The Co-op welcomes success stories that will help other homeschooling parents decide whether to add Discovery Education streaming to their homeschool curriculum. If you have used streaming and would like to contribute a testimonial, please click here.
”My family tried the Discovery Education Experience (K-12) and it has been a huge hit with my five kids ages 4-17. They love Coyote Peterson, the Animated Hero Classics, and Outrageous Acts of Science and ask for it every day now. I even did the interactive health activity with MyPlate and I can tell my youngest ones know more about eating a balanced diet. We went on to buy the annual subscription because it is now a staple part of their homeschool media diet.”
Timothy B, Co-op Member
”I have used Discovery Streaming off and on (depending on my finances) since 2008. I LOVE the variety of educational content and the blackline lesson pages they offer along with many of the videos. I have found the resources on Discovery Streaming helpful not only for students but also for curious adults who are interested in continuing education. I have told many others about this service, which is a BIG supplemental plus for homeschooling!”
V. G., Co-op Member
”Discovery Education has it all. My 6-year-old especially likes the longer full videos, but you can instead search on video segments if that's your preference. Some of the videos also have a quiz that you can assign separately by clicking on the quiz on the Classroom Materials tab in a video. You can search on whatever topics you're studying that week, whether it be language arts, math, science, or social studies concepts. To narrow results, use the filters on the left and at the top after searching on a term. You can also bookmark items under My Content at any time to assign later. When my daughter studies other countries, it's so easy to find multiple informative videos about each country. When she was recently studying Galapagos tortoises, Discovery Education videos supplemented a quick trip to the zoo to see the tortoises. The site also has educational songs for some subjects and some educational shows including Animated Hero Classics and The Magic School Bus. This is the most comprehensive educational site we have run across. I have always found videos on every subject on which I have searched. It's a wonderful must-have site for supplementing other curricula to learn about any subject in more depth.”
Heather S., Co-op Member
”I have used Discovery Education for several months now and I love it. I had a subscription that was paid for through my state, and when they decided to no longer pay for it I wanted to find a way that I could renew my membership. I mostly use the videos to show concepts in science and show videos or photos that go along with our History curriculum. The kids love it. I have also used the videos as parts of a class I teach at a co-op and can edit the videos to fit the time I have. I am able to save content to folders to organize in a way that fits with our homeschool. I can say I would love to keep buying this in the future.”
Nikki C., Co-op Member
”I am using both the Discovery Science and Social Studies Techbooks with a 7th grade student. These are excellent curricula that are very user friendly, well organized, thorough, and appealing. I am tutoring my student on zoom so I needed an online curriculum that we could easily share, and this has filled the bill. It is aligned with state standards as well. It would also be an excellent curriculum for a homeschooled student but does require active teaching. It is not something that you just plug a kid into. I would highly recommend it for situations where you have an adult who willing to do some prep work and stay engaged with the student.”
Beth L., Co-op Member
”I am a first-time homeschooler and Discovery Education helped provide a multi-sensory approach to learning that I was eager to provide. I could easily find multiple videos and resources to flesh out that day's presentations.”
Maureen M., Co-op Member
”I absolutely love this streaming service for my homeschool. Sometimes you just need video to help solidify a concept to your little ones and this service quite literally has it all. It really has been a lifesaver.”
Jacqueline, Co-op Member
”I have found the Polar Bear videos extremely excellent and informative. Our 16-year-old son was very taken by them and able to relay the content to others clearly. Obviously, it will stay with him forever. We are excited to continue with Discovery Education.”
Debbie S., Co-op Member
”Discovery Education has a wonderful platform that is easy to use. The resources are simply amazing. They have information and videos on every topic you could dream of. Discovery Education has been a great investment in our children's education!”
Lisa A., Co-op Member
”I've been using Discovery Education as a supplement to my son's homeschool curriculum. There is a plethora of videos and materials to use to support the standards being addressed for every grade level. Many of the videos come with a quiz as well. My son, who is 13 and in the 7th grade, enjoys watching the videos because it helps him to visualize the material being taught in his textbooks and presents it in a way that is entertaining and engaging. I will continue to use Discovery Education and have told my teaching colleagues and district about it as an option to supplement the curriculum I am using as a public school teacher as well.”
Ashley Trevillyan, Co-op Member
”We love Discovery Education! It's like well curated YouTube that's safe for the kids (mine are ages 6 and 10). I get to search from a wide range of educational topics and levels and even assign the children what to watch with due dates and everything. :) So it perfectly supports whatever the kids are currently learning. We use it as a reward between finishing math assignments making it a win-win. For the young, budding writers, it has 26 episodes of Telling Stories with Tomie DePoala. It has clips of educational shows like Reading Rainbow, Sid the Science Kid, the Fixies, and Earth to Luna, as well as NatGeo clips, plus much more. It has clear, concise video lessons about elements of poetry, history, science and math. They are short enough to keep the kids' attention, but full of good information. I listen throughout the day for questions they ask so I can search and add those videos into their watching queue. If any videos are "past due", they know to watch those before they pick from their queue. It even has foreign language videos. It's definitely been worth the money for us. My only wish is that we could watch it on the TV through Firestick or something. But watching on their tablet only makes it more customized for each child. It does have a teaching section that has shared lesson plans, etc., but I haven't explored that very much. I'm sure others find it useful.”
Andi Durkin, Co-op Member
”This is my second year using this subscription and it is wonderful. Today's learner is very complex, moving more towards visual learning. These videos capture that to help with comprehension of a subject or concept. It allows for appropriate content vs trying to filter YouTube to see if a video is appropriate. I would say the only downside is the search is limited and does not give an efficient result for the keyword. This is more of an issue for the site than this Co-op service. ”
N. Mobley, Co-op Member
”I have purchased Discovery Education Streaming for many years as a supplement to our homeschooling. I love that I can search by topic area to enhance what we are already learning in our science and history. I stream it on to the TV so that we can all watch and enjoy. This would be a great way for public schoolers to keep up with some science and math while they are at home due to coronavirus closures. I have only personally used the videos, but there is much more than that with the subscription.”
Heidi L., Co-op Member
”Discovery Education is fantastic and the deal through the Co-op is great!! Our family is very impressed!”
M. Underwood, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education has been a life saver in the process of homeschooling my kid. Regardless of what I am teaching, there is a video to explain basics or details or anything in between. I will absolutely continue to use it for a long time!”
Dr. Vaish Sarathy, Co-op Member
”My daughter really enjoyed the visual educational videos during our free trial of Discovery Education Streaming Plus. The educational streaming videos enhanced her lessons and helped me deliver exciting learning for my child. There was an excellent variety of subjects to choose from and most segments provided lesson plans, questions, vocabulary and additional activities. I would highly recommend this resource to every homeschool family.”
Lisa Clegg, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming Plus is awesome! There are so many videos to choose from with lots of great information. My son is an auditory-visual learner, so the videos really help solidify the information he's learning in his classes. It is so nice to be able to use this to supplement his learning. I will continue to renew this product until he graduates.”
Carrie Root, Co-op Member
”It is wonderful to have Discovery Education Streaming Plus with its wonderful resources. My child is on the spectrum and thinks in pictures. He loves it, and learning makes so much more sense for him when he views videos in areas that he is currently studying. It makes learning fun, and allows him to connect text with visuals that help him understand. So this program is a wonderful resource. We will definitely continue to use it .”
Manu R, Co-op Member
”This site has a ton of materials. For my family, we needed something we can stream on our TV and I would highly suggest the provider make this widely available on Roku streaming for interested customers like myself. Otherwise, it looks great for computer use and is worth the subscription price.”
Jeff E, Co-op Member
”I have been using Discovery Streaming. It is a valuable tool for use in schooling. No matter the subject, there is plenty of long and short videos to help explain what you are teaching. The price you pay for it through the Co-op is outstanding. Try it--you will be glad you did!”
Donna M. Rice, Co-op Member
”My boys love this! They enjoy watching videos and playing educational activites during their free time with Discovery Education.”
Jenny C., Co-op Member
”There is so much content available on Discovery Education! No matter what your children are learning about, there's something here to enhance their studies.”
Elena J., Co-op Member
”Discovery's made it so easy to quickly show video that emphasizes any topic in science or history we are working on. It is always enjoyed by my children.”
Lynda M, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education is a wonderful addition to our resources in our homeschool. It has quickly become a favorite of my oldest. The Techbooks are simply BRILLIANT! For science, social studies and math, Discovery has seamlessly incorporated video, text, and beautiful pictures to draw my children deeper into understanding each topic. Most days, my kids will continue to look around the site and discover even more long after the lesson is done. Well done, Discovery!”
KC Willow, Co-op Member
”I love this video content. Our child watches videos over and over, making learning and retention easy. Great resource!”
Linda D., Co-op Member
”We actively use the Discovery Education Streaming service in our daily home school education. We love it! Awesome History and English selections.”
C. Igo, Co-op Member
”I'm so thankful for the free trial. I was really on the fence about buying the subscription and this helped me make the decision to go ahead and do it. It's fantastic.”
Wendy Tregay, Co-op Member
”Very good website with lots of different activities and curriculum to explore. I really enjoyed the videos as they brought to life the topics my children were learning about.”
Lynette Peterson, Co-op Member
”We have enjoyed using Discovery Education Streaming Plus. I can search for videos to supplement our book learning on just about any subject. I like the search feature that allows me to find both short segments of a video or a whole video. I can even find collections based on a broader topic. My child and I will sometimes just explore. I can get my child interested in a topic just by starting a video and we explore from there. This service goes beyond just videos--I enjoy using the still images, and the maps that I find to use when teaching, as well as some interactive activities offered. It is well worth the $150 price tag. I have a few text books from various publishers that have video links, but those videos are often not as extensive as we would like, so we search for more on those topics on Discovery Education Streaming Plus to go beyond what the text book video offered. Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op for offering this useful resource. I have told others about this wonderful resource.”
A. Budiman, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming is a plethora of information - an educational playground for any age! We so appreciated the opportunity to try it out for free. You really can't go wrong with this program. My kids loved being able to access interesting videos on a variety of subjects. There is so much to learn, and it is a helpful tool for enriching our education as a homeschool family. We will be ordering this program as soon as budget allows.”
P. Hair, Co-op Member
”I have been using DE Streaming since my son has been in elementary school and now into high school. I use it mainly for History, Arts, and Geography. When younger I used De for science. It augments my lesson plan and is especially good for a visual learner. The teacher curriculum with some of the videos is also very useful. By placing my son in context with the video streaming, it allows for a deeper learning experience. I also believe it helps with the memory of information. I would highly recommend this as a learning tool for any age.”
LNorman, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education has been a huge part of our homeschooling. I have used it to supplement many of our lessons with history, geography, math and Spanish. My son has autism and my daughter dyslexia. Having video lessons has helped create memory pegs from which I can build upon with my kids. I have been using this since the beginning of our homeschooling journey. It can be used to assign lessons along with work. You can track what lesson have been completed, and give them deadlines. Best of all you have a record of everything they have learned. This is one of our best secular learning tool that we use. My kids have loved many of our video lessons. There is so much to choose from. I intend to subscribe to them thru their high school years.”
Lizette Rocha, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education streaming is an amazing resource! We've used it in our homeschool for the past few years for a variety of purposes: Spanish classes, American Hero Classic videos, science and history videos and supplements, and much more. It has given me peace of mind, knowing I can go into Discovery Education streaming and find the right resource at the right time. My daughter is a very visual learner who is captivated by the well-done videos and visual aids. We look forward to using this wonderful service for the remainder of our homeschooling.”
Elizabeth W, Co-op Member
”My family loves using discovery education streaming plus. We search for topics of interest or that we are studying and then discuss at dinner. Knowing that we can safely search for learning materials is great!”
Rachel R., Co-op Member
”I loved the content and set up of Discovery Education Streaming Plus. I actually used it for a unit study of the history of Louisiana. The video content was superior and I was able to choose assignments based on the material for my daughter. We played around with some of the science and math content / materials as well. I really hope this is still being offered at the group rate in several months when we begin high school. I can't wait to get the techbooks. It will greatly enrich our curriculum!”
Lori Thacker, Co-op Member
”We use Discovery Education streaming plus 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes 4, for a variety of purposes. I use it to introduce a concept such as grammar and math, extend or introduce a lesson in social studies such as ancient civilization, show science concepts, experiments, videos, and so much more There are many valuable tools to use in DE for teaching lessons: charts, diagrams, printables, and more. I showed my son short videos on grammar lasting about 3-4 minutes each, and followed up with the included worksheets for additional practice There are short video clips and full videos generally 3-5 minutes per clip and 20-30 minutes per full video. Both of my children, ages 5 and 11, benefit from DE. All the materials hold their attention and provide additional opportunities to learn. There are nonfiction and animated videos to select from. As a former school librarian and teacher I knew the value of DE as we had it in the school, so I was thrilled to find out I could once again access this database. I voted on having this database in our school for the students when I taught. It is by far the best all in one education streaming package. I cannot imagine not having Discovery Education in homeschooling too. Lessons and videos can be narrowed in search by grade and concept. You will get your money's worth, no doubt about it.”
Jessica W., Co-op Member
”The educational resources from Discovery Education Streaming Plus is extensive, to say the least!
I have yet to use or even find everything available to me.
I love it! The videos are short, educational and age appropriate.
My kids love it and I hope the co-op can continue to offer this service at the discounted rate as I plan on renewing this subscription for as long as I homeschool!”
Michaela O., Co-op Member
”I have come to rely on the Quality Factual content and short clips incorporated into Discovery Education Streaming Plus!! The learning opportunities presented, engage concentrated objectives, for Student's permanent application!! Would NOT Educate without these Enhancing Visuals!!!”
E. Herber M. Ed., Co-op Member
”This product helps us enhance our learning journey. Discovery education is another tool we use to explore. It is well laid out and very easy to use. I have had a subscription for many years and will continue to use this resource for the remainder of our homeschool journey.”
A.Shrader, Co-op Member
”This has been one of the most beneficial tools in homeschooling The subject area selection seems limitless In addition most videos contain lesson plans and study materials which can range from quizzes tests and worksheets to project ideas cross curriculum connections and further reading suggestions The science and history selections alone are worth the expense but our family has also benefitted from the literature and foreign language offering as well This resource has been an invaluable help to our homeschooling”
Michele Penton, Co-op Member
”This has been a life-changer. It has been a challenging finding age appropriate resources that teach without teaching down at a child. Both my special needs and my NT kid lo1ve Discovery! There is just so much info”
Dr. Vaish Sarathy, Co-op Member
”This is a big ticket item for our family, but we use it so much. There are videos and clips (in addition to other curriculum add-ons) on every topic, sortable by age/grade. Some of the older ones are not-so-great in terms of production values, but most are top-notch. There are so many to choose from, is the bigger problem. You can search for topics you are studying, make lists and folders of what you want who to watch when, then view them on iPad or computer. No technology hang-ups. For middle grades, we love the History Kids series (also Science Kids and Literature Kids) which give mini-quizzes within each unit. A special fave in our house is all the episodes of Magic Schoolbus, this is our guilty pleasure when work is done.”
M F mom, Co-op Member
”My children love this site! It is so refreshing to see them actually learning something useful in their free time and they do it voluntarily. They want me to purchase the year membership for them for Christmas this year. Thank you for offering this.”
Monica W., Co-op Member
”This is a perfect tool to give our boys the visual they need to cement and expand knowledge they gain from other resources. I also love using the easy to search for videos to build background knowledge before we start units in Science and in History! We love what we can learn from video segments that last 3-5 minutes and from complete videos that may be 30-60 minutes long.

