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”Our homeschooling days were a struggle when it came to math. When I read the reviews about DreamBox, I decided to try it. I love that it is intuitive. The program has an option to catch your student up two grade levels. We started with the free trial, then we bought it. The anxiety around math has now become fun and applicable. Once the anxiety was gone, their brains opened up to learn. Now they ask to play it and we haven't started the school year yet. Thanks DreamBox and Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
Mrs. N.K., Club Member
”DreamBox is quite a lovely product. When I first started doing this jobbie, I found Maths an uphill battle where we tango-ed one step forward and then gravity pulls us three steps back. I was immensely frustrated as Maths comes easy to me but not so to my little one. This program makes it fun to do in a very visual and yet systematical manner highlighting each step. Dreambox is especially fascinating as different topics are set out in various situations or visuals making it much easier to understand. This as opposed to my pale explanations, my boring use of manipulatives and then back to the pen and pencil practice. My kid enjoys it as I use it to complement the pen and paper mode and as a reward. Do I think it is essential? Yes because it helps compliment your Maths work and it gives mine something to look forward to. Also, one more things gets done whilst mine does Dreambox. To be honest, I found DreamBox first and really wanted it after reading lots of reviews and videos, etc., then I stumbled onto Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Omg!!!! Win-win situation.”
The Who, Club Member
”Love the content. How it advances the math, but also gives you a chance to earn prizes for a game.”
Rosemary, Club Member
”DreamBox is such a fun platform for learning math for my kids. We have been using it for three years, sometimes as a primary resource and sometimes as a supplement to another program. Even when choosing another program we keep the DreamBox subscription as a "go to" when the kids are feeling less motivated for book work.”
Fonda, Club Member
”DreamBox has allowed my students to explore mathematical concepts in fun and memorable ways, even introducing new concepts such that they are easier to teach once we reach that unit. We love that it keeps them at their mathematical growth edge!”
MC, Club Member
”This math program is amazing! My children (4 and 6) have learned tons from this individualized program that moves at their pace. The games are fun too. I have not found any other math programs that focus on visual fundamentals and adding the numbers afterwards such as this one does. I also used this in my classroom last year with my struggling math students and this year, students have been asking for it again. I recommend Dreambox to all parents.”
Kristin P, Club Member
”DreamBox is awesome! My kiddo loves it, and looks forward to playing on it. I love that they are learning so much, and that they think it's a game!”
Jules, Club Member
”This is an excellent program to advance math knowledge in kids struggling with math. It helps teach the concepts while the facts are being practiced, all in an environment of fun and challenge. The program only advances once the content is mastered. Excellent! And my boy never complains the hour a day he uses it!”
Karen F, Club Member
”My three children (age 5, 7 and 9) use the software regularly and seem to enjoy it. Thank you very much for this nice work.
I really appreciate the dashboard and the ability to see their progress compared to the school standards. That gives me confidence as to the level of proficiency they have achieved.”
Jean-Louis, Club Member
”With DreamBox my kids love to advance in their math. They feel that they are playing, and the best part is that they never feel like they can't do something, they just have to try a little longer.”
Natalia, Club Member
”My son is 11 and loves to do anything on the computer! He particularly likes all the colors and shapes and that the program is interactive and adjusts to his responses. As a parent educator, I like that this program is easy to use and allows me to easily monitor his progress. Concepts are introduced in a fun way that engages my son. I would definitely recommend this program! Thank you for brining it to us at an affordable price!”
Ruthie V., Club Member
”This program works so well with Singapore Math. I love how conceptual it is, and my 1st and 3rd grader find it to be fun!”
Jen, Club Member
”This is such an excellent way to practice conceptual math on the computer! My 1st and 3rd graders love it and it pairs very well with Singapore Math. I highly recommend it!”
Jen, Club Member
”Math has been a subject that has brought my youngest son to tears. I hoped Dreambox would "make learning fun" and still keep him progressing with his standards of learning. Dreambox met and exceeded my hopes! He usually doubles his Math time (even cutting into his "free" time) because he enjoys it that much. Dreambox has gotten him to master in weeks concepts that months of frustrated teaching hadn't been able to do. Dreambox's interactive activities encourage him to work extra hard to get the rewards of certificates, tokens, and fulfilled adventures. I highly recommend this homeschool product!”
Natasha C., Club Member
”I use DreamBox to supplement school work along with workbooks at home. My kids have been using it for two years and still love the program. As a parent I appreciate being updated on my children's progress and receiving tips on how to reinforce learning. It's a wonderful high quality effective program. A must in every household.”
Joann J, Club Member
”I used many math homeschool curriculum in order to search for a good fit for my daughter. Everything we tried was boring her to tears. She's quick at math, but because of the curriculum failures we were behind overall. Dreambox keeps her attention, challenges her at just the right level, and is quickly catching us up! Thank you Dreambox!”
Candace, Club Member
”Our family has used Dreambox before so we knew exactly what we were getting when we purchased this product. We use it to supplement our math curriculum. The games are very motivating for the children (ages 9 and 11) and there are no complaints when it is time to do Dreambox. For the most part, the children can do Dreambox without any instruction from me. There has been one or two times when the activity needed further explanation from me. Dreambox will show how to approach a problem multiple different ways and have the children learn each of these different ways so that as the student advances they can see that different approaches may work better for different types of problems. We will continue to use Dreambox to supplement our math curriculum. We currently use it for one half hour four times a week. We also take periodic breaks from all of our programs throughout the year to keep things somewhat fresh. Other than that we plan to continue to use Dreambox.”
Kelly, Club Member
”I've been using Dreambox for almost 4 years. My oldest was behind in math due to learning disabilities, and he completed grades 3-8 in that time. I also have a 7 yr old whiz kid, who needs more challenge and has been using Dreambox since he was 4. I feel like both my kids have gained an excellent conceptual foundation and use their mental math skills fluently in everyday life. I am so pleased with the results so far. Totally worth the money to have a program teach my kids skills that I never learned, and train their brains to understand math conceptually. Looking forward to getting my next kindergartner started on it in the fall.”
Christy S., Club Member
”Before becoming a Homeschooling parent, I taught in the public schools for 12 years. During this time, I researched many different programs available to help students who needed a program to supplement their daily math program. Dreambox was the program that I found to be most effective, not just for children who were struggling with math but to use for all students! This program assesses your individual child and adjust the curriculum to your child. Through games and activities, it reinforces and teaches concepts that your child is ready to learn. I believe that using the program as recommended will help students become stronger mathematicians. It teaches math fluency as well as math reasoning. I love the way that it breaks down the process behind large concepts such as long division and fractions. I have use this program with my 3rd grader since Kindergarten. At one point, I tried to cut cost and use several less expensive math program. My son was VERY disappointed and wanted back his Dreambox. I did too. I learned my lesson, and got back Dreambox. I do not use this as stand-alone curriculum, even though technically you could. I use this program as a means to assess and reinforce my child's learning. It provides very good assessment data and is hands-down the most child-friendly and academically sound computer based math program that I've encounter. It is one I plan to continue until my child outgrows the concepts presented. I would highly recommend this to any parent who is looking for something supplement their math program with a very effective and fun interactive technology based math program that their child could use independently.”
HS Mom, Club Member
”We were trying out another Math program (that cost way more) before we found DreamBox. This program has been very comparable to the previous program. My 6yo loves the independent time she gets to spend on DreamBox and I can trust that she's learning in a safe, well designed area. The education provided by DreamBox has helped her think further and discover new ways of using math in our daily lives.”
J Bru, Club Member
”I had used every math program I could find to try to get my son (aspergers, adhd) motivated and interested in math. It wasn't until we started using Dreambox that he blossomed. It covers all the tricks of trade in a playful format. Things he avoided before he has picked up without even noticing. He loves it, and it's effective. I highly recommend this program!”
Karen F., Club Member
”Dreambox has provided a great and entertaining platform for math activities and learning. My child has made a great improvement in his math skills. As a matter of fact, he dreaded to learn math. But not any longer... Thank you Dreambox!”
TLove, Club Member
”Our family does not use a lot of technology. But what we do use I make sure it adds value to our life. Dream box is a great practice tool not for math facts but for the concepts behind the math. I highly recommend.”
Jackie G., Club Member
”I endorse DreamBox. My oldest daughter used DB a couple of year ago and my middle child is using now. For us, it's worked best when kids are in the middle elementary (2-4 grade) when they are comfortable with the mouse and keyboard and can use the computer browser independently. It's also when they need most help with "math facts" they are taught at school. Kids typically use it 3-4x/wk, 20-25 mins per session.
The curriculum is similar to iXL in that they are focused on drills and related concepts. There is very little problem-solving content. (This is fine as we use Singapore Math text/workbooks and attend RSM for that.)
We'll keep using it until middle child finishes 6th grade math; we switch from SM (5A/5B) to Art of Problem Solving (Pre-Algebra).”
Chris G., Club Member
”My son truly doesn't even realize he is doing math work. He could play dreambox for hours. He doesn't even touch starfall anymore since we got dreambox. It is challenging and fun. I love that the program is tailored to his abilities and he doesn't move on till concepts are mastered. No regrets making this purchase! !”
Michelle A, Club Member
”DreamBox is AMAZING... it's fast enough, and engaging enough that my math loving kiddo totally LOVES it. We have always had to switch up curriculums, but this one is a keeper! He loves earning the games, and badges, and is always asking to do more.”
Jules C.O., Club Member
”We have been using Dreambox for the last approximately three years with my two sons. My oldest son is now fifth grade by age, and my younger son is third grade by age. We use Dreambox as an addition to our main curriculum for math which is Singapore Math. Both boys are about one grade level ahead in Singapore Math, but often find the material easier because they have already seen something similar in Dreambox. My elder son is currently starting sixth grade math in Singapore Math, but is finishing off seventh, eighth, and ninth grade math in Dreambox.

