The Club welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Explode The Code Online to their homeschool curriculum. If you have used Explode The Code and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”My children are enjoying Explode the Code on line. It gives them a change from the normal pencil & paper work and challenges them. The instant feedback they get from earning reward definitely helps keep them focused on trying their best.”
Sarah, Club Member
”This easy-to-use program is sequential and is perfect as it makes sure each kid is getting what they need according to the data propagated by the answers as parents and teachers know just what skill to target. Awesome program!”
Vivian Nielsen, Co-op Member
”The assessment was so long that we had to quit, and then it didn't save our place, so I just guessed as to where my child would start. Other than that, I like that it is low stimulation and provides good repetition. My six-year-old is very able to do this independently which is awesome!”
Jessica S, Co-op Member
”Explode the Code has been magnificent for strengthening my child's reading skills in a way that works for him.”
K. Balley, Co-op Member
”Explode the Code has been tremendously helpful in providing effective learning exercises that promote reading skills while helping the child learn to focus in other important ways. We have been especially pleased with the results!”
Kathryn B., Club Member
”The reading assessment was very easy to administer to my child and provided valuable information on his current skill level. He loves the program and asks to "play" as a reward for completing his work and chores. I have shared this program with other moms in my area. We will continue to use this program!!”
Monica F., Club Member
”My kids have enjoyed ETC these past weeks. They look forward to doing Reading again in school each day. The assessment really helped place my self-taught reader in the spot she needs to work. It is helping my budding reader master the concepts and then pick up an early reader, happily surprised she can decode more than she could the week before. Thanks for ETC.”
Brandi S, Club Member
”We found Explode the Code with my second child and we loved it. Her reading has improved. Then we discovered that they had a website. We have truly enjoyed it. She is improving in reading every time she does it. Thank you!”
Dana, Club Member
”My son has severe dyslexia and this program has been great! He has been able to work at his own pace and it doesn't advance him until he understands the concepts being taught.”
Victoria, Club Member
”This program is excellent when used with the text. My child has struggled with beginning reading and this program isolates phonemes, blends, vowels, etc. My child struggled with repeating certain sections in the program; however, as we moved into readers he was excited to see he could make connections. It is excellent for auditory learners, and when used with the text it really does help support struggling readers. I can't say I use this as my only reading curriculum because I like to have a few things to help keep reading flowing, but we do use it a few times a week either after text or before the text. I will continue to use this because it helps to accomplish our reading goals, and it helps me to see my child's progress in the reports the program provides for me. I can't compare it with other programs because each program I use is different, but what I can compare is it covers phonics and foundation components of reading.”
Heather, Club Member
”I've been using ETC since 2003 In book form, but my youngest son needed something a little different. The online version has been just what he's needed. The rewards of different fish he received after each level encourage him to work harder so he can get the highest level fish. I really do like this online program. There's not a lot of wasted time. Thanks, Explode The Code Online. My son's reading/phonics awareness has improved greatly thanks to your program.”
Erin P, Club Member
”This program has been great for my special needs child. Manual dexterity is a problem and being able to do the work on the computer has been so helpful. My child likes it because I don t have to hover and make sure it gets done. The only con I have is the quickness factor that goes into the scoring. My child moves a little slower, not because of lack of understanding but because of dexterity issues. It is frustrating to know the answer but still get a blue or yellow because of slower mouse skills. Still a great program for us!”
J. Craig, Club Member
”I love using Explode the Code for its thorough and systematic coverage of phonics. I appreciate that my kiddo is getting clear, straightforward lessons that cover all of the reading and spelling rules, and there is no pressure on me to remember all the weird ones. However, I feel it is a bit heavy on the writing for my son--and this is where Explode the Code Online comes in! He is getting more thorough lessons and practice by using Explode the Code Online, and is progressing more quickly because he is not held back by how quickly he can write. He is able to do it on his own while I work with his younger brother, and I can check in afterward on my teacher access page to see his progress. I have been pleased with the quality and with the special price, and I will definitely consider renewing our subscription for next year and for future children.”
Ali, Club Member
”Explode the Code is teaching my four year old how to read and spell. He loves it and is so proud of himself. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with pre-k/early elementary-aged kids.”
Kirstin B,
”We've been using Explode The Code Online for a couple of weeks now with my Kindergartener and 1st grader, and it has already become their favorite of all our curricula. I was a bit hesitant getting something that is totally online for this age group, but ETC is laid out so well and it is so easy for the kids to follow, so I'm super glad we made this choice. I love how it adjusts the next lesson automatically based upon how they do on the current lesson. It recognizes when they have mastered something and moves them on to the next concept, or it recognizes when they need extra exposure and it continues to present the current concept in different ways until it is mastered. All this is done in a very fun way and the kids think they are playing games when actually they are learning very important concepts. The parent portal is also awesome and gives me great insights into how they are doing. I highly recommend ETC Online, and I'm sure we'll be keeping this as a part of our homeschool curriculum for years to come!”
Kat C, Club Member
”Explode the Code has helped our homeschool curriculum by reinforcing the content and lessons we are learning. Our kindergartener has excelled In his reading with the extra practice and asks to play it every day! He is very competitive and really enjoys the reward of knowing he has achieved excellence after each lesson. Plus he is aware when he has done well but needs more practice. As he is only a beginning reader I do sit with and observe him. ETC is a very comprehensive program which we will continue to use both online and with their books. Wonderful, wonderful curriculum! If you are thinking of trying it out you will not be disappointed. It packs tons of information and just the right amount of time. With the online version parents are given a portal that tracks your child's progress, giving feedback and material suggestions for areas needing more practice as well as examples. This feature alone is worth the investment!”
Karie S., Club Member
”My son has enjoyed using this program. I like that it has a simple layout with minimal distractions.”
D. Lea, Club Member
”This was suggested to me by a reading-teacher friend. It is very user-friendly, and my six year old picked up on it right away. I chose to use Explode the Code Online so that I had access to the entire range of content without purchasing an entire set of books. The graphics are a little "old school" and we sometimes laugh together at the pictures, but for anyone who has done traditional phonics programs, you'll recognize the style of illustration. One thing to keep in mind--Explode the Code runs on Flash software, which means that it won't be supported on Chrome browsers beginning in December. It works for now with Chrome, but at that point I expect to have to switch to using it on Firefox if there is not a non-flash updated version available.”
Kaitie G., Club Member
”Explode the Code Online has worked great for our family! There is no teacher prep to complete, and the program is adaptive, which allows students to spend more time practicing skills as needed or bypass instruction for skills already mastered.”
Amy H., Club Member
”My second-grade daughter was struggling with some gaps in her phonics, so I decided to try this to find those gaps and fill them in. She is very much enjoying it. We've only been doing it for a week but she is motivated to do it every day and is picking it up quickly. I like the teacher resources, telling me what she's done, what her progress is, etc.”
J. Hendry, Club Member
”My granddaughters love this program, especially when looking at their progress. It makes them read more carefully so as not to be tricked into picking a wrong choice!”
Therese R, Club Member
”We have used the Explode The Code books in the past and I am so glad it is available online and at a great price. My son has dyslexia and this program has helped tremendously.”
Emily G., Club Member
”I have observed great progress in my child's reading and spelling due to this engaging, fun, yet challenging tool.”
H Brit, Club Member
”This program has been the answer we were looking for. Our daughter has struggled to connect the dots needed for her to read. I purchased a few other programs and they fell short. I knew something had to be out there that she would be able to learn with. I am so happy we purchased this because she is reading now just after a few lessons. I am so happy. I have told all our friends who have children learning to read. We will use this for our children coming up. My daughter is so excited she is able to read. It has empowered her and she knows now there isn't anything she can't do given the right tools. Thank you so much.”
Tiffany Burgess mom of 7, Club Member
”This assessment was VERY helpful! With the results we were able to determine the areas that we need to concentrate on to help our son with his decoding skills!”
Alice G, Club Member
”We LOVE Explode the Code online! I ve been using ETC for 13 years with my older children, but this is so nice to have with my youngest child. He loves it and the rewards of different fish are great for him. GREAT PURCHASE, GREAT PRODUCT!!!”
Erin P, Club Member
”I have been using Explode The Code for two months now with my 8 year old and we love it! The program goes at his pace and his level. It is very well made and systematically teaches phonics and reading. Things are repeated if he hasn't mastered them yet or moves to the next level if he got it. He loves the content because it is fun and challenging at the same time. The only thing which I haven't considered before I bought it is that for some of the exercises he needs to use the keyboard. He was frustrated at first because the keyboard isn't in alphabetical order but he got slowly used to it.”
M Schmidt, Club Member
”This program is helping everyone from my 10 year old down to my 5 year old enhance their phonics. They love being able to use the computer and I love that they are working on reading at the same time.”
Emily P., Club Member
”I used to use the books but a friend said they had an online program. I can't thank her enough for recommending it to me. My son has fun doing the work and is picking it up so fast. My only complaint is that they did not update the pictures to more modern things that kids would understand. My son had no idea what an inkwell was and so he got that, and several others of a similar dated nature, incorrect. I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone with a young child needing to learn how to read. My son does tend to skip all of the intro videos because they are so slow but I don't blame him.”
Krista, Club Member
”We find Explode the Code Online a great aid in our Homeschool. The student learns phonics and spelling by hearing, seeing and doing.”
Beth H., Club Member
”My son enjoys Explode the Code and is retaining what he's learning. I currently plan to keep using it until he finishes all the books.”
K. Mckenzie, Club Member
”I'm thankful for the reasonable price for this program. I have foster children in our home as well as homeschooling my own, and it makes it possible to help them succeed. The children love the program so we have to set time limits. Thank you for making it possible to have this.”
Molly L., Club Member
”We absolutely love this program! Having a computer version makes it even more fun for my preschooler and kindergartener!”
Jenna M, Club Member
”We really like the online program. We have an active household with kids at different levels and nobody is at an age where they can work well independently (Pre-K,K,1st). This gives my kids extra practice and me solid feedback about their progress, and they can do it in their own, allowing me to focus on each kid individually as needed.”
Kristen w, Club Member
”Nice way to allow technology time, but to keep the content educational.”
Laura S., Club Member
”Explode The Code has been a great addition to our learning plan. The phonological format allows my son to practice target skills multiple times. We have seen improvements which have transferred to increased confidence in reading and writing.”
Robin B, Club Member
”I have always loved Explode the Code books. However, it got expensive to purchase each book for each child. When I discovered that ETC was available online, I was ecstatic! The children love working on the computer, and are excited to work on ETC everyday. I have seen a monumental change in their reading, specifically learning the short vowel sounds.”
Jessica M. LaBella, Club Member
”Reading has been a serious struggle for us. Explode The Code online is a wonderful resource. It is engaging and thorough. We especially appreciate being able to see, in colorful detail, the progress we are making. We are learning to read!”
Trina M., Club Member
”My kindergartener was truly struggling with blending sounds together during our reading lessons. This program has added just the right element of fun with the perfect level of encouragement to help her find her beginning steps to being a reader!”
Steph K, Club Member
”After using the Explode the Code books, the online format has been a great tool for independent review. I appreciate the straight forward phonetic approach and also that the graphics are not babyish.”
Amy C., Club Member
”We have both Explode the Code Online and the 2nd level books. My twin boys are 7 and struggle with reading. This is our first year of homeschool. At school they were taught common core and sight words, not much phonics, which was not working for them. We have been doing Explode the Code for 5 weeks now and I am already seeing a big improvement in their reading. This is the only program for reading I don't have to fight with them to do. We have tried Hooked on Phonics and All About Reading which I felt were also good, but I had to fight with them every time it was time to work on reading. This is the only one I don't feel like I have to drag them through. For us we have found the books work better than online but that's due to the fact that we live in an area where we have unreliable internet access. We will continue to use this all the way through the series. Because the lessons are so short you could even use this to supplement reading for kids struggling in school. I recommend this program to anyone who tells me their kids are having a hard time reading.”
S. Williams, Club Member
”My child loves Explode The Code. He had no interest in reading or learning how to read. I bought him Bob books, flash cards, went over the sounds etc, and he was not interested in reading. His teacher recommended Explode The Code and I thought we'd give it a try. We started with the work book, which he loved, and then hopped online. I finally found a product my kid enjoyed, and it s fun. I was so shocked he learned to blend words and read Bob books within minutes. We'll definitely continue to use this product and will do the same for my toddler when he's ready. Great product and I would definitely recommend it.”
M Faiva, Club Member
”My son had worked through most of another reading program already, but doing the lessons was a daily battle. And he was still sounding out the simplest words. We switched programs, but it still wasn't a good fit. Then he started Explode the Code Online. Within two weeks there was marked improvement in his fluency, and he was more confident in his abilities. I've tried two other online phonics programs, but this is by far my favorite. I appreciate a good online resource that I feel confident in because it frees me to attend to other needful things. But most importantly, reading lessons are no longer a battle. Now instead of complaining, my son looks forward to reading with me. I'm so happy with Explode the Code Online!”
Rachelle, Club Member
”Love Explode the Code. My son has had a hard time with phonics. This program has really helped him in his sounding out words and it has helped with his spelling. Highly recommend.”
Anita Hanckck, Club Member
”Great product. It has simple, straight forward lessons that practice essential reading skills. I like that it has effective reinforcing lessons, not glitzy loud video games.
It provides the lessons I would do with manipulatives if I had the time. It reinforces what you teach.”
Lauri Muse, Club Member
”Both of my boys have made wonderful progress with this program. I love the parent progress report, so I can see how they are doing!”
J. Campbell, Club Member
”This has been a good fit for my son. He is a slow reader and Explode-The-Code Online gives him the time he needs to sound out the words and remember them. We will be using this again!”
Julie V., Club Member
”Explode the Code has helped my son's reading A TON in just two short weeks. He's 7 years old and is behind in his reading. I've used ETC books with my three older children and they loved them, but this child was different. He needed something different. ETC Online is exactly what he needed and he has improved so much. I'm thrilled! Thank you ETC!!!”
Erin P, Club Member
”My son used Explode the Code to learn to read in Kindergarten. He learned so fast and didn't need another reading curriculum. We didn't use it for first grade, but than he kept begging me to get it again so we got it for second grade too. Getting it at the co-op saves us a lot of money. I recommended it to my sister in law whose son was struggling in reading, and now her son has improved in reading and takes books with him to read for fun. It is a great stand alone or as a supplement, and it is something kids can do on their own!”
Nicole Hansen, Club Member
”This is an excellent program for struggling readers. The program adjusts to your child to go as slow or as quickly as they are able. The parent page lets you see their progress. Each lesson earns a badge and my kids have been very motivated to receive bees and paper airplanes. For kids who just don't get reading, this program is excellent. Kids really need to know all their letters before they begin. This program doesn't teach that; it begins there and teaches how to decode the letters they know. I used the program beginning to end with my now 9 year old and am starting it again for my 7 year old.”
Lindsey Jane, Club Member
”I like the program. It is a little slow on the tablet we are using, but I think it is the cheap tablet. My child liked it. Unfortunately, I thought the full program was online, including the K level books. This was my mistake in reading the description. We had to purchase Get Ready/Get Set/Go for the Code and are using them first, but on an accelerated schedule as my child is already familiar with most the material but not enough to start the online program. I relied on the Cathy Duffy review that said it was a complete program with all the books, and it does have all the Explode the Code books, but not the "primer" books. I cannot wait to get my son to the point he needs to be to use it, because what I did use I loved (and so did he) and think it will work well for our family.”
Amber W., Club Member
”My son has been doing explode the code workbooks along with my instruction using the teachers guide. It has been going well. Adding ETC online has help reinforce what he has been learning. It's a great addition to the program.”
Rebecca, Club Member
”This has been a great reinforcement to the ETC books. My girls (1st and 3rd) love to get online and do their school . It also frees me up a bit to work with another child because they can work independently.”
Crystal C., Club Member
”My son is a 7 year old first grader who really struggles with reading. We started Explode the Code in the beginning of January, and he is making good progress. I think what I like the most is the program's insistence that he stay on the same material until he has mastered it. This is something that I struggle with as his teacher because I get caught up on the vast quantity of material there is to learn, but I also know that unless he truly masters the basics, all the more advanced concepts are not going to make any sense to him. Yesterday, he finally broke through his most difficult barrier and moved on to harder material, and he was so very proud!”
Ellane C., Club Member
”Explode the Code Online is the missing piece to my daughter's homeschool reading program. We were using Alphaphonics since September. She was progressing successfully, but felt bored. She had a few weeks where she resisted any information, and we hit a stand still.

Since introducing Explode the Code Online in addition to Alphaphonics, she looks forward to all of her reading lessons. She likes that she can do some of her school work independently just like her older siblings do. She says Explode the Code Online is fun, and I know she is reinforcing everything I am teaching her!

Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering such an excellent program at a price homeschooling families can afford.”
G Del Vecchio, Club Member
”We ve been using the Explode the Code workbooks for two years. I had concerns that my third grader - then a first grader, had some dyslexia issues. ETC was very effective for him. He quickly learned to read once we started the books. I ve since learned he is an audio visual learner and I wondered if the Explode The Code program online would be additionally helpful.
We ve been using it for about a month. I use the online program to reinforce the workbooks. And I love the scorecard feature. Helps me know what he s actually retaining and what needs work. I ve recommended this program to a number of friends.”
H Mercer, Club Member
”I have been very pleased with explode the code online. It is easy to use for my child to do on his own and the parent reports let me see what he is struggling with. I've used the books for many years but I am enjoying the online version in this busy season of life.”
Elizabeth D, Club Member
”We have been very pleasantly surprised by the facility and fun of explode the code for our first grader. She has picked up familiarity and with ease and joy reads compound words.We would most definitely recommend explode the code to any parent who has a desire to see their child's reading improve dramatically using a fun tool.”
Howard E., Club Member
”I really hate rote learning like spelling and reading so this is perfect for us in terms of concept. What I really really hate is the quality of the illustrations and how they don't give you a ton of information about how they progress kids. They say that the better they do the quicker they move and the worse they do the slower they move, but I'd love more information. My kids don't mind doing it and it takes a tedious task off my plate though, so overall I'm happy.”
Debra, Club Member
”I use it as a supplement to my child's regular phonic program to help and it teaches for me. He loves working on the computer and I did find some improvement in his reading. He is dyslexic and I find it helps”
Telesia, Club Member
”I am homeschooling 6 children. Two of those children were struggling to read. I asked for recommendations in a homeschooling group. The resounding answer was Explode the Code. So, I took the plunge. I am glad I did! They are both engaged and LEARNING! They have a long way to go, but the progress they have made so far is outstanding. I am absolutely encouraged.”
Elizabeth Zeigler, Club Member
”I purchased Explode the Code Online for 3 of my children this year. It is my kids' favorite part of their school day. I have the settings set so they can stop after 20 minutes. Today I had to make my son stop so others could get their turn. It is a major win in our home. It gives them extra practice with phonics and I can use the teacher's site and track weaknesses and know how to help them best.”
Amy J, Club Member
”I started this program a year ago when my 5 year old was showing interest in reading. I am a full-time nursing student and I didn't have the time to devote to helping her like she needed. I can honestly say, she wouldn't have learned to read without this program. She loved it so much! It was her favorite thing to do in her free time, and as a part of her school day. Thank you for offering this fantastic program, so those of us with complicated homeschool lives can continue on in confidence.”
Abby W., Club Member
”My 5-year-old son has been using Explode The Code for about a month now and loves it. There is a clear improvement in his reading and pronunciation since he has started. I love the teacher's dashboard. It helps me keep track of the time he has spent playing. It also lets me know how he is doing on each of the assignments. His favorite part is that he earns a badge after every assignment, not a grade. I will be happy to post updates in the future. But, if asked for my opinion, I would recommend this to anybody and everybody looking for a way to teach their child to read.”
Eddie Yakubovich, Homeschooling Dad
”This is the second time we have used ETC online with one of our children. Our son did not do well with traditional workbooks because he was not ready to move on. With ETC online, he got all the practice he needed to master the material before it moved forward. We are now using it with our daughter and we still love it! I just purchased a renewal so that she can continue for another year.”
Amy H, Club Member
”My 5 year old just graduated from a pre-k program this week. About 6 weeks ago, reading suddenly clicked with BOB books and we have raced through the first two box sets. I wanted my daughter to start learning phonics concepts along with the Bob books and after days of research, I learned about Explode the Code. We use the Explode the Code workbook to practice the concepts together and to practice good handwriting. My daughter uses the Explode the Code online program through the homeschool buyers co-op with COMPLETE independence. We have a six "butterfly or airplane" daily quota. The butterflies and airplanes represent good accuracy and speed scores. She never complains and the only reason we have a quota is because sometimes she goes so fast that she makes mistakes and the butterfly/airplane quota encourages accuracy over completion. She has actually gotten ahead of our workbook exercises with her independent work online. I love being able to check her progress on the teacher log in. The teacher log-in also shows time spent each day. Getting 6 butterflies/airplanes per day usually takes her about 12-15 minutes per day which I think is totally age appropriate. We finished the first workbook last week and my daughter is already working in book 2 online. Did I mention that we just started this about a month ago?! A child that could not spell anything but her name is now writing simple sentences by herself. It has been mind-blowing. And, this whole process has been exciting for her.

A few notes:
I will say that the first two sessions were more challenging because we had to teach our child how to use a laptop mouse to drag and drop. She caught on quickly and the unnecessary errors ended. Be patient the first couple of times your child logs on if they are unfamiliar with drag and drop.

I recommend not helping your child with the online lessons once they understand drag and drop and how to navigate. The two times I have sat with my child, I have been tempted to give her clues when she was making a mistake. The progress graphs are hilarious indicators that I didn't really help her by doing this. Since the system self-calibrates and repeats lessons based on performance, my help messed this up. Her progress graph would shoot up at a sharp angle the days I sat with her and the next day it would angle down just as sharply because my help made her artificially move forward too quickly when she was not ready. The system always corrected it the next day when I wasn't sitting with her and made me feel foolish. Bottom line, trust the system and don't help or keep your child from making errors.

Overall, we love this program and it is such a huge deal on Homeschool Buyer Co-op. I recommended this product to my child's pre-k teacher for children who are ahead of the class next year and need more challenging material.”
Melanie S., Club Member
”My 8 year old son is struggling with learning how to read. We tried the Explode the Code workbooks but he would get so anxious about the writing parts he couldn't focus on the reading. Since doing it online he has progressed with his reading. While reading books when he stumbles on a word I am able to say "you read this on the computer" and it comes to him.

He gets so excited when he gets answers right that his younger sister wanted to do it as well. Now he helps her with her account.”
N Anderson, Club Member
”ETC has been such a blessing to our family! My daughter who is dyslexic absolutely loves logging in every day. Learning to read has been such a struggle but this program I have to tell her it's time to do something else!
I have two new readers kinder age that love ETC also. My son who never sits well for any period of time asks every day to his ETC !”
T. Kusenberger, Club Member
”Our daughter loves "Explode the Code" online. This is our second year of using it and it has been a great encouragement to her. Her reading skills have very much increased!”
Mom of 2 Blessings, Club Member
”We have tried several workouts to do phonics learning with.
ETC online has been a money saver as one subscription gor us access to all the levels.
I have 2 children using it, my 8 yr old and my 6 yr old autistic child.
They love earning stickers as we call them for mastering each level.
It had been easy to understand and learn with.
I am so glad this was reccomendations to us.”
J.Crawford, Club Member
”My daughter is half way through 1st grade and still struggling to read. I debated for a long time before adding Explode the Code

-Daughter loves it
-It is a nice break from paperwork

-It is not a stand alone program- requires some other method to teach the material
-Does not know that the questions she gets wrong are due to a difficulty with b and d. It thinks she doesn't know the vowel that she is supposed to be working on.
- Even though it says tablet compatible, we ran into trouble with sections that require drag and drop

In spite of the cons, I do feel like this has been very beneficial. We will continue at least until our subscription runs out. We were already doing Abeka Language Arts and this is a wonderful compliment to that.”
MamaBear, Club Member
”I love Explode the Code for my 6 year old son. The online version (we use a tablet) works great for a busy Mom. It is user friendly so even young children can work independently. It also keeps track of their progress and makes adjustments based on their performance. My favorite part is the student report page that gives excellent information on each child's progress and even tips on how they can improve. Overall my son and I both love the program and he looks forward to "playing" on his tablet each day. The tablet version has a few glitches at times, but nothing that would keep me from using it or recommending the software to others. So thankful we were able to purchase this through the co-op!”
Jessica, Club Member
”My daughter has used Explode the Code for over 1 year now and we liked it so much we renewed our membership for this school year. I like how it verbally reinforces what they're seeing on the screen and helps with their reading! Overall, a great program, even for when my daughter is just starting to read.”
K. Laidlaw, Club Member
”Explode the Code has really worked out for us. My son had dysgraphia so taking the writing piece out of his phonics work really helps him focus on phonics! I appreciate that he can do this independently, as I have 3 other kids to teach. My boy definitely is having more fun with phonics than with the workbooks alone last year.”
Michelle, Club Member
”Explode the Code was recommended by our homeschool evaluator. My son is a struggling reader and this program has helped him greatly so far. He enjoys the lessons and he is also learning to work independently.”
Laura S., Club Member
”We've been using this with our 5 year old and our autistic 7 year old. I enjoy that it helps them be a little more independent. My 7 year old hates hand writing the words out, but he seems to be fine typing them in. So far we're very pleased and it meets our needs.”
Carolynn, Club Member
”We have used alot of different types of programs to aide our son over the years we have been homeschooling and this program was one that I thought about using, but something else came into view and I try it instead. This summer however I was very deliberate in my search for tools for his tool kit. So, I prayed about explode the code and a friend of mine had it in her home in the book format. Therefore I was thankful to be able to look through her books.The program looked clear enough and appeared to be something that wouldn't overwhelm our son. It promised to be user friendly in my attempt to buy the books I saw the ETC online I was elated. Because another parent and now a grand parent had recommended it. Because she had used it for many years I was sold. The reviews that I read did not do due diligence. They were outdated and far removed from what we would experience. Over the years we struggled with our son's ability to do phonics, read or attempt spelling in any shape or form. This was different, the ETC program built him up to it. One review talked about the need for the student to know how to type in a previous program. Immediately I was panicking because again. He can't read, write effectively or spell, then how would he be able to type as I contented with myself. My fears went out the window, because all the kids do is click or drag each item. I was tickled, but that was not the best part. The best part is that the program doesn't move them forward from book to book without giving them the opportunity to master the material. However, you the parent can move them forward to the next book or not. The greatest joy for us is prayers answered. Our son is moving along at a snails pace but it is the best snails pace we have seen. Because he is learning, he is remembering and he is employing phonics skill that he didn't previously have. He has acquired more from ETC than he did previously in any of the other programs we have used. I am praying that if any other parent is doubtful about this program based on the other outdated reviews please cast aside any doubt and give this a chance. If in doubt please consider my son have a learning disability and he is learning. This is an excellent program I am saddened I am just now ready to use it and mourn the time lost. But, today is a new day for us and this is a great journey thus far. My only concern is that I have only one year to use it. However if I am incorrect about this then I apologize for the error. With that said we will repurchase the program again next year if we need it. [Editor's Note: You can subscribe one year at a time for as long as you want.]”
K. Taft, Club Member
”My Son loves Explode-The-Code. He would spend more time on it, if I would let him. He is learning to spell and doesn't even realize it. I love how fun it is for him and how easy it is to use. We've shared this product with several other families.”
Gail M., Mrs.
”My five year old is loving ETCO. He thinks it's a game and has a lot of fun collecting the badges. I love that he can mostly do it independently so I can help his sister with her work. The online format works better for us right now because there isn't any writing involved, which tires him out a lot faster than reading. He loves being able to type out his words just like he sees mom and dad doing. We are really pleased with this, and I hope the Homeschool Buyers Coop runs another discount next year when our Explode the Code Online membership runs out.”
Jessica, Club Member
”As a busy mom, having the computer keep track of how they're doing in Explode the Code is a big help. They proceed at their own pace and practice again and again until they get it right. I can have them go back if I think they need more practice. With two boys who have writing blocks, not having to write their answers makes for happier students. It's a win - win for our family. So glad to have found it!”
Donna, Club Member
”My daughter was struggling with reading. A friend recommended Explode-The-Code to me. I am so glad I signed up! The program is easy to understand and my daughter is loving it. The combination of seeing; hearing, and typing out the words has helped her to become more confident. In the short time she has been using the program her reading ability has blossomed.”
W. James, Club Member
”I love explode the code online. We have been purchasing it through the co-op off and on for about 12 years-using it with all 5 of our kids in Kindergarten and 1st grade. We much prefer it over the explode the code books. Easy for the kids to use and tracks progress through the units, repeating key areas, if needed. Great value through the co-op!”
Cindy G, Club Member
”My 6 year old son loves this online program! It has made him excited about reading!”
Megan S., Club Member
”Explode The Code online has been a great addition to our curriculum. We have used the Explode the Code workbooks for years. The online version has the same great material with the added benefit of immediate feedback.”
Amy T., Club Member
”My 6 yr old has been working with ETC for a year now. After teaching him to read for 2 yrs total, he is now sounding out words and HE says HE can read! It has been a long time coming, but it takes some kids longer to be ready to read.

I originally got ETC to get him motivated; a computer 'fun' program that he could use, just like his older sister got to do. While ETC is a little more work than it is fun, it is a proficient reading program.

ETC is a good program - when you commit to doing it at least 5 times a week. It can be too repetitive, and the grading is whole user based - and it may end up grading your kindergartner based on the 1st or 2nd grade work he's doing - so there might be a lot more 'less than proficient' scores and more wasps than butterflies when the program steps ahead to the next level - and I think that poor 'grade performance' can be discouraging to the parent/teacher. However, you can see and print out the history of progress reports and see that your little reader is heading in the right direction. And it is a good thing to teach your child that it's not the 'grade' you're currently getting, but the fact that you're LEARNING that is the important thing.

All in all, I"d recommend ETC, along with Reading Eggs and Math Seeds, Sound Partners/Bob Books, and flash card learning of sight words, and the small early readers We Both Read and the Meet the Sight Words Series.”
Red House School, Club Member
”My son struggles in reading, so I thought we'd give Explode the Code a try. He enjoys the online lessons and likes earning the butterfly badges when he successfully completes a lesson. I'm looking forward to seeing how much his phonics and reading skills improve over the next few months!”
Carol D., Club Member
”My daughter loves ETC. The badges help her to feel accomplishment. There is no doubt she "gets" what is taught to her.”
JerseyMom, Club Member
”My husband and I ordered Explode-The-Code as a last ditch effort to get our 2nd grader to become interested in learning to read. As soon as our login arrived, she dove in a started "playing". In less than two weeks, she has started trying to sound out words in her books. Her skills level have risen and her confidence soared. She loves earning the butterflies and bees, often working for an hour or more, even after I've told her she could stop. We are really impressed with how quickly this program worked for her, and plan to order it again next year for our son.”
Lisa Baldwin, Club Member
”I love this program! It's motivating, rewarding and holds my son's interest enough to go through several lessons in one sitting. He has dyslexia and this program has been the only one we have found that has helped his reading and spelling. We just renewed for another year!”
Shannon A, Club Member
”I have a special needs daughter, that is mentally delayed. We have previously used Explode the Code workbooks for her, but she has to see a word many times before it sinks in. Explode the Code online is working so much better than anything else I have ever used, because it tracks her progress, and keeps repeating the work until she gets it. I feel like we may now have a chance at her becoming a reader!”
Romona B., Club Member
”I purchased Explode the Code, through the co-op here recently. My son has dyslexia and has struggled to get to where he is now. I started him at level 1 and moved him up after making sure he already knew all the info in the level. He has already finished several phonics programs before this, but most of the rules were not sticking. I am excited to see him progressing each day with Explode the Code. I also like that you can go straight to the assessment test for each level, so your not wasting any time.”
Sarah B, Club Member
”My son really likes Explode The Code. The program is great because it keep presenting the material in different ways until your child gets it down. We have tried Reading Eggs several times, and my son gets bored. He stays alert with Explode The Code. I like the program so well I have sent email links to my friends and family that homeschool their children.”
K. Carrasco, Club Member
”My 9 year old son was still really struggling to read. I bought this as a fun way to get some extra reading practice in. Most of the time he really enjoys it, and is motivated when he gets the highest badge at the end of each round. I already see improvements in his reading and confidence in approaching an unfamiliar word. I am hoping to see continued improvement is his abilities in the coming months.”
Lisa T., Club Member
”I have 9 year old twins and they had a hard time picking up reading. We started using ETC when they were 8 years old and it changed our lives. We have used what seems like every other program out there. This one was fun and they learned so much and we're able to retain the information. I love that it is online and the program decides when they have mastered it. I am ableaving to step back and let them learn.”
Sue Manning, Club Member
”I am using this curriculum for my 6 year old daughter. She loves going on the computer to do her phonics time and if anything it's hard to get her off of it! I love that it keeps at her pace and she progresses through as she is ready. We have used the paper version with our other kids and it's the same thing. All around 2 thumbs up from this homeschooling Mama!”
K. Laidlae, Club Member
”We start our homeschool morning with Explode the Code online. It's easy to use touch screen format and it's positive reward system make it an activity that all three of my young children enjoy doing on their own. The online version is more colorful and less expensive than the older paper version.”
Anna H., Club Member
”I bought the subscription for my 8 year old son. He is reluctant to read and/or do schoolwork. He would rather be outside playing and is always moving, so it is difficult for him to sit down and focus. He is a pleasant child and somewhat compliant, so he does sit down with ETC for me when I remind him (and I remember!) So far he likes it after he gets going. He is successful and likes the butterflies as assessment. I like that it is broken down into manageable chunks of material so he can be working for a few minutes, or if he is feeling particularly studious, a larger amount of time. He is meeting success and I think it will have an overall positive effect on his reading ability. He is an average to below average reader right now, but I suspect he will be average to above average with the use of ETC.”
MC, Club Member
”My 5 year old loves this program. It's interactive and appealing without being overloaded with graphics, so that the focus stays on the language-based lesson content. Finally, a program that teaches skills at a developmentally and age-appropriate level and puts the emphasis back on systematic, progressive phonics instruction, where it belongs. My reluctant reader is no longer turned off by the mention of reading, because he sees himself making progress, as do I through the highly detailed post-lesson assessments. As a former K-5 classroom teacher and now homeschooling parent, I am pleased to have found a program that is the mainstay of my emergent reader instruction. I plan to use this in a few years again with my youngest child.”
Heather C, Club Member
”We started using ETC online for my 4 (almost 5) year old. After just one week, she is officially a READER!!! She LOVES ETC and winning the buttons. To see her accomplish her goal to learn to read in such a short time and all while having's just awesome!”
Keara Hilton, Club Member
”We have been using Explode The Code for about 8 months now. My 7 yr old has struggled with learning to read but enjoys the program a lot. One option I wish the program had is the ability to turn off the feature that reduces a child's score due to the amount of time it takes them to give an answer. Because I have a struggling (most likely dyslexic) child I'm not concerned with how long it takes him, only that he gets the correct answer. Overall I like ETC and will continue to utilize it in my homeschool.”
Jennifer J., Club Member
”I have used the Explode The Code series to teach my youngest child to read and loved it, so I was really excited when I heard about Explode The Code Online. It's great. I can get my younger children to do their phonics work without having to drag them through writing it out on the work sheets. That saves me time and makes my day a lot easier. They love to "play" the game and that also makes my day go better. I have the confidence of knowing that they are learning. I can monitor their progress and I see improvement n their reading skills. I love this product and I tell people about it all the time.”
S. Pickens, Club Member
”I love the tracking system! My child is improving and he gets excited when I show him the graph. I have told many people about ETC online and I will continue to use it.”
K. Jones, Club Member
”My son feels like he is playing a game even though he is learning with Explode The Code. I have talked about it in our homeschool group to other moms with children learning to read.”
April M., Club Member
”My 5 year old loves explode the code on iPad! It gives him a break from the books & he thinks he is getting to play but still learning! Win win for teacher & student.”
Mom of 3 boys, Club Member
”We have used the workbooks in the past but explode the code on line is so much more. The variation of ways taught and hearing the sounds and words helps them retain what they are doing.It is basic and simple without all the silliness in some programs. The children enjoy the insect rewards at the end of each set. they really like trying to get the airplane which is a challenge. We hope to continue through all 8. We have told others about it.”
Daisy, Club Member
”My kiddos love Explode the Code. It is a great way for them to grow in their Phonics skills! They also enjoy the reward games they get to play afterwards when they finish their lesson and I know it has helped them establish a great foundation for their reading skills!”
Ruth, Club Member
”We are using ETC online for our morning work routine every day. I like the real time information it gives the parent and shows the strengths and weaknesses of the student. We will continue to use it this school year.”
Katie F., Club Member
”We tried the workbooks this year for the first time, one day I caught my daughter looking back at a previous page to find the answer, which told me she wasn't mastering the material, We tried the web version for a different style that would force her focus on the sounds and words being presented. It has worked great, no complaining. I love how i can set the daily requirement so we can pace ourselves through the material.