We are using BJU Science 6 and loved the tsunami, earthquake, and volcano videos we found to get a real picture of what these look like.”
Denise Gibbs, Co-op Member
”This is an excellent supplemental program to add to your curriculum. Very diverse and informative. Most importantly, my student enjoys using it!!”
Michele D., Co-op Member
”Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to view these education videos. My child had such a great time watching, she wasn't even thinking about the fact that she was learning at the same time!”
Angie S., Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming Plus was a fun way to keep my children interested in education during the summer months.”
April Scherb, Co-op Member
”My girls love youtube and watching videos. When I showed them this program they were excited about watching videos and searching on topics that they want to learn about. I am happy that this school year, they will be able to learn more with Discovery Education instead of watching youtube videos that are not educational. We like it so much that I even watch them. I like that I already know that the videos are suitable for my girls and they are excited to share this information which means it is engaging! Thanks for the opportunity to have it free this summer and I will be buying it for the school year. Not sure that I want to be without it!”
April P, Co-op Member
”It has helped to cut down research time for audiovisual materials for mom especially for history and science. My kids get to enjoy educational videos instead of video games or other kid tv programs.”
Nancy H, Co-op Member
”I can't express how often my boys tell us about something new they've learned from Discovery Education. This program is a treasure trove of fun facts that keep the kids intrigued and engaged. I have been incredibly impressed by the content, and would highly recommend it as a supplement to any science program.”
Nel E., Co-op Member
”Discovery streaming is such a blessing. You type in the subject and they provide a multitude of videos to support your educational journey. So thankful for discovery streaming and their cooperation with homeschoolers! My kids truly have enjoyed the videos and it has cemented the information. I have shared with multiple homeschool families about the video streaming service.”
Maggie Smith, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education is not just streaming, it is so much more. If you can give it a try.”
Karen H., Co-op Member
”DE has been very helpful in teaching my son about the regions of the US. He watched short video clips about the regions. They were interesting and informative. I used to show DE when I taught in the classroom, so I knew this was a worthwhile decision.”
Jessica, Co-op Member
”We are greatly enjoying our subscription to Discovery Education streaming Plus. There are so many programs to which we have access and we are always able to find something to supplement our day's lesson. There is something for everyone with DESP. My youngest enjoys the Magic School Bus episodes and we all love watching the Reading Rainbow episodes together. Besides these programs there are many other resources that appeal to my older son as well. Our family gives Discovery Education streaming Plus two thumbs up!”
T. Caskey, Co-op Member
”I have special needs girls with many exercise requirements We have little time for academics so we do history and science during lunch While they are eating they watch history and science from discovery education streaming They enjoy many of the shows I can choose an area to study select full length movies and pick the ones I want them to watch and put them on a quick list Then when they go to watch it they simply log in on our smart TV and pick something from my quick list It works great”
Debbee C., Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming Plus has been a lifesaver in so many ways for the homeschooling for both of my children. They both learn in very different ways and the plethora of videos and activities that accompany the videos are complimentary to each of their learning styles.
Also, my children love when they have to watch a video lesson. I use it mostly to reinforce concepts that I taught and there may be a disconnection with the transfer. I will definitely renew after this year is over. I recently told my sister about how wonderful it is and how she needs to look into it for her children!”
H. Lawrence, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming Plus is an invaluable resource for multi-age homeschooling. I can save on hours of prep time each week, while enjoying large selection of quality media material.”
Homeschool Parent of 4, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education streaming is full of fantastic, educational viewing for the family! The kids love that there are so many categories to choose from, whether it be how the post office works or a feature on animals. Very enjoyable!”
Gina M., Co-op Member
”I love Discovery Education! It has a video for almost every subject and it helps my children visualize and comprehend classes better. They love watching the videos. I love that I only type a word and it will take to all related topics. Very easy to navigate too. Thanks for a great resource :)”
Maria V, Co-op Member
”We have had a subscription for Discovery Education streaming for three years, and I would not want to home school without it. We frequently watch videos for science and history (elementary through high school levels). However, recently my son was struggling in an online Spanish class. I pulled this up and search for the subject. I found several resources to reinforce and help him in his studies. This is one of the most versatile resources I use to educate my children and I love it!”
Denise Y., Co-op Member
”I have found this to be very useful for reinforcing topics. We have used it a lot for history and language arts.”
A. Shrader, Co-op Member
”Great website. Tons of videos and subjects covered. I use it as a homeschool resource for high school and elemtary grades. My kids have used for Science and Spanish mostly but there's so much more on there! My kids have enjoyed it! I totally recommend it!”
Cristina, Co-op Member
”We have been subscribing to Discovery-Education-Plus for over a year now and we really like the content of the varied materials as well as the depth and selection for each subject area.
If you are looking for good homeschooling support materials, this is it!
We have used this media throughout our entire school year and I can highly recommend it.”
Maggie, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love Discovery Ed Streaming Plus. We purchased it to use as part of our science curriculum, but it has become so much more than that. Now, when the girls have a question that I can't answer, they go look it up on Discovery Ed.. They even choose to use it in their free time, just because they enjoy it so much. This was an excellent purchase at an amazing price. I have highly recommended it to our other homeschooling friends.”
S. DeVolld, Co-op Member
”The quality and quantity of the materials available to me in DE-Streaming is wonderful. We started a unit study on the American Revolution and I have been able to select and assign to each of our three boys videos to reinforce and expand their depth of knowledge for each concept.

