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”Last year my 6 year old was barely able to add and subtract and dreaded math time, in particular, worksheets. I decided to go all tablet and computer based this year and am so glad I found DoodleMaths. My son plays it for at least an hour a day. He genuinely looks forward to it. He loves the DoodleTables app too! Between DoodleMaths and a few other programs, he's gone from barely adding and subtracting within 10 to multiplication in two short months. I pretty much shout these apps from the roof tops. I'll definitely continue to use it and purchase subscriptions for my other kids. I hope the Co-op offers DoodleEnglish soon!”
Erin Berlin, Co-op Member
”We LOVE DoodleMaths! I first heard about it here in the Co-op when I saw it pop up for sale. I knew I wanted to find a new math app for my 6 and 4 year olds so I thought I'd try it out without purchasing the lifetime subscription. It is the best math app we have ever tried! The kids have so much fun doing it that they were so disappointed every time their daily trial was done, so I had to purchase a lifetime subscription for both kids. It's the one thing I have no trouble getting them to do during our schooling and when they stop I can't get them off! It really works their minds and adjusts to their needs and abilities. The rewards are fun and creative and I look forward to purchasing a subscription for my other children when they're old enough. Look up other reviews if you're still curious because you will hear nothing but great things! Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op!”
Anya, Co-op Member
”We LOVE DoodleMaths! We got the lifetime subscription for our eldest when he was 7 and it has made so much difference in his math abilities that we just got a second subscription for our 4 year old. Hands down, this is the best math app we've used --mostly for the adaptive content feature and the ability to assign "extras". The lifetime membership price is not that much considering how long the kids can use it and that other apps are as much as $40/month! I highly recommend DoodleMaths!”
Carol F., Co-op Member
”My four kids find math enjoyable using the DoodleMaths program. There are built-in rewards where they can build their robot and 'buy' different options after doing math problems successfully. I bought other programs which they do not enjoy as much, so it is refreshing when they look forward to doing their math.”
Kathryn S., Co-op Member
”All four of our kids love Doodlemaths. They learn while earning the digital rewards of building their robots. We have tried many math programs and this is the one where they ask me if they can please use the program (when they are not required to do so)!”
Tonia L., Co-op Member
”Great discount for a family with three kids. Kids really enjoy and benefit from the app, showing great improvements in math. Will continue to use as long as available. Have shared with many home ed friends.”
F Monahan, Co-op Member
”DoodleMaths has been a simple way for my children to sharpen their math skills. They do 5-6 problems per day, so they're never overwhelmed. My kids enjoy the robot avatar and games. The subscription has been a great addition to our existing math curriculum.”
Tara, Co-op Member
”My daughter LOVES Doodlemaths. It is the perfect daily exercise to keep her thinking about mathematical concepts. Her confidence in math has grown since we started implementing this program. Thank you Doodlemsths!”
C Becker, Co-op Member
”My 8-year old has really liked DoodleMaths. She enjoys testing her knowledge, and she gets excited as the number of stars is increasing. I like how the level of difficulty is very incremental, giving my daughter plenty of practice before going on the next level or new concept. The voice giving the instructions is very monotone, but that's a minor issue in an otherwise great product.”
Gerd L., Co-op Member
”My kids loved doing math everyday. They usually only did a little everyday but it was more then they would have done otherwise.

It was good to review and I got to see their progress and see how much they actually knew.

It was a little hard to play the games though since my daughter wasn't there yet and they only had addition subtraction etc problems. But she did her 5 a day.

