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I am so impressed with the amount of content found here and the ease of navigating the site. My friend and I were discussing how great it is for our visual learners! Makes education fun and memorable.
Kimberly V., Co-op Member
I love Discovery streaming. More importantly, my children love Discovery Streaming. They have great videos on all subjects easily found by topic and grade level. There is no better way to truly understand history and science than by videos, especially history. No book can make you understand history like the expansion of the Roman Empire than seeing the movies about it. It gives a whole new dimension to learning. Instead of fighting with my children to study, I have a hard time getting them to quit! I have promoted Discovery streaming to ...(more)
Lynda P., Co-op Member
We've subscribed to Discovery Education Streaming Plus through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for two years now. This is our most valuable homeschooling resource, we use it for almost every subject, every single day. My six year old daughter is learning Spanish with Elementary Spanish. She watches fun math videos with the Number Crew. Magic School Bus is always a hit, but there's so much more.

It can be overwhelming with the vast amount of resources, so I've been trying to compile a list of video series. You may find it here:
Angela, Co-op Member,
This is the best program for High school Homeschoolers. My son is dyslexic. He has problems reading and understanding materials presented in book form. This brings his work to life. I am able to create test, content, and assignments as needed. I wish I had found this year's ago. He logs in online and his work is waiting for him. I get an email when it is finished. I no longer fight with my son over completing his work. Work smarter, not harder.
Kimbie, Co-op Member
My daughter had Disc Ed first thru a Charter and we loved it, but now I am homeschooling by myself and was so greatful to be able to take advantage of this discount. Discovery Education has so much to offer. My daughter loves the Science videos. I love being able to download the Blackline masters to give to her quiz, assignments, and more. My four yrs old loves the stories for him, like "Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People's Ears" and "Chick A Chicka Boom Boom". Plus both kids love "Magic School Bus" and I love that I have more security over what the...(more)
K. Shaw, Co-op Member
I love that my kids can pick a topic and have instant online educational access to it, in a safe environment. That my 10yo dd loves watching behind the scenes of the making of a play - and that it was right there for her to view.
Tammi, Co-op Member
If I had to select one homeschooling tool, it would be this one. I can quickly find videos on the topic my daughter is interested in at her level. The videos help her to visualize the learning and she can explore the topic further by searching for videos herself. Some of the videos are dry but there are so many that she can select one more to her liking. We aren't tied to a desk because she can view a video where ever there is internet. The videos cover the standards and make my job so much easier!
Bonita T., Co-op Member
This is a great tool for visual learners! It adds to the lesson plans nicely and there is such a wide assortment of videos and clips. I love that you can narrow down the topic by age group, segments etc. Well worth the money!
Nikki, Co-op Member
We started out with the free trial. There is so much content! And the content is delivered in a way that captivates my child. Thank you.
Megan D., Co-op Member
Love it! This is my favorite buy from Homeschoolers Buyers Co-op. Easy to use and has tons of videos, from history and math to language arts and everything in between. The programs are interesting and easy to understand. I would highly recommend.
R, Co-op Member
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