My two third graders and fifth grader have been absorbed by the Liberty Kids and Beanbody Histories videos that I have selected for them. The lesson plans and other available materials are so very helpful to me as I plan our lessons.

The ease with which I was able to set up my class and make student assignments was remarkable.

My children of the electronic generation are relating so well to these materials! We will definitely continue to use it and I was careful to order an annual subscription so that there was no lapse as we approached the end of our free trial.

This is a wonderful product and I have shared my excitement with friends through social media and in person over the past weeks. I can't wait to see how we will grow into the other materials available in DE-Streaming!”
Denise Gibbs, Educational Consultant and Homeschooling Mom
”We LOVE the videos and the variety! You don't have to worry about the exposure to some of the unsavory content of YouTube.”
M. Williams, Co-op Member
”Great learning resource for the whole family. Everyday we try to pick a topic to watch together as a family.”
Nancy T, Co-op Member
”I am using the Discovery Education Streaming with my son to teach him Spanish. It ranges in various grades and has supplemental videos for quizzing. I am so appreciative of the home school buyers for fascilitating this purchase.”
Anilise M., Co-op Member
”I really enjoy Discovery Education streaming-plus. Thanks to the Homeschooling Buyers Co-op for making this an affordable asset for our school. Keep up the great work Home school Buyers!!”
Jan Brown, Co-op Member
”It was great to be able to sample the service...Access to films like "Racing Extinction", etc. was great. I am considering the full service so I can really dig into what is offered.”
Laura, Co-op Member
”There's a good collection of new documentaries on DE (one of the reason I subscribed) without advertising. For some reason they have lots of really old shows taken from video tapes with distorted sound. They promised to fix it because kids were interested in it.

Kids like Language Arts as supplemental - animated books. Little ones like habitat games. I liked the Math game - Mayan fractions. Big fun for Math-wired.

I recommended DE to homeschoolers as a good source of documentaries on Science and History.”
Olesya, Co-op Member
”I found Discovery Streaming Plus to be an excellent source of a wide range material. My daughter especially liked the news section. I definitely recommend the free trial so you can determine if Streaming Plus offers materials you find to be a good fit for your family.”
Dawn B., Co-op Member
”This is the second year we have used this program and our kids love it.They actually watch videos in their free time and anything we study in history or science they look it up on here to watch something on that subject. It is so worth the money for what it offers.”
J. Wayman, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming Plus is a great resource covering a vast number of topics. It is very well worth it. There is a another site that is nowhere near as comprehensive or extensively supported with supporting materials.”
BJ, Co-op Member
”My daughter is in 7th grade now and we have used this for quite a few years. We find lots of videos for science, math, history, art, music, foreign language, etc. It is a huge help and we could not do without it.”
Brooke G., Co-op Member
”I am happy with this purchase. I use the discovery education videos to supplement my son's homeschool curriculum. It's another way to present the material, helping to solidify concepts and build on what he has learned.”
Dee, Co-op Member
”We have used Discovery Education to supplement our Science and History curriculum and have really enjoyed it. My son loves to watch the videos that bring what he's learning to life and I trust the content. I highly recommend.”
K. Avery, Co-op Member
”LOVE THIS! I utilize the library as often as possible but this allows me sooooooooo much more. I am currently home educating a 2nd, 5th and 8th grader and can find things for all of them. Whether the topic is science or history or geography. They usually have a video that helps out. Kids love having videos that explain what they read in the schoolbooks or even what is in a book they checked out from the library.
I love the instant access. My library is fine but those DVDs take some abuse plus I still have to go get them. This is nice and worth the price. GLAD I can get it through the co-op as the price savings make it possible to have this resource.”
C. Thomas, Co-op Member
”I debated spending this kind of money from our budget but am happy I did. Some videos are a very dated style kids find boring or not great production quality, but by and large I've found a LOT of really great stuff. Plus there are things like The Hero Classics series, Magic School Bus series etc.

