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Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.
Does eTAP track each student's progress individually?

eTAP does not track the results of students. eTAP is a self administered program where each student progresses at their own pace . The publisher recommends that you print our the practice exercises and complete them on paper which is placed in a binder as record of work completed.

Do I need to purchase a Discovery Education streaming subscription separately in order to take advantage of eTAP's links to Discovery Education?

Yes, you would need to purchase a Discovery Education streaming subscription separately.

Can I log into eTap from different computers?

Yes, you can. Simply log into your subscription using the username and password that you created for your eTap subscription.

Can I use this as a complete curriculum for my children or is this mainly supplemental?

eTAP can be used as either complete or supplemental curriculum. Many of our homeschooler customers use eTAP as complete curriculum since we are open source and provide access to many other resources on the internet. For example the Khan videos that are within many of our lessons are connected to the grade level and topic, so parent do not need to spend time finding the Khan video that fits with the instruction topic. Other parents use eTAP as a supplement to fit only the subjects that they need help with. In general, as a single comprehensive resource that contains all core subject needs, the comprehensiveness of our program saves parents time and money.

For my high schoolers, how does this work with their transcripts?

At present we recommend that you print out the completed post test from each lesson/subject and place it in a 3 ring binder as their record portfolio. We do expect to have a reporting system soon which will track the students test scores. With the use of the reporting system we will be able to provide a transcript for each student as well as a report card.

Do the pretest grades count as well as the post grades for their report card?

Presently only the post test counts; you must save and print the post test. Once we have the reporting system up and running you will be able to track both pre & post testing.

I see in the trial there are only a few lessons per subject. Once we transfer over to paid students, there are more lessons for them to complete, correct?

All lessons are available in the trial. eTAP has over 3000 lessons within our program The navigation for finding lessons is as follows:

1. Contents Page
2. Choose Subject an grade level
3. Then you get list of lessons and resources pertinent to that subject and grade level
4. Click an individual lesson and you will see all resources for that lesson.

What do I do if I don't find the answer to my question here?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question individually and update this page as well.

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