My son also is using it, and its great for him because she struggles with hand writing and fine motor skills and doing this on the computer allows him to focus on the reading and phoncis and not forming the letters to write the answers.

It gives some variation to our school day to have some requires computer time versus all table work. Its a win in our house!!”
Cynthia, Club Member
”My kids have been doing explode the code for many years. we decided to try the on-line version. I have a big household so it has been great because the kids can do it on their own. the kids also enjoy it and will do more then if they were working in the workbooks. The only down sides for us have been, they don't do writing with it and I have to come and skip lessons occasionally, because it doesn't load right sometimes. All in all I've been happy and do recommend it.”
Holly, Club Member
”We made the switch to Explode The Code online from the phonics we were doing because my daughter is an advanced reader, but her attention span to sit and write lots of answers didn't match her reading level. We had never used an Explode the Code product prior. My daughter likes it, she enjoys typing and having the subject on the computer instead of on paper like most of her other subjects. I like how it assesses her and places her back on a lesson if she struggles. I do wish that assessment was based more on correct answers and less on time. Sometimes my daughter cycles through and they have her do a lesson again because it took her a while to complete because of the distractions in the house, but she got answers correct. It is repetitive, each lesson is the same setup with different content, I don't love this, but my daughter is a creature of habit and it doesn't seem to bore her.”
LynsMcD, Club Member
”My newly 6 year old is thoroughly enjoying using ETC each day. He often asks if he can play the "game" during quiet time. He's been using it for a few weeks now and just last night volunteered to read not one but 3 bedtime stories. He is usually reluctant but is getting much more fluent after using ETC online! Thanks for the opportunity to use it at this discounted rate. We wouldn't have considered trying it otherwise. :)”
Marci, Club Member
”Currently, two of my children are using Explode the Code online, and I have plans for another child to use it as soon as the first child "graduates" out of it.

Explode the Code online is taking my son back to cover over and over again his weak points. With all the repeating, he'll strengthen his spelling and decoding skills for sure!

My son had finished Book 7 of Explode the Code, but definitely had weak areas due to the limited amount of practice provided by the books. Explode the Code online gives him all the practice he needs to conquer his weak areas without me being the one to point out his failures.

I've used Explode the Code books with all 6 of my children and am thankful to find it available online now to use with these youngest three.”
Donna, Club Member
”I was debating getting the ETC workbook or going with the online version. For our family, I like having it online. I give my daughter the iPad after she's done with her other work, and it's like a game for her (since we don't do much screen time). There's never any complaining about ETC. I also like that it not only teaches word recognition, but also helps them break the words down and start understanding spelling concepts. This supplements our reading program nicely. I'm glad we have a year subscription, and I have recommended it to other homeschooling moms.”
Susan, Club Member
”My 6 & 8 year olds have been working through the ETC workbooks and we decided to switch to online. I have been very happy with the results. It gives a comprehensive report to the parents, along with suggestions for additional practice that we have implemented. My children are mastering the material better with the onine program. (The one thing with workbooks is that the children get additional hand-writing practice, so I have made sure the kids still get plenty of writing, despite not using the workbook format anymore.) This is the very first on-line curriculum I have used with my children and we are pleased!”
Karen F., Club Member
”I bought this for my son who is going into second grade. His spelling is questionable, and his reading could use some improvement. He is currently wrapping up 'book2' of the online explode the code and I can say I have already seen improvement in his spelling and reading comprehension skills.

My son is not a sit down and do school type kid, so he loves the 'stickers' he earns at the end of each section. I tell him how many stickers he needs to finish with that days explode the code and he works hard to earn them so he can go play. I love them because I can tell as I walk past the computer how far he is gone, how well he is doing, and how long he will be before he wraps it up.

I would say we are very pleased with our explode the code purchase.”
M. Svik, Club Member
”My 6 year old son is enjoying Explode the Code online program. He doesn't complain or whine about doing it. I like the fact I can do kitchen work as I listen to the computer prompts and quickly realize if he is having difficulty. I would recommend this program for energetic little boys who cannot sit down very long for reading/phonics instruction. :)”
Belinda Reaves, Club Member
”My son has been using it for a month and we love it he is writing out sentences because of this program!! Very pleased!!!”
Elizabeth C, Club Member
”This program has been an answer to prayer in many ways. Not only has our daughter's confidence in reading grown, but also her love for it as well. She is eager to use the program each day and gets excited when she receives the incentive buttons. :)”
H.R., Club Member
”My kids have really enjoyed explode the code online. It has review programmed right in their lessons so they don't move on until they've mastered the lesson. This was recommended by a reading specialist to me and is really working for my struggling son.”
Tam F, Club Member
”I purchased this for my seven year old who was struggling with reading. He has loved playing/working on the Explode the Code computer version. We have used it on both the iPad and the computer and both work great. He typically uses the iPad because he can play it anywhere. I can already see a difference in his reading. He is decoding words much better.”
Lori White, Club Member
”I cannot say enough good things about this program. I am now using Explode the Code online with my third child who asks daily if she gets to go on today. All three of my children are reading above grade level. I could not be more pleased with their reading progress or with this product which has been a large part of that progress.”
Brenda Schindler, Club Member
”We've seen surprising improvement in our 5 year old's already fine reading ability and speed. His grandparents noticed the change in just a month.You should be able to finish all 8 books in the program in about 4 or 5 months, doing 5 or 6 games per day (15 minutes total per day). Our son does feel it's a bit repetitive (there are only about 8 different basic game types, repeated with different words) but we encourage him because the results have been surprisingly good. Thank God for this and Leapfrog's Letter Factory.”
Adam F., Club Member
”We have started it recently so I can not say how well it will help our daughter read but I can say she enjoys the format and it catches her "lazy" habits. The button system encourages her to process rather than guess which is one of our biggest issues with reading and spelling.”
Kayjay, Club Member
”We love Explode the Code online. I used it with my oldest daughter. It dramatically improved her reading skills. She now reads above average for her age. I am currently using it on my youngest. She enjoys it, and is learning so much!”
S Bradley, Club Member
”My children love this online program, and I love how it lets them tackle things at their own pace. The badge system makes it very easy for me to set definite accomplishment goals - like work through 10 badges a day. The system itself gives out the rewards - lady bugs and bees aren't desirable to my kids and they jump with joy when they manage to get an airplane. The immediate feedback is awesome.

On the teacher-side, seeing the reports of where they are struggling and getting suggestions on how to work through things with them is invaluable!

My oldest, a struggling reader, has been making steady progress and has actually started reading street signs and other things. His whole world is opening up thanks in large part to ETC.

I have the workbooks too, but this online system repeats the lesson as many times as the children need to do it, and there's also the immediate feedback and semi-independent work (freeing Mommy to get other things done)! LOVE the online system.

Yes, we will continue to use this system throughout the year and I'd love to recommend ETC to anyone in need of it.”
Deb Buck, Club Member
”My two sons could speak English but not read a word as we lived in a foreign country until now. The program was systematic, fun, and educational, and they enjoyed working their way through it, tracking their progress and appreciating how they could now read English with increasingly greater fluency.

My family feel happier and more confident. The kids are positive. it is much better than free programs and cheap programs we have tried. We will continue using it and I highly recommend it. I've encouraged three other people to use it. Reading builds fluency, understanding and a deeper ability to have good relationships with family members, because you have the words with which to work things out. and you understand a bit more about the world outside of yourself.”
Rachel G, Club Member
”We've done 4 books of Explode the Code, but signing on to the online edition is what really helped my granddaughter to sound out words when she's reading. We will stick with this for a while longer, for sure.”
Virginia Harlow, Club Member
”My daughter is really becoming a great decoder. Also, she almost always gets her spelling words correct before we go over them now.”
B Grieshaber, Club Member
”I love the online ETC. I use it in conjunction with the book versions. My students start using it at age 5 (Kindergarten) and they do a few lessons a day without getting bored with it. It now works with the iPad making it even more convenient.
I have experienced some technical difficulties with different versions however their tech support is great and will work with you to troubleshoot the problem”
Shay J., Club Member
”My daughter was already using the Explode the Code books when we found out about ETC online. We have been thrilled with this experience, and it seems to help my daughter more fully understand the words she is being introduced to in the book. She looks more forward to doing ETC now! Thank you!”
Michelle Figueroa, Club Member
”I had been looking for a computer program (game) to reinforce phonics with my youngest son. I didn't even know Explode the Code made a computer version until I joined the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! This works great for us as I can work with his older siblings while he practices phonics. He plays a couple times a day and even asks to do it on the weekend. Of course, I always say yes!”
Michelle, Club Member
”Explode the Code has helped my son with phonemes and word fluency. It seems like after two days of using it, something just clicked. We will continue to use it in the future. Overall, it's a great program and I'm glad that we found it.”
J. Brown, Club Member
”Explode the Code online is a great program! I love the embedded assessments that demonstrate how the child is doing developmentally. The program is highly structured and engaging. My homeschooled daughter loves that it is technology- based. As a 12 year teacher veteran of middle school reading, I know that this program more than get's the job done.”
Lisa T., Club Member
”Explode the Code has been extremely beneficial in helping my struggling reader and my beginning readers. I have used the program in book form and the online version and much prefer the online version. The children do not move on until the skills have been mastered and I appreciate the feedback it gives me on their progress.”
Patricia Anderson, Club Member
”I have used Explode the Code online in addition to the books with all 3 of my kids. It has been the best complete program I've found. I'm using it right now with my youngest, who has been a reluctant reader, and she begs to do it. I recommend this to everyone!”
Dyann Powell, Club Member
”I have used other programs but felt either they weren't well organized or offered too many distractions (shopping, games, songs, etc.). Explode The Code is very organized, in fact the program is able to continuously evaluate my child and will only allow her to move forward when ready. This program does offer rewards in the form of tokens. That may not sound so great but I exchange the tokens for coins. My daughter is more than thrilled with this exchange because she gets to save and shop later. It also helps that I don't have to be right next to my daughter and can help my other children while she's using Explode The Code. I use this program in conjunction with their workbooks, just to switch up. My younger daughter uses the Get Ready For The Code workbooks and is looking forward to ETC. I love the program, my daughter is definitely learning to read and spell!”
Joann J., Club Member
”We have used the textbooks for Explode the Code in the past and really liked them. My kids LOVE anything on the computer, so Explode the Code online is perfect for us. I have a daughter that struggles with reading, so this has been perfect to start back at the beginning and strengthen our weak areas. All three of my children use Explode the Code online now (ages 5, 7, 9) and they all look forward to it every day! Would highly recommend!”
Crystal W., Club Member
”I used the book version of Explode the Code with my son, starting when he was 5. I like the books but was getting a bit tired of correcting it myself (I homeschool 4 kids so time is limited). He is now 7 but about a half grade level behind so ETC is still helpful for him. He spends about a half hour a day all by himself with the online version and is covering more material, more quickly with the dynamic scoring.”
HomeschoolingJD, Club Member
”Explode the Code online is great! Our daughter is progressing and learning quicker than if I was teaching her!She enjoys it.”
Ms Kay, Club Member
”I have used Explode the Code in the past and was pleased to be able to purchase it through the Co-op. The program provides great phonics practice. My son especially enjoys the fact that is on the computer.”
D. Meyers, Club Member
”Both of my children have used the online version of Explode the Code and love it. They can't wait to earn airplanes and just try harder to avoid bees. Both of them show improvement quickly and I think the auditory as well as visual nature of it engages them. Add in the tactile nature of typing or using a mouse, and we have all learners covered. I love this program.”
Kathryn M., Club Member
”My daughter loves the online version of Explode the Code. The struggle of having her do her workbook pages is over! And the online version goes back and reviews the lessons she still needs to work on. It is so much easier than seeking out worksheets to help with those problem areas!”
K. Drake, Club Member
”Explode the Code has been an AWESOME addition to our homeschool curriculum this year. Both my boys (4th and 1st Grade) look forward to it and ask to do it in their free time. We couldn't have afforded it without Homeschool Buyers Co-op so thank you so much! I have told others how much we love it as well!”
Ruth L., Club Member
”I having been using the ETC workbooks for years with my children and liked them. I love the online version even more! My son whom we adopted from China a year ago is ten years old. His reading in English is making huge strides using ETC online. I highly recommend it!”
Leslie, Club Member
”I am using this program for my daughter with special needs! She has Down syndrome. She is getting far more from the computer program than she did the workbook. It helps engage her more in her learning experience. I appreciate it can be done again and again until it is mastered.”
Penny Tocheri, Club Member
”I have a first grader who loves computer work, and this is the first year that almost all his schoolwork has been on paper. Explode the Code gives him some phonics practice in a mode that he loves, and I can easily glance over and see if he's doing a good job by checking for butterfly badges. It's also something he can do while I'm teaching his sister or handling other responsibilities. We love it!”
Kim S., Club Member
”My son loves this online program. Instead of having book work for every subject he loves that he can play on the computer. I have it set up where he plays for 30 minutes and then a play button appears. 1. So he knows he is finished and 2. He can be "rewarded" to play one of the games that pop up if we have time.”
N. Anderson, Club Member
”Our son had gotten it in his head that he was stupid and couldn't read because of a bad experience in school. Truthfully phonics is not my strong suit so I didn't feel like I could teach him the best way or the easiest way. I purchased Explode the Code for him. He was not excited at all and there were tears the first couple of times we sat down together. But tears have turned to smiles!!!! We do 10 min a day together. He does the work, but I sit with him for encouragement. He's a different kiddo!! After 3 weeks he is reading better, but more importantly he has confidence that he can read. That's the biggest difference and what makes this momma smile!”
Natalie, Club Member
”My daughter (1st grade) has really enjoyed working with this program. Sometimes she gets wrong answers just because it's really unclear what the program is looking for as the right answer, so I don't take complete stock in her scores. However, there have been many times when we were reading together and she would say, "I know that because of Explode the Code."”
Jen, Club Member
”This really helped my 4th grader to read better & now I am using it for my 6 & 4 yr olds. We really like the program, it is set up well to help reading.”
Trish E, Club Member
”Explode the code online has been a huge benefit for my family. The online program tracks the children and will back track them when they are not showing that they have actually mastered the content. This insures that the children do not go through the motions, with out mastering.

The online I feel is better than the workbook. My son completed the first 2 workbooks, but took over a month to master book 1 online, showing that he never actually mastered it.

I also love that the program automatically sets the work and dictates where they work, making it not required for me. The reward system has been a huge help in our home. Instead of requiring my children a set time or set of units, I can require a set numbeR of butterflies, encouraging them to do their best to get done.”
Trish h., Club Member
”I think this is a great program. I do wish the program gave an assessment at the start so that it would know exactly where to start my daughter. She enjoys the practice.”
K Holden, Club Member
”My Kindergarten boy is so excited anytime he gets to use the computer, so using this program is a plus. He loves earning stickers and rewards after lessons. I love that he can learn independently to reinforce what we work on together. I've used ETC workbooks with my older kids, but this is offers great flexibility and added fun to our lessons.”
Jenny K, Club Member
”Explode the Code (online version) has been a true blessing in our family. We are reserved about how much computer time our children use. However, with five kids two of whom are still little, I needed something to improve my 3rd DD's reading skills. She had fallen way behind. With such a big and busy family, I needed to outsource some help with her reading. Explode the Code, has been that help. With the online version, she is excited to spend some time on the computer, and it is fun for her. It has helped her with the basics she has needed and has jumped the hurdle to becoming a true reader. As with all readers, there is that initial hurdle you must climb before you can become an independent confident reader, and read for enjoyment. Explode the Code has been the answer in our busy family.”
Jenifer K., Club Member
”I like Explode the code. My first grader uses it. It is our first time with an online program. I am finding that it requires very quick responses in order to receive the marks, even if the answer is right. My son is learning that he must focus on his work and not the distractions. He wants to earn his butterflies!”
Elizabeth A Johnston, Club Member
”Our son, who has struggled in reading up to this point, has progressed in his reading by nearly an entire grade level, in just 1 month of using Explode the Code online! He uses the program almost every day, and he's often so excited that he completes about 10 lessons at a time!”
K Wooten, Club Member
”I have three boys, ages 6 years, 5 years, and 8 months. We have homeschooled for two years now. My eldest learned to read using an excellent phonics based workbook. 5yo wanted to have his own workbook and learn to read, but was having lots of difficulty with blending the sounds together. We bought a different program, but I have not been able to put the time and work into preparing the lessons and materials because I developed some severe, lingering complications during my recent childbirth. When we saw the discount price on Explode the Code, we decided to try it, since our 5yo loves anything to do with computers, and we'd heard good things about the program as workbooks. Our eldest also needs more phonics work to get truly proficient.

COLOR ME IMPRESSED. My 5yo is now eager and impatient to get on the computer and "Explode the Code!" I appreciate the settings for rewards, where I can set it up for each child to do schoolwork for a certain length of time AND complete a certain number of levels. We've discovered that only butterfly and airplane badges qualify to unlock the FUN button, not bumblebee or ladybug badges, and this is especially good, because it prevents a child from just time-serving in order to get to play video games. My 6yo is making excellent progress, and my 5yo is also improving. He's now able to read some words around the house, which he's not done before, so we find that very encouraging. I am very pleased with this program, and parents AND kids are glad we have it.

