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The Discovery Education streaming video service has provided great supplemental educational videos to our homeschool education. So much of our studies are in written form, and it is fantastic to be able to offer visual reinforcement of things that I have already taught my children. We have tried to rent videos through the library, but they are few and far between, and many times are not at an appropriate grade level, or are much too long. My kids have loved the videos! Thank you for providing this!
V. Carlson, Co-op Member
We are using DiscoverEd as a supplement to all of the subjects we study at home and in particular to science, history and French. I find the visual element of video helps reinforce concepts we are learning. DiscoveryEd videos are really well-made and fun to watch. Having them in one location is much easier for me than scanning the web for suitable videos.
K. King, Co-op Member
I love using Discovery Education Streaming videos to supplement our science, history, and geography lessons. They bring our studies to life! We can almost always find suitable, interesting videos to go with our topics...things we've learned about include how Native Americans lived, what is was like in the Middle Ages, and interesting facts on many science subjects including the solar system, ecosystems and biomes, and electricity, to name a few.
Jen S., Co-op Member
My kids are very fun-oriented and they love a good story. Some of our favorite and most exciting videos on Discovery Education Streaming were the animated stories about important and amazing people in history.
Sara McGrath, Co-op Member
My daughter is in 7th grade now and we have used this for quite a few years. We find lots of videos for science, math, history, art, music, foreign language, etc. It is a huge help and we could not do without it.
Brooke G., Co-op Member
This is definitely one of the best resources for our homeschooling. Hardly a day goes by that we don't watch a documentary or program that supplements our curriculum, and my kids love it! Thank you HSBC for offering it at such a huge discount!
Pam R., Co-op Member
There is so much more to Discovery Education Streaming Plus than videos. It is possibly the best homeschool resource I have ever found. Let me start by saying it is not a curriculum...

DE Streaming is a resource that you use to supplement or create curriculum. Yes, create, from quality resources that have already been cataloged. It is a class manager and a student(s) interface (separate from the teacher's but on the same subscription). It allows you to create custom lessons, lessons that coordinate with text books, or to use lessons prep...(more)
M. N., Co-op Member
I think it is a fantastic resource! The only downsides are that it's kind of pricey, even with the discount (I know the price is ridiculous without it), and that the site has so much to offer that it's a little overwhelming trying to pinpoint exactly what you're looking for. I highly recommend it IF the price is within your budget AS WELL AS you have the time to look around for what you want. Time can be wasted looking at/for resources you don't need.
M. Ziegler, Co-op Member
We absolutely love our Discovery Education streaming! I have 7, 5, and 2.5 year olds who have all been enthralled by what we've found on the site. I use it regularly in my history and science to add to what we are already learning. There are cartoons, pictures, and documentaries that we've all enjoyed. I'm looking forward to exploring it more! Completely worth it for my family!
Anna Raz, Co-op Member
I am brand new to homeschooling. The cost of DE streaming plus through the Co-op is fantastic. I have been playing with it this summer. So far I have found setting up assignments for students cumbersome. However as an on the fly addition to daily activities no matter what subject it has been a great help. Since I have twins I'm not concerned about saving my favorite items for next kid. So far it has been a safety net and something interesting and exciting for my 4th graders. Short appropriate videos is mostly what I have used. English an...(more)
Kathleen, Co-op Member
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