Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Co-op.

Do I need to purchase one course for each student, or is good for my entire family?

The course is good for one student only.

Why do the different states have different prices? Are the amounts of materials more or less, reflected in the price?

Different states have different prices depending on the state regulations. It is also dependent upon what is required to be in the material, in addition to what is required to be able to use the material.

If the online course is not available in my state, can I purchase a course from another state instead?

We are only able to offer courses we are allowed to, per If your state is not listed, there might be some restrictions or does not offer courses for your state. It is not recommended, nor will you be able to, use a different course for a state other than the state you currently reside in.

If my student already has behind the wheel training, will this apply to her course?

Yes, if the student has some “in-car hours” this can be added to the student’s account. offers behind-the-wheel training in California, Georgia and Texas. If you are a resident of one of these three states, please be aware that you might receive a phone call from a representative to set up behind the wheel training.

Is there any teaching on the mechanical, etc. parts of the car in this course (as there was in the 1960's in drivers ed. classes)?

The course does discuss such things as ABS and how it functions, however it won't have instructions for changing the oil and things like that. Neither will it teach how to use a manual shift car although it may touch on the very basics. The course will mostly concentrate on the driving rules and defensive driving practices. However there may be state specific laws that are not covered by the program. You would need to consult your state traffic laws for those.

How much time do you get online with this program?

The course itself is 30 hours, but the student will complete it at his/her own pace.

Can my student earn High School credit?

Yes, does offer school credit for their online drivers ed course. For an additional cost, can purchase the transcript (or High School Credit) from when you register for your course.

What is the difference between the "State Approved" courses and the courses for all other states (except WA, IL, KY, NM, NC, NE, UT, and FL)?

The only difference with the "State Approved" courses is the student will receive a Certificate of Completion, which is required for obtaining a learner's permit. Students that have enrolled in courses for all other states will still be able to take the course for their state for high school credit and insurance discounts. Note: Please see the FAQ "Can my student earn High School credit?" below for more information.

I live in Florida (or North Carolina) but is not available to Co-op Members through this offer. It is available at the website. Why is that? is approved in Florida for FREE.

For North Carolina, online drivers education is not yet approved for this state.

Why isn't Nebraska listed as one of the available states on the order form?

In Nebraska, students who wish to get their driver's license need to sign up for drivers education as well as in-car training. works with a local driving school to provide this training and as such, it is only available in a limited area (based on student's zip code). Should this change in the future, we will be more than happy to add the state of Nebraska to the offer.

What is the difference between the "State-Approved" Texas course, and the "Texas (Parent-Taught 108)" course?

The "State-Approved" Texas course is an all online course in which a student can earn a permit after completion. There is no paperwork required to sign up. Students are required to also complete 7 hours of professional training and 7 hours of observation (this will be an added cost from [purchased directly from] or a local driving school)

The Texas "(Parent-Taught 108)" course has both an online and parental training components. Parent paperwork and approval as a parent-certified instructor is required for completion. The student may not begin the Texas online course until the parent has received an official Parent Taught Drivers Education packet from the Department of Safety. By law, any instruction, online or in-car, that occurs prior to the receipt of this packet will not count toward the required instruction time.

All of the information you need to assist in requesting this packet will be provided to you in your Co-op Account after order placement.

Why isn't Utah listed as one of the available states on the order form?

In Utah, students who wish to get their driver's license need to sign up for drivers education as well as in-car training. works with a local driving school to provide this training and as such, is only available through directly.

Does this course meet the homeschooler requirements for the Virginia DMV?

Yes, the Virginia course is DOE approved for home schooled students. You or the parent can find more information here:

Are there any special requirements in Virginia?

In Virginia, is available only to homeschooled students. The state requires them to verify these students by asking them to fax in a letter from the Superintendent, confirming that the student is homeschooled. If the student is homeschooled for religious reasons, they don't require an up-to date letter from the Superintendent, but you must have at least one letter to that effect.

Wisconsin does not allow home educators to teach their children driving. How is it that I can purchase a course for my state through

The parent does not teach the actual course itself, rather the student works their way through the program. One suggested option is once your student turns 18, he or she can then take the driving test without needing an accredited drivers ed program. Going through the program can help make sure all the bases are covered. However, it may not touch on any legal requirements for your state. What is more, the student will be eligible for insurance discounts!

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.