And since we require our kids to do 20 minutes of additional schoolwork (beyond whatever group lessons we do) for every 15 minutes of computer play time, they are eagerly getting a LOT of schoolwork done....”
Rebecca E., Club Member
”With us in the midst of a busy season and me falling behind in our phonics lessons, this has been a great resource for my 1st grader. He can do it independently! My 9, 7, and 5 year old all look forward to it because it seems so fun to do school on the computer. With the books I planned on buying this year, this discounted online program offered me a better deal financially. I have enjoyed this product and I have told others about it!”
Emily, Club Member
”I have a 6 year old (almost 7). I've had a difficult time teaching him to read. He loses interest quickly and has a very difficult time putting his blends together to sound out words. We have battled for 2 years with 4 different phonics curriculums to get him to read. We started using the ETC online and he LOVES it! He asks to do phonics every day and I can get 25 minute lessons in easily. He loves that after completing his daily assignments he is rewarded with a short online game. This curriculum has been a lifesaver for our family! My son is progressing better than ever and I no longer feel like I need to get him tested for learning disabilities! (Yes, it was getting to that point.)”
Eliane O'Leary, Club Member
”Explode the Code online has given my daughter the chance to have reading excercises that constantly assess and stretch her abilities little by little. It gives her great reading practice and continual learning all while playing a computer game. It has really helped her improve her reading skills in just one month of using it!”
Glynn, Club Member
”My homeschooling family is on round two of Explode the Code Online. My 6yo son loves that he can work independently at the computer, and I love that I can help older kids with their work while he's busy! My favorite thing about it is how it builds on his progress. It's amazing to see him spelling words at his age!”
L. Rothermel, Club Member
”We began the school year with ETC workbooks and teacher's guide. My 6 yo quickly tired of it even after skipping unnecessary pages she knew well AND with me trying to change up the lessons. She has learned so much from ETC that I did not want to drop it and try some other program altogether. So, I bought ETC online. She enjoys it and keeps going longer than I have planned every time she plays it! The only negative is that it is not compatible with use on our Kindle HDX, which is what I was hoping. Otherwise thankful I bought this!”
Betsy, Club Member
”My kindergartener loves Explode the Code. Even in the shortcut month we've been using it, I see improvements in his reading.”
K. Perez, Club Member
”My children ask to do Explode the Code Online every day, and it has become a motivational tool in our family that keeps them learning. Sometimes the visual prompts can be confusing for the kids. When this happens, they pause to ask for help, and we figure it out together. We have used this program with the corresponding workbooks over the past couple years and will continue to use ETC as it provides clear instruction and allows each student to easily advance independently.”
Beth H., Club Member
”I am so happy that I purchased Explode the Code online to use with my 7 year old son. He has been diagnosed with dyslexia and it is a great supplement to another program that we use. Usually I have him do three sessions at a time but he always wants to do more. I can see progress in his reading.”
Felicia, Club Member
”It works! I had a struggling reader. He really struggled with several other phonetic curriculums, so we tried this one out of desperation. Within days he was showing improvement. As a parent, being able watch him work independently read and work through the lessons and is a such an over-whelming blessing for me. It gives him a sense of hope, accomplishment, and independence.

It really think it works well with him because each lesson he receives feedback on how he did, with "stickers", plus IT ISN'T A BORING WORKBOOK! We are in a new generation....and the kids love technology! We will most certainly continue working thru this curriculum.”
MJ Harris, Club Member
”Explode the Code has helped to fill in the phonics portion of our schooling. I was needing something structured as a homeschool mom and my son was need mastery of phonics skills. We have enjoyed the work and it is strengthening his phonics very quickly and his reading fluency is growing.”
Liz Miller, Club Member
”My son has some learning challenges. It's a slow and steady pace with ETC, but he loves it and it is sinking in! He has challenges with writing, so the online version is SO MUCH better than the workbooks for us. I hate to keep him back simply b/c his dexterity skills are behind.”
Michelle, Club Member
”My son enjoys using the Explode the Code program. He particularly loves to print out the certificate at the end of a book. It keeps him motivated and working hard.”
Sheryl, Club Member
”I had taken this subcription for my 6 year old daughter . The program is well designed and comprehensive . My daughter spends about 15 to 20 minutes on daily basis and has made considerable progress in understanding the basics of language . As always , I thank HSBC for arranging the discounts .”
Navneet saxena, Club Member
”My 5 year old has been working in the first book and now really enjoys Explode the Code online. I think it helps to reinforce the sounds hearing it spoken on line.”
Karren E., Club Member
”This has definitely helped my daughter with her reading. Great product.”
Kathi L., Club Member
”Two of my children are currently using Explode the Code online. One is just learning to read and the other can read but has dyslexia. They both are doing very well with the program, given that they have very different learning needs. Explode the Code online is very easy to use and as their teacher, it is also very easy to track their progress. I highly recommend Explode the Code online!”
Candace H., Club Member
”We started using Explode the Code online this year with my 6 yr old son after a positive experience using the consumable workbooks with an older brother. My 6 yr old enjoys his "computer time." It frees up a little bit of my time to spend with my other children. I feel like the phonics practice has definitely helped with his reading. He is always excited to see the progress graph and see how he is advancing through the book.”
Kristi L., Club Member
”This is a great program! My 8 year old, who does not enjoy workbooks does this without any fuss everyday. He asks to do this first, when we were doing workbook based phonics he would be near tears when phonics time came. I am so very thankful for a quality program that my son enjoys.”
Melissa C., Club Member
”I have two boys using ETC. My youngest, age 7, has severe ADHD and is a reluctant reader. ETC has helped quite a bit with his reading. He doesn't always have the easiest time with ETC but I like how it keeps placing him back for him to practice a skill he needs work on. I also LOVE the teacher area which not only lets me know where the gaps are in his learning, but also gives suggestions on what I can do to help fix them! My older son, age 9, is breezing through the program but also seems to benefit from it. There were a few areas he has trouble with that I was not aware he was struggling with. I would DEFINITELY recommend this program to anyone who wants to help their child to be able to read better. It really does make a difference.”
Tiffany B., Club Member
”Learning to read has been the hardest part of our school day since we began learning letters and letter sounds. My son just absolutely hated it! He was slowly learning but it was a battle everyday. I decided to try Explode the Code Online because he loves playing on the computer. It has quickly become a hit! I show him what he has to do each day and let him choose the order we do them. He used to always put phonics off to the very end and whine about 'dumb reading' when it was time to do it. Now Explode the Code has become one of the first things he wants to do and he is picking up reading so much faster! Love, love, love this product!”
Tina, Club Member
”We have been very happy with the Explode the Code online curriculum. The feedback the program provides on strengths and areas to further develop has been very helpful. My son has enjoyed the time on the computer doing this program. The only drawback (and this has been a huge drawback) is the continuing technical difficulties. We have been able to resolve them at times, but it is a source of frustration.”
Debbie Padden, Club Member
”At last I have found a program that makes spelling for my son an absolute joy. My eight year old would pull the longest face prior to starting Explode-The-Code but now he asks if he can start the day with it. I just wish I had started it earlier. Thank you Explode-The-Code.”
Jacqueline Farquhar, Club Member
”Our family has been using Explode the Code for about a month now. Each of the three children do about 30 minutes per school day. So far, they all show improvements to their reading/phonics potential and we plan on using this great tool all year long and possibly purchasing it again for next school year. The discount through Homeschool Buyers Co-op was a blessing as well!”
Jenny N., Club Member
”ETC was recommended to me by a fellow special needs parent. I'm glad I followed her recommendation. It's so easy for my son to do while steadily building up his reading skills. It doesn't frustrate him, which is very important to me. I find it better than offline intervention.”
Cris E., Club Member
”This program was exactly what we needed this year. I am using it with my 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter. It is more like a game than school for them. They love earning the reward "buttons" after each short lesson.

I love that it automatically chooses their next level based on performance and focuses on mastery. Teaching phonics can be so tedious; it has been nice to have some time freed up to focus on my other children while my little ones work on their phonics skills.”
Tammy M., Club Member
”My daughter who is 6 loves playing explode the code, she says it doesn't feel like homework. She thinks its a computer game and loves earning badges. It really reinforces the other language arts curriculum we follow.”
Kirsty Maginness, Club Member
”I have twin boys that are struggling in reading, they are 8 years old. Explode the code has been great for them. They can do it on their own and self paced. We ask that they get 10 butterflies a day and every bee takes one away. Hope this helps.”
Tracie Baker, Club Member
”My kindergartener enjoys using Explode the Code; she has phonemic awareness issues,so we use it in conjunction with other curricula. The only problem I have with the software is that it appears to "ding" her for her inattentiveness. My daughter has ADHD, and she gets distracted easily. Even though we are not using the timer feature, I get feedback that she is not completing the tasks quickly enough. Also, I find the software can be a little difficult for her to maneuver - she has shakey hands, so her coordination is not the best. She does much better when she dictates to me, and I make the selections. Using that method, I can see that she actually knows several of the words she otherwise misses. My 2nd grader doesn't seem to take as well to it, though I often us the Free Play settings as an incentive for her.”
S. Robinson, Club Member
”I really like this program! I am using the Explode the Code books to teach my 6 year old phonics, and the online version is perfect reinforcement and review. I love it that he can do it on his own, and I can check on the teacher page and see how he did. I plan to have him keep using it all summer so that we will take up where we left off in the fall and not start over again. I will add that I have been teaching phonics to my children for years using a different method, and I wish I had been using Explode the Code all along. It inexpensive and easy to use. I would not use the online version exclusively, but it makes a perfect reinforcement for what I am teaching my child, and he can use it on his own. Of course he loves doing anything on the computer, so there is no fuss about making him do it; it is his reward once he is done with his bookwork. I had been thinking for awhile about purchasing the online program, so imagine my excitement when I saw the discount offered through the Co-op.”
Tracy D, Club Member
”We've been using Explode the Code a couple of times a week with our four-year-old daughter. It's already helped her make the connection with sounding out words! She's always excited to use it, so I'm really glad we bought the membership! :)”
Laurel, Club Member
”My 10 year old daughter with Down syndrome uses Explode the Code online and we both love it! She loves getting on the computer and doing her 'work'. I LOVE the fact that it gives her as much repetition as she needs to solidify things in her mind. I also LOVE the fact that I can advance her manually if/when needed when her performance speed may not be enough for the product to move her to the next level due to fine motor skill issues. We just renewed for another year, so we will continue to use it as long as it helps her.”
Juliette, Club Member
”My 6 year-old son loves that after he has completed the the amount of time that I have predetermined, he can click on "Fun" and play a game as a reward for the work. He's only been using Explode-the-Code for 3 weeks, but he is already in level 3 because he is motivated to "play" the phonics game, and wants to play it every day! So much more fun for him that worksheets!

Your child will need to be able to type out simple words very early on in the program so it may not be suitable for kids just starting their phonics learning. My almost 5-year-old tried it, and it was too advanced for her.”
A. Duczek-Hardy, Club Member
”I heard about Explode the Code from a friend who uses the workbooks. I realized the program comes highly rated from people like Cathy Duffy and others. I chose this online subscription because I didn't want any more paper work than necessary for my son's first year of school. I considered this online subscription a good deal more attractive than the paper series as well. I desired the reading progress reporting that the program provides, so that I can easily see his reading is on track. We began in January 2013. I taught my son to read with Bob books over the summer, and his reading sounded rather robotic and choppy. We went through his fall semester of school, and I had him reading McGuffey Reader lessons to me with progress that was fine but rather slow. I began to wonder if I needed some more instruction. At the beginning of Spring semester, I subscribed to Explode the Code. At first, I encouraged my son to earn 2-3 buttons at a time. Once he was comfortable working the computer program, I encouraged earning 5 butterfly buttons each time we sit down for a sessions (three times per week). It is now April 2013. I am MORE THAN PLEASED with my son's reading progress with this instruction. I am ECSTATIC!!! In three months time exactly, he has worked through the first four books out of eight accessible. His reading is smooth, confident, and most importantly, he now considers reading something that is personally enjoyable for him with his new abilities! In the last month, my son picked up a book of his own accord and was enjoying himself so much that he wanted his brother and sister to be quiet so he could focus on finishing reading his own story. He can read on a second grade level now, which is beyond his school year. The program progresses the child as he is ready, so the challenge is always appropriate for the particular child- FABULOUS! The activities are worthwhile, and the child receives feedback constantly which is probably an immeasurable contribution to reading progress! I do sit with my son as he works through this program. As the teacher, you can manually place the child in the lesson you consider best (although I have not done this at all). I let him work the natural progress of the program. In three months time, I just can hardly believe the major leap in my son's reading abilities! I have recommended this product to several others, and I intend to use it for my other two children who are coming right along behind my son. Thanks, Explode the Code Online!!!”
Sarah, Club Member
”After just one month with our online subscription to ETC I am already confident it is helping my girls with their reading and spelling skills.

I love how easy it is for me to keep up with their progress. Honestly, the "teacher login page" has more information than I need! It's so comprehensive with tons of details.

My 5 and 7 year olds are making great progress and I'm sure ETC is helping. It'll definitely be something we keep purchasing as my other children "grow into" ETC. I'm recommending it to friends as well.

(note: I've never used the book version.)”
Laura K, Club Member
”Great for beginning readers. It's so nice that when a child is struggling with a certain sound, the program automatically generates more drills for the problem area. Also, it's very easy for me to monitor my child's progress. He likes the time he gets to "play" on the computer too.”
Fran C., Club Member
”I love using Explode the Code Online! I used it with my oldest who went from reading on a 2nd grade level to a 5th grade level in one year. She is a great speller as well, and I attribute a lot of her success to ETC. I am now using it with my younger child and I am seeing progress with him as well. My kids like using the computer for their practice rather than another workbook. I really appreciate the reports and the auto-leveling features because I know that my child can't move on until he has mastered the level. It forces him to focus and attend to his practice if he wants to move forward. I have recommended ETC online to every parent that I know who is concerned about their child's progress in reading.”
Erica F, Club Member
”We are using Explode the Code Online with two of our daughters. I am really liking the way it is working for them. I do think that they need to be used WITH the books though. It is more of an exercise with them and doesn't actually TEACH them how the phonics work. The books do though. They LOVE the games and I love how it reinforces what they learn in a way that they WANT to do it. I plan on continuing to use it and renew my subscription to it next year. I would heartily recommend this to anyone wanting to reinforce phonics with their children.”
Carol B., Club Member
”We have really enjoyed "Explode the Code" at 1/2 the retail price!! I had heard from many people that their kids really enjoyed the program and learned to read. My child was already reading, but it has been great for spelling, letter recognition, hearing sounds, and advancement of reading.”
Tracy M., Club Member
”Excellent program. My daughter loves it and would do it all day long if I let her. Her reading skills almost instantly improved. If there is an area that your child isn't doing very well it also gives you specific direction on what to do to practice that skill. The co-op price is a wonderful blessing. I will continue to use this program and would highly recommend it to others.”
Karen L., Club Member
”My 6 year old daughter was having trouble sounding out words until she started using Explode the Code on-line. She and 5 year old brother look forward to using Explode the Code as part of their daily school routine.”
Tara M., Club Member
”Excellent program- I love the progress page where I can see detailed evidence of how my child is doing.”
Peg, Club Member
”My son loves this program! He enjoys the graphics and I love how his progress and performance is tracked. My 3 yr old even keeps asking to "play". I'm definitely continuing to use this moving forward.”
Lisa D., Club Member
”My seven year old son was struggling with learning how to read. I thought I would give this program a shot. What a great deal! After two months of working on this program almost daily for a 1/2 hour with no complaints he is starting to really read! I am impressed and he is not stressed over trying to sound words out and is really feeling good about himself. That is all that counts! Having a proud reader!”
Wendy S. Marsh, Club Member
”Explode The Code has been an amazing asset to our home school Curriculum. My children have only been using it a few short weeks but they love it!!”
Jeannie Smith, Club Member
”I bought Explode the Code online for my ten year old. He can read just fine, but he is not a very good speller. I liked it so much that when I found Homeschool Buyers Co-op and saw that they had a significant discount, I bought a subscription for my eight year old daughter and my five year old son as well. My daughter is not a strong reader even at her age, and she has steadily progressed and is already through the first "book." My kindergartener always asks to do Explode the Code online. I don't have my little kids do any formal schooling, so that was a huge surprise. It is a good fit for my family. And, I like that I can just check in with them and see how they are doing and I do not need to be right by their side.”
JHeim, Club Member
”I used Explode-The-Code books with my older children and am SO happy the same program is now available on-line! My younger children are excited for their "Code time" each day! They come running when they hear the intro song to find out who's turn it is! Logistically, it's a time saver with Homeschooling 5 children too! I love that I can go look at their work later in the parent section and see what areas need extra attention. Thank you for making this available to us as a group buy!”
Cara, Club Member
”My 7 yr old son has finally gotten back on track with his reading! I love the phonics-based instruction and he loves the games!”
E Angell, Club Member
”I was struggling to find the energy to teach my son everything he was needing to learn for kindergarten and I was letting language arts kind of slide. It was mostly because I was having a hard time finding a curriculum that worked for us. Everything I tried just either didn't work for me, or didn't work for him.

When I saw Explode the Code Online on sale through the Homeschool Buyer's Co-op, I knew I wanted to give it a try. We were already using the Primer workbook, so it seemed an obvious choice.

From the very beginning it has been terrific! Having my son do some of his school work online with the computer was a much needed dynamic for our homeschool. We needed a variety of teaching/learning approaches and this curriculum filled a big gap.

What I like:
This curriculum gives me a little freedom to do other things while he is doing his Explode the Code online. I also love that I can log into the Student Summary Report and see what he's worked on, how he did, how fast he did it, how many he got wrong, and what types of questions he was asked. I like that it shows long term how he has been progressing and shows what corresponding Explode the Code book he is working in.

It is also nice that I can adjust when he gets the reward of a "FUN" button that appears after so many units completed (though it doesn't always work for some reason.)

On top of all that, my son has loved it. He always asks me if he can work on it, and I actually need to limit how long he does it so that he doesn't burn out.

Things I don't like:
I wish that there was a button where I could easily print out his report. If there is one, I haven't found it. In order to take a copy of the report to my homeschool review with the county I had to use my keyboard's print screen button. (My homeschool reviewer loved the report and how detailed it was!)

The curriculum doesn't encompass everything. Lots of reading is a must and handwriting is something that needs to be reinforced separately, whether you use the Explode the Code books or not. We have not purchased the book he's in now, so I just have him practice the words he's learning.

It's also important to keep in mind that if you have a younger child working on this, there is a good-sized learning curve with using the keyboard. Some typing is required and my son struggles finding the letters. I had to color in the vowels with a permanent marker so he could find them more easily which helped some, but it's still taking him a long time to remember where all the letters are located. This obviously affects his report on how quickly he accomplishes the tasks too.

There are also a few types of exercises where I've noticed my son just guesses if he gets it wrong (there were only two options) and doesn't actually read the sentence. This might be because of his age, I'm not sure, but I wasn't fond about that.