In terms of how we use Dreambox, I think there are 3 purposes: First of all, we think of it as a sort of "gym" where they go for 10 or 15 minutes of math workout everyday. In other words, it helps them to reinforce concepts which they have already studied. Secondly, Dreambox will present things in a different way to how they are presented in their main curriculum. This gives the boys a different perspective on the same problem. It also means that when they approach problems, they find they have more than one tool for the job. I think it is important for children to realise that, although the destination and the start point may be the same in their math problems, there are many routes to get from one to the other. Thirdly, Dreambox (like many of the online study options which we use for other subjects as well) allows the boys to keep on learning while one or both parents are either helping the other child, or getting on with something else.

I would strongly recommend this product. Of course, how your child reacts to a particular course of learning will be very much linked to their own particular personality, so make sure you have them check out the free trial period first.

(I was not paid or rewarded in any way to write this review of this product.)”
Stephen M, Club Member
”My child has doubled her math scores. She loves "playing" Dreambox.”
Robin G, Club Member
”What a great grounding in basic maths skills my two kids have got from this program. Having been a teacher for over 10 years before having kids I would recommend it to anybody willing to listen! :-)”
Peter M., Club Member
”I appreciate DreamBox because it keeps my kids interested and motivated, and it them teaches math concepts in ways I would not be able to on my own. It's a standout product that I look forward to continue using.”
Charli M., Club Member
”This is my third year doing dream box. We have been using it as our primary curriculum, although I have started to use Life with Fred with my older one since Dreambox only goes through the 8th grade. I have a 7th grader with Aspergers who struggles to conceptualize math and a 5 year old who is beginning 3rd grade math. Both are on Dreambox and both are going great! When we started my then 5th grader was doing 3rd grade math. He is completely caught up now and math is no longer a frustration/meltdown event. My younger son was three when he started and it was perfect for him because he was such a bright little guy, but NO interest in writing yet so Dreambox was his ticket to building a SOLID conceptual math foundation without the need to be able to write his numbers. This kid has gone through k-2nd grade math doing everything in his head! Its really a WONDERFUL program for both the struggling and the advanced. LOVE IT!”
Christy, Club Member
”We use RightStart Math as our main math curriculum, and DreamBox is the perfect online complement to RightStart. This is because DreamBox and RightStart both use the same brilliant abacus to help kids visualize numbers in quantities of 5 and 10.

More importantly, my kids *love* playing DreamBox. They can play on the computer or on the iPad, and they usually play a few times a week. The activities are engaging and fun. And the sequence the activities are presented in allows my kids to gradually learn new math skills with minimal outside help.”
Katie S., Homeschool Parent and Club Member
”My 10 year old son and 5 year old daughter love the product so much I just signed my 4 year old up too! They love the games and I love the math practice. Perfect match”
Julie K, Club Member
”Dreambox is helping my daughter gain confidence with her math.”
Elizabeth M, Club Member
”My son has made great progress in math with this program.”
Amanda H, Club Member
”I love DreamBox! It's such a unique way to teach math concepts and my 11 yr old has been using it for about a year to supplement our other math curriculum. He is a child who very strongly resists traditional math programs, but never complains about using DreamBox! That's a huge win for us!”
Lisa Thompson, Club Member
”We love this program! My daughter really struggles with math. This year I changed everything we were doing after realizing she most likely has a math learning disability. I love how this program presents math visually in many different and fun ways. I see it having a very positive impact.”
Heather G., Co-op member
”We have gone through several math programs with my 12yo over the years, from curriculums that contain a lot of drilling and repetition like Saxon to curriculums that teach the whole math elementary program with stories, like Life of Fred. They are all good curriculums with different emphasis, it is our family that has changed approach as I learned more about education. Eventually, we started unschooling to give the girls more say in what they wanted to learn, and therefore we stopped following a formal curriculum. After some time, when I found that my 12yo was downloading some math games in her tablet, I began looking into dreambox, due to its focus on teaching math conceptually. She has enjoyed it so far. Comparing specifically with the math games she was playing, she realizes she can set her own challenge with dreambox, and its concepts and different levels are all connected very well, whereas in the other games, the concepts were somehow isolated. It is too soon to tell if we will continue using it. What I personally like is how intuitive the exercises are, in recognizing when to move up in difficulty.”
C, Club Member
”DreamBox has changed the way we do math. My kids love using it because it's fun, and I have been impressed with the skill development. DreamBox is an actual learning game vs. just a video game where they might happen to pick up a thing or two. I've recommended it to the moms in our support group because I know their kids would enjoy it too.”
Amber O'Neal, Club Member
”Both of my children LOVE learning on DreamBox and they're learning math concepts the correct way and better than I could teach them.”
CFS, Club Member
”My kids love to use this. It is great for all kids ahead, behind or just moving along. It is fun and is built around them. It is great.”
Melinda, Club Member
”Dreambox is aptly named. It has been a dream come true for this family.