The boys kind of groan when I say we're watching something from DE, but then they ALWAYS enjoy it. I love when I can find a visual reinforcement for something we've been studying, and DE allows you to search your subject by grade level groups. (for us, 1st and 3rd grade)

If you plan to watch it on your TV, not on the computer, you'll need a means to do so. There are many options, but we ended up buying Chromecast for about $35 and that has worked very well. I usually open it on my tablet and cast from there. I think the company would do well to share information like that on their site (ways to watch on your TV) or make it available in app form or something. I called customer service and the guy had no information to offer me. I had to go to the computer store and ask them what I should use.

There are a lot of functions on this product, where you can set up quizzes, online assignments, etc, but personally, I find that unnecessary for our needs and my kids ages. Its confusing too and would take a real time commitment to understand the ins and outs. I'm sure there are others who truly benefit from it though. I still think this product is worth it for just the videos.

I need the full year with it to gain perspective on whether we'll use it again, but I'm certainly not sorry for this purchase. Budget is always a consideration. While youtube certainly doesn't offer as much and is more difficult to wade through, in the end I'll have to decide what means more. Part of me thinks that I'll just keep uncovering more gems on DE though. It's a lot to explore!”
Lynda G., Co-op Member
”It has been an irreplaceable tool for enriching our homeschool curriculum. My children can see the lesson, ANY lesson! There are also complete curriculums available with my subscription. We will be members until we are finished homeschooling. Also, my daughter has auditory processing disorder and with Discovery Education it has made learning fun. She looks forward to it now!”
Diamond, Co-op Member
”We use this all of the time. Great information and visuals!”
Lisa T, Co-op Member
”Great all around support program. My kids use if for science and even German. It is like having an on-demand personal school library of videos covering most all subjects. Its uses keep unfolding. I thought it would be a great resource for science and social studies, but it is much more. I will be a long time subscriber.”
Rob, Co-op Member
”I just wanted to say thank you for the opportunity to try Discovery Education before buying. After trying out the program for a month my son and I were sold on it. I knew that it would add a level of depth to any subject we pursued and he enjoys the presentation of the information. Without the free trial I may have been a little more hesitant purchasing only because of the price. Although worth the retail price, we are a one income home and have to be creative with a dollar.”
Marsha Graves, Co-op Member
”Kids love the videos, very educational and informative. will consider for future use. Thanks”
Carolyn, Co-op Member
”This is our second year with Discovery Education Streaming Plus. I will NOT Home School without it ever again. The option of video clip vs. entire movie allows me to pin down exactly what I want him to see and the printable resources (black line masters for example) that you have access to are a real time saver. My son loves having the movies to reinforce and expand upon what he is learning. I highly suggest this tool for every home school.”
Amy P., Co-op Member
”Loved using it. It was very easy to use, and top quality content. I could rely on it whenever I needed content. I told as many of my friends as would listen about it.”
Cynthia M., Co-op Member
”This is such a great tool for homeschooling. I like being able to watch videos as a supplement to what we are studying or to help my children understand something described in a book with a visual (recent example, a hydro-electric dam - it was especially useful as we went through Paddle to the Sea by Holling C. Holling). Discovery Education makes finding topical videos so much easier than web searches. I especially appreciate the grade range listed for each video and other details, like the length of time, that help me quickly choose which videos will work for us. We often watch them during lunch (which also helps our midday meal be a quieter affair!) and provides a way to cement topics and concepts we study during our lessons in the morning. My children really enjoy it (of course!) and are able to really understand things they don't experience in their everyday lives.”
Jenny R., Co-op Member
”I have 5 children & DE is our go to resource on anything they want to learn about! Fish, honey, scales, etc. you name it, we find it & learn about it!!”
Claire n, Co-op Member
”Besides the excellent quality science- related video, it also provides age- appropriate global news, and fun& educational exercise video called deskercise.”
Jessica H., Co-op Member
”We really like Discovery Eduction Plus, they have in depth lessons on almost any subject and even include lesson materials in some of their video's. We can see live images and scenes set in historical context when we study history and my kids can watch plants grow within minutes. My children really like that they can see the studied subject in pictures, which I previously explained to them in theory. The broad spectrum and depth of subjects Discovery Education offers is far greater than any other media outlet can provide. We will definitely keep on using this channel throughout the year, as it is also the only media allowed in our house.”
MaggieK, Co-op Member
”We are really enjoying our subscription of Discovery Streaming. They have videos on every topic and some educational children's shows. Sometimes I am slightly disappointed when I search a topic and they only have clips.For example when I searched panda bears all that was available were two small clips that missed my target objective.I am still very happy with it and would subscribe again but I will now search before I assume that I can include it in my plans for covering a topic. Just as a last comment when we enlarge the screen the quality of our streaming is as good the picture I got on my TV screen as a child in the 80's.I guess it depends on what your kids are used to but my kids haven't complained.”
deborah S, Co-op Member
”Discovery Streaming is a wealth of resources in one! One child can take a great Spanish class while another is watching a Nova episode or Shakespeare. What other subscription is that vast?”
C. D., Co-op Member
”My son really wanted to learn about birds this year but I was unable to find a ready made curriculum. With Discovery Education I was able to put together my own lesson plans including awesome video clips, worksheets, and quizzes. It's been really easy and best of all...he LOVES it.”
Lisa H., Co-op Member
”My two sons aged 5 and 7 have been using this program over the summer and it is truly awesome. The added value is that the content is also available in a Spanish version so that helps with their Spanish immersion classes. We are able to watch the video in Spanish and I can watch it in English (I too am learning Spanish) and then we can discuss what we notice and the vocabulary that is new to us. Thanks”
Jane R, Co-op Member
”My daughter has loved watching the nature videos on Discovery Education this summer, and we have all learned from them. I plan to purchase Discovery Ed because it has expanded her world in such a positive way.”
Debbie Creemers, Co-op Member
”My children love Discovery-Ed. We incorporate several videos a week into our studies. The videos are a great way to reinforce a topic allowing them to see what they are learning. I have used this service for years and will continue throughout our homeschool journey.”
A. Shrader, Co-op Member
”Our family loves Discovery Education Streaming Plus. We watch it all the time as a family. Anything we are interested in we put in the search field and there comes what we are looking for. I couldn't ask for a better choice to add to our homeschool curriculum.”
Karen, Co-op Member
”This site is a world of information and very easy to use!! As a homeschooling parent this sight has been a blessing. No more searching on youtube worrying about coming across inappropriate material or wading through videos that don't suit our needs. On Discovery Education I can easily find materials, clips, and videos that cover specific age groups and in various topics. It's perfect!”
Doreen M., Co-op Member
”This is a wonderful resource for your homeschool. I love the detailed lesson plans which I use for my children's science curriculum. I'm only tapping into about 1/4 of the content right now but my children like to watch the videos for fun and we are going to try using a couple of the mathematics and literature lessons this year to see how they fit into our current curriculum. I use it as my core science and supplement for grammar and history. We started out using it as a trial. We will continue to renew our subscription until my children graduate.”
ENiimi, Co-op Member
”This is an amazing resource for my son who is preschool age and loves learning by topic. The search tool allowed me to easily find short video clips that went along with what we are learning and it was super quick Nd easy to use. The folder feature is also great for lesson planning in advance. We love this resource!”
Megan M, Co-op Member
”We found several historical videos that both parents and children loved.”
Kelly, Co-op Member
”There is SO many videos available with the Discovery Education streaming plus! We are still enjoying navigating around the website discovering all that it has to offer.”
Tiffani, Co-op Member
”We have enjoyed using our free trial this summer of the Discovery Education Streaming. I have been able to expose my daughter to many new things that she enjoyed such as the kindergarten stories about Betsy and videos of sea creatures. Thank you for the opportunity.”
Ginny Barrett, Co-op Member
”I appreciate Discovery Education making Summer's free. Homeschooling is very expensive and this gives my kids a chance to watch many videos. I like that the videos do not have social media or gaming advertisements. We would love to use it all year - it will depend on other expenses. I have posted Discovery in my homeschool community.”
Anonymous, Co-op Member
”My children really enjoy discovery education streaming. The quality of the videos is amazing, and the educational value is worth while. I would continue to use it past the free trial, but it is too expensive for me. I am a single home school mom and it is not in my budget.”
T. Jonasson, Co-op Member
”During the summer, our kids have to do some kind of online learning using short videos. My oldest uses Khan Academy, but my youngest (rising 7th grader) LOVES Discovery Education. He often goes over his 15 min requirement to watch different things. His favorite is the Myth Buster shorts!”
S Martinez, Co-op Member
”I am so glad that I signed up for this! My kids enjoy the videos - they are a good supplement for reading books on the topic. I haven't had time to explore the full extent of the content, but whenever I've looked for a topic, I have not been disappointed!”
PjP, Co-op Member
”So much information at your fingertips. A safe place for the kids to do their research!”
Mandy B, Co-op Member
”Over the past few years I used similar programs but none could come close to Discovery Education.My daughter and I use it almost everyday. No matter what topic she's currently learning about, Discovery Education always comes through with great resources to help facilitate learning. My daughter (age 7) loves to browse the videos and I love that she's able to do so without inappropriate content being available. I tell all of our homeschool buddies about this great resource!”
Tammy M., Co-op Member
”I love this site. I think I have enjoyed it more than my daughter has. She loves to get to watch videos that are the same as talk about. Just talking is boring and the videos make learning for her so much more fun! I really want to continue on with this program!”
Cheryl, Co-op Member
”Miss9 and I loved watching using Discovery Education as part of our curriculum. Videos are very informative and can be used as part of a curriculum or just watch them for fun. I normally just search for videos to use, but Discovery Education akes it so much easier and less time consuming. I look forward to buying a subscription knowing I will get my moneys' worth.”
Tanya Vi4, Co-op Member
”A great resource/supplement for our homeschool. A trustworthy site, saves time not having to search online for material I need to find, and alleviates fears of landing somewhere we shouldn't be!... it has already been "vetted"... although not Christian-based...”
A, Co-op Member
”My kids and I really appreciate using Discovery Education. We can watch an entire program or only segments which apply to our current studies. The variety of information and rich content combined with some of the printable materials add a lot of depth to our schooling. Being able to search by subject AND by grade level means that I don't need to preview every program before doing so with my kids and that they aren't bored or confused by content that is above or below their level of understanding. Often the questions and curiosity inspired by the content we are watching leads to other content naturally and my kids retain more because of their level of interest. I wouldn't be able to purchase it full price, so having the group buy also makes this an affordable on-going resource for our family. I was introduced to it by 2 other homeschooling families and have happily passed the info along to other parents. Love it!”
Cindy, Co-op Member
”Great learning resource! My child is a visual learner and was very excited about the whole thing. There are teacher guides along with some of the videos, as well as assessments. There are even grammar videos that my child will sit down and watch and learn from. I also ended up buying the science tech book. Try it out. Well worth it at the discounted price. I really hope Discovery offers the discount next year (hint hint) ;-)”
T. Stogner, Co-op Member
”We love the educational videos that are so easy to find and use. We bought this to use this fall when school starts but we are enjoying it now also. GREAT PRICE!!”
J. Bell, Co-op Member
”Sometimes, when my daughter wants to watch a video, but I want her to do her schoolwork, I let her watch something on Discovery Education and we both get what we want. She has learned a lot about history, science (especially about animals), geography, art and many other subjects. I like that I can add items to her quicklist and she can choose what to watch from the videos I have pre-selected for her.”
Hadassah, Co-op Member
”This is just the sort of educational material we needed to expand her knowledge base! I highly recommend this to be included in every child's curriculum. My daughter loves the videos and looks forward to them.”
Marlene B., Co-op Member
”I'm very happy with this product and the group discount price. My kids watch many educational videos, and this is much cheaper than buying a bunch of individual videos and video box sets. I have told others in the local chapter of the Autism Society and another special needs group about this service and the coop discounted price.”
Charity Bartell, Co-op Member
”I used this service last year for my 8th and 6th grade sons for physics, astronomy, and earth science. I loved it so much we will use it again this year for 9th grade biology and 7th grade chemistry. Sometimes it is difficult to pick and choose among all the fantastic choices for extra explanations and going deeper into subjects than a middle-school textbook. Even the boys enjoyed sitting back with videos instead of just the books.”
Debbie O., Co-op Member
”My kids were getting so bored by the end of the year with their online program. I was so excited to try Discovery Education Streaming Plus! I hooked the computer to our big screen TV and streamed Discovery Education in the living room. Both kids kept their eyes glued and loved it. My kids are very hands on, and this was by far the best program to keep their attention! We love it and plan to use it again for next years curriculum!”
Emmy Barber, Co-op Member
”I tried this program with the free trial for one month. My kids and I were so impressed that we became subscribers.
We are homeschoolers and this program had definitely enhanced our curriculum.”
Robin Andreasen, Co-op Member
”I homeschool my two daughters, ages 8 and 11. We recently purchased a subscription to Discovery Streaming Plus through the Coop, and we love it. The girls look forward to the videos, and they are happy to share what they are leaning, from the inventions of Ben Franklin, to the adventures of The Magic School Bus Gang.