Overall, I would highly recommend this curriculum if you need to add another dynamic to your homeschool and to take some of the stress out of your job as a homeschooling parent. I have noticed significant improvement in my son's ability to sound words out and am very happy with our purchase. I don't know if we'll use it into higher grades, but for now it has been perfect.”
Sarah L., Club Member
”For the last four years my children have enjoyed the Explode the Code book series. My son however, struggled with printing and would become discouraged with the appearance of his written work and quickly lose interest. Teaching him became a constant battle. I was delighted to find the Explode The Code On-Line program, which focuses on reading, grammar and comprehension. I am thrilled to see how quickly he has progressed and aquired new skills -more importantly, he truly enjoys the process! Not only does the program work for my children, but for my exchange student as well.”
Lesley Holzhauer, Club Member
”After using ETC with my oldest, I am hooked. Her reading levels are above and beyond her age, and I am using the same program for my son and plan to use it for my baby when she is old enough. The online program is great and gets the kids our of the "workbook" routine, but I also suppliment with the workbooks on busy days when sometimes we have to take school on the run for appointments. My kids seem to enjoy it more than other programs we have tried, too. They earn rewards after getting so many "butterflies" or "airplanes" in the program and enjoy earning game time afterwards. A friend of also seeked advice for her daughter who is struggling in reading in the public school and was seeking a tutor, but i directed her to the ETC online program as well, and she is seeing results. I have tried a few other programs, but this one has proven the best for my family. With the great discount through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op, it makes it much more affordable for multiple children, too!”
Susan D., Club Member
”My 8 year old son was reading far below grade level. After just one month of using Explode the Code Online, his reading level has improved greatly. The program is easy for him to do on his own. When I am helping his siblings, he spends time "playing" on the computer. He seems to approach reading with more confidence now. I will certainly continue using this program.”
Kristy B., Club Member
”My so LOVES using Explode the Code online! It's very motivating with the frequent reward buttons. He works hard to try to earn an airplane or butterfly. I love that I can view his progress and easily see where he needs more practice. Handwriting is difficult for him, but doing the exercises on the computer allows him to focus on the phonics rather than stress over handwriting.”
Stacey M., Club Member
”My six year old son, who cries over workbooks, loves doing Explode The Code on-line! He thinks he's playing a game. Within the first lesson he was reading three letter words. He's a very reluctant learner, so this was an answer to prayer for us.”
Julia Y, Club Member
”This program is one of the easiest and kid-friendly. I have recommended this to many people and will continue to do so.”
Pauline W, Club Member
”We have enjoyed using this program. Having it online for both my kids to use independently has helped free up my time to work with them individually while the other is doing Explode The Code. I love the teacher log-in site and how thorough it is. If it were not for the discount offered at the co-op I would not be using the online program but would have just gotten the books. I am so glad I am able to use the online program as it is a huge help to me as the teacher and offers so much more than the books would.”
Audra, Club Member
”Hello, I had recently purchased The "Explode The Code" program for my 6yr old and 8yr old girls. I had also purchased the workboks in order to apply what they are learning from the online program. My girls now love to read! They are more confident because of their increased ability to decode words on their own. My girls love to earn the different buttons and compete with one another to see who can get the most points. I paid for a personal phonics tutor in the past for my oldest. During that whole time I had spent $350.00. My daughter hated to read and had a stuttering problem. Now, for only $35.00 for the yr per child I can homeschool my children with confidence that the "Explode the Code" program works!”
Mrs. Perez, Club Member
”We have four children using ETC online. Two natural learners, 5 and 6. My son with a severe learning disability, 13, and a daughter with Aspergers and vision challenges, 9. They all love it. They go eagerly to the computer to do the lessons. We also use the workbooks along with the online. It's a great program for us.”
Christina R., Club Member
”Learning to read is such a milestone in a child's educational development. A lot of the curriculum we had tried, however, wasn't enjoyable for my daughter. She didn't like the activities and she didn't enjoy the time we devoted to reading every day. Then we were referred to Explode the Code by several friends who have used it and loved it and we have to agree! My daughter now enjoys the activities so much more and has made amazing progress with her reading skills. I would highly recommend Explode the Code to any child who is needing help with learning to read - they will love it!!”
Jennifer, Club Member
”We are using Explode The Code online and are really seeing improvement in our reading lessons. This is our first year homeschooling, my son is in kindergarten. My son is very bright, but we really struggled with the reading program we used at the beginning of the year. When we switched to ETC online, the tension was removed from our lessons. My only concern with the program is how the program rates my son's progress. He is still unsure of letter placement on the keyboard and sometimes gets distracted with the mouse. These delays in him answering make the program rate him lower because it seems he is taking too long to answer. So I just take this into account when I review his progress charts. Overall, we are really enjoying the program! I love that I can set the frequency and accomplishments required for him to earn rewards!”
Amy M., Club Member
”I have 3 children ages 10, 8 & 5 using Explode the Code online and they all love it. I love to see how excited they get when they get an airplane. The reward system is very motivating. Sometimes they even do extra lessons beyond what I assign. My 5 yr old is learning very quickly to read and spell and it's "hands free" teaching for me:)”
Jennifer Taylor, Club Member
”We have been using the Expolde the Code Online resource for a couple of weeks now, and my 6 yr old loves it! It has helped him with differentiating between the various vowel sounds, and his reading and spelling have improved as a result. I appreciate all the graphs and tables that are available to me as his teacher - to see his progress and areas he does well in or is struggling in. This is valuable information. I am impressed with this product. I would not have used it if it was not online, because my child can work independently while I work with our other children. After he has finished I can go back and look at the graphs to see how he did. It really works!”
Sue Temple, Club Member
”My son is diagnosed ADHD and staying focused on reading can be a challenge. We started using Explode the Code in addition to our usual reading program and saw a great change, especially in his attitude and enthusiasm. He is constantly trying to challenge himself to beat his previous scores and to get more butterflies and airplanes. I would definitely recommend Explode the Code to anyone looking to spice up their child's interest in reading, or to practice the basics in a structured and entertaining way.”
Leah P., Club Member
”My daughter has really done well with Explode the Code. In a few weeks time she is reading and writing simple short a and short i words. She is associating full sentences with pictures and word recognition. Really great addition to our curriculum. I have also recommended this program to other parents in our Co-op and they are satisfied as well. One important thing to remember is to understand how the program works so you do not lose the work you have done. Make sure you complete the level and if you cannot continue, pause or stop the program.”
Thompson Family, Club Member
”I love that this program will automatically place my child depending on her progress. She is learning well with this program. I also really like that I can place her in whatever lesson I choose depending on if I think she needs to repeat a lesson, or if we simply need to work on something farther ahead in the book.”
Jami F., Club Member
”We did the Explode the Code book system until book 4 and then joined the on-line version! I miss the writing my daughter did in the book system... but enjoy seeing her typing skills develop with the online version! My son, who is too young & way too frustrated to type, isn't able to do the online version at all. He became dis-heartened with all of his poor results because he wasn't typing fast enough. This is an excellent product for students who have keyboard experience. For those who don't, I would suggest starting with the book system (which is also fantastic!)”
Erin D., Club Member
”This is the second year I've used ETC for my son. He loves the fun format & the instant gratification of knowing his success & progress through each section. For me as a home schooling mom, I love the fact that he can work independently, freeing time for me to give attention to other tasks.”
Kris, Club Member
”We were about ready to give up on homeschooling until we decided to try explode the code online. My daughter loves to "play her school game" after completing her workbook. We use this in addition to the workbooks. Nothing can beat writing them out by hand, but this also helps teach typing and placement of letters on the keyboard! There are so many things we love about explode the code online!”
Karen B., Club Member
”I bought the Explode The Code for my 6yr boy. I have a 9yr that I am homeschooling and a 2yr head-strong toddler and I also work part-time from home, so it has been a bit difficult for me to find extra time to help him with his words... I praise The Lord for this program! It is not a perfect program, but it works! This has become a 'reward' for him and he is happy to 'play' on it.

I love that it keeps on track with his progress and will repeat lessons when he has problems with them. There are a lot of free online programs for phonics, but they just do not compare. If you are looking for a second teacher to help teach your child phonics and keep track with their progress, this is one program you need to try!

I am happy!”
Holly Norris, Club Member
”I used the book version with my oldest student years ago, and although it worked for us, I did feel there were concepts he struggled with but was still able to move beyond.

Now Explode the Code is available online, so I decided to try it with my youngest. She enjoys it (for the most part) but what I like the best is that she gets to revisit topics repeatedly until she has fully mastered them; not an option with workbooks and texts.

I would recommend this program - my second grader enjoys having an "online component" in her curriculum like her older siblings, and the parent charts and graphs keep me well-informed on how she is doing in every area of study. I'm pleased we signed up.”
Carol G in Wisconsin, Club Member
”This is a great product. I like doing workbooks online as you can do them over and over again. BUT some of the drawings just don't make "sense" to the children. Just weird things that they wouldn't know what they are so therefore they get the answer wrong. (like what letter does the picture start with). But overall a good product.”
Lynnea Hameloth, Club Member
”We purchased this for our struggling reader this year. It has been a fantastic resource. The computer is a dispassionate teacher and it allows our son to take the time he needs to decode. He really enjoys the immediate feedback of the butterflies/planes, etc. I love being able to monitor him in my time frame with tracking how he did in each lesson. I definitely recommend this product, it has been well worth the investment.”
Jenny A., Club Member
”My 5 year old daughter is loving Explode The Code. She is enjoying the annimation and I enjoy the quick progress she is making to learn to read.”
Pamela A, Club Member
”We haven't had too much experience with this program yet as it's our first month of homeschooling and it seems like our days are full of other activities. But I can say that my 6-year-old has responded positively to the Explode The Code online program. It feels like a game to him but he's definitely learning. And it gives me a little break! We're happy with the purchase and I hope to incorporate it into our day more in the future.”
Dottierae, Club Member
”We've used the Explode the Code workbooks for 3 years now and just recently found out you could have your child do the lessons online. And with the help of this buyers co-op, we were able to buy a years subscription for a really great price!

The program is great because you can set the level for your student to begin at the level they are at. And, if your student is not doing well in a particular lesson it does not move on until they've mastered it. That is what I love. Move on when they are ready, and not when the program is ready!

We've really enjoyed this option. We homeschool so it helps get us out of the workbook and do something "different" for a change.

My 4 and 7 year old both use this online program and they can both easily do this without me even being in the room!

I would definitely recommend this for those of you looking for a great online phonics program!”
Homeschoolling Momma, Club Member
”We have previously done ETC in our home school and liked the books very much. So we were excited when we saw that ETC was offered online. The kids like doing it on the computer. The program has some glitches though, it will lock up, not respond so my child would have to start over the lesson. But overall it is a great interactive tool to have, the kids enjoy working on the computer and I like that it is something fun and educational for them. We will continue to use it. It frees up some time for me and let them do this on their own. Great idea!”
A. Teles, Club Member
”I tried so hard to teach my daughter to read last year. I just couldn't hold her attention long enough because reading was such hard work. She has autism and dyslexia. Since I am only a homeschool mother without a PHD in learning disablities, I was so discouraged. I just stumbled on this option and my daughter is hooked. She spends anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and a half a day on phonics. And guess what? She's getting it! She's reading. Online Explode the Code is a divine blessing for us.”
Anna Kauffman, Club Member
”I have 8 children. The first 4 all had a hard time learning to read. In the 4th grade I would still be sitting with them and teaching reading. My bottom 3 children I put on explode the code online and required at least ten buttons a day (extremely easy,very minimal, and they usually do more.) Learning to read has been so easy and natural now that we use explode the code. I highly recommend it to everyone. I have been homeschooling for 20 years.”
P. Rice, Club Member
”Just want to say"thank you" for offering Explode The Code. This curriculum has been a great asset to our homeschooling. My children love the fun button. I love the reports because I can check my students' weakness and work with them on those areas to help to master the skill. I also like that my children are able to do this independently. So,while one is doing ETC I can work with another student. Yes, we love, love, love ETC.”
U.Pulliam, Club Member
”I bought a subscription to this for my 6-year old son after working through the books with his older brother when *he* was a kindergartner. It has greatly improved his reading in just a short time. We are big fans of the Explode the Code series, both print and online, and I believe it's a great tool for introducing and reinforcing phonics for new readers.

We have had some technical difficulties with the program's audio freezing up from time to time, but closing the browser window and re-opening the program seems to usually solve the issue.

All in all, I would highly recommend this program.”
Melanie, Club Member
”We have used the Explode the Code books for the past few years, and subscibed to the online service this year as both a review and to give variety in learning phonics. My son is willing to do the program for 10 minutes or so at a time, and I think it has been helpful. He does not think the program is "fun" as he did with the Hooked on Phonics game CD, but it is good review of what he has already done in the books. Occasionally the program has a glitch and a segment has to be started again, which is frustrating to him. We plan to use it for the 11 mos. term that was purchased (note: because there is a lag between the purchase by the co-op and individual purchase, the time for a 1-year subscription is reduced). We'll have to re-evaluate at that time. The books are good, and using the computer separates handwriting issues from phonics issues, but we intend to keep on using the books as well.”
K.W., Club Member
”My daughter and I Love explode the code online! It is such a wonderful program. My daughter looks forward to doing her lessons everyday! We are in our first month of kindergarten and she is already able to read short sentences thanks to ETC! I would Highly recommend this program!”
Jenny M, Club Member
”My 6 year old daughter has been using the written version for a year and this was a nice summer break from the writing parts (which are her least favorites.) She is working at the same level in both places and I am really pleased with the website in nearly every area. The ONLY downside is it doesn't work on my iPad. I haven't found a "free" app that works well enough for her to use it. So, we work on the computer at home instead. I expect to continue to use both the electronic and paper versions throughout her first grade year, at least.”
Catherine, Club Member
”My 2nd grade daughter did ETC workbooks and loved them last year. My Kindergartner son (this year) hates workbooks at this stage, so I thought this a great alternative. After three full weeks of just 20 minutes a day, I am astounded at what he is learning on multiple levels. We do it together. The tracking information for the teacher is great just to measure progress. I plan to use it at least 4 days a week, 20 minutes a day until Jan 2013, and then perhaps increase the time a bit. We have our great days and our good days. No bad days yet :)! He is fully engaged.”
H. Laricey, Club Member
”We love ETC online! My 6 year old can tell just how well he's done by what creature he gets at the end, and he knows it's time to stop when he gets to the fun button. It does seem a bit repetitive in some parts, and I'm not sure if he's learning, or just remembers the correct answer. Regardless, we love the program!”
Terri, Club Member
”My son has used the books in the Explode the Code series. Imagine my delight this year when I went to order our book for the year and discovered the online version! His hand gets fatigued with a lot of writing and he loves working on the computer, so this is a true blessing. Bought the program! He is doing well with it. Love it!”
Pauline, Club Member
”I was using the workbook version of this curriculum with my student with significant learning difficulties. She likes using the computer version much more and is more eager to work at it. I like the feature that I can set a reward (being able to play a fun game) to occur when I want. I will continue to use it. The program includes a lot of repetition and different presentations of same material which my learner needs.”
Deann, Club Member
”My son did Explode the Code books in 1st grade, and we found them to be a fairly painless way to reinforce phonics. This year, in second grade, he's started Explode the Code Online, and he loves it, even asks to do more. He feels like he's playing a computer game (admittedly, he hasn't played many computer games, so any computer time is a treat). As a mother of 5 kids 7 and under, I like it because it gives me something of a break from teaching, as the program corrects his work and paces him. In our experience, it's a great way to review and reinforce phonics concepts.”
Becky D., Club Member
”My daughter just finished her first "book" with Explode the Code. It has helped her to start to learn how to read. We have had a few problems with the online program freezing, answers repeating and over and correct answers viewed as incorrect. 95% of the time we have not had issues.”
N. Kline, Club Member
”I LOVE Explode-the-Code online. And more importantly, so does my son! He is a reluctant reader/speller, but is making amazing progress with this program. I am thoroughly impressed! Highly recommended!”
Lisa A., Club Member
”We started using ETC Online this fall during our first year of home school. The program is engaging and provides immediate feedback. It is an excellent alternative to the traditional phonics books. As the parent I get feedback immediately when they are finished so I can plan around what areas they need help in. I can use the ETC books with this program if I need to.”
Tammy B., Club Member
”My ten year old takes vision therapy for issues he has processing information. He has always struggled with reading. After only one week, (I'm not making this up!) his therapist came out and told me his reading had dramatically improved! We had not done any school work over the summer, and he had only just started back to school with the Eplode-The-Code program. He did do the program a lot that first week because he was enjoying it, the "fun" button was a great incentive and he was actually asking to do extra work. That has been a couple of weeks ago now, and his reading continues to improve and his self confidence does too. This program has been a great blessing to my family.”
P. Anderson, Club Member
”My 1st grader has been using Explode the Code Online all summer and he really loves it! It is helping him keep up with and improve his reading skills and it's really fun. We love this product!”
Laura C., Club Member
”We have tried a few other programs for my 7 year old daughter but she just wasn't getting it. We decided to try Explode the Code Online and WOW! It clicks with her! She's been using it only a month so far at 20 min a day and I must say, she is making wonderful progress. We are very pleased with the format and the results we're seeing.”
Tina H., Club Member
”We are pleased with this program. We started with our oldest and now have our second oldest on the program with the rest of our brood begging to get to use it. It has helped our kids reading skills and they enjoy the program.”
Steve W., Club Member
”My son started using at age 5 in 1st grade homeschool. I purchased online access to use in conjunction with books. He has learned how to read, comprehension & had fun doing it. Online ETC helped by offering a fun element that was a reward after a set number if completed lessons. My son will continue ETC for 2nd grade & I will use the Homeschool Buyers Co-op to purchase it again!”
T Adams, Club Member
”I bought Explode the Code online after having used the Explode the Code Primers and first 3 workbooks with my 5 year old daughter. She has really been enjoying the online version. It is motivating, she loves counting her buttons, and she often asks to do Explode the Code online outside of her "school" time. I like that I can easily check her progress and access her understanding, so I can reinforce the skills that she struggles with. I highly recommend this program.”
Cathy K., Club Member
”This is an outstanding program. My kids really enjoy it. My son has trouble writing, so this is the way out for us and it really works. I will continue to use it for sure as his reading and spelling skills are constantly improving with ETC.”
Natasha Y., Club Member
”I absolutely love ETC online. My daughter has benefitted dramatically from its' teachings and her confidence has soared.”
Caitlin, Club Member
”I had mixed feelings about purchasing the Explode the Code product online, because of the mixed reviews I had read. We have found the product to be exactly the supplement we needed for our uninterested reader. He loves the interaction, computer element and games incentives offered. He is asking to do phonics now. We are more than pleased. I have seen a jump in his reading skills in just a couple of weeks. I will recommend this to other moms for sure.”
Jenni A., Club Member
”My son LOVES this program. It's really nice to see him enjoy it so much that he asks to do it. He looks forward to his little pins he gets after each lesson. I love that the lessons are short enough for his little attention span yet he learns and remembers each lesson so well that he really doesn't get frustrated. I highly recommend this program.”
J. Martin, Club Member
”We love it. We love that you can access all the books. It is great for kids who need a break from writing too.”
Denise B., Club Member
”My 5 year old and 8 year old have been using ETC on-line since the fall. We started with the ETC books and decided to incorporate the electronic version because we could get such a great deal through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. My most recent purchase was for my daughter's best friend who is joining us for summer school. She is almost 10 and has trouble with phonics and spelling. I asked her parents if it would be ok for her to do ETC on line to tackle those problems. She loves the program and looks forward to doing it on the weekends and we will use it through the summer.”
Vickie Brammer, Club Member
”Explode the Code helped reinforce the foundational skills for reading to my older students who weren't ready at the supposed age that they were supposed to have learned it. The boys have gained confidence in the privacy of home and their reading has improved and they are now enjoying reading.”
Victoria A., Club Member
”I love Explode the Code, because is very simple to use and teaching comprehension. I will continue to use it year after year until my boys complete the entire program. I tell everyone about this program. In my job I get to help other families like mine with special needs kids and this is one of the best programs on the market.”
Jo C., Club Member
”My daughters have both had a great experience with ETC. We bought it when my oldest and I were having some clashes over reading time, ETC helped her continue her progress more independently. Now she's only 7 and reading at a fifth grade level! I have four friends who also use with their kids.”
Carra S., Club Member
”I bought explode the code online because of the great pricing on HomeSchool Buyers Co-op. My 5 year old son has been using it for a few months now and there is a marked improvement in his reading ability! He was trained in sight words and he hit a roadblock when reading word patterns that he did not know how to recognize. I wanted to turn him on to phonics and help him sound out words by using this program and he has made amazing progress! I am happy to see that he can independently read upto 1st grade level now and is trying to sound out more advanced words using phonics. He uses it 2-3 times every week and keeps track of how many butterflies and airplane buttons he gets each time. He was recently very excited to get 2 airplanes in one session!