My oldest son suffers from severe ADHD. When I pulled him from public school to begin homeschooling in 3rd grade, I found that his teachers' vague suggestions that he "work on his math facts" had been the tip of the iceberg as far as his understanding and retention were concerned. I tried several different programs, starting over with the basics. We battled through Horizons, Learn Math Fast, Time4Learning, and MathUSee before finding Dreambox, which I learned about while perusing a homeschool forum.

I tried the two-week free trial, with his setting at third grade. Initially, he was not thrilled. It was "too hard" and he was angry that his younger siblings got a more gamelike version with storylines and animated characters while he got stuck with less eye candy and more genuine work. However, I was impressed enough with the program and what I could see it trying to accomplish (and also with my 4yo's enthusiastic response to it) that we invested in a year's subscription.

When we signed up I made sure to set my oldest at a remedial level, and this turned out to be the ticket to his success. The program essentially began at the beginning - still without the "game" structure of the lower grades, but at the comprehension level of a first-grader. I feared this would bore him, but he blew through the first several levels so quickly and easily that his confidence soared and he began to /ask/ to do his math.

That was a month ago. He is now fully caught up with first grade, and beginning second. He works on this program somewhere between a half-hour to an hour daily, usually not stopping until he has earned his way up to another sparkly doo-dad for his "icon" - a type of intangible reward that has NEVER motivated him before, so I think it's really his sense of accomplishment pushing him on. He calls me excitedly every time he aces a new level. It is so thrilling to see the confidence on his face. Now that he is getting into activities that I can see are preparing him for multiplication, he is actually spotting patterns on his own that I have never noticed before (because in my day multiplication was taught by memorizing the "times tables". Period. I want to laugh when I see irate parents complaining about the new math methods, asking what was wrong with the way we learned it. Answer: EVERYTHING, at least for kids like me.)

It's also thrilling to me that the program is entirely self-directed. Besides the very practical benefit - i.e. in a family with several children all doing lessons at once, I can leave one child on Dreambox more or less unsupervised and trust that he is learning while I work with a sibling - it also ensures that they are mastering concepts themselves; a learning which "sticks" a lot better than whatever manages to lodge itself between their ears from my explanations. The program actually /requires/ that you not help your child, as assisting them will result in an assumption that they understand more than they do, and a resulting jump in challenge level for which they are not ready. My 4yo, who is now 90% through kindergarten, is hitting material that is frustrating her, and I have to keep reminding her that it is okay to make mistakes and get answers wrong, because that is how the computer knows which games to give her.

The program is quite brilliant in how it operates - turning the abstract symbolism of math into concrete visuals that are perfect for literally-minded children, especially visual learners. It makes /sense/. There is no memorization of math facts for their own sake, "just because" (which always frustrated me and ditto with my children). Instead, all the patterns of mathematics become self-evident, crystal clear without the program having to verbally explain anything. The beautiful simplicity of it, honestly, almost makes me cry - and I'm being completely serious. As a creative, right-brained individual, I certainly wept many, many frustrated tears into math books throughout my academic life. I thought the fervor of mathematicians incomprehensible and borderline insane. How could anyone get excited about these dry, lifeless symbols? Yet now, looking over my kids' shoulders, I find myself marveling at the balance and brilliance of our number system, and enjoying the challenges of puzzling out mental arithmetic in ways that my 10yo-self would have found unbelievable.

Now, does all this comprehension convert into straight-up retention of arithmetic? Not sure yet. I don't "drill" my kids on things like math facts as they don't respond well to such methods. So I can't say whether my oldest could now glibly rattle off his "addition to 10" number facts like a calculator, nor do I care much about that. I still see him mentally counting up or down to do basic addition and subtraction, but this is a huge step up from where we were before (which was total mental block and panic at the thought of a math problem). What I do know is that he has the tools to figure things out, and that math is no longer frightening or threatening to him. That, to me, is more important than whether he can tell me what 5+7 is in less than 3 seconds. (Before Dreambox I would not have been able to do this myself. Now I can. He will too.)

I will add, just for honesty, that my middle child - 6yo - is not in love with this program (he's not in love with anything about school right now, though, FWIW). In hindsight, I ought to have started him at a remedial level as well, just so he'd be able to ease into it while it was "easy" and fun. I highly recommend using the remedial setting for anyone whose child struggles at ALL in math, (even in just their attitude toward it) as the program will forward itself quite quickly to their level but it does not adjust /backward/ particularly easily.

All in all, this program is a Godsend. I couldn't care less whether my kids have a future in STEM or not, but to have them understand numbers instead of living in dread of them - that is something I now am confident I can instill with programs like this. I have no doubt we will continue to use it as far up as it goes. I look forward to brushing up my own algebra skills in a few years. Keep it up, Dreambox! How about a trigonometry and geometry program next?”
D. Davidson, Club Member
”After the public school system failed my daughter, we decided to homeschool with the assistance of DreamBox for her Math. She was already accelerated through 2nd grade, into third, by the school system but they refused to move her again to fit her needs properly. With DreamBox she is only into the school year 2 months and she is already 3/4 of the way through the 4th grade and about 1/4 of the way through 5th grade. AND SHE ENJOYS IT! I don't have to harp on her to do it, and it is always available for us, so if we have an hour it works, if we only have 10 minutes, it works. I will continue to use DreamBox until the end of the grades offered. We have tried other programs, and she would barely even use them. I was glad they were free trials.”
Claire, Club Member
”DreamBox has worked well for my kids, ages 11, 7 and 5. Happy to have access to all grades as the youngest quickly finished the K curriculum and moved into 1st grade in 8 weeks. The kids are self motivated to do the work so it has never been a challenge to surpass the recommended time allotment. At times it seems the work might be too challenging for the grade level but the kids never seem to get frustrated and always work through it.”
AliK, Club Member
”Very good math program for my second grader who hates worksheets. He learns better with online computer games. He loves it and I love that there is no struggle to get him to do math.”
Alison, Club Member
”Dreambox provides a great way to develop true number sense, as well as develop comfort with standard algorithms. The interactive animated format is particularly powerful for visualizing new concepts, particularly geometry.”
RJ, Club Member
”Our family has been using DreamBox for two years now as an addition to our math program. We use RightStart Math, and DreamBox teaches math in the same format, which is very hard to find. My kids love DreamBox!”
Lisa A, Club Member
”My son LOVES DreamBox math! I am so pleased with this purchase. I love how it builds upon his previous knowledge and it gauges his previous response to project the next learning curve. It is wonderful- I would highly recommend it!”
Karsen D., Club Member
”My daughter was very good at Math but bored with the curriculum that had been used at her former school. I decided to try Dreambox for our homeschooling because it was self-paced and when she tried it, she really enjoyed it. As a fourth grader, she progressed so far, she tested into pre-Algebra and scored multiple grades ahead on her SAT test. Now we are starting to homeschool two younger children and there is no doubt that Dreambox is what we will use.”
Cherie Trumbach, Club Member
”My son has been playing Dreamboat for years and loves it. Awesome supplement to his regular math program. This us not a game with a few math concepts thrown in. This is a math program using games. I highly recommend Dreambox to every parent.”
Carrie, Club Member
”My children are getting a genuine understanding of mathematical concepts whilst having fun at the same time.