The subscription includes a wealth of videos, easy search tools, and helpful organizational tools for the teacher/parent. It is definitely worth the cost, and a huge asset to our homeschool.”
L. Ahn, Co-op Member
”I love using Discovery Education Streaming videos to supplement our science, history, and geography lessons. They bring our studies to life! We can almost always find suitable, interesting videos to go with our topics...things we've learned about include how Native Americans lived, what is was like in the Middle Ages, and interesting facts on many science subjects including the solar system, ecosystems and biomes, and electricity, to name a few.”
Jen S., Co-op Member
”Wow. I have been blown away by the depth and breadth of the offerings on DISCOVERY Education. The stunning visual impact and search features have allowed me as a homeschool teacher to find just the right supplement to add to flat text book learning to bring my lessons to life. I love it. Thanks, Discovery!”
Lana G., Co-op Member
”We have used the Discovery Education streaming to supplement our curriculum. Our children have enjoyed and benefited from being able to easily look up and see the history and science that they are studying. And I'm grateful for the easy way of finding what we are studying.”
Marie R., Co-op Member
”When we first started using Discovery I wasn't sure how I would incorporate it. But we love it and use it to support our curriculum topics. Research for my older kids has become easier. I also love I can separate out each section by child and out what they need in their personal folders. We really enjoy this product.”
Kate F, Co-op Member
”We love Discovery Streaming Plus! We use it with our science and history curriculum to make it more fun. The kids will ask to watch things and watch it on there own. I love that its something they can do without me sitting right next to them. This was so worth every penny we spent on it.”
Kim Wayman, Co-op Member
”My kids and I are really enjoying our subscription to Disovery Education streaming plus. It really helps deepen the understanding of a topic to be able to add a video clip. The kids really enjoy watching them. The clips are just long enough to keep their attention without dragging on and becoming boring. I also like being able make assignments so that I can plan in advance which ones to view. At about $100 per year for all my children to use, I find it well worth it.”
Laura M., Co-op Member
”We have enjoyed using Discovery Streaming very much since we purchased. We love being able to find both short clips and longer form videos on practically any subject we wish. We've looked up videos on Harriet Tubman, nutrition, solar system, and more. The options are practically endless. We love that the videos are split up so that we can see the relevant sections, without watching an entire show if we want. Sometimes my daughter just types a subject in to see what comes up. We love our purchase of DESP and anticipate being subscribers for a long time.”
Jana H, Co-op Member
”I have been using Discovery Education streaming for about 4 years (elementary to now middle school) and it is my "go to" when I am looking to explain further a concept, go deeper, or to augment any of my lessons. I use it to help make topics from Science, Art, Literacy, Economics, and History more interesting or more understandable. Of all the multimedia programs I have used, this covers most if not all the the subjects I am covering, making it very easy and quick to find interesting videos. I would highly recommend this program for homeschoolers.”
Lisa Norman, Co-op Member
”I would like to give a ringing endorsement to Discovery Education. It is the only site that we have found that offers such a wide range of educational resources. Just this week my daughter has used it to study Da Vinci, Gutenberg, and Shakespeare.