I love this product and am thrilled with it. I let him substitute it for his TV time. The only problem we ever found was that he was being timed on his typing speed and he would get a bumblebee if he fumbled to find letters and it totally demoralized him - we solved this problem by having a parent point out the letters on the keyboard. I think that this feature should be turned off for extremely young kids as they have not mastered the keyboard at ages 4 and 5.
Otherwise I would give it "Two Thumbs Up"!”
ashley, Club Member
”Explode the Code online has been great addition to our homeschool day. My daughter was using Explode the Code workbooks with great success, but with the online program she gets the added benefit of improving her typing and mouse skills as well as immediate feedback for incorrect responses. It has really helped her to pay closer attention to each phonogram, resulting in fewer mistakes in her oral reading.”
Beth Widner, Club Member
”We are using Explode the Code for our oldest two children, ages 8 and newly 7, and we are very pleased. It has been great filling in all the gaps for the 8 year old. It automatically progresses the child when he has mastered each step and allows him to test and skip the areas he already knows well. I am glad that we started the other child earlier. We plan to start our 5 year old soon. We used the workbooks while traveling, which I liked at the time to get in extra handwriting. But, the online version moves them along at such a quicker rate, to get them reading on their own sooner.

I have them work around 45 minutes each day and they enjoy seeing how many paper airplanes they can earn in that time, which is the highest award. They also are excited to see their progress at the end of each session on the teacher's page.

This is a product I would (and do) recommend to parents of quick learners as well as those with reading difficulties. It is also a product that can be used for working parents as there is no lesson planning or even teacher interaction needed.”
Mom of 5, Club Member
”My 5.5 year old is learning and retaining so much! I love that, from the outset, a brief quiz set the program to match the level he needed to be on, so he was able to jump right in to learning. I'll be using this program for my younger son when he's ready to begin reading.”
Candy, Club Member
”We LOVE Explode The Code online. We read a review through Cathy Duffy's curriculum review website and decided we would give it a shot. This has been a life-saver for us when it comes to phonics and reading. My middle son was struggling to say the least. Every day he was in tears while trying to complete worksheet after worksheet in our previous curriculum. Then we started Explode The Code. The first day he scored far below basic and I began to think well maybe he really does have a learning disability when it comes to reading. The next day before we started he asked me what the buttons were and I explained to him that they were rewards he could get when he completed a task accurately and within a shorter time span. That day he was proficient and has received excellent on two tasks. Needless to say he can read fine, what he lacked was motivation from workbooks because they were pointless for him but the fact that if he works hard he could possibly get a paper airplane button on his scorecard now that is a completely different story. He loves it most days unless he is in a building state of mind and it is no longer a fight to get him to work on reading because it's a game. We've even had days where he will gladly sit and go through the assignments for an hour because he's trying to get that airplane. We love Explode the Code, we will continue to use it until our son has completed all the "books" and we have recommended it to friends. Thank you so much for offering it!”
Ellie Wilson, Club Member
”My son, 4, has been using this for about a month, more for fun than anything. He enjoys it and asks if he can play his explode the code. The only thing he doesn't like (nor I) is that some of the pictures are hard to tell what they are trying to depict. Even I have been wrong in what I thought the picture was. Other than the pictures my son likes the program.”
EMS, Club Member
”We love Explode the Code. Currently my 4 yo is using the workbooks along with the online games. I started her off with Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading. She was getting bored with it so I decided to try Explode the Code. She gets excited when I tell her she's going to work on her Explode the Code activities!”
Amanda P., Club Member
”My 8 year old son had been struggling with reading and is now excited to try! He is REALLY proud of himself when he receives a paper airplane as a reward for getting all the answers correct!”
Kathy A., Club Member
”All 4 of our children have used "Explode the Code"in book form and loved it. Our youngest son is very happy to be able to do this program on the computer. I love being able to see his progress on my laptop.
I give it 2 thumbs up”
Y.O'Brien, Club Member
”My son has been using Explode the Code online for two years now. It is straightforward and simple to use. It reinforces the skills that they learn in the workbook program. It has been asset to us because he greatly improved his phonics skills, made phonics less of a chore and its not cluttered with flashy characters that distract from the task at hand. I have told many friends about this program and my middle son will start using it soon also.”
S, Aldridge, Club Member
”I was using it first for my daughter who is in first grade, reading at grade level. Her reading has really improved. Now, instead of asking me to read a book to her, sometimes she just picks up a book and reads to the four year old :) Nice to see that independence. I more recently started using ETC with an older student who is reading below grade level. I am excited to begin to see some of those gaps filled. Reading just hasn't "clicked" with him but we can see definite improvements.”
Laura, Club Member
”My six year old was really needing some extra drilling in phonics basics, but I was having a hard time finding a method she didn't resist. Until ETC came along...the perfect solution! She thinks she's playing a computer game, and I know she's getting the extra practice she needs. The best part is the way it keeps track of problem areas and automatically reviews those lessons which are weak. I'd recommend it to anyone whose child needs a little extra phonics practice.”
Mary, Club Member
”We have been using the online version of ETC to help with Spelling and decoding words. We previously used another program but saw little improvement in his overall writing.

I have really loved ETC so far. It shows me his areas of weakness and allows me to check in and see how he performed on his daily work. I have also an improvement in his Spelling as it is showing carryover to his writing.”
Laresa H., Club Member
”My son was struggling with paper & pencil phonics. He was not engaged, and therefore learning to read became a frustrating process for both of us. I was unsure of what he needed to work on and what would be best.

A friend in my co-op told me about Explode the Code. I went online to research and discovered the online version of the program. I was so excited! I knew this program was solid in what it was teaching and the online format would engage my son. The added bonus is the feedback provided to the parent of what the child is excelling at or struggling with and the peace of mind that the program automatically moves him forward or keeps him where he is at until the concept is mastered.
Now "Reading Practice" is a part of school we both look forward to. The fact that he can work independently on it has freed me up for that time as well, to work on other things I need to do. It's a win-win!”
Melissa N., Club Member
”So far the program has been working great for my son. In the past, reading time was a real big struggle. My son didn't like it and I was having a hard time with my patience with him. After almost a month of using explode the code online, my son still loves doing it. He is picking up reading and doing well. It also is a lot easier for me with 5 little ones.”
I. Parker, Club Member
”We purchased Explode the Code for each of our children last year and this year we did it again only this time through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op! The kids find it much more entertaining and user friendly than some of the other phonics and reading programs out there. As their parent, I like being able to see the progress reports and where the kids are struggling. We'll continue doing it until the kids complete all the modules! Two of my three are dyslexic and they are reading better than ever!”
Ester S, Club Member
”Love it!! We have used ETC for over 6 months with 2 of my girls, ages 5 & 7. They both like it, and it does a great job of teaching and reteaching where each child is. It is a great way of teaching reading/spelling! My 3 yo is using the ETC book, but I plan on switching him to the online version when he is ready for book 1.”
Amy C., Club Member
”I love ETC because it works! My daughter likes using the computer version better than the workbooks.”
Amanda, Club Member
”I bought ETC for my two oldest children and then purchased a third for our youngest. We love it! The children enjoy the program and have benefited from it. I like that I can track the work they have completed by time and skill. We use it as a supplement to their schoolwork. My oldest is dyslexic and it has helped her with phonemic awareness. If we have a few minutes to spare before dinner time, I'll ask them to complete 3 buttons worth. Often they'll want to complete more because they enjoy the challenge. I typically assign it as independent work while I work one-on-one with another child. ETC is a great complement to the Slingerland program my daughter is using.”
Mom to 3, Club Member
”My 2nd grade daughter finished Book 5 of ETC in September. After I purchased ETC on-line for my kindergartner, she begged me to order it for her as well.

i like that they continue to give more practice with each concept until it is mastered. I like the parent feedback aligned with state standards. The only thing I dislike is that it penalizes the students for not being fast on the computer. Often, they will get all the questions correct, but still get a poor score based on time. I can always look to see how many they missed in each section though.

My children are more familiar with the touch screen computers (iPad, iPhone, etc.) and still have trouble with using a mouse. I wish it didn't require flash so we could use it on our iPad or iPhone.

I am excited to see their progress through the year and will probably renew for my 5-year old next year.”
Vickie Brammer, Club Member
”Having a great curriculum available on the Internet has helped my struggling 1st grader learn so much without realizing it. This is better than regular phonics games because there is a separate link where I track his progress and can find teaching tips to strengthen his weak areas. He loves the short lessons and the instant "badge" that is earned. I plan to continue with the online version until he is a fluent reader!”
L. Rothermel, Club Member
”I've used ETC workbooks for 7 years now. They are wonderful! This is my first year using the online program. I can't say enough good about it! My son loves it! Instead of encouraging him to do another page, he is asking to do another lesson online and will work much longer. His spelling is improving and it is so enjoyable for both of us! We all know how much boys hate to write. This is perfect because they can type it. Most kids love the computer so this is the best of both worlds. It's worth every penny! Don't hestitate to sign up!”
Carla B. in Michigan, Club Member
”I'm so glad that we added the ETC online to the workbooks. My 3 children have enjoyed being able to do school on the computer and I'm glad that they can review what we have done. Also, the way they have enabled me to reward the work done online keeps my kids motivated to either complete a certain amount or spend a certain amount of time.”
Marie R, Club Member
”I purchased this as a supplemental resource to our Horizons Phonics Curriculum. I have been very impressed with the quality and content of Explode the Code. It has put the joy back into learning for my six year old son. I will continue to use this program with my two younger children as well.”
Maureen R., Club Member
”My son has struggled to read. He's in 3rd grade, and pre ETC, he was reading at a first grade level, in spite of our having tried a number of reading programs.

He is a visual learner, and once we started ETC, he moved forward in leaps. He enjoys the work, and it's easy for him to proceed independently. He has used another online program, but this one seems to be much more enjoyable to him.

We will definitely continue to use it until he has covered all the material and reached reading proficiency for his age group.”
Caryn, Club Member
”My son is mastering his phonics at a faster pace doing the on-line program. The rewards give him an incentive to push forward since reading is not his favorite subject. He likes to see if he received a "butterfly" for his work. He looks forward to earning a green "mosquito" (as we call it). Thank you for the discounted program and my son is grateful that he is not doing another workbook this year!”
Tammy W., Club Member
”I have used this with 3 of my children, and the results have been spectacular! I highly recommend this to all of my friends with struggling readers.”
C. Fry, Club Member
”I feel this program is outstanding. My five year old Son loves it and can work independently both on the online work and the written work in the workbook. He is proud of himself that he can read already!”
S. Smith, Club Member
”This has been a great tool to reinforce my daughter's phonics skills. I used it all last year and re-ordered it again this year because I find it beneficial. She is reading so well now, and I believe Explode the Code has helped her with sounding out words.”
Jennifer D., Club Member
”My 1st grader uses this as his primary phonics lesson. It is enticing and efficient. My 3rd grader uses it for remedial spelling lessons; I believe we are targeting specific problems effectively.”
S.Swann, Club Member
”We love ETC On-line because my 5 yo gets phonics practice tailored to his level/weak areas. Also, it is something he can do independently while I help my other children with their studies. Great product! My son looks forward to it each day.”
Mara, Club Member
”I was so glad to discover ETC online through the Co-op as my son loved the workbooks and, due to learning and visual memory delays, needs to repeat exercises. As an older student, he loves that he gets to work on the computer and earns "fun" time once he completes enough lessons (such as online games, etc). ETC just works and on the computer it is more like fun than work!”
Joy P, Club Member
”I have been homeschooling for 9 years now, and I had no difficulty teaching my two oldest children to read. When I began teaching my third son, however, we had so much trouble. By the time he turned seven, I knew he was behind and I was worried. Plus, my fourth child was having similar difficulties. We have been using Explode The Code Online for just over a month now, and already I am amazed with both boys' progress. Not only are they learning quickly, but they are very enthusiastic to complete their lessons everyday. I intend to use this program with my younger children as soon as they are ready to read.”
Clare Durina, Club Member
”We just signed up for our second year of Explode the Code on-line. This program is like buying the Explode the Code books and a tutor to go with them. My daughter can word independently and practice her phonics. The software moves her onto harder material when she is ready for it, and gives her more practice in the areas where she is slow or is not getting the phonics concept covered in that unit. And all I have to do is turn on the computer! The parent page is full of valuable information about the students strengths, weaknesses and progress, and I don't have to worry about ordering the next book - it is all right there!”
KathyH, Club Member
”I recently bought a years subscription of Explode the code from Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I wasn't sure if it would work for my 4 yr old daughter, but was thrilled once we started using it. The lessons are in small bites and allow the child to feel successful each time. It also gives very detailed reports on what problems the child got right but it gives a report as to how long it took the child to do the problem. My daughter has a daydreaming issue... or gets side tracked with conversations not about the subject. I showed her the report and how the program thinks she didn't know the answer, when in actuality it wasn't that at all. I asked her to stay focused for the short time period we set then showed her the report again and she was pleased with her better score. I also liked that the lessons allowed the student to skip instructions if they already knew how to do the problem. My daughter also tires quickly and isn't ready to do much writing as the book version would require, so the online version allows her to show what she knows without writing. Very happy with Explode the Code Online. We also use several other online phonics/Reading programs and I think this one will be used more then the others. We will continue to use this for this year and see how my daughter is doing and if we will need to add another year or not. I have told my moms group friends about it and hope they give it a try.”
Patricia Nelson, Club Member
”Explode the Code online is the perfect companion to the ETC books. The tools online allow me to keep track of my first grader's progress. It also gives my son positive feedback as he learns to read. My husband and I are both amazed at how quickly our son has learned to sound out words. We're very happy with Explode the Code online and consider it one of our best curriculum choices!”
C.M. Southern, Club Member
”Explode the Code Online has helped our family considerably, as my 6 yr. old son is able to do it independently while I spend time with my 3 yr. old. We were using another reading program that required considerable 1-on-1 time with him, which left my 3 year old to entertain herself. Since most of his subjects require 1-on-1, she was left out too much of the time, which I knew was not good for her and that was causing me quite a bit stress. This program takes care of reading and even spelling, and allows us more quality time together. I can monitor his progress, and it automatically keeps detailed records for me. He loves being on the computer, so even though it is work, he welcomes it. I believe we will continue to use this program.”
Mom of 2, another on the way., Club Member
”This is my first year to homeschool and I loved the idea of having one area of study on the computer to break up the day. At first my daughter, who is six, was a little hesitant and didn't want much to do with Explode the Code Online. But not now. She loves doing her reading on the computer and was so excited when she got her first airplane. The badges are great and it gives her something to work for.

Almost two weeks into the program she started sounding words out on her own. I had been trying to get her to do that all summer and she wouldn't! I really love how the program is constantly assessing her placement and repeating the areas that she struggles with. I also really appreciate the teachers section where I can track her progress, see what areas she is struggling with, and get ideas of how to improve her reading skills. I will definitely be using this program throughout our homeschooling years! Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-Op!”
Christy C., Club Member
”We are using Explode The Code with my 5 year old boy. He loves it! We spend about 10-15 min/school day on the site. It makes phonics fun. I like the "teacher" section so that I can see his progress, strengths, and area that need more support. They even give game ideas for areas that need more work. Totally worth the money, IMO.”
Emily, Club Member
”All my kids have loved Explode The Code online! The love seeing there progress buttons and self-motivate to do better each time! I love it because it monitors and tracks their progress for me, and adjusts if they need more work in a certain area! My two older kids love to help my two younger kids, they wish they could still do it!”
Jayme S., Club Member
”We started this program actually as a precursor to full time school. We have a young(late b/d) 5yo boy not ready for "full time" K but also beyond preschool. He is loving Explode the Code and can't wait to do his "work". He has readily grasped the material and can understand the directions. The directions are easy for him to follow. He needed some help at first with using a mouse but that didn't take long to get the hang of! He has used other online programs such as starfall and he prefers this because "its not for babies!" I will continue to use it and have already recommended it.”
K.Palladino, Club Member
”My six year old LOVES the Explode the Code online program. It's very interactive and she begs to play.”
Jen, Club Member
”I bought this for my 5 year old several weeks ago. She was barely reading, but loves this so much, she'll spend hours on it (while I'm schooling my older ones). She's reading little sentences now, and asks to get on all the time. I don't have to help her; she just keeps trying for those butterflies!”
Carol Litz, Club Member
”My six year old looks forward to Explode the Code online each day. I appreciate using that time to work with my older children. Very similar format to the books, only better, since there is no grading to do!”
T Pflum, Club Member
”I like that it tracks the childs progress and gives positive feedback to the child as they work through the exercise. My daughter loves the program and we will continue to use the product. We have told several friends about it as well.”
S. Byerly, Club Member
”Our daughter used written ETC last year and was moving steadily. Online ETC has been a great upgrade for both of us. I have a better idea of how she's doing. She works a little faster. If you'd like to continue the workbooks, they can be used to supplement each other or alone.”
Kate, Club Member
”I have used Explode The Code Online for 3 of my children. I use it as a supplement to their reading lessons. All have benefited using the extra practice of phonics and reading each day. Plus they love getting to be on the computer during school time!”
Cathy D., Club Member
”We are loving Explode the Code,my son and daughter are both using it and love how they get rewarded with butterflies and games. I love how you can click on a letter and you hear the sound, I think that really helps both my kids.We will continue to use it all this year and will tell others about it.”
Amber K., Club Member
”I really love the Explode the Code online. My daughter who is 4 has learned alot from it. I do wish it was more age specific. Because she is only 4 she is probably slower at it than some older kids and has a hard time earning the "good" bugs. She was weak in sounding out words though, and this has helped her tremendously...”
Christy Z, Club Member
”My son enjoys the online program, much better than the workbooks, since his fine motor skills are weak and he just plain likes computers. I like that the program automatically has him practicing specific skills until he can perform satisfactorily, and I appreciate the detailed reports so I know exactly what the exercises are that he's doing.