My daughter says "It's so cool, you can just play and it doesn't really feel like learning"”
L Green, Club Member
”I love this program! I have 3 children using this program. All three absolutely love this program, they beg to use it daily. Learning math is essential, learning to love math is priceless.”
Quinault, Club Member
”My first grader is really enjoying DreamBox. She already likes working with numbers and this has proven a good fit for her. I really appreciate the parent dashboard that I can use to monitor her progress and see how she is moving through the skills and levels. The stories are fun and the reward certificates keep my student motivated. Even my 4th grader is getting more interested in math because she enjoys "helping" her younger sister with some of the more challenging tasks - that was an unexpected bonus!”
M. Mischlich, Club Member
”I was looking for a computer math supplement program. I'd tried many that were rollplaying-type games, however I didn't like the amount of time spent navigating the games, I felt it was wasted time with less math practice. After reading a review from Maria Miller from Mammoth Math giving Dreambox her approval I was delighted to use the trial to give it a try. My kids 5th grade girl and 3rd grade boy loved the cute-ish graphics and the games. We decided to get the a year subscription. It's fun for them and they get extra practice. The parental tools are nice, you can view how much time your student has spent and you will receive emails about milestones accomplished. The customer service is incredibly fast and efficient. I emailed to change the setting on a student account. They promptly made the requested change and confirmed it within a few hours. So go for the free trial and try it out. For us it's a win and we've used it enough in 2 months to pay for its usefulness. I will renew our subscription next year if we have not gone through all the content. We're thankful for the co-op discount. Thank you!!!”
K. Nelson, Club Member
”We've been using Dreambox for 2 years with my older daughter, and figured it was time to start my 5 year old on the program. We had done no formal math with him, and were ready to get started to see where he was with his number sense and abilities. I was worried Dreambox might be too difficult for him, but to my surprise, he thrilled to the math games, wanting to work well beyond the recommended 15 minutes several times a week suggested. We've seen him rocket through the material at an astonishing pace, and are very pleased with the program and the way it is helping him to think in a challenging, conceptual mathematical way. Dreambox has become an exciting part of his day as we ease into his Kindergarten year. We will be DB subscribers for years to come!”
Jana, Club Member
”We use dream box as a supplement. One of my boys have adhd and finds working in a math book challenging. Since he has been doing math on dreambox, he is enjoying the problems and it works with digital manipulatives. He earns points after each lesson towards games after. I highly recommend this to children who struggle or lose focus with traditional math!”
Kelly c., Club Member
”My family loves DreamBox. We purchased subscriptions for our 2nd and 6th grade children. The games are fun and educational. My favorite feature is the programs ability to tailor the material to address each child's individual learning weaknesses. This saves a lot of time and frustration as the children don't have to complete work that they've already mastered.”
Jennifer H., Club Member
”Both of my children love dreambox and ask to play every day. I love how the program adapts to their needs, backing up if they get a bunch wrong and speeding up if they get a bunch right quickly. I love that they can work on this by themselves too with the clear instructions in each game.”
Kristin M, Club Member
”Dream box has been wonderful for my 3rd and 1st graders. Both absolutely love it and ask to have more time on it during school time. My daughter goes logs in on her own before and after school. I love how Dreambox emails me update of their progress and what they are currently covering. I can also login anytime to see their progress. Another factor I appreciate is the age appropriate games and mini games. We wi definitely make Dreambox a part of our overall math learning again next year.”
Tiffany S., Club Member
”I love that I can see how my children are tracking along in each topic. My kids love playing it too.”
K Macnamara, Club Member
”Dreambox math is outstanding! My boys have used IXL math also but really prefer & excel with Dreambox math. They prefer the games & achievements in Dreambox math. I love the email notifications of a new milestone being met. This helps me to give them positive feedback & it builds their excitement. I also really like the statistics & being able to see how my boys' skills are matching up by grade level. All around excellent program!”
Audra S., Club Member
”Excellent program, my both kids, 8 years and 4 years, they like it, and they learn math quickly with it! strongly recommend!”
Paul N., Club Member
”Hi, my kids like dreambox very much. WE are from Russia, so it help children to study english and math at one item. It`s very useful and funny.”
Irina T., Club Member
”We have been using Dreambox for our 7yo and 6yo for about a month now. At first, we just turned our kids lose with it and expected them to figure it out on their own. That worked for a day or two, and then we realized that the best use for Dreambox was as a supplement to other math instruction. Now, we sit with out kids as they work on Dreambox and use the activities there as a starting point for conversation about the math concepts they are encountering. That is working well. We learned through trial and error that Dreambox is not a stand-alone math curriculum, but it is a helpful tool for helping facilitate our math instruction.”
Adam, Club Member
”My son is a visual learner and I used DreamBox as a supplementary math material for practising to reinforce the concepts he learns/learnt. The value dreambox provided him was the visual and interactive aspect of the program. It has served his needs very well so far. I wish the program expands into a complete and comprehensive math learning program.”
Nagaraj Pudukotai, Club Member
”We love Dreambox! They practice skills while they play! They beg to play Dreambox! I love the emails I am sent with my child's progress. I love all the help and hints my child can access when she needs help! We will use Dreambox for as long as it is available!”
Alli T., Club Member
”DreamBox has been a great fit for my daughter! We use RightStart Math as our main program and DreamBox matches up nicely as reinforcement.”
Jackie, Club Member
”With other online learning games, my son has lost interest quickly once the novelty wore off. Not so with Dreambox - I have lost track of how many times he has asked to play it! I particularly love how it adjusts on the fly if my son is struggling with something, which keeps him challenged but not frustrated.”
Courtney B., Club Member
”My 10 year old son struggles with math. We have tried everything (I mean almost everything). We stumbled upon Dreambox after it was offered on the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. My son loves it because it's "fun" and he doesn't complain to wok on his math. I like it because it teaches him in different ways. If he doesn't understand something, the system tries to show him a different way to make sense of it all! I also love that I can see how much time he has "played" and see all that he is doing down to the concepts. I love that it shows me where he falls "grade level" as well. I use this a supplement to our math and allow this to show me where I need to focus my teaching on as well! Great tool and love it so much, we renewed for another year! It's such a great deal with the Co-op!! Can't say enough about the product.”
Paula Drennan, Club Member
”Dreambox has been a great supplement to our math curriculum. My 7 y/o was feeling frustrated with his math workbook exercises. He loves computer and video games and I felt this would be a helpful, interactive way for him to sharpen his math skills. I was pleasantly surprised that he really enjoyed playing the Dreambox games and was able to see his own skills strengthen through the various lessons and challenges. Now, he understands his workbook lessons better and feels less intimidated by math. In fact, he looks forward to math. What a blessing!”
Zoe A., Club Member
”DreamBox learning is the reason my daughter can do all her math in her head and she does it lightening fast. I have even picked up some new ways of thinking and started using several of the techniques and seldom reach for the calculator any more. It just works! Don't skip ahead based on their placement system because you will miss out on some really great brain tools. Worth every penny!”
Bronwyn T, Club Member
”The children are motivated by the stories, the rewards, and the carnival. They appreciate the charming drawings (though they are girls and would like an option not to deal with the pirates or dinosaurs). The self-correcting feature of the program is very helpful in keeping them from being frustrated by what they do not yet know. As a parent, I appreciate the reports and they themselves like to see their progress on the parent dashboard. Overall, this is a great program, far above most of what is available for math instruction. It is not a "video game", rather math practice with fun motivators.”
M.E., Club Member
”Dreambox has been a great math supplement for my family. It fits perfectly with Righstart Math and Singapore Math. It provides a great amount of practice and review in a fun way! As a result my daughters have a strong number sense. Two of them finished and are doing well in math and one is in 4th grade and still progressing in the program. I will be starting another within a year and another in a few more years!”
Carolyn L., Club Member
”I purchased dreambox for all of my children ages 9, 7, & 5. It has been a great support to our core curriculum. It allows the boys to see math in a new way and gives me a chance to still do math on the days I just don't feel like teaching. The boys enjoy the games and levels. I just wish you could move up in levels if the child feels he is bored. I think it would give them more of a challenge if they don't like the level they are stuck on.”
Kate F., Club Member
”My 5 and 6 year old children have learned with enormous enthusiasm and so quickly that already after only 8 weeks, they have surpassed grade requirements and are well beyond any expectations I may have had.”
Emily, Club Member
”My second grade son has really enjoyed Dreambox. He never complains about practicing math and it seems to keep his attention much better than other programs we've tried. We would not have purchased it without the Co-op discount so we very very happy with the price and product. We have had a friend sign up and they are loving it.”
Andrea H., Club Member
”I purchased this product because my 7 year old son was bored with his workbook curriculum and I felt he might enjoy something on the computer since he is so interested in technology. At first he didn't want to do it but now he absolutely loves it!

