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Before we got Family Time Fitness, physical activity at our homeschool was minimal at best. Now that I have specific lesson plans, physical activity gets done. My kids really like doing the different exercises and spending time with each other. It was a godsend to me. We will continue to use it.
Karen B, Co-op Member
Great program! I especially love the video links, that allow you to see how each and every activity is performed. Well worth the money.
Mark Struble, Co-op Member
This is working well for our family. The children look forward to PE. Our highschoolers are teaching the younger students and having just as much fun as they are.
D. Ryks, Co-op Member
The biggest surprise with Family Time Fitness is how much I (Mom) enjoy participating in it! I was pretty sure my boys (7,5 and 3) would love it, but I am pleased to report that I enjoy it as much as they do! It's super easy to follow and requires no prep work. It makes me feel like a superstar PE teacher!
Sara, Co-op Member
This is an excellent program. When I first looked at it, I had mixed feelings. I wasn't sure if the kids would enjoy it or not... but then we started. I actually started waking the kids up a little earlier in the day to make sure we had time for PE. I expected a lot of complaints. My kids are neither morning people, nor ambitious athletes. I was completely surprised! They loved it! Morning exercise is the best part of the day! Now we are trying to incorporate some of the other activities into an afternoon play time. I highly recommend ...(more)
JAL, Co-op Member
My kids love Family Time Fitness. It is challenging enough for my 12 yr old, but even my 2 yr old can follow along and take part. We love that it is all laid out and takes very little time to implement. That means we can easily squeeze it into our school day. I love that it can be done indoors, too. Living in N Idaho can be a winter wonderland, but on miserable rainy, windy days, I especially love this program so the kids can get some real exercise inside the house. We have very little room in our tiny house, but still manage to do most of the ...(more)
Jen S., Co-op Member
We have started the Family Fitness twice a week and really enjoy it. The exercises are easy to understand and a good mix of strengthening and cardio fitness. It is also great that they don't require a lot of material/supplies and space. And even when I am not able to do it with the kids, they can now do it themselves! I am planning to try the co-op fitness activities with our homeschool co-op when the weather gets better.
Ellen, Co-op Member
This was a great program.
R. Clark, Co-op Member
This is a really cool program. Great way to get your kids up and moving daily. The videos you can click on are great for me and my daughter to see how to do a certain exercise. My daughter finds this program a blast!
J. C., Co-op Member
I decided this year to try Family Time Fitness and we love it! My kids ask everyday to do PE. We do the majority of it in the living room but have gone outside for a few of the games. The exercises are challenging but easily accomplished. I have nothing negative to say about this product. It is great! We will certainly use this all school year.
Rebecca L, Co-op Member
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