We use it to fill-in the gaps of her study and it offers a great variety of formats...from short videos, to pod casts to longer movies....we have been very impressed. We plan to make this an important tool in our home-school toolbox from now on.

alan logan”
alan logaqn, Co-op Member
”Discovery Streaming Plus was recommended to me by a Science teacher and I was thankful Homeschool Buyers Co-op had it available. It has been an incredibly great tool for us, not just for Science but for school subjects across the board. It has been an excellent addition to our curriculum. My homeschooler loves it and we will continue using it. I recommend it every chance I get.”
Sarah W., Co-op Member
”My kids currently use this to learn more about history. I like that they often have prewritten questions, so that I don't have to figure those out too. My 10 y/o daughter loves the programs and often watches more than I assign her. My 8 y/o son isn't quite as interested, but does enjoy the ones he watches. He usually ends up watching what she watches - he just doesn't seek it out on his own. I plan to continue to use and have told several other people how easy it is use and how well it aligns with our history curriculum.”
Linda Waldman, PhD, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love our Discovery Education streaming! I have 7, 5, and 2.5 year olds who have all been enthralled by what we've found on the site. I use it regularly in my history and science to add to what we are already learning. There are cartoons, pictures, and documentaries that we've all enjoyed. I'm looking forward to exploring it more! Completely worth it for my family!”
Anna Raz, Co-op Member
”We have been very satisfied with Discovery streaming. It has given us a lot of wonderful information on a variety of topics. The lesson plans are very helpful also. I has really improved our Home school day! I would 100% recommend this to other parents. I hope this will be avaialable for many years to come and these great saving's. Thanks again!”
Diana K., Co-op Member
”My son loves these videos. It really helps keep his interest. The variety is wonderful too, there are few topics for which there is not some related content.”
Lynda M., Co-op Member
”I can't say enough good things about Discovery Education Streaming Plus. It is an invaluable resource in my 11 year old daughter's education. It is my go-to resource for videos to integrate into ANY subject.

My daughter loves the videos and looks forward to watching them as part of her education. They are certainly the highlight of the lesson.

While I primarily use the videos, they have images, lesson plans, articles, and much more. All items are conveniently searchable by subject, grade, and media type. It is like having the whole Discovery Channel Family library at my fingertips.

I tell everyone I know about Discovery Education Streaming Plus and I will be renewing my subscription annually until my Daughter graduates!”
Sue A., Co-op Member
”The best part is the teachers guide with questions for students.I would definitely recommend it to other Home schoolers.”
Aliya A., Co-op Member
”This is my first year to join and it has been great for my 5th and 7th graders. I use videos and the worksheets (that are sometimes included) to supplement and in some instances replace the chapters we are studying in U.S. History, and Biology. Through previous years of internet surfing, I had been wishing for something that compiles materials in this way-- glad I found it!”
C. Speis, Co-op Member
”This service changed so much of what we could do and add to our homeschool, it opened the door for more and opportunities for more study and fun in our curriculum! We love this service and plan to use it every year!”
Sheila, Co-op Member
”DE streaming plus is one of the most valuable tools in my homeschool toolbox. I have used it for years. I love that many of the history and science videos come with lesson plans, handouts, and project ideas which make it easy to teach "multi-level". Even though I am down to just one student to homeschool, I still keep my subscription. It's that valuable.”
Michele P., Co-op Member
”My children have learning disabilities. As they have gotten older, I've had a hard time finding curriculum that challenges them without overwhelming them. DE Streaming has been a phenomenal way to bridge the gap.

We use it all the time and my kids really enjoy it. I plug an HDMI cable from a laptop to a TV and we can all sit down together and watch. The teacher's tools allowed me to plan our year out ahead of time. Now, the kids can log into their accounts and see our day's entire plan, even the things that don't include DE videos.