I love the fact that the program automatically assesses his ability and then goes forward at his pace, increasing in difficulty as he's ready. This provides just enough challenge to keep him interested but does not overwhelm him. This may continue to be a must for us in the years to come. He still does his workbook but by adding this program he is no longer bored and uninterested in math.”
Janee Campbell, Club Member
”My son is using DreamBox to supplement his math, which was far behind where he should be when we pulled him from public school. DreamBox helped him happily fly through 1st grade math in a few short months. The specific reports have helped me identify what I need to work with him on and what he has mastered.”
S. Smith, Club Member
”My Kindergarten/1st grader and 5th grader LOVE to play dream box. It is engaging to kids, yet educational. Dreambox is a lot more user friendly than other products I have tried.”
A. Stoller, Club Member
”I really like dreambox and so does my 5 year old daughter. When I need time for my other children I can sit her at the computer and let her learn on her own. We don't call it learning we call it playing. I can check her progress and watch where she has problems. I can follow their lead on math and combine it with other games and learnings we do. Dreambox is very nicely animated it has stories for boys and girls that my kids all enjoy. My daughter is progressing very fast with Dreambox. English is my second language and I don't know many math terms. Dreambox helped me to explain myself better. I do recommend DreamBox for every busy homeschooling mom. It can be full math curriculum, or it can be a fill in for a little time for mom. Homeschool Buyers make great deals on this product and I have bought it I think 4 times already. I share my experience with DreamBox with all parents, not just homeschoolers.”
Anita K., Club Member
”DreamBox truly has been a dream for our family. On of my kids literally would have tantrums on the floor when "math" was even mentioned, but he loves DreamBox. He knows he can "do math" now, and it has made our more traditional math work go more smoothly. I am so thankful that we got DreamBox.”
Amy B, Club Member
”My daughter (6) loves Dreambox learning and she appears to have a better grasp of Maths concepts. It is wonderful because most of the time, you just let them get on with it and they can hit the 'help' button when stuck. I like to use it to reinforce our main curriculum. This is because it does not cover certain topics such as time, shapes etc.”
Vivian O., Club Member
”I have been amazed at how well DreamBox Learning fits with our RightStart Math curriculum. It is a way for my 7-year-old son to practice on a regular basis with no complaints because it is fun and games for him - but at the same time, it is a quality curriculum that builds a strong foundation. The parent dashboard gives very detailed information about our child's progress and what level of what skills he has learned. I have noticed a surge in his math skills since starting DreamBox. I am so pleased we decided to purchase it.”
Kristy P., Club Member
”Our 6 year old is a quick learner, perhaps even gifted as for math and languages (?). He has not had any real formal teaching of math before starting on DreamBox but he likes math games and to discuss math in everyday life. We choose DreamBox because we wanted him to enjoy math and to strengthen his general math awareness. After two months on the program he has covered grade K-2 by doing 15-30 min a few times/week whenever he feels like it. Initially he had some problems using the computer mouse but he is getting the hang of that as well. We would recommend DreamBox as it is fun and well thought through- our son enjoys the cute pictures, movies and stories. It is great as a supplement that strengthens general math awareness which was just what we wanted. We especially like that it adapts the level of the math do the ability of the child.”
A.W., Club Member
”This is a great "game." I purchased a subscription for my two homeschooled children (3rd and 1st grade.) I love that it keeps advancing the level of difficulty without being overwhelming. Many of the free games out there let the kids pick their level; I'd often catch my kids playing the easiest level and not learning or being challenged. It's great to be able to say "go play your dreambox" and knowing they are doing grade appropriate math skills. The kids love the games, stories, and animation. On top of teaching math, it also teaches some computer skills, a must now-a-days.”
Stacy, Club Member
”I purchased a subscription for Dreambox two months ago - one of my 6-year-old twins has already logged 15 hours on the program and loves it. When I peek over her shoulder, I am amazed at what she is doing. My other twin has logged about 4 hours with the program as well (she's more easily frustrated). I have recommended this program to multiple friends and am very pleased with the program.”
Holly, Club Member
”Two of our school-age children use it (7 & 5 yo). They seem to prefer it to more drill-based products like iXL. Our 5 year old will sometimes need to take a break as she will hit a wall and our off-line learning will have to catch up before she can resume DBL.

