rd grader, and he loves it! The narrator (a neurologist) has such a warm and pleasant voice to listen to, and his presentations are thorough, easy-to-understand, and engaging. I highly recommend the program!”
Amy P., Co-op Member
”We purchased the Chemistry course for my 16-yr-old daughter, who is a visual learner. Although she is stronger in language than math/science, she really likes the program! The succinct explanations combined with the slides help her understand AND remember the material covered. We will definitely continue to use this program and look forward to my younger son trying it out next year!”
Gayla W, Co-op Member
”My son has not complained once about using this, which is high praise for him. He's learned quite a bit and the price is VERY reasonable. We have told several people about it.”
S. Martin, Co-op Member
”We have been very happy with Fascinating-Education Chemistry. I have a reluctant student, yet he claims this course is as clear and detailed as Teaching Textbooks which we have used for years. He is doing well with this, and is interested enough to do more than one unit per day!”
Virginia Harlow, Co-op Member
”This is the perfect science program for a visual learner; a relief from regular science textbooks that usually give one picture with a pages of print. We've tried books-on-tape and other alternatives for science and have had little success until now.

The content is set up for optimal cognitive learning for this age group. I appreciate this because my reading-challenged child can learn readily from this program as his siblings.

The pictures are fun and sometimes goofy - nothing offensive or slick. The visual cues "stick" in the memory so much better than traditional learning methods. I mentioned one character the other day and all three kids immediately knew what I was talking about, which launched us into a conversation. Even though I am not actively teaching the content, I am facilitating learning with the aide of this program.

The content is excellent. I'm in the medical field so I'm familiar with biology but I didn't learn some this until college. My kids are getting a head start!

We've never used a formal science study before. This program has been a Godsend because it gives the technical information in a way kids can readily understand and not overwhelm. I enjoy how the program goes from details to the "big picture" and connects the facts to everything learned in the particular lesson. It makes learning interesting and intriguing.

I'm thankful the program discusses various theories and philosophies without excluding or giving too much attention to one particular school of thought (i.e. evolution, big bang, etc.) That launched new conversation and awareness in our homeschool which I could direct from what we personally believe and what the secular world pushes as the only option.

We've already purchased the next in program in the series. I don't expect my 10 year old to understand or retain everything she is learning but it has been an excellent program for the older children and all of them are passing the unit tests with little difficulty. The children are more relaxed and comfortable tackling science-related issues now.

This has been one the children's first experiences with tests. I'm glad they are learning how to pay attention to the content (and not just what they are interested in). They are not learning just random facts but crucial facts that relate to the world around them.”
mandy, Co-op Member
”My 12 year old son seems to be enjoying the videos very much and believes he's learning a lot. This is one of the subjects he does on his own, without prodding from me. It's hard to find a science program that can capture a student's interest and I think this program does that.”
Shari Rosenman, Co-op Member
”This is an incredible curriculum. What a joy to have such solid science taught so conceptually and practically (with a dose of humor to boot).”
Jen S, Co-op Member
”Our daughter found the Fascinating Biology interesting and informative. We were very pleased with the product. She was able to work at her speed and level, could review as needed, and found it easy to understand, without being simplistic. We give it "two thumbs up!". I felt it was a thorough curriculum and was very satisfied.”
Danielle P., Co-op Member