The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Family Time Fitness to their home school curriculum. If you have used Family Time Fitness and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.


”We have just used our first lesson, and myself and my children could "feel the burn" after just the warm up.
My sons couldnt believe how much of a workout it was.
After playing "jump the rope", they proclaimed that it was challenging, yet fun.”
Audrey O., Co-op Member
”We signed up for Family Time Fitness through the Co-op and I am very impressed! All of us enjoy it and it is fun for us to put on music and do the workouts to it. My boys aren't ready to stop. It's extremely reasonably priced also. I have told all my friends about it and recommended they get it too!”
Jenny U., Co-op Member
”This is a really cool program. Great way to get your kids up and moving daily. The videos you can click on are great for me and my daughter to see how to do a certain exercise. My daughter finds this program a blast!”
J. C., Co-op Member
”This was a great program.”
R. Clark, Co-op Member
”We are using the Family boot camp workout and the kids are enjoying most of it. They have surprised me with what activities are their favorites. We have all improved our stamina and upper body strength. We will continue using this workout and will consider buying the yearly membership.”
Kristin, Co-op Member
”The kids have really enjoyed working out with these videos. I've been caught off guard a time or two when the little girl has been doing exercises behind me or outside in the yard while during free playtime. Pretty cute.”
Belinda, Co-op Member
”The biggest surprise with Family Time Fitness is how much I (Mom) enjoy participating in it! I was pretty sure my boys (7,5 and 3) would love it, but I am pleased to report that I enjoy it as much as they do! It's super easy to follow and requires no prep work. It makes me feel like a superstar PE teacher!”
Sara, Co-op Member
”We have started the Family Fitness twice a week and really enjoy it. The exercises are easy to understand and a good mix of strengthening and cardio fitness. It is also great that they don't require a lot of material/supplies and space. And even when I am not able to do it with the kids, they can now do it themselves! I am planning to try the co-op fitness activities with our homeschool co-op when the weather gets better.”
Ellen, Co-op Member
”Ok I have been using Family Time Fitness with my 10 and 11 year old. My 10 year old is behind in some of her balance stuff and leg strength. She had heart surgery when she was little and always been behind in her motor skills but this has really helped with her leg strength and coordination. My 11 year old has aspergers and is very uncoordinated but this has seemed to really help give me ideas and he has been able to do them and get more cordinated too.”
Jennifer Mize, Co-op Member
”I had looked at buying Family Time Fitness at regular price but I just couldn't find it in my budget to add it. I had read what a wonderful program it was and was so happy when Homeschool Buyers Co-op had Family Time Fitness for such an affordable price! My kids beg to do P.E. each day and I love that they are truly enjoying doing physical activity. I have seen improvements in their physical endurance and skills after just 6 weeks of using the curriculum. The lessons are easy to use and the video demonstrations are very helpful when needed. I highly recommend Family Time Fitness!”
K. McCreery, Co-op Member
”I love this program!! It has given me SO many more ideas for exercises! You don't even have to follow it to the letter, though it's certainly easy if you want to (the following part, not the actual exercises (-; ). You follow at your own pace, and it's always available when you need it, even to print it out. My favorite part is that each exercise has a very short video demonstration of it, which is available by clicking on the link to children performing it. My only complaint is that it took multiple emails to get the company to begin our subscription.”
Miliaz, Co-op Member
”This is an excellent program. When I first looked at it, I had mixed feelings. I wasn't sure if the kids would enjoy it or not... but then we started. I actually started waking the kids up a little earlier in the day to make sure we had time for PE. I expected a lot of complaints. My kids are neither morning people, nor ambitious athletes. I was completely surprised! They loved it! Morning exercise is the best part of the day! Now we are trying to incorporate some of the other activities into an afternoon play time. I highly recommend the program... It's well-thought out. It's accessible to everyone. And it the kids really enjoy it. Actually, I do to!”
JAL, Co-op Member
”Great for all ages of children and not too hard for is adults to participate. The kids love it! I was a little disappointed in the customer service. I never received the link after ordering and had to contact them twice and it took a couple of days for response each time. It was worth it though. Great price for happy kiddos!”
K. Reagan, Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed this program. It is easy to use and a lot of fun for the kids. I am happy because we are exercising as a family and it is so convenient because we can do it in our home.”
Jenny F., Co-op Member
”Before we got Family Time Fitness, physical activity at our homeschool was minimal at best. Now that I have specific lesson plans, physical activity gets done. My kids really like doing the different exercises and spending time with each other. It was a godsend to me. We will continue to use it.”
Karen B, Co-op Member
”Family-Time Fitness has been a great program for my whole family! We do it as part of our homeschool for my 5 year old son, but my 2 year old loves to join in too! The activities are just challenging enough, very diverse and super fun! I have seen a big improvement in my son's gross motor development and stamina after only using it for a few weeks. It is easy to modify for use in our living room during the cold winter months. We love it, highly recommend it and will likely buy their other programs as well!”
Jessica, Co-op Member
”Great program! I especially love the video links, that allow you to see how each and every activity is performed. Well worth the money.”
Mark Struble, Co-op Member
”My kids love Family Time Fitness. It is challenging enough for my 12 yr old, but even my 2 yr old can follow along and take part. We love that it is all laid out and takes very little time to implement. That means we can easily squeeze it into our school day. I love that it can be done indoors, too. Living in N Idaho can be a winter wonderland, but on miserable rainy, windy days, I especially love this program so the kids can get some real exercise inside the house. We have very little room in our tiny house, but still manage to do most of the activities without any trouble.”
Jen S., Co-op Member
”I decided this year to try Family Time Fitness and we love it! My kids ask everyday to do PE. We do the majority of it in the living room but have gone outside for a few of the games. The exercises are challenging but easily accomplished. I have nothing negative to say about this product. It is great! We will certainly use this all school year.”
Rebecca L, Co-op Member
”I am a homeschool mom, and I have a PhD in exercise physiology. I continue to teach university courses in exercise physiology, so I don't have the time to come up with my own curriculum. Even if I had, I don't think I could have done a better job. It is obvious that this program is well thought out, developmentally and physiologically sound. Coordination, balance, and strength among other aspects of physical activity are essential to having a full and happy life. My daughters think that this program is FUN. I like doing it with them as well. We can do it inside or outside. When was the last time you played freeze tag with your children? They loved it, and I loved it. I will continue to use this program for years. We are only in the beginning stages of using it since my daughters are 6 and 3. However, I can tell that they will be learning skills that they can build upon if they desire to pursue sports in a more organized way in the future. Research shows that girls who see their bodies as having a function to do work (i.e. run, dance, swim, etc.) rather than just something to be looked at have a much healthier view of their bodies. This program has benefitted us in that way already. Thank you!”
Christine G, Co-op Member
”This is a fabulous program that our whole family enjoys! The kids are having fun and mom and dad are also getting in some workout time as well. My husband and I love how this is brings us all together and is showing the kids how physical fitness is an important part of life. I don't remember jump rope being so hard though! :)”
Brenda G., Co-op Member
”This is working well for our family. The children look forward to PE. Our highschoolers are teaching the younger students and having just as much fun as they are.”
D. Ryks, Co-op Member