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The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add eTAP to their home school curriculum. If you have used eTAP and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”I came across eTAP last year. I briefly glanced at it but moved on. I'm homeschooling 3 children on a non existent budget. I decided recently to take another look at eTAP. WOW! It has everything one needs to educate their kids! Im very impressed. I especially like the standardized testing resources provided. This is a beautiful bonus to an already put together curriculum. The owner goes above and beyond for those using his site. The prices are great. Very convenient and affordable to be able to have all your kids on an account for one price. I highly recommend eTAP to anyone and everyone. It goes up to high school which is spectacular! Please, go to and see for your self!”
Jeannie H,
”We've been quite pleased with eTAP. My kids love the independence it gives them to work at their own pace. I really appreciate being able to access different levels of curriculum in one place. What a fabulous value!”
Julia Q., Co-op Member
”The children are very impressed with their experience with eTap the past year and are so looking forward to another year of using it for our Homeschooling. They like the ease of use and ability to work independently giving them each a sense of being in controll of their own learning. It has changed our whole Homeschool experience. Cant say enough for its worth to our family.”
Donna W., Co-op Member
”My teenage children love doing school now. Getting up early with no problem just to do school on e-tap. Just wish the videos didn't cost extra.”
medipoppin, Co-op Member
”I have been a member for 3 months. Both my 7 year old and 13 year old use the site for social studies and science. They love the interactive videos, pages of information and short tests. My seven year old can access the site and read most of his second grade lessons in science as well as maneuver through the videos, social studies is a bet more complicated for him.
The only slight (talking about money) drawback is the optional price of Discovery Education Streaming. I only wished a bundle could be purchased. Unfortunately my school we are linked to has dropped their subscription so I face the out of pocket expense. is a good program for those students that are computer happy. I love the versatility of the program as access is web based vice CD loaded such as Switched on School house.”
Shannon B, Co-op Member
”Both girls who are 5 years apart in age can use this program and it is very easy to navigate so that I can make sure that both of them are meeting all the state GLEs and mastering what they need to know at their grade levels at a glance.”
H. Pacheco, Co-op Member
”This program is working out very well for us. We especially like the Discovery Channel link. I also really appreciate the fact that one subscription is good for both of my children.”
Melody, Co-op Member
”Six children in our family in grades K-10 have used eTap in conjunction with a Discovery Education Streaming Plus subscription for a whole school year and have all enjoyed and benefited from it. We have found it most useful for social studies and science studies in grades 4-8; so much that my kids not only looked forward to doing their schoolwork, but they seemed to remember almost everything. Two of my kids loved the curriculum so much that they completed all the grades 4-8 curriculum in social studies and science in one year. The K-3 curriculum seems to be less engaging and harder to implement with beginning readers, but my younger children retained a huge amount by watching their older siblings' educational videos. My high schoolers only tried Earth Science and Government/Economics because we felt that most of the high school courses would not work well as a complete course but could be better used as a supplement. There is no central record-keeping system for storing test scores, so grades must be copied and filed manually. Core subject areas such as math, math-oriented sciences like chemistry, and language arts were not useful to us at any grade level because we needed no supplementation to our other core curricula.”
Susan M., Co-op Member
”We purchased eTap about a month ago because a friend of ours was using it and have loved every minute of it. It is easy to use and simple to manage. The lessons are simply explained and easily printed out for School-on-the-Road and for required work samples, as well. We had been using Learning Springs up to that point, which we found difficult to use and difficult to manage. Our homeschooling has gone from a big chore and source of disharmony to a pleasure, every day. We have a year's family membership and will go on using it through the summer and next fall, too.
I have not only told friends about it, but intend to use it for my grandchildren when they come to visit. We even shared it with our Education Specialist and she loved the ease with which we printed out work samples. She says she thinks this will be ideal for some of her other families.”
Mrs. Lisa Agin, Co-op Member
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