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This has been one of the most beneficial tools in homeschooling The subject area selection seems limitless In addition most videos contain lesson plans and study materials which can range from quizzes tests and worksheets to project ideas cross curriculum connections and further reading suggestions The science and history selections alone are worth the expense but our family has also benefitted from the literature and foreign language offering as well This resource has been an invaluable help to our homeschooling
Michele Penton, Co-op Member
Our family loves Discovery Education Streaming! The videos and corresponding teaching guides, quizzes and worksheets are outstanding resources for supplementing their education, studies and learning new things. They are even learning Spanish through the language program that is available through Discovery Education Streaming. The kids look forward to watching episodes of Magic School Bus and watching history and science videos directly related to what they are currently studying. We have been using Discovery Education Streaming for 2 years ...(more)
Joy K, Co-op Member
This is an incomparable education resource!! We are amazed at the extent of the available material.
We have a senior in high school and an 8th grader, and just yesterday they watched a video on Material Science - it was excellent! It was a great idea to offer this complimentary for a trial because we may never have known how valuable it is. Thank you!
Cindy N., Co-op Member
I am so impressed with the amount of content found here and the ease of navigating the site. My friend and I were discussing how great it is for our visual learners! Makes education fun and memorable.
Kimberly V., Co-op Member
Buying a subscription to Discovery Education streaming was the best spent money for our homeschool this year. My 3 sons love it! This has made a huge difference in helping them to enjoy subjects that they thought were "boring" before. Now they actually look forward to those subjects. Furthermore, you can find resources on just about any subject you are studying, from foreign language to history to science to geography. There is so much to look at and do! We not only use the resources for our school work, but my sons also use it on their ow...(more)
Kim O., Co-op Member
We have used Discovery-Education for about 5 years now. It is a great product, the extent and quality of the videos is unmatched. I paid full price for it before it was offered on the Co-op, so this discount is fantastic.
Jackie S., Co-op Member
I was thrilled to learn about the Homeschool Buyers Co-op's recent group buy for Discovery Education Streaming Plus. Our family has benefited from Discovery Education's wonderful online video and curriculum resources for many years now. The videos are organized by subject and cataloged in such a way that I can easily access just the right segment to enrich the lessons in history, science, spanish, or whatever we're learning. The My Content section allows me to plan ahead and my kids know just where to go to find relevant videos correlating wi...(more)
Lauren Ray, Co-op Member
The many topics, high quality and content depth continues to enhance our children's understanding of history, science and the arts. There are many selections that we watch just for entertainment.
Linda D, Co-op Member
This curriculum has been a God send!! I can't recommend this enough to anyone with a child that is a visual learner.

My 10 year old daughter has a severe form of dyslexia and finding a curriculum for her has been very difficult. I have tried many wonderful different curriculum's but none of them were working for her. Discovery Education Streaming has "broken through the barrier" and has made learning fun and she has retained what she has been learning. They even have math videos that teach fractions, algebra, etc!

I have recommende...(more)
Julie T, Co-op Member
We are using DE as a supplement to our American History course right now. Every day, my son chooses a video on the topic we are covering. If there isn't one on that topic, he can choose one on any subject. I hope to expand to more subjects soon.

There is a wealth of information available.
Cindy Howard, Co-op Member
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