Please read this FAQ page carefully before contacting the Club.

What type of subscription am I purchasing through this Group Buy?

Discovery Education Experience gives you access to over 190,000 exciting resources, standards-aligned activities, and vetted, high-quality content carefully curated and segmented by grade level.

Do I need one license per child?

No. Your subscription is good for your entire family. You will have more information in how to manage your account once your annual license is activated.

Will my children be able to access different videos from their own computers at the same time or can they only watch one video all at the same time?

Your subscription is good for your entire family. Your children can use the same account simultaneously from different computers, and view different videos simultaneously from their own computers.

What are the grade levels for the programs?

There is lots of great content and digital resources for grades K-12.

Do I need a high-speed internet connection for this product?

Yes, Discovery Education recommends a high-speed connection to take full advantage of a subscription.

Will this run on my iPad, Nook or Android?

iPad Users: iPad users can access Discovery Education through the Discovery Education web app. Rather than downloading the app from Apple's App Store, simply go to using your iPad's Safari browser to view an iPad-compatible version of Discovery Education. Once you have reached, type in your regular username and password and touch LOGIN.

Android and Nook Users: According to Discovery, you should be able to stream using their website on your Android or Nook device. Simply go to in your preferred browser and use your username and password to login.

Note to all mobile users: Some features may not be available when using your mobile Apple/Android/Nook device. Some things are blocked, such as games, skill builders, and ebooks. If you are having trouble streaming the videos, click on your settings gear button and change to the h.264 setting to allow videos to play.

Does Discovery Education Experience include the coding product?

Unfortunately, no. Coding is a separate product.

Why isn't Discovery Education Experience available to members outside the U.S.?

To our knowledge, it is not available elsewhere owing to copyright and licensing issues. We are trying to get access for you, but as of this moment we do not have a way for Canadian or other international members to gain access. You should contact Discovery for purchasing options in your country.

If I live in Puerto Rico, can I participate in this offer?

Yes, you can. Our homeschool license with Discovery Education covers "the United States and its territories, possessions, and commonwealths".

Can I access Discovery Education Experience if I am overseas?

Unfortunately, owing to licensing issues, we cannot sell Discovery Education to our International Members. However, a Military family who lives overseas can purchase from the Club and can access their subscription overseas. Orders that are placed through the Club must have a physical US billing address.

Per our contact at Discovery Education: "A US military base is treated, by US law as US land. That is how we are able to provide our US service on US military installations. We cannot allow users outside of the US (and US military bases) to subscribe to our services even if they have a US mailing address."

Can I use the curriculum on a mobile device?

The Discovery Education App is currently being updated so you will not be able to use the curriculum on a mobile device for the time being.

Where can I get more information about Discovery Education Experience?

For Discovery Education Experience:

  • Learn more about Discovery Education Experience at the Discovery Education website.

Does Discovery Education Experience content contain Evolution material?

Yes. Discovery Education Experience has videos devoted to evolution, but not all are. It might be helpful to review the videos first to see if they would be appropriate for your homeschool classroom.

Is there a difference between Discovery Education Experience and Discovery Science?

Yes. While there are some Discovery Education Experience titles in Discovery Education Science, they are quite different. The easiest way to describe the difference is that Discovery Education Experience includes content for K-12 and all subject areas. Content includes primarily videos, video segments, and some games. Discovery Education Science is specific to K-8 science and includes science specific videos and video segments but has a wealth of information and resources specifically for science that are not in Discovery Education Experience.

Is there a less expensive way to get Discovery Education Experience?

We are not aware of a more affordable option for an individual subscriber. However, groups can purchase what is called a Network Manager Subscription. With a Network Manager Subscription, the group (typically a school) sets up your own local server to store only those videos that your group requests, rather than all Discovery Education content. Also, with minimal management, installed software schedules downloads of selected Discovery Education Experience content to the local server during off-peak Internet hours.

For a complete description of all subscription options, click here.

Can I download Discovery Education Experience digital content to my computer?

Unfortunately, the answer is "No." You can play the videos on your computer (this is called streaming, but you cannot save them to your computer for later viewing. Downloading to individual homes is prohibited under Discovery Education's licensing agreements. However, you can download most of the graphic images and audio clips.

I get an error when I try to sign in to Discovery Education Science, Health, or Discovery Education Experience.

The only sign in problem we are aware of can be solved by clearing your browser's cache and cookies. We have provided instructions here:
Clearing Cache and Cookies.

Do you know what the video size/quality is on the films? The demo one is extremely pixelated when you make it the size of my 19" monitor.

The native resolution for the 256K and 700K videos is 320x240. The maximum resolution in which the videos are viewed really varies by videos. The determining factor is often the quality of the original (pre-digitized video). Even in 256K, videos such as the Discovery Series Human Body look great full-screen. In contrast a video that contains source content (such as a 1940's retrospective) will likely show more pixelation full-screen.

If you are streaming through a smart TV, it has to be done through a browser. There's no way to stream wirelessly unless it's an apple TV where video can be pushed to your TV.

I currently have a Discovery Education Experience subscription, which will expire soon. How can I renew my subscription?

You may renew your subscription (add 365 days to your current account) at anytime by ordering from the Discovery Education Experience page. Be sure to enter your current username in the field provided.

What do I do if my question is not answered on this page?

You can submit your question at the Contact Us page. We will answer your question and update this page as well.