We hope to use it going forward.”
Chris G., Club Member
”Dreambox is a great program. It balances games with learning. My 3 grader enjoys it and I feel it's a good supplement to her book work. It keeps her from getting bored. My kindergartener did not like it, but she isn't much into computer type learning. It moved a little too slow to keep her interest. I wish she would of liked it more because it really is a complete math program at that age. I will try again next year for her. We have tried other programs that have math lessons in them and dreambox by far is the best.”
Tara W., Club Member
”The kids and I have really enjoyed Dreambox. It's a great learning tool, and allows them to practice math concepts. It has even taught them new concepts. I like how it helps kids learn mental math tricks. The best part is the parent dashboard that shows how much of each grade level a child has mastered.”
Hall, Club Member
”My kids love Dreambox. It keeps them engaged and wanting to complete more lessons. It's great fun along with solid learning. I also love it because if I need some one-on-one time with another child I can use Dreambox to keep my other student self-sustainingly occupied, and know that they're still learning. It has been a wonderful addition to our days!”
Karen W., Club Member
”I am a homeschooling mom who used to teach High School Math so I know how important it is to have a solid understanding of the basics, but I'm not always the best at getting those basics across. I love that DreamBox goes at my daughter's pace and gently redirects and reviews topics when she is struggling. I've seen a huge improvement in her math skills over the few months we've been using the program. The tokens, friends, games and even the exercises themselves make her feel like she is really playing. I love that the follow-up emails review what she has been covering so we can revisit the topics in our lessons. The folks at DreamBox are very quick to answer any questions. Great program, great team! Thank you!”
R. Thomas, Club Member
”dreambox has been super helpful to reinforce math skills and the kids have fun with it. my 5.5 year old likes it the most!”
Tara M, Club Member
”My daughter has excelled at math using Dreambox Learning. Not only that, but she enjoys playing the games, and it isn't a hassle to get her to sit down and do her 15 minutes (unlike some other computer-based learning sites we've tried). We are pleased with the quality of the educational content, as well as a good balance of entertaining content to help keep kids engaged. I would recommend Dreambox Learning to any parent, homeschooled or otherwise, who wants an enjoyable complement to their child's math education.”
Jana H, Club Member
”We love Dreambox Learning! I have a son who loves animals and science, but he refuses to do math. Dreambox changes all that, though, and he sits every day and asks to do Dreambox and his sister, who's two, watches him do it!
The best part, though, was this weekend. My uncle is an MIT graduate and is very skeptical about homeschooling. We want to lunch and he started quizzing my son with coins -- "If I add two dimes, how much will I have? What about if I take away a quarter?"
Six months ago this would have led to my uncle frowning at me and suggesting a private school and me questioning myself because my son was behind in math.
This time, though, my son flew through it, and at the end, my uncle grinned and said, "Nice! Come see me for a job in ten years!"
Don't you love it when relatives quiz your kids and question homeschooling?
Dreambox won't change that part, but it can make math a little easier for you!”
Meagan, Club Member
”We have been using DreamBox for over one year now. We use it as a supplement to Rightstart Math which teaches similar methodology. It has been a successful investment. Both my sons have enjoyed it and have benefitted from the program.”
Andrea R., Club Member
”Here's what I like best about Dreambox:

*** Individualized Instruction: Dreambox Learning continually assesses your child's comprehension based on the answers that are given, the time taken to answer and whether or not the "help" button is required to complete the lesson.

*** Lots of Fun! -- Dreambox Learning has four main adventure themes: Pirates, Pixies, Dinosaurs and Pets. While playing, your child is rewarded with coins to use in the carnival, character cards and achievement certificates based on the adventure they've chosen.

*** Foundational Learning -- Dreambox Learning teaches the basics of math -- those foundational skills that are so necessary for later mathematics. Using virtual "hands on learning", the child can show their work as they figure out addition, multiplication and even algebra.

*** Keeping Parents Informed -- Progress updates are e-mailed to you so you can see what skills your child is currently working on and what lessons they have completed.

My kids (grade 1 and 4) love playing Dreambox and I know that they are learning at their levels.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dreambox for children of any age -- for those who are struggling with math OR for those who are confident in math.”
Chelsey, Club Member
”My children love dreambox learning. They ask to play it and it seems more like a reward than extra schoolwork. We homeschool and we use dreambox as one of our ways to learn math. My three children that use dreambox are adopted. They all have different learning styles and different challenges. The program is versatile enough that all three children can use it and benefit from it. We have tried other math programs and several of them my children found boring. When we tried dreambox my children told me the first day to order it and drop the trial program. It was very cute and made my heart leap with joy that I had found something to make their life easier.
My oldest son is special needs and he is still able to do dreambox. He has ADHD, FAS, mild autism, and intellectual disabled. The program adapts to the speed of learning of the child.
My middle son is flying through the program, I started him on the intervention and he has already made it back up to his grade level and will finish his grade level by the end of this school year and maybe even start on the next year. He has ADHD and this program seems to fit him perfectly.
My youngest daughter has brain damage due to drug use by her bio mother. She is only four and is able to use this program. She also has mild autism like her older brother. She will sit and play dreambox for an hour and only leave for bathroom breaks. I want to give all my children every advantage they can get in life to succeed. Dreambox is one of those advantages.
I love the program so much I have been telling everyone about it. Two of my grown children now use it for their children. Their children love it too.”
T. Adkins, Club Member
”I love DreamBox and so does my 4 year old daughter! She has a great time playing the games, and I am amazed at how much she is learning. She rarely needs help from me to figure out what to do, so it's doing a great job of explaining how to play the games. I also love the emails they send to me with progress updates and fun "on the go" games to play with her to reinforce what she's learning.”
Amanda C, Club Member
”This is a Wonderful program! My children ask to play this " game". It really develops thinking skills and math skills. It was money well spent!”
Margaret G., Club Member
”I absolutely love this program. My 6 year old has grown so much in his math skills since starting this program. He has done well in math before but this program allows him to progress further than I would be able to get him through just my normal curriculum. I use it as a supplement to our normal math curriculum. My son loves the activities the program has him do. I will definitely keep using this program. My 9 year old wants me to get it for her but she is doing 6th grade math. I am considering it to maybe ensure she has no holes in her learning and let her have fun while doing it.”
Lynne S., Club Member
”Dreambox is the perfect math program for my 4 year old son! He is currently working at a 1st grade level, but has a gap between his handwriting and cognitive abilities, which makes traditional programs tiring for him. After using many math manipulatives in his Montessori preschool, he took right to these lessons that work with an online abacus. He son loves the coin-collecting and carnival games, and I appreciate that the program follows core standards. When my son wants to "play" on the computer like his older sibling, I am confident that his Dreambox time will be educational and fun!”
Lisa, Club Member
”Great product! My child has fun playing this, and is motivated by the game rewards. I do have to sit next to him sometimes, but other times he can play fairly independently. It is challenging for him -- when it started getting too frustrating, the company's customer service simply reset him to the beginning, which has been fantastic. I would consider it more a supplemental than a core curriculum, only because it doesn't actually teach the concepts explicitly. Regardless, I am using it as a core, and I am happy with the concepts that my child is practicing.”
S, Club Member
”I was having a very frustrating and difficult time teaching my 1st grader her math. It felt like she wasn't getting anything! I signed her up for DreamBox and a week later I couldn't believe how much progress she made in her understanding of math! Everything just clicked together in her head and now she LOVES math. Both my kids ask to play on it every day and get excited to "teach" me the new things they've learned through playing. I would purchase this product again and again and again! Worth any price!”
Robin D, Club Member
”This has been a great way to help my 9 and 10 year old boys practice math.”
S H, Club Member
”To say the kids have loved DreamBox learning would be a huge understatement. It has been an excellent program for reviewing math skills and practicing concepts. They beg to get on there to play. The games are so far, they hardly know they're practicing their math. The adaptive nature of program has really improved their skills and their confidence. I would recommend this program to anyone!”
Kim S., Club Member
”My son (K5) is in love with Dreambox. Dreambox does a great job of presenting math with a manuipulatives approach in a digital format. We use this as a supplement to Saxon Math 1 and additional workbooks. I have a 9 month old and needed something that my son could work on independently when I have to turn my attention to the baby. We have several educational memberships and Dreambox is always the one that he chooses to play.”
Martha Cox, Club Member
”This is our first year with Dreambox. My son, who is aged to be in 3rd grade this fall is still doing first grade math. While I am working in a first grade math curriculum I have liked and used a long time, I am also looking for ways to connect the learning part of the brain to the memory. There are many ways I am doing this, but Dreambox is helping my son connect numbers with meaning. Numbers aren't just symbols on a page, but they have meaning and that meaning is consistent however the numbers are manipulated. This program helps my son understand better the basic math he is doing in his regular curriculum. He absolutely loves playing the Dreambox games. I did not find anything else that compared to Dreambox's methods. This program is not Christian or non-religious. It is unusual that I would choose it or share it.”
D Lyon, Club Member
”My son is 6yo.