Unfortunately, the program frequently freezes and needs to be restarted. This happens nearly every time he uses the program. It's very frustrating, since he has to start over earning the passing badges in order to access the "fun button." Also, since the exercises are timed, the hunting on the keyboard for letters is time consuming, distracting and detrimental to the goal of reading, and artificially lowers his score for those exercises, discouraging him. This is a big deal for an older child with speech issues that have affected his ability to learn to read. I would like a different method of spelling words, so to separate reading skills from typing skills, since he's not learning proper typing technique from this program.

Despite these drawbacks, I recommend the program and may purchase it in the future for my younger children.”
Kimberly A., Club Member
”My son is developmentally delayed and very very dyslexic. Reading is hard for him and he hates reading 'programs'.

But Explode the Code online he will do. He likes it much better than the books, I think partly because it's a computer and computers are cool, and also because of all the sounds and rewards and typing is easier for him than writing. Besides, it's Orton-Gillingham based and that seems to help him remember.”
Miri M, Club Member
”I really like the teacher view where I can see how my child is progressing through the material. As a visual learner, I like the graphs and visual presentation of data. My daughter likes that there is a computer game that she is required to play for school :)”
Melissa C., Club Member
”This program has transformed our homeschool. I am working through teaching reading with my 3rd child and ETC has made all the difference. He is reading, writing, and spelling far better than his brother and sister were at the same age. I am VERY thankful for this program!”
N. Zimmerman, Club Member
”Bought this for the 3 older children I adopted from China. They had been using the books but the online version is SOO much better because they can hear the words pronounced while they are reading the words. I only wish I had bough tit a year earlier ! All 3 love it (boys ages 19 and 12, girl age 12).”
Catherine, Club Member
”This is a great self-directed way for a child to work on their reading skills. Great in that it is done on the computer so different than sitting down to another workbook and keeps my child's interest better. The best part is the immediate positive feedback they get.”
Nicole O., Club Member
”I am using ETC with my 1st and 4th grader for the 1st time this year. They love getting on the computer to do their phonics. My son immediately started reading after using the program 2 weeks. He already knew his letter sounds but had not put them together to make words. My 4th grader is just using it to review. They love the immediate feedback. I love the easy use. I highly recommend ETC!”
Heather P., Club Member
”I LOVE Explode the Code online as well as their workbooks. My daughter is almost 6 and we started her in the online program a little over a year ago. Thanks to Explode the Code, she is reading at a 2nd grade level! My 4-year-old son just began the program and he is reading many short words already! Not only are my children beginning to read, but the online program gives excellent computer skills! Both of my children love the program and enjoy doing it. Each level is graded by a score (we call them stickers) of a lady bug, bumblebee, paper airplane, etc...we have a reward system for each time they earn an airplane and it really encourages them! I highly reccommend this program to anyone. I will mention that I did decide to use their workbooks as a supplement for my son, which has helped him greatly. I plan on having my children complete this program.”
Susan D., Club Member
”My kids (I have two doing phonics) have both enjoyed ETC. They really enjoy getting a "butterfly" and like the reward system. I enjoy the ease of use and that they can work at their own pace. Thank you for a great product.”
Chris G., Club Member
”Explode the Code has helped by daughter better understand phonics, giving her reading ability a real boost. ETC has also helped her improve her spelling. She enjoys using the program, and as a result is more willing to spend the time needed to learn.

I like how easy it for me to navigate the reporting features and how easy it is to adjust the learning levels so my daughter doesn't get board if she's grasped a concept and needs to jump ahead.”
Carol S., Club Member
”I am a tutor for young children with autism and I am using this program with 2 students. They both love doing the work, in fact sometimes it's hard to get them to stop and they keep asking for just one more try. I love the data information and it makes it very easy to keep parents informed on the child's success.”
M. Spruill, Club Member
”We have used Explode the Code online for just over a year, for my son we adopted from China when he was almost 6 years old. He is now reading at grade level!”
Laura C, Club Member
”This has been a great addition to our school day. Although we have the workbooks the online version has given us the extra practice that my daughter needed. She loves it and asks to do her "computer" school everyday even on Saturday.”
Ildiko Baugus, Club Member
”I purchased this program for my 8 year old dyslexic daughter who is reading on a first grade reading level at the end of her 2nd grade term. She WAS public schooled. She loves the program! It is summertime, and currently not using it everyday at this time. I do notice she is being challenged and loves the online content. She wants me to sit down with her so I can watch her. I have not used any other products for reading/ spelling, and, hopefully, the need will not be there. I hope to be able to do a more thorough review at the end of our school year.”
Elizabeth H., Club Member
”I have always been impressed with the Explode the Code workbooks, and have continued to be very pleased with the online version. It helps my children get through more material faster than they could in the workbook, and focusing on the areas where they struggle. I love that they move faster when they are already proficient in an area, and are provided review when they are not solid. There are not a lot of goofy graphics and distractions from the content, which I really like. I have used it with my first son, and am now using it again with my daughter. They both love their phonics time!”
Talia K., Club Member
”I use this with my two younger children, ages 5 and 8. Both children use the computer regularly and have no tolerance for cheesy computer games and programs. For the past two years I have used the ETC workbooks with the 8 year old, and I was nervous trying the Online format. I have to say, ETC Online goes above and beyond my expectation. It is everything it claims to be. My children love it and ask to do it every day. They are excelling in phonics, and strive to "earn the Airplane" in every unit. The program is challenging, but because its leveling is automatic, it's never frustrating. I give it 5 stars!”
C. Owens, Club Member
”My 7 year old son started ETC online this January. He was scoring below basic and couldn't read a basic reader without a great deal of struggle. He is now, just 5 months later, scoring proficient in book 6! He is reading level 2 readers and his spelling has improved multiple grade levels. This is the kind of learning program that perfectly utilizes the technology without creating wasted time on gaming-type activities. Highly recommended!!”
Michelle G., Club Member
”I have been using ETC with my six year old who has been learning to read this year. It has given her a great phonetic foundation to learn spelling along with reading. She can spell complex words that others her age have not learned yet.

I just began using ETC with my 8 year old daughter. She struggles with spelling. It has been great to watch her fly through the material she does know, building her confidence, and yet be able to have the areas of her weakness worked on at the same time. The program does a great job of finding these areas and helping her get them down well. It has been a great program and we hope to be able to afford to use it with both children next year.

We have looked at many other phonics programs and this is by far the best program. My son used the book ETC curriculum and loved it. At the time they didn't have the computer curriculum. My daughter didn't like doing the books but enjoys the computer curriculum.

We have a homeschool co-op that we are involved in. As a leader in the co-op, I am asked about curriculum all the time. I have told many of my homeschool friends about ETC. Some have even begun using the program themselves.

Note: I do have to help with the mouse as it is overly sensitive to errors. Sometimes we click on the right answer but if it is not directly in the center it is read as wrong. Making one error can set a child back many lessons. This is the frustrating part about ETC. One error in typing, or one error in mouse clicking can be interpreted as the child not knowing the information. It would be great to have a teacher override for these kind of errors that allows us to keep the child on the right track if we know they have the material down. [Co-op note: We have shared this info with the ETC creators.]”
Debbie Schlegel, Club Member
”I recently purchased Explode-the-Code online for my 5 year old son. We had been using the workbooks, but his fine motor skills are not quite as developed as his thinking abilities and readines to read, so all of the writing he needed to do slowed him down. I am very pleased with the progress he has made online. He can go through the lessons much faster now and is progressing rapidly. Also, he insists on doing it all by himself and is learning where the letters are on the keyboard so he can type out the words without help. The other day he did nine segments straight and didn't want to stop. With the paper textbooks, he whined through two pages per day. The program does evaluate based speed as well as accuracy, so his doing the typing does affect his "rewards," but I take this into account when reviewing the progress reports. Overall, I am very satisfied with ETC online. It serves the purpose we needed, and I got it for a great price through the Co-op.”
Dana M., Club Member
”Explode the Code has been a wonderful solution for our family. I have 3 boys, and the oldest 2 (ages 7 and 4) use Explode the Code online. I'm able to track their progress individually. They both enjoy the online version much better than the many workbook type phonics programs we've tried. The only thing I would change would be some of the pictures, like many phonics programs, some of the pictures are nearly impossible to figure out. I will continue to use it and plan to use it for the little one as well.”
L. Boyle, Club Member
”We recently purchased Explode-The-Code for our daughters aged 5 and 7. Our 7 year old daughter is a good match for this product and with one month of use she has had some success moving forward with sounding out words, which was her weakness that intially prompted us to purchase this product. We have found that our 5 year old struggles a bit to master the program - she does not move quickly enough through the lessons to achieve a good score, and she is at the lower end of the skill set needed to use the program. I would say that in a few months our youngest will move more quickly through the lessons which will mean less frustration for her and likely draw her to do more work without support from her parents.

All in all, this is a solid product: it gives good parent control over assignments, it is designed with a simple format for young children to navigate themselves. Its weakness is in the rewards (which are hard to achieve for younger/less skilled learners) and the teaching method is much more lesson-based than game-based which can be less exciting and harder to motivate young children.”
T.B., Club Member
”My kids LOVE working on Explode-the-Code online. Without the daunting sight of "all those workbook pages" to do, they are able to spend just a few minutes a day going through several lessons.

I love the feedback that I get and the ability to reassign anything that I determine needs additional practice.

As for the price, what an awesome deal! I could never get all of the workbooks for the little it cost to subscribe. It's worth every penny!!”
K. Crabtree, Club Member
”So far ETC has been amazing.. My daughter is 8 and has had trouble w/ phonectics.. I am starting to see the improvements.”
Kris, Club Member
”Should have switched to this a long time ago. Much easier to use than the books were. I don't have to grade papers! (Wahoo!) Immediate feedback for the kids. Wonderfully complete progress reports for parents. I love the fact that it tracks the kids' time in ETC, by date, in addition to reporting the academic progress. We'll definitely continue to use and will recommend for our grandchildren.”
Midge C., Club Member
”My son had been using the Explode the Code workbooks. I like the pacing of the online version. He is excited about working on his phonics each day (as opposed to hiding)!”
D. Harper, Club Member
”E-T-C is great! We like that it keeps track of our children's progress through use of a nationally standardized chart. Our family is currently using ETC for our younger children's learning and as an assessment for our oldest children's knowledge base. The foundations of reading and learning to spell are not something we want to wonder about. ETC not only makes sure that our children are learning, it also makes sure we know their strong and weak points.”
A Ford, Club Member
”Love this program, I've used it for years with my 2 boys. Only phonics program that works for us & the boys can be independent with.”
Becky, Club Member
”We started using Explode the Code (online version) about a month ago and I have definitely seen great progress in my young son's reading. He is 4.5 and benefiting greatly. I would not have pushed reading so early, but he was begging to learn more during our reads. So, we started simple and then I wanted to get something fun for him, as well. He is always begging for 'screen time', so I thought this might be a nice reward also. It has been fun for him, although a little more repetitious than I would like. But, I have to keep reminding myself that learning to read can sometimes be just that - repetition. So, all in all, I recommend this product! I do like the fact I can customize his learning pace and when the "fun" games are allowed to show up. We do not use it every day, on average once or twice a week - but again, he's young and I'm not pushing the reading, just judging his interest level.”
Mary B., Club Member
”When my six year old son was struggling with phonics, I decided to add some online options to our mix of methods to help him learn to read. After reviewing a number of programs, I decided to go with ETC Online since we are using the workbooks too.

My son really enjoys the online experience and sees the work more as a game than a lesson. The only negative is that when he first started usiing the program his keyboard skills were slow, so he was advancing too slowly in the program because he wasn't adept at the keyboard. With time and practice though, that resolved and he's learned typing skills too!

We are continuing to use both the online and workbook products and recommend the product to others.”
Regina, Club Member
”We have used both work books and the online explode-the-code. We do like the online version but there are some flaws to the system itself. The game freezes and/or i have to refresh it even though she is in mid play. Another thing i never thought of, but using it online, your child has to have basic computer skills. (in the beginning she has gotten many answers wrong this way) My daughter (4 yo) isn't too happy with the drag and drop notion and really doesnt like to have to find the letters on the keyboard to spell words... it takes too long for her to locate letters since they're out of sequence. I have found that the pictures used you have to sometimes guess what word they are trying to have you use.. .and if i am guessing certainly my daughter is, or gets frustrated.
Pluses: I do like that they show you examples in the beginning showing every detail. It is very repetitive. They give her lots of reinforcement.
Overall i would buy it again with the discount.”
lor, Club Member
”This is the first year to have our newly adopted daughter home to school her. I had 3 other daughter that graduated from home 2005-2010. I'm familiar with a lot that was out there in the past. It's been GREAT to find Homeschool Buyers Co-op and Explode the Code. She was not quite ready for long vowels, so I bought a workbook of Explore the Code, but she resisted. Explode the Code on-line has been great. She can work either on her own or with me close by depending on her need level for the day. She does have favorite activities that she thinks is easier than the rest. I also love the feedback and the ability to adjust the level if I think she needs it. I can also look ahead to see what's coming so I know what to compliment with on paper and actual reading. I will continue to use Explode the Code. I'm thankful for the GREAT discount available through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
Barb Sheffer, Club Member
”As a classical homeschooler with 3 young children to educate, I often find it hard to fit everything in. I was looking for something that would take some of the time pressure off of me but still give my children a solid foundation in reading. I started my 6 year old daughter out on it halfway through 1st grade. She really enjoys the program and is doing quite well. The program picks up her weak spots even better than I am able to do. It has freed me up to work with my 8 year old son on more complex comprehension questions and to begin to teach my 4 year old son his letters and sounds. I can't believe how much freedom something simple like this has given me! I plan on enrolling my 4 year old as soon as he has mastered his letter sounds. I just wish I had known about this program when my oldest son was just starting out!”
N. Zimmerman, Club Member
”My daughter has been making very slow progress in phonics since September. I ordered ETC Online the first week of March. She has rapidly progressed in this past month. Her ablities have improved more in the last month than the six months prior. The lessons are quick and enjoyable. She retains more from ECT Online than any other method we have tried. We will continue to use it until she completes all the levels.”
Lori D., Club Member
”My 8 year old asked for "computer school" this year, and since he can use more phonics practice, Explode the Code online seemed like the perfect option. It's only been a few weeks since he started using it, but I can already seen improvement in his reading lessons. Its set up is self motivating to my son, as he gets so excited when he gets a butterfly or airplane token (the butterfly token means he passed a level and the airplane token means he got a perfect score on it). I can definitely see purchasing another year's subscription as needed for this child and definitely for the next one too.”
Robin E., Club Member
”My 4 1/2 year old is doing really well with Explode the Code online. She enjoys doing it, and I set a goal every day of her earning 5 blue butterflies. It takes her about 15 minutes. It's a nice break from the workbooks!”
Misti, Club Member
”I teach children with autism and they really enjoy using this program. I love the data reports, which allow me to individualize my teaching strategies.”
M. Spruill, GA, Consultant Teacher
”I am the mother of a 6 year old with a phonetics speech disorder. Phonics lessons were hard and involved lots of frustration and a few tears. Explode The Code counters that with nice simple "games" he can play. As a parent I still need to sit with him as he does the program and keep him focused but it has increased his skills in an otherwise hard area for him. He loves that he can play a set amount of lessons and the games button comes up; good motivation for him. I like that I can supplement the online game with the paper workbook when we are traveling with no access to a computer. I recommend this program for kids who seem to be frustrated with a traditional way of phonics mastery.”
Laura B, Club Member
”My boys were struggling with written work. Allowing them to do their phonics on the computer has been a great motivation for them. They even look forward to it. I like that they can use it at their specific level, and I can view their results in the teacher files.”
Amy Kusmaul, Club Member
”We have two daughters ages 4 and 5. We are really noticing how much exploded the code is helping them learn how to read. This is a great tool to use online!”
Shannon Green, Club Member
”I absolutely love explode the code and the huge discount I got on it from Homeschool Buyers Co-op. My son is gifted in math but struggles with language arts/spelling some. This is helping so much and I love that it automatically scores him so I can secretly check his scores without deflating his self-esteem!”
Felicia A., Club Member
”We love Explode The Code! We use it as a reward because my 6 year son can't wait to "play" it when they finish his other lessons. I purchased a seat for my 4 year old knowing he would want to do the lessons if he sees his brother doing them. I'm amazed at what he is learning so quickly. They're so proud when they earn the tokens and move to a new level. I have to limit the time they are on it because they just want to keep on doing the lessons. Since ETC keeps track of what they do and don't understand, I'm able to get all my laundry folded and put away!!”
Barbara G., Club Member
”My son struggles with dyslexia and Irlen Syndrome, and everyday when we had to sit down for reading it was a battle! He was frustrated and hated it! Since using this program for a few weeks I have noticed his confidence has really improved, he enjoys working on the lessons. He gets immediate feedback on how he is doing by the little bug symbols. I love the parent section - I can monitor how he is doing and tweak the program for his needs. I am so happy that we found this program!!!”
Hillary DeJohn, Club Member
”This has been a great tool for me to help my phonics challenged 7 year old son and the price is right!”
Pam G, Club Member
”I have an 8 and 10 year old doing ETC. They get bored of so many other programs, but not this one! I love it how the program follows how they do and assesses them after each lesson!

