CONTINUING: Instructions for Virginia Drivers.Ed com Subscribers

These are instructions from


To qualify for this course, students must currently be enrolled in a homeschooled program approved by their school division superintendent and cannot attend a public or private high school.

Please email or fax us this form along with proof of homeschooling in order to continue with the course.

As proof, please send a letter from the school division superintendent or designee stating that the parent is approved to homeschool the student or acknowledges their homeschool status. The letter must be on school division letterhead and represent compliance with compulsory school attendance for the current school year.

Once your form and proof of homeschooling have been received, we will update your account that same day so that you can begin taking your online drivers education. You will receive an email once your account is updated.

Scan and email all documents to or Fax to 1-888-240-0301.