I like DreamBox Learning. My son enjoys the games, so that it doesn't feel too much like school work.

I also like that it self-assesses my son's level - being our first year of homeschooling, I am having difficulty working out where he is up to in various subjects.

However, it hasn't completely captured my son's imagination. At this time he much prefers Mathletics where he can see his progress.

While I think the game-based approach is great, it seems that to my son it doesn't hit either his computer-game button or his yay-maths-let's-do-this button.

We will continue to use it this year, at least once or twice a week. Perhaps he will enjoy it more once he feels he is being challenged a bit more.

BTW We would love it if arcade tokens were easier to come by. He loves the arcade game rewards, but it is hard to keep him motivated long enough through the assessments etc to receive them.”
Natalie D, Club Member
”What I like about Dreambox is that at all times my child can see her progress on a thermometer style bar graph to the right of the screen. When she completes a problem, the thermometer goes up. As it fills, she can gauge how much work she has left to do to complete a lesson. A unit has several lessons that reinforce a specific skill, so the student is working on one skill at a time.

The format is colorful and presents math problems visually. It is quite a departure from the public school style worksheets, which may require any number of skills at once.

We have seen a couple of "bugs" in the program, which initially frustrated my student. However, she likes the program and the fact that it doesn't take her very long to complete her math assignment for the day. She also enjoys earning coins and badges, which she can collect and use to play Dreambox games, choose backgrounds, choose music, etc.
In my opinion, this program is best used to reinforce lessons already learned by another method. The actual instruction per skill is minimal. Plus, once it has been explained, there is not an option (that I have found) to let you replay the demonstration. If the sound on your computer is too low, you're out of luck.”
JD Holland, Club Member
”I purchased Dreambox for my first grader to help solidify her foundational math skills. I work part-time and it has been a wonderful, fun way for her to increase her mastery of the math that I have taught her while she is with the babysitter. It is very engaging. She looks forward to it and loves that Dreambox sends me e-mails when she completes a segment successfully. When I come home from work I can tell her how proud I am of her progress.