It is a great program. I recommend it to any new readers or readers struggling!”
Denise, Club Member
”I wanted to use ETC online for my children, but the price for each student was a little overwhelming. However, through the homeschool buyers co-op, I was able to purchase 2 seats for my struggling readers. ETC has helped build stronger foundations and give a bigger emphasis on those areas where they struggled. It is fun for them as well as educational and that is what every homeschool mom looks for when searching for curriculum! I do not know of another online product that helps children like this one! I've shared this information with my facebook friends!!!”
Mrs. Wright, Club Member
”Our family has really appreciated Explode the Code online. The presentation is logical and incremental and allows a student to progress through the phonics principles at their own pace. I love that the curriculum adjusts for the student's proficiency. But the best feature has to be the progress reports and the parent control features, which allowed me to stay on top of how my children were learning and make any adjustments or add any extra supplemental activities (which ETC online suggests). My kids really enjoyed doing their lessons with Explode the Code. It was a great way to add variety to our homeschool day. I am now introducing Explode the Code to my youngest child and I have recommended it to others whose children lack motivation using traditional workbook activities.”
Carey C., Club Member
”My kids are using this curriculum..this has been a good addition for me as I no longer am working on phonics with my two struggling readers!! The feedback is immediate from the program so the kids can keep learning. This is the second year my family is using the online program. My eldest used the paper ETC and I love having the online version instead. It is the same curriculum EXCEPT no handwriting..well, we use another handwriting program. My next child has graduated from ETC online..he rapidly went through the levels. My last two children are using this online have struggled with reading and this has helped them both considerably and I no longer am the enemy, pushing them to work with me on phonics! I have friends who are using it now and love's a good deal.”
C.B., Club Member
”My son who is four had become frustrated with reading and stopped. Once he began working with ETC he began reading again. We work together to figure out what each picture represents, after that he is able to do all work on his own.”
Stephanie, Club Member
”I recently purchased ETC for my daughter, age 5 - Kindergarten, to use. Her brother uses Switched on Schoolhouse and she was always jealous because he got to "do school" on the computer and she didn't. In that regard, this program has been awesome! She feels like a big girl and enjoys doing her work for the most part.

The work is fairly slow paced and she does get bored doing the same thing over and over and there is no way that I've seen to jump ahead. From what I understand, the program will move her ahead when she shows that she has mastered the skill.

My biggest complaint is that the program is very glitchy. It freezes up quite often and the only way to fix it is to close the window and start over.

It is easy enough for my daughter to use on her own without me having to look over her shoulder and I do like that a lot. She gets excited when she gets one of the blue badges (meaning she has done a good job) and bummed out when she gets a yellow one (bad job). She is content to do the work for about 15 minutes and about that time she gets bored with it.

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase and my daughter does enjoy this program. She does seem to be taking a lot away from it as well.”
Karly Campbell, Club Member
”We used the Explode the Code book series during Kindergarten but by the first grade my little one was a bit bored with the format. We moved to the online Explode the Code and she is again engaged and enjoys her lessons. As the parent/teacher I appreciate being able to monitor her progress and see the areas she may need a little extra work with the reporting tools. I would recommend the online Explode the Code without reservation!”
Jen, Club Member
”My son struggles with reading, but was resistant to other methods of remediation. He loves Explode the Code online. He appreciates getting immediate feedback and I appreciate monitoring his progress! I notice improvement in his decoding skills and I highly recommend the product.”
M. Roth, Club Member
”My son LOVES explode the code online. We have used the workbooks for some time and have always appreciated the quality instruction, but the online program is even more amazing! Through Explode The Code Online, I can monitor my son's progress in so many ways. It is almost like having a personal tutor just for him. It also provides specific ideas for reinforcing areas of weakness as well as a standards report card for all areas covered in the instruction. He is always ready to use the program...especially with the fabulous "fun" button as a reward! The printed progress reports are perfect for his advisor, and she is excited as well and is eager to tell other parents about the program. I will continue to use this program with my son for as long as he needs phonics instruction. Thanks Homeschool Buyers Co-op for making this affordable for us!”
Robin Hardy, Club Member
”Explode the Code has added considerably to the fluency with which my daughter reads. We bought it on the recommendation of a friend whose daughter loves it, and I have been pleased with the results. My six year old does this program completely independently - very helpful when you have multiple children at home. We use it to suppliment our regular phonics program which comes with books and written worksheets and phonics tiles, all of which I think are crucial for a strong foundation, however, traditional phonics requires the complete attention and time of the parent teaching. I enjoy the flexibilty of phonics practice time being independent. We will continue to use this program through first grade.”
Kathy J, Club Member
”I have seen improvement in my son's reading ability since beginning explode the code online. He spends about 30 min. a day, 4 days a week, and does so without complaining. I would recommend this to anyone, especially those with reluctant readers!”
C. Fry, Club Member
”I LOVE LOVE LOVE Explode the Code online!! I was debating between getting the workbooks or going the online route, and I am so glad that we chose the online version. Our main curriculum already incorporates phonics and handwriting, so ETC online works as tool to further his understanding.

It's easy for my six year old to manage all on his own, and it's easy for me to quickly glance at the screen and see how he's doing (there are "buttons" on the side that he "earns" that tell me very easy whether he's mastered the concept or not.) I also have access to view what he needs more work on. I also love how I can use this as a multi-media/computer class as well.

The greatest benefit is that he views this as a reward!!! I say that in order for him to "get" to do Explode the code, he has to complete all of his other written school work. It is amazing to me how he stays on task in order to be able to have computer time.

I am so very happy with this program and would recommend it fully (and I already do!!) to everyone and anyone!”
Christy R., Club Member
”ETC online has helped our child so much. It has the repetition that I could not give her because we became frustrated with each other. It's so helpful that the software actually makes the letter sounds. She enjoys the immediate feedback of the software that she sees in "bugs". We are 100% pleased and highly recommend it!”
S. Willis, Club Member
”I use Explode the code with my 6 1/2 year old along with All About Spelling.

What I love:
- It is black and white ( nice, bright colorful pictures would be too distracting)
- Different exercises ( ensure a thorough understanding)
- The reporting ( great for printing off to give to authorities, or just for your own info)
- Simple (very easy to use)
- Rewards (are very basic, so child is not focus on getting rewards)

The only problem we have found is that because we are English people living in Australia some of the pronunciation is different. Also words are used which are not very common for us. But overall, a great product. I wouldn't use it solely by itself as I believe it works well for us because how it ties in with All About Spelling. My daughter enjoys using it and we will carry on using it.”
Lisa, Club Member
”The Dyslexia specialist told me, that my son would never be able to spell or understand Phonics. With Explode the code he is finally understanding how it works, even if he is still way below grade level, I can see so much improvement. Doing work on paper, that is most of the time overloaded with work is hard for him, this goes from one problem to the next and makes it easy for him to see. My kids like to work on the computer, so it is almost a reward to get to do Explode the Code. We had some problems in the beginning with the program getting stuck, but after doing recomended updates it works great.”
Monika Grant, Club Member
”Explode the Code online has been a great tool for my child. It is interactive and holds my child's attention. I recommend this program for anyone working with phonics! Thanks Explode the Code!”
Lori, Club Member
”My daughter and I love Explode the Code online. She looks forward to phonics everyday. She's excited to get the butterflies or paper airplanes and bummed out when she gets lady bugs or bumblebees. I like how it has her repeat things when she doesn't do so well. It's better than a workbook, because you don't have to erase and they can truly learn for mastery. I also like that I can change where I want her to work, if necessary.”
D. Jacques, Club Member
”Before seeing Explode-the-Code on Homeschool Buyers Co-op I was alread researching it for my daughter. I have a 9 year old who has always struggled with reading. I was impressed with what I read on-line regarding Explode-the-Code. It has been extremely effective. I can't believe how much her reading has improved in such a short time. She also has a slight speech problem she has gone to therapy for in the past. With explode the code other adults have commented on how her speech has improved. I would highly recommend explode the code.
(It also keeps a record for you of your child's progress of skills that is great.)”
Lara Proctor, Club Member
”My ds8 loves this program. He loves the feedback he gets after each section and tries hard to get the paper airplane (the highest grade you can get). He will play this for hours if I would let him! He loves the workbooks and this combines very nicely with those or replaces them. They are almost identical to the workbook pages in content and ability. The only thing the online program doesn't have is handwriting (of course). I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun and educational phonics program.”
T. Maynard, Club Member
”It is a wonderful program that is fast paced and simple to use. My daughter loves it and has improved greatly since using it. The grading system is unique and readily visible to see how the student is doing. Very professional and thought out well.”
Dan Inverso, Club Member
”I have two children currently using Explode the Code online. One is 5 and the other 6 and they both really like the program. They look forward to earning "butterflies" or "airplanes" and are motivated to reach the goal of 5 or 10 butterflies and/or airplanes for the day. They also like the games portion of the site - when they work on enough units for the day, they can play online games. I like the product because I can keep track of their progress, set the goals, decide what days they are allowed to play the online games, and I can print certificates after they successfully complete a book. I like it better than the ETC books because they can redo a unit that they struggle with over and over again until they have the skills to successfully pass it. I also like to be able to track how much time is spent working on certain skills. The site is very user friendly, even for my 5 year old who is still struggling with the basics of reading. I would recommend this program as a great supplement to whatever reading program is already being done at home!”
Kathrine, Club Member
”We love Explode The Code! It is engaging with it's colorful format and voices used to help explain and instruct. It is very easy to follow for the child as well as for the parent. I highly recommend it!”
A. Coppedge, Club Member
”My daughter had hit a plateau with reading and within three days of using Explode the code online her reading skills began to advance again. Thank you!”
Laura S, Club Member
”I have two children using explode the code online. They are ages 7 and 5. They both love using explode the code. They also love the "Fun" button that appears after they have completed their lessons. I love that I can track their progress and trouble areas. I also like that I can establish the rules for when the "Fun" button will appear.”
Jenn C., Club Member
”I only have good to say about the Explode-The-Code online program. I have a struggling reader who is using it along with the Explode The Code workbooks. It gives her a wonderful opportunity to work at her phonics and reading independently which is a rarity for her because of her reading struggles. I've always used and liked Explode The Code books - this is just a wonderful extension. Thank you! Thank you!”
Heidi B., Club Member
”We hit a brick wall with another phonics program, but Explode the Code Online revived our 7-yr-old son's interest in learning to read. We are happy to be making progress again!”
Amy, Club Member
”It works great for my reluctant reader, keeps him going and he likes it better than the books. I still can't quite figure out how to find out what he needs to work on most - the chart that it constructs is not very clear.”
Carola, Club Member
”Explode the Code Online has allowed my 5-year-old to complete many more activities than she has completed through the traditional workbooks. After a month of using Explode the Code Online she has finished Book 1 and has started Book 2. I love that I can can easily track her progress and she loves trying to earn butterflies and paper airplanes.”
Laura, Club Member
”I wasn't sure about ordering ETC. My daughter had used the books back in 1st grade and I didn't care much for them because they didn't make sense. This computer program however is WONDERFUL!! I have found that she is raring to go every morning which as a homeschool mom, this is a real treat! :) I'm so tickled to have ordered this product!”
HLT McDermott, Club Member
”My son doesn't enjoy phonics work, but he loves Explode the Code! The site is so entertaining that even my 3 year old wants to try it out!”
Tracy J., Club Member
”I struggled to find a phonics program that my son would enjoy and learn from. We tried many different products and each one he hated. Then came Explode-the-code online through Homeschool Buyers Co-op! He LOVES it! No more phonics-time struggles. He enjoys "playing" his phonics "game" and it has really boosted his confidence. His reading skill have already improved in the short time we've been using it.

I love that through the parent/teacher login I can clearly see how much time he spends working on it, how he's doing, and where he needs review. I'm telling everyone I know about this product! We love it!”
Heather M., Club Member
”My 5-year old son loves using this website. He does it for 10-15 minutes per day and after only 2 weeks I'm seeing an improvement in his reading speed and the length of words and sentences he can read. I'm very impressed and it's so easy to use! We can stop at any point, and when we go back, just pick it right back up where we left off. Even my 3-year old son is interested in it and watches the whole time that my older son is working.”
Bonnie, Club Member
”We have been using ETC Online for a few weeks now and we love it! I wish I had checked into it last year. I love how it moves along at the kids' pace, getting more difficult or easier based on their performance, until they have mastered the material. The activities are interesting and seem to be just the right length to keep their attention. I also like the variety of the lessons. I highly recommend it.”
Sherrie L., Club Member
”My daughter really enjoys working for jets and butterflys and learns phonics in the process with no prompting from us at all. We love ETC!”
T. Smith, Club Member
”ETC Online was a wonderful revelation to us. I have twins, and my five year-old son was thriving with traditional ETC, just as my older children had. My five year-old daughter, though, froze when confronted with her ETC book. As a firm believer in ETC's methodology, I wanted her to use it! When I saw that the Co-op offered a great price on ETC Online, I decided to try it. Now both of my twins are doing wonderfully with their respective versions of ETC.

If you have a child who is ready for phonics, but perhaps is not yet ready to write independently, ETC Online is a wonderful option. The price is amazingly affordable, and I can't recommend it highly enough!”
L. Delgado, Ph.D., Club Member
”My boys love playing the "game" and seeing how many butterflies they can get. It is like they don't even realize they are learning. We enjoy it.”
Angie, Club Member
”I purchased the ETC program for my 6 year old son. He is making visible progress, and I like that the computer gives him feedback as to how well he did an the unit. The 'teacher' page has been very informative. I can easily track my son's progress and see where his weaknesses are. I am VERY happy with this purchase.”
K.P., Club Member
”I have been very pleased with ETC online. My daughter is enjoying learning. I love the reward system. I would recommend this product to other families. ”
Mrs. Wilhite, Club Member
”I bought 2 student accounts for ETC Online, one for my 5yr old son and one for my 10yr old son.

My 10 year old needed extra help with phonics and I was also hoping to improve his spelling as well. He is doing well with the ETC program. He likes doing the lessons and is motivated to get the "airplane" at the end of a lesson (airplanes mean you got all the questions right and in an amount of time that was above average).

I thought this would also be a great addition for my 5yr old as a supplement to our phonics work, but it didn't turn out so well. He quickly hit lessons that were too advanced and I felt it didn't really "teach" the concepts as well as I had hoped. Mostly he advanced by memorizing the lessons pictures since he was getting kicked back in lessons quite a bit. He LOVES ETC and thinks the lessons are a ton of fun, but we have put it on hold a bit until we get a bit farther along in reading.

I found you really do need to have a basic reading ability to get very far with the program. I do not feel you can use it to teach your child phonics or reading without using anything else. In my opinion, this program is better suited for children in 1st grade and up.”
Tiffany B., Club Member
”Explode the Code has been an increadible boost for my 2nd grader. His ability to 'de-code' words has enabled him to read and spell beyond his grade level. We also had an emergency trip back to my homeland of Australia. Imagine my delight (and his disappointment) that he could continue his lessons over there. NONE of his other schooling came over! Thank You. , Co-op Member
Anne L., Club Member
”We absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our 4year old was reading simple words such as sat, bat etc.., He is now reading alost everything and is spelling 3-5 letter words.”
Richard P Scheiderman, Club Member
”We have been a subscriber to ETC Online now for almost two years. I HIGHLY recommend this program, especially if you are working with a dyslexic child. Its adaptive nature compensates for my son's good and bad days and its cummulative nature is constantly reinforcing learned concepts. It's nice to have a program that doesn't just move forward once a child attains an acceptable score. ETC will return to any topic if the child later shows a weakness in that area.

It maintains a historical graph report that encourages my son to keep moving forward by showing him the extreme progress he has made over time.

The staff at ETC Online are very helpful and accomodating also. They went out of their way to make sure that my son's subscription was not interrupted and that his historical data was transfered to his new account when we renewed our subscription through a different charter school.

My charter school pays for our subscription, but I would easily pay the full price out of pocket for the annual subscription if they did not. To have the same program available at a mere $35/year from the Co-op is an amazing opportunity that should not be missed.”
Susan S., Club Member
”Our son who is 4 (almost 5) has been using Explode The Code for a little over a month now and he absolutely loves it. We had tried several reading curriculum for him before, but it seemed like some moved way to fast, and others too slow. Explode the Code is great because it paces itself based on how the child is performing so it's never too fast or slow. For us it is also better than a written curriculum since my son is working above his grade level (he was aching to learn to read). Most reading curriculums have a written portion and his muscle development was not up to the level of writing needed in some of them, but since Explode the Code Online involves typing, he is able to complete all of the tasks without that being an issue.
I'd highly recommend the curriculum, we really enjoy it.”
Charlene Hertzberg, Club Member
”I struggled my first year of teaching my son to read. I jumped between 2 programs that I wasn't sure of. I saw ETC online through Homeschool Buyers Co-op and thought I would buy it for the summer months as I tried to figure out a good program. He loves it and I love it! We read a book together and he whizzed through without the slow sounding out of every word. I let him play every day for 15 minutes. In just a month of playing he has learned more than I tried to teach him!! We will definitely continue playing through first grade!!”
C. Duhm, Club Member
”My son loved Explode the Code as a work book so when I learned about the computer version we decided to try it. My son really enjoys it - even when it is hard! We have made it a regular part of our school day and I can see mastery in all of the areas he is working on (he is 7). We hightly recommend it. We will continue to use it. I have told many families about it.”
kb5kids, Club Member
”My eight year old daughter has really enjoyed the online version of Explode-The -Code. I had used the workbooks with my older son, so I knew the program really helps students with reading and spelling. I like the online version because it saves me time--I don't have to check the workbooks because the program does it for me. We plan to continue using it.”
Leslie, Club Member
”We had adopted a young boy from a West African country who was around 6-8 yrs old and had never had any schooling. He was having great difficulty in forming his letters, recalling sounds, and of course attaching the correct phonetic sounds to the letters. As a current homeschooling mother, and a former 2nd grade teacher, I understand how important the phonetic process is to learning to read. I have always used the Explode the Code workbooks for my children during their early years, but when I found this program through the Homeschool Buyers Coop, I thought it would benefit our son since he could hear the sound, repeat it back, key it in, and visualize the process. It worked!! He not only started forming his letters and sounds, but he is now reading and I give the credit to this online program. We will be renewing our subscription. Thank you for carrying this was and is well worth it!”
Denise H. in SC, Club Member
”Getting my boys to enjoy anything language related has been a struggle, so I was thrilled to see ETC Online. The program is exciting for them to use and THEY ask ME if they can work on language now! I especially like that you can set the "Fun Button" to appear only after certain criteria are met. It's a great addition to our curriculum and I'm so thankful to HBC for offering it!”
Brandi J., Club Member
”I am using the online product from ETC this year with my twins. I paid $60.00 per student for a year’s access. Anything less than $60/student would be great, but to be completely honest, it is worth more to me than what I paid. GREAT GREAT PRODUCT.

I do not usually critique products, but this one I really believe in. The features for educators/parents are great too. I am really excited that this product will be available for less, so maybe more people will have the opportunity to experience it.”
Julieann B., Club Member