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This has been a wonderful new resource of information for the whole family. My son loves it.
Lisa M., Co-op Member
This product was very beneficial. It's best to describe it as an encyclopedia of videos on most any topic you could think up. It is the perfect tool to accompany any curriculum especially if your child is a visual learner and enjoys watching TV. I like the scheduling of the lessons although it took a lot of work to figure out how to do so. It was well worth it in the end. I was not entirely sure how to print out my students progress and reports of shows watched during my free trial but loved the product.
Caiazza Family, Co-op Member
This is amazing library of videos on all subjects. It had a great search option which makes finding things much easier. My daughter loved finding science videos to watch and I loved finding videos to support what we were studying that day. Great Resource! I can't afford $200-300 so as soon as the co-op can get it for $99 again I am resigning up. [Co-op note on 9/6/2014: It is currently available for $99.]
J. Deems, Co-op Member
The content is outstanding. We love being able to search for anything that our children are interested in learning about. We've yet to have a search come back empty! I am still learning how to use all of the neat features and teaching tools available. The only downside is the visual quality of the videos. My husband is very disappointed in it and I have to admit that I do often feel like I'm watching a projector film back from my own school days. Nonetheless, our kids really enjoy it!
Jessica, Co-op Member
Our family loves Discovery Education Streaming! The videos and corresponding teaching guides, quizzes and worksheets are outstanding resources for supplementing their education, studies and learning new things. They are even learning Spanish through the language program that is available through Discovery Education Streaming. The kids look forward to watching episodes of Magic School Bus and watching history and science videos directly related to what they are currently studying. We have been using Discovery Education Streaming for 2 years ...(more)
Joy K, Co-op Member
As a homeschool mom to 3 girls on 3 different educational levels, I love how the videos can be used for all ages. I also love that I can go on and save videos that we would like to watch, create my own folders and assign them to each child.
Julie G, Co-op Member
My kids and I are really enjoying our subscription to Disovery Education streaming plus. It really helps deepen the understanding of a topic to be able to add a video clip. The kids really enjoy watching them. The clips are just long enough to keep their attention without dragging on and becoming boring. I also like being able make assignments so that I can plan in advance which ones to view. At about $100 per year for all my children to use, I find it well worth it.
Laura M., Co-op Member
I love Discovery streaming. More importantly, my children love Discovery Streaming. They have great videos on all subjects easily found by topic and grade level. There is no better way to truly understand history and science than by videos, especially history. No book can make you understand history like the expansion of the Roman Empire than seeing the movies about it. It gives a whole new dimension to learning. Instead of fighting with my children to study, I have a hard time getting them to quit! I have promoted Discovery streaming to ...(more)
Lynda P., Co-op Member
We have found Discovery- Education streaming plus to be very useful in all subject areas. When we purchased it, we had no idea how much we would use it. It has been a wonderful resource for our curriculum
Rachel H., Co-op Member
Aside from my basic core curricula, Discovery-Education-streaming-Plus is the best educational purchase I have ever made! I don't mean to sound like an infomercial. I rarely give reviews, but this is such a wonderful product I had to say something.

I have home-schooled for over 8 years. Before I home-schooled, I taught in public school for 5 years. As you can imagine, I have purchased a lot of educational items. Unlike my other educational purchases which gather dust on my shelves, I use the Discovery-Education-Streaming-Plus everyday...(more)
L.Lewis, Co-op Member
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