The "parent dashboard" is nice so I know which areas I need to review with her as well. It has been a wonderful, FUN addition to our homeschool! I highly recommend it!”
Deb, MD, Club Member
”My daughter is 6 yo and in 1st grade. We added Dreambox Learning to her math curriculum this fall as a way for her to practice what she is learning in RightStart Math. Dreambox has been a great addition! My daughter asks to play the games frequently. She is able to practice using the abacus, which is used extensively in Dreambox and RightStart Math, which has helped her understanding of the abacus tremendously. I recommend this program for those with children in this age range (it may be good for older kids as well but I have no experience in the upper levels just yet).”
Jennifer W, Club Member
”My children love Dreambox and the "adventures" that it offers and prizes and games you can earn and play as you move along. They sometimes get frustrated with some of the lessons as they can be quite repetitive - many lessons use a math rack tool. If your child struggles with a lesson it will stop the lesson and come back later which is great for learning and for a child's self esteem (keep them from getting too frustrated). Overall, our kids like Dreambox a lot. I am anxious for them to move along further in their lessons in hopes of different types of lessons being offered (not so much of a heavy focus on the math rack). The fun adventures, great animation and rewards will keep your child excited about Math. As a parent, the reports are helpful but not quite as nice as those offered on programs such as Math Whizz which is more detailed and gives your child a "math age". We will continue to use DreamBox and have encoruaged friends to try it too :)”
Mary S., Club Member
”My six-year-old absolutely loves the Dreambox Learning adventures. As a parent, I love getting her detailed progress reports & I've noticed how much better she is at solving math mentally compared to last year.”
M. Allen, Club Member
”I started my daughter on this over the summer before 1st grade and she loves it. It kept her sharp over the summer with fun math play. There is never a fight for her to do math with this, she loves to play. It fits in well with what we are also working on in Math U See so it reinforces that work beautifully. I like that it has hidden assessment and has play on the correct level, not too hard and not too easy as well so it keeps the child engaged and not bored or frustrated.”
K Simone, Club Member
”Here is the link to my review:”
Kirsten Delaney, Club Member
”DreamBox is a great math learning tool. It lays a solid foundation for the basics of math and then builds on those basics. My kids love playing it.”
NRead, Club Member
”Our boys LOVE DreamBox! They are 4 and 6 and beg to play it. They have been using it for several months and have learned so much. I highly recommend it!”
CM, Club Member
”My 8 year old daughter has really enjoyed Dreambox. It is a nonthreatening approach to Math, and I love that I get a weekly progress report emailed to me!”
Catherine B., Club Member
”My children are loving DreamBox math. I purchased it for three children in grades 2nd, 4th and 6th. Yes 6th. I was pretty sure I'd filled in all the math learning gaps along the way, but not 100% sure. All three children have enjoyed Dreambox. And I'm getting a greater degree of assurance that the kids know what they supposed to.”
Allyson S, Club Member
”This is such a wonderful product. My six year old is having so much fun, learning and being challenged! My four year old likes to watch her and is learning too. I'd recommend this to anyone. I did find at first it was helpful to sit with them to make sure they were understanding the concepts. I like the variety of games and concepts that are here. You could even try it free to make sure it's a good fit.”
TrisTara D., Club Member
”We LOVE Dreambox learning. My son thinks of it as a *game.* In fact I use it to reward my son for a job well done with more tedious tasks. We have tried other math programs and they simply do not compare. They have helped my son learn to love math. We have though we "grew past it" twice now - but they keep expanding the grade level! It's wonderful! I have told the other Cub Scout moms in our pack and several of them have picked it up for their boys too. Keep up the great work Dreambox!”
Katrina F, Club Member
”My 7 year old son LOVES Dreambox! He loves the fun games and cute adventure stories and I love the detailed progress reports.”
J.D, Club Member
”It is hard to get my daughter to want to do school, but she loves to play Dreambox Learning. It has the perfect combination of learning and fun that makes us both happy. Dreambox sure beats sitting around doing worksheets!”
Kim Miller, Club Member
”I use DreamBox for my three sons aged 6, 6, and 7. They enjoy playing on it so much that it is often the first thing they do in the morning. They love the little stories with the challenges that they have to complete. I love how the program adapts to how well they are doing on a certain "game", giving them help when needed. It has really helped them learn some things such as place value, which is something I had been struggling to get them to understand. I am really glad I was able to get this as a GroupBuy.”
Mary Bright, Club Member
”I have a 6 year old who loves to find a reason to disengage from anything she finds dull. She loves Dreambox! She is nearly done with the second grade level. She rarely plays in the earned free area and loves that they challenge her in many ways. She also loves knowing that she has mastered a skill and moves quickly through it the next time. I love that it really requires little explanation from me. I actually have to watch how much time she wants to spend on it! How often is it that we get a chance to say that? Being a sensory kid, she hates bells, buzzers and timed exercises. This does not buzz at her when she gets it wrong and the bells and celebrations aren't so big they scare her. They are just enough to keep her going.”
Lynn Smulders, Club Member
”We have used at least ten supplemental math products. When Dreambox arrived, I was skeptical. Yet, it delivered. My kids (6, 6, 8, and 11) are two girls and two boys. All four love it! They will seek me out to be allowed on Dreambox. I have seen better parent information areas, but the primary goal is that the kids love the math product and use it. So even though DreamBox could improve the parent area, it is without a doubt the best math supplement I have purchased.”
Kim Haney, Club Member
”DreamBox is the first online math curriculum that we have tried and really, really loved! My 7 year old loves it so much he actually asks to "play" it over some of his games.”
Nicky S., Club Member
”Dreambox has been a great supplement to my first grader's math curriculum. I like how it monitors not only correct answers but also how much time it took to complete them before moving to the next level. It provides good visual and conceptual understanding of math concepts since you often move virtual manipulates to demonstrate answers. Overall, very happy with the program and my son enjoys it, too.”
S. Price, Club Member
”My Kindergartner uses Dreambox and it's been fantastic. It's fun, it's challenging, and it makes math fun. I definitely recommend this to any homeschooler looking for a good, strong supplement!”
J. Hale, Club Member
”My 2nd grade son LOVES DreamBox (and I do too)!! The activities are fun and challenging. If the activity is too hard, there is a too hard button so that the child does not get frustrated and want to quit! My son also likes the carnival area where he can spend the tokens that he wins by doing the activities. I like that the program is able to "know" when your child is ready to move on, or keep studying the same thing until he "gets it"! The program was a little pricey before, but with the Co-op discount, I think it's a GREAT deal and I highly recommend it!!”
Cavell G., Club Member
”We might have to buy another laptop! When my son gets on DreamBox, he doesn't want to get off. I love how the gaps in his skills have been identified and are being filled in. I can breathe a sigh of relief...”
Amy L, Club Member
”We LOVE this program! My son is 6 and was struggling with his kindergarten math after a bad start with paper curriculum. The results are amazing to me. My son was struggling with place value and how to count higher than 20 without counting every single item. The use of ten frames and a virtual abacus have really helped him to grasp concepts. I have not seen another program use these items before and I am amazed in how much of a difference it made to my son. He enjoys the little games and the adventures that go along with it. I am going to keep this subscription going, it was well worth the money to see my son finally having fun with math and understanding what he is doing!”
Lori S., Club Member
”My son adores Dreambox, and it has given him a ton of practice with his math facts. I've seen his mental math sky rocket since we got it. The nice thing is it totally takes the drudgery out of practice, in fact he wants to play it all of the time.”
Charlene H, Club Member
”I highly recommend Dreambox Learning. My five year old loves it and will frequently play an hour at a time. She has already learned to count to one hundred, count by tens, and is learning addition. She will memorize the addition facts easily because of the graphic, conceptual method that is used. She also enjoys earning "tokens" which further motivates her work. This is our favorite math program!”
Marie, Club Member
”My child and I both love this product. Math was a chore before, but now he asks to spend time on Dreambox because it is well-designed, feels like a game, and has a reward system. I love it because of the Parent Dashboard that summarizes what he is learning. Perfect to use for my charter school's learning records.”
M. Pearson, Club Member
”My 7 yr old son enjoys playing Dreambox immensely. He says it's his favorite part of 'school.'”
Jessica, Club Member
”My daughter loves Dreambox! I love how it uses manipulatives in the program. She's not in school yet but we easily explained a few math concepts and she progressed through most of the K and a chunk of first grade in weeks. She was talking about numbers and math all the time! She's cycled into other obsessions but still logs on and I know she'll cycle back, that's her style. At this amazing value, my husband already says (actually after just a few hours) that it was the best $45 we ever spent! I'm very pleased with the quality of the program. I told my friends while it was offered. I'd totally renew next spring if it's offered.”
Leanne Schwartz, Club Member
”We really enjoy Dreambox Learning. They do a wonderful job of determining the correct level a child should be at based on multiple areas of skill; for example, a child may test out of 2nd grade problem solving, but still need to work on addition and subtraction. We both really like the Parent Dashboard because it gives us a good feel of where her progression is at. That is probably one are of weakness I've seen with many educational programs, is the lack of progress reports. My daughter also really likes that she can earn cute certificates. I would say that after trying many other programs, this is probably one of my favorites as a parent/teacher, and her favorites as a student. We only use this as a supplement, but I'm hoping to find other programs we enjoy as much.”
Mara A., Club Member