We've been so pleased, I've already renewed the subscription for another year. It's a fabulous resource and I recommend it to all my homeschool friends.”
Julia Q., Co-op Member
”This is our 3rd year subscribing to Discovery Education Streaming and we love it! Any subject that you are learning about is usually covered with a video that is well done, informational and at grade level. There are hundreds of videos(maybe more) that are professionally done and so useful for the homeschooling family!”
K. Valley, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming Plus provides a valuable resource in our homeschooling lessons. It reinforces our lessons through videos, interactive applications, and games. It offers a wide range of topics: Health, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, & English/Language Arts. I have not found any other resource that offers this range of topics in such varied formats at age appropriate levels. I highly recommend this to all homeschooling families.”
Denise O., Co-op Member
”I plan to use Discovery Education Streaming Plus for the duration of the time that I am homeschooling. I use it for my 13 year old daughter and 16 year old son, and they love it! The material is right on target for what they need for all subjects, including math, science, health, history, etc. I also love the fact that there are teacher's guides to go along with the videos. I have already raved to my other fellow homeschooling friends about your product, especially that there is a bonus of it being so affordable to teach all subjects for a low price.”
Katina Horton, Co-op Member
”Discovery-Education has been an incredible addition to our homeschool experience! Both of my boys, grade 4 and 7 are using it to complement all subjects. My 7th grader can look things up independently if he is looking for additional support in ANY subject matter and the videos are engaging enough to hold the attention of my son with learning challenges. Navigating the parent portion can be as detailed as you make it. With short monthly preparation, I have been coordinating supplemental support from this resource with our reading materials and then the kids can access it as they need it... I would highly recommend this service!”
Kelly J, Co-op Member
”When my boys have zoned out, I know it's time to get online and search for something to engage them. It seems no matter what the topic, I can find it done well on the Discovery Education streaming Plus website. From Gladiators to Canadian Mounties to the Marianna Trench. There is so much to see in the world and this brings it right to our own classroom. I have told many other moms to check it out: it is worth every penny!”
Katie N., Co-op Member
”My students love Discovery Education Streaming Plus & have even confessed to using it after school.”
Carol, Co-op Member
”Our whole family enjoys using this program. Primarily, we use it to find fun and engaging videos to supplement our primary curriculum in history and science. Trying to teach a fourth grader about the French Revolution? They have some fun cartoons on the subject. These make the subject less dry and more approachable. They have the additional function of reinforcing and expanding upon what we learn in our regular curriculum. It's a tremendous variety of material for all ages, though.”
Rebecca O'Malley, Co-op Member
”My kids have loved Discovery Education. I have a 4 and 2 year old; each day we are learning a new letter and their ABC series has a great 3 minute clip for each. The Math Monster series is amazing and worth the subscription alone. I really like that there are teacher guides and activities, including pause points in the video, so that my kids are not just watching tv but it is more like they are in a real classroom. We have also been watching segments on health, nutrition, patriotism, etc to go along with their preschool curriculum.”
Morgan Lund, Co-op Member
”I only have positive things to say about Discovery Education Streaming. I use it absolutely every day of the week. From science to history, and also for exercise and math, it is by far my best investment. When we have a rainy day, the children ask me to find something on DE for them to watch. You can't beat that!”
Jennifer W., Co-op Member
”Discovery Streaming is a wonderful learning companion. I can find complete videos or if needed, use specific portions to better explain an incredible variety of topics. My 5th grade student enjoys the way it adds to his understanding. When the day is done, he enjoys searching topics just for fun. We are very pleased with the purchase.”
KH, Co-op Member
”As a homeschool mom to 3 girls on 3 different educational levels, I love how the videos can be used for all ages. I also love that I can go on and save videos that we would like to watch, create my own folders and assign them to each child.”
Julie G, Co-op Member
”This might be my favorite find in the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. The information is so extensive, you won't find this all in one place ANYWHERE else, and I never have to worry about inappropriate content (think - risks of YouTube) when I look up videos to help reinforce what we are doing in our regular homeschool subjects. Science videos, math games, history unit studies... you name it. I've been using it almost daily for 3 months, and I feel like we've barely scratched the surface of what is available. It's also a great place to get access to quality on-demand kids tv programs (such as Reading Rainbow or Magic School Bus) by subject. I plan to continue our subscription year after year. This resource is amazing!”
Jocelyn G., Co-op Member
”WOW! Wish we'd had Discovery Streaming all along, and am so grateful to have it now! The ability to call up Discovery's high quality and informative videos by clip or full length has already become an irreplaceable part of our homeschooling and general living. When any of us have a question, off to Discovery we go! These visual explanations from such a trusted source are far more stimulating and engaging than just using flat book curriculum. The whole family is enjoying this!”
T. Hall, Co-op Member
”Absolutely love it!!!
I am so happy to have this resource available to my family. My kiddos enjoys viewing the videos on Discovery Education and use it almost everyday to enhance their learning. I create content areas that supplement whatever topic we are learning about and they look at those videos during their lunch hour. Using Discovery Education has definitely increased their knowledge of U.S history, world history, geography, science, math, nature, health, etc. Many times my kiddos have told me of something that they learned on Discovery Education that I did not know. I am so glad that I purchased this subscription and intend to use it again during this school year. I have already told others about this great resource and will continue to encourage others to purchase it for their family.”
Nicole L, Co-op Member
”"We have had an account for two months now and have used Discovery Streaming Plus for multiple units and subjects. We average a couple of times a week. I feel it is well worth it. I love the ability to find an interesting topic and just rabbit trail through videos, songs, and activities together until we find the answers."”
A. Baehr, Co-op Member
”I love the wide range of subjects and levels of difficulty available with these videos. I have hardly scratched the surface with these, but the sheer number of videos is astounding. I know it will be a great resource to support any subject we're learning, as well as entertaining. I highly recommend it!”
Julia R., Co-op Member
”This product saved our lives last year. Our son has medical issues and sometimes having to have his nose in a book isn't the answer. We used Discovery Education Streaming Plus for every topic when needed and sometimes just for enrichment. It is worth every penny. It has great science lab ideas, terrific grammar and writing explanations as well as fabulous documentaries for history, geography etc. We give it 5 gold stars!”
Jenny L., Co-op Member
”This is amazing library of videos on all subjects. It had a great search option which makes finding things much easier. My daughter loved finding science videos to watch and I loved finding videos to support what we were studying that day. Great Resource! I can't afford $200-300 so as soon as the co-op can get it for $99 again I am resigning up. [Co-op note on 9/6/2014: It is currently available for $99.]”
J. Deems, Co-op Member
”I have a 13-year-old son who has watched many, many videos purely out of interest, which is saying a lot considering that he's pretty resistant to anything labeled 'educational'. That's invaluable to me, and it's wonderful to have a resource I can trust to just turn him loose in, not to mention the tools I've used to put together lessons. I'm very pleased with my purchase!”
Bobbi Collyer, Co-op Member
”We are starting our second year with Discovery Streaming. It has been a very useful & enjoyable addition to our studies. I search for videos to enhance the week's science, math, history or language topic. The lesson is reinforced and the kids considered it a treat. I'm able to create folders for each unit and store possible videos for later use. I like the search features and large collection on this site. Although YouTube has many same or similar videos, it just does not compare.”
J. M., Co-op Member
”I love DE and have found it very useful. Many of the videos have worksheets and quizzes to go with them. To note, navigating and searching their system is a bit difficult. For example, if you simply ask the system to pull up all quizzes, it does not. To find the quizzes you have to pull the videos based upon the video title and then check for a quiz. There are far more quizzes available than what will pull if you simply search for a quiz.”
Crystal L, Co-op Member
”I've been using Discovery Education Streaming Plus for years as a public school teacher and now for 3 years as a home school teacher. Hands down, it's the best resource I've ever had access to. I could not teach without it. Literally they have something for every subject and because it's multisensory, they get it! LOVE all the books on tape, books on video, the endless videos and lessons for teaching famous Americans and every topic in Science. Grammar is easier with this and I don't need to pay someone to teach my son a foreign language because there are hundreds of video lessons for that too. Math concepts can be introduced through video clips that have examples and strategies. There are songs that help them remember things .... it's just endless! I mean it - you will get your money's worth 10 times over! Perfect for every age pre-k to 12 and my older son even pulls video clips for some of his college classes.”
Samantha, Co-op Member
”My children love having this service. We use it mostly as a history supplement so far, but plan to keep exploring it to see how we can tie it in to other subjects. Discovery has an extensive library and we are always able to find multiple resources for any topic we are studying.”
Amanda S., Co-op Member
”This program rocks! Our family has enjoyed the quality, depth, and breadth of videos offered in all subject matters for all ages. Some videos are short and fun, others are long, some have quizzes, some have worksheets. I love that this program has a ton of blasts from the pasts (Reading Rainbow, etc.) from when I was a kid and watched PBS or Discovery Channel, etc. Definitely worth the subscription and for our home school collection of resources!”
Sheila, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming Plus is wonderful. We've been using it for years now, in all parts of our homeschooling program.

It is SO nice to be able to assign videos and video clips for my teen son to view, without having to worry about pop-up ads or commercials.

DE Streaming Plus is definitely an excellent resource to have for homeschooling!”
Traci S., Co-op Member
”So many helpful videos! Our family has greatly benefited from Discovery Education Streaming.”
D. Harrell, Co-op Member
”I am so impressed with the amount of content found here and the ease of navigating the site. My friend and I were discussing how great it is for our visual learners! Makes education fun and memorable.”
Kimberly V., Co-op Member
”This is our Third year with Discovery Education. I can't imagine our school dynamics with out it. It brings to life what spines leave out. LOVE IT! Worth every penny.”
J. Hager, Co-op Member
”My daughter and I have been blessed by the Discovery Education Streaming plus program this summer. We have greatly enjoyed integrating into our schooling plans for this fall and recently signed up for the group buy.

I have recently written a review of it for my blog The Education Caf (which receives several hundred views daily). You can check out my review here:

Delana Stewart, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming is a wonderful resource for the homeschooling parent. As a parent I was able to create assignments, quizzes, & lesson plans. My kids enjoyed watching the videos much better than reading a textbook. I like that they offer kid friendly videos on multiple subjects for all grade levels as I have a middle & high schooler.”
K. Fravel, Co-op Member
”Normally my kids have to "earn" what we call "technology time." This includes tv/movies/computer games/iPad etc. during the summer trial, they actually chose discovery ed streaming as their reward quite frequently. Happy parents, happy kids, could you ask for more?”
Lmezz, Co-op Member
”Kids absolutely love the videos and the great selection!!!”
Ayneka, Co-op Member
”I am so glad that I happened to come across Discovery Learning Digital Streaming! I signed up for the free trial and was so please with the quality of full length videos, video clips and images provided. I really enjoy videos and images as a tool to enhance my children's learning. I am new to homeschooling and was worried about the amount of time I was going to spend looking for appropriate videos and images to enhance our learning experience. But with this program, I login and type in the subject I want to view a video about and poof! there it is!

