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For the last 2 years, my son has gotten in the 99th percentile on the end of year CATs in all subjects. This summer, as a supplement, we did the Discovery-Education Streaming-Plus and found it to be wonderful. When we did foreign studies, children my son's own age introduced their countries and it was something he had never seen before. It was a very nice addition to our agenda.
Dawn T., Co-op Member
I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to try Discovery Education before buying. After trying out the program for a month my son and I were sold on it. I knew that it would add a level of depth to any subject we pursued and he enjoys the presentation of the information. Without the free trial I may have been a little more hesitant purchasing only because of the price. Although worth the retail price, we are a one income home and have to be creative with a dollar.
Marsha Graves, Co-op Member
We started out with the free trial. There is so much content! And the content is delivered in a way that captivates my child. Thank you.
Megan D., Co-op Member
We use it to supplement our science studies. My kids are in awe of the details and look forward to the movies. The clear and precise way the information is presented helps them to retain what they learn. I like the search feature. I can find the right resource and begin showing it in under 2 minutes. I have shared this with my homeschool group. I think the only thing that may cause them to hesitate is the up front cost. If they could pay by the month I am sure some would join.
Terri G., Co-op Member
This is an awesome resource to have at your fingertips. You can choose a French or Spanish class or watch MythBusters, Grossology or just do a search for a word and see what comes up. Very cool!
Leslie C, Co-op Member
We've only had a week and already I could not teach without it! I teach a lot of kids and Discovery Streaming has brought a new level of excitement to the day. Every subject is covered. The art shorts are fun, the math is great, geography is wonderful!
Amanda McBreen, Co-op Member
I can't say enough good things about Discovery Education Streaming Plus. It is an invaluable resource in my 11 year old daughter's education. It is my go-to resource for videos to integrate into ANY subject.

My daughter loves the videos and looks forward to watching them as part of her education. They are certainly the highlight of the lesson.

While I primarily use the videos, they have images, lesson plans, articles, and much more. All items are conveniently searchable by subject, grade, and media type. It is like having the whole Di...(more)
Sue A., Co-op Member
We have had DE Streaming Plus for about one month. There is an abundant of videos covering all subject matter: science, history, foreign languages, etc. We use it to supplement our current studies. For example, if we are reading about ancient Rome, we do a DE search for that and have a great variety of videos to watch. Because there are often so many videos returned, the search works best if you are specific: use "photosynthesis" instead of "plants." It is helpful that they are categorized by grade level. I like, too, that you can easi...(more)
Heather D, Co-op Member
We signed up for Discovery Ed this past summer. I've been pretty impressed with the content I've been able to find for my kids on many different subjects. Haven't really had time to explore all that they offer, but what we've checked out has been very good. And a few times we've had spur of the moment discussions from something we've read/discussed and I've looked to see if there was anything to help--I haven't been disappointed yet.
Rhoda, Co-op Member
What an amazing resource! My kids have really enjoyed watching the beautiful videos and I love the lesson plans, activity guides and digital textbooks. We can even use the ipad for personalized student assignments. I can teach for an entire year using only Discovery Plus and our local library. What a deal!
Erin S., Co-op Member
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