I will continue to use it through the trial and in the future may purchase it depending on my budget.”
Melissa T, Co-op Member
”I think this program has helped my 13 year old, 10 year old, and especially my 7 year old, so much. It is especially hard for my 5 year old, but even so I would purchase the program wholeheartedly. I have seen my 7 year old go from not sure of math, to doing her grade work successfully.”
Sarah T., Co-op Member
”Absolutely love Doodlemaths! My son will play for hours even though he hates homework! The animation is eye catching and it teaches math well while making it a game.”
Alexandra kimball, Co-op Member
”My four year old and six year old both enjoyed this game and improved their "math age" over the course of the summer.”
Maggie S., Co-op Member
”My kids LOVE this program!!! They canít wait to play. I really like the regular reports on their progress and have seen the glow on their faces from mastering math facts we were just beginning and had barely touched at the beginning of summer. We have tried a few other web-based math programs, as well as books, and this is hands-down their favorite go-to. THEY ask ME to play. I am hoping our charter provides subscriptions, or I will suggest it. Either way, this is going to continue through our school year. I also love how it adapts to my kidsí skill levels and continues challenging them in a fun way so they donít become easily overwhelmed. Thank you Doodlemaths for sharing your program with us for the summer through Homeschool Buyers Co-Op!”
Christina J., Co-op Member
”We signed up for the free trial of DoodleMaths to use over the summer. I was so surprised with how much my kids loved this. They asked to play it nearly every day. We've tried several other math apps, but this is the only one they truly enjoyed. We are definitely going to purchase a membership. Anything that has my kids asking to do math is a winner in my book!”
Stephanie C., Co-op Member
”My triplets have been using DoodleMaths every day for a month. They are all excited about getting their Doodlestars and learning new things. They are going into third grade just as they turn eight years old, and were a little behind. They have all nearly caught up at this point in time. With three kids of the same age, but completely different learning styles and abilities, I can see that DoodleMaths is reaching each of them. I am so pleased with this app and plan to subscribe in the future.”
E. Anderson, Co-op Member
”Great, fun, summer learning and reinforcement. And you get to build a robot!”
B. Meyer, Co-op Member
”We really enjoyed using Doodlemaths. One day at a restaurant, I even had 3 other adults playing with me to see what everyone remembered, while the kids were in the play area.”
Emily T., Co-op Member
”My kids have enjoyed using Doodlemaths this summer. They often ask me if they can do math, rather than the other way around! I like getting emails informing me about the progress my kids have made and the program seems to be well thought out and produced. The kids find it really fun! I'm a fan!”
Jenna G., Co-op Member
”My son struggled in math finding it boring and dry. He loves doodlemaths! Its interactive and keeps him engaged and focused!”
Nicole F, Co-op Member
”My grandson enjoyed this program greatly!
He looked forward to getting on DoodleMaths and exploring the site to test his knowledge and to strengthen his skills!!”
Karen, Co-op Member
”This is a great math program to supplement my curriculum. It reinforces what they have already learned and brings it into a different understanding for them. My opinion is that it does what tireless worksheets can't do. Both my 10 yr old and 6 yr old love their doodle math time. I give it a 15 min special window in our school day. It serves as motivation because they enjoy it. And it teaches one while I work with the other sibling independently. Win! Win!”
Deborah B., Co-op Member
”Both of my children, ages 7 and 10, enjoy using DoodleMaths each day. It makes math a fun challenge for them. I enjoy getting the updates and reports so I can evaluate how they are progressing.”
Rachel, Co-op Member
”My 4 children in 1st, 5th, 5th, and 7th grades really enjoy using DoodleMaths to keep up their skills over the summer. They ask me daily "Can I do my DoodleMaths?" I like that the inputs are varied--more than typing in an answer, there are matching and sorting questions.”
Julie M., Co-op Member
”Using DoodleMaths has been a great way to prevent the summer slide in math for my daughter. I do sit with her and explain problems she doesn't know because the noise that tells her she missed a question sends her into tears. The time pressure means she refuses to try any games but that's a problem with any software for her. DoodleMaths is only 5 questions a day and she can get through that. The robot was a great incentive but once it was built, furnishing her pet is too expensive to be an incentive. I did tell my other homeschooling friends about it.”
L. Rasmussen, Co-op Member
”DoodleMaths has been a great summer practice app for my kids. They have really made learning fun and interactive.”
Jamie Lyerla, Co-op Member
”We have really enjoyed Doodle Math! Love the parent dash board I can see how long both my kids have spent in the lessons, I have watched math facts become memories. Great way to beat summer loss or help them reach the math facts they are missing. Colorful and fun, 10 to 20 min a day does help.”
J. Cook, Co-op Member
”Both my children ages 6 & 8 have really enjoyed the free trial. Both asked to play extra almost every day. They got quicker and had fun!”
Tamara, Co-op Member
”My 8 year old loves Doodlemaths so much that I told him he can do it anytime he wants not just during school time. He was so excited that he didn't have to wait through the weekend to do it. His desire to do DoodleMaths is making a big difference in his math skills.”
Judy M., Co-op Member