I have recommended this program to several friends and I signed on for an entire year. I know I will not be disappointed!”
Gustygirls, Co-op Member
”My family has had the opportunity to use Discovery Education Plus, Science and Social Studies this summer. We have thoroughly enjoyed the program. Our entire family watches videos everyday. I highly recommend it as homeschool curriculum or as something to enhance learning in your home. I am hoping to continue Discovery Edication throughout the years.”
Karen Jett, Co-op Member
”This is an incomparable education resource!! We are amazed at the extent of the available material.
We have a senior in high school and an 8th grader, and just yesterday they watched a video on Material Science - it was excellent! It was a great idea to offer this complimentary for a trial because we may never have known how valuable it is. Thank you!”
Cindy N., Co-op Member
”Our family has really enjoyed this service. My little kids love the literature videos. Their favorite is Rabbit Ears'"Rip Van Winkle". The videos for homework help are great. I have told my sister, who is a teacher, about the service. We will use it in the future for sure.”
B. Wright, Co-op Member
”Wow! There is so much quality content on Discovery streaming plus. It's so easy to spice up my lessons and the kids look forward to what we find each day.”
Ginger Marino, Co-op Member
”We signed up on the free summer trial and my kids love it. So far they have only been watching the science videos since we needed a new science curriculum. They ask to do science first lesson in the morning and when school is done my son always asks if he can do more. I know there is a lot more we can get out of the program but if it engages them in science I'm happy. I ended up signing up for a full year subscription, they liked it that much.”
Edlyn, Co-op Member
”Great Product. Easy to use. Endless learning opportunities on hand at the time most convenient to the user. Kids love the live video for learning.”
R. Daughtry, Co-op Member
”For the last 2 years, my son has gotten in the 99th percentile on the end of year CATs in all subjects. This summer, as a supplement, we did the Discovery-Education Streaming-Plus and found it to be wonderful. When we did foreign studies, children my son's own age introduced their countries and it was something he had never seen before. It was a very nice addition to our agenda.”
Dawn T., Co-op Member
”I can find high quality videos and resources on everything that we are studying. We have loved being able to pull up a short video and then dive in deeper if we want with additional short videos or entire episodes. My kids beg to learn more! This is an extremely valuable resource that I wish I would have tried years ago.”
Libby M, Co-op Member
”We have greatly enjoyed our free trial of Discovery Education Streaming. When an interesting topic comes up in my children's reading, we look up videos to learn more on the subject. Can you imagine that all 6 of us were enthralled to watch 30 minute videos on the mining of salt or on the lives of bees while we ate dinner? My kids' ages range from 5 to 14, and the videos are useful for all of us (parents included)! I am hoping to buy a subscription after our free trial runs out, because it is a great tool to augment our learning.”
Jamey in Texas, Co-op Member
”I signed up for the free-for-the-summer trial of Discovery Education Plus, and it turned out to be one of the best homeschooling decisions I've made to date. Discovery Education Plus has content on EVERYTHING. Seriously, search for any topic, and you're going to find a resource. I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of what's available, and I've spent hours adding videos to "my content" folders. That's another thing, it's so simple to organize content into folders of your choosing, so that later on when you are ready to teach a subject, you can go to your "my content" screen and find all the great stuff you previously organized, ready to show to your kids. If you didn't plan ahead, or if a child has developed a sudden interest in venomous snakes of South America, just do a quick search and you're in business.

Don't let the references to "common core" on the site alarm you, those are just there to let the public school teachers know that Discovery Education has them covered too. My sister has been a public school teacher for 16 years, and she has been using the site daily for a majority of that time (even when it was under a different name).

Also, FYI for anyone who might be interested to know, I have successfully streamed Discoverey Education Plus from the web browser of our WiiU with no difficulties whatsoever. This is so handy, because I don't have to worry about hooking my laptop up to our TV in order for us to watch as a family.

I have already purchased the full year's subscription, even though my free trial doesn't expire until August 30th, and as an added bonus, my paid subscription doesn't start until the free trial ends. I was not expecting that, and it's such a great bonus. There is no doubt in my mind that Discovery Education Streaming Plus is going to be on our must-have homeschool resource list for the duration of our educational journey.”
Dominica Miller, Co-op Member
”Quite pleased with the content offered. You can search specific subjects or you can search by grade level. Informative videos that are age appropriate.”
Stacy P., Co-op Member
”This is an amazing service. There are engaging videos in every subject imaginable. The best part - they are 100% educational and entertaining. With children so engaged in media it is not easy to find something that both educates and keeps kids entertained. My children are on the edge of their seats to learn! Thanks a million!”
Gen, Co-op Member
”We have thoroughly enjoyed our trial subscription to Discovery Education Streaming Plus! My kids have asked over and over to watch these educational shows, and I am planning to subscribe now so I can use all of the vast resources in my homeschool this year, especially in history and science. I have told several other homeschool families about what a good value this resource is for us. Thanks!”
C. W., Co-op Member
”We have always loved Discovery Education, but last year we were unable to afford the subscription. The opportunity to use it free for the summer was such a blessing. The kids enjoy it and we're all learning together. They are addicted to great programs. What an easy way to include stress free STEM lessons for the summer!”
S. Price, Co-op Member
”My family loves Discovery Streaming! It is a great way to enhance the various subjects we are studying.”
Pam, Co-op Member
”Discovery-Education-streaming-Plus is by far one of the best purchases we have made in our homeschooling adventure. The system provides a huge variety of resources that offer multiple ways to teach and present information making it invaluable to parents who have multiple children with different learning styles. My children enjoy learning through this system. It will be one that we will undoubtedly continue to utilize throughout their education.”
Crystal L, Co-op Member
”What a great collection of videos! Very easy for me as the parent to schedule and assign for the children, and they love the variety and interesting topics that they get to learn about.”
Jessica R, Co-op Member
”We LOVE Discivery Education Streaming! It is wonderful for the whole family. Every topic you could imagine and organized so you can find it! My daughter loves picking out new things to learn about. We will definitely continue to use this service. I have told several friends to check it out. Thank you for offering this!”
April W., Co-op Member
”This is an AMAZING resource. As we go through our day (whether it is a teaching day or not) and we begin a discussion on any topic, we can early pop into Discovery Education Streaming and watch an engaging educational video.

We love it!!”
Kathie Goldsmith, Co-op Member
”My son was absolutely enthralled and immediately found many things in which he was interested. It is so convenient and exciting to find such a comprehensive library of learning all in one place. Thank you very much for this generous opportunity!”
Eden H., Co-op Member
”We've barely scratched the surface of all the videos that are there. Magic School Bus, wildlife documentaries, history clips, math instructional videos, even foreign language videos! Not all of them will appeal to every kid, but there's enough diversity that there's something that will engage every child from pre-K through high school.”
AM, Co-op Member
”This Discovery Education Streaming Plus just came in at the right time. I use the assignment to give my kids summer works at home. They all loved it. Not only educational, but also entertaining at the same time. The assignment tools are easy to use for me, also the user account is very friendly to young users. I thought my 6yrs old how to sign in, how to complete everyday assignment, and she get it right away. So far, I tried only videos, I will soon try the project assignment for my older kids at 5th grade. This product really keeps my summer cool!”
Bei L, Co-op Member
”There is so much more to Discovery Education Streaming Plus than videos. It is possibly the best homeschool resource I have ever found. Let me start by saying it is not a curriculum...

DE Streaming is a resource that you use to supplement or create curriculum. Yes, create, from quality resources that have already been cataloged. It is a class manager and a student(s) interface (separate from the teacher's but on the same subscription). It allows you to create custom lessons, lessons that coordinate with text books, or to use lessons prepared by teachers and other homeschool parents. You can create instantly graded assignments and track student progress. You never have to worry about sidebar content, inappropriate adds, dead links, or poor quality video or resources.

The builder tools are your way of building assignments and the board builder is the student's way to create and complete digital projects or complete written assignments or just to record data from hands on learning. The tools are also excellent for modifying the difficulty level so that you can create one lesson to serve multiple age children, learning styles, or purposes. For example, I have one child who hates history but loves science, the other is the exact opposite. DE allows me to create a single lesson that puts science and history together in a way that no middle/high school curriculum currently can. I can build activities and assessments that help each child learn the required material in each subject, but explore their interests in the other.

DE is certainly not limited to science and history; there are math, language, and art resources as well. If you wanted, you could construct daily assignments in every subject and track them in the classroom manger tool. You could certainly use any text as a base, but if your children need "one-stop shopping" and you don't have time to build lessons from scratch or just don't feel comfortable doing so, you can purchase DE techbooks for science and social studies and use them as a base text (the social studies techbook is written for middle school, but it is very easy to add to the lessons for high school including AP level). [Co-op: Discovery Education Techbook is available separately through the Co-op.]

My kids love DE. Honestly, I'm not sure if they like the Streaming Plus or the Techbooks better. From their perspective, there's no difference; that's how well integrated the DE products are, which is great for parents.

I am aware that there are free curricula that try to create a platform like DE and I have tried them. You get what you pay for.”
M. N., Co-op Member
”The Discovery Education Streaming has certainly added an element of excitement to our lessons. The kids love looking up the different subjects and just browsing for new things to learn about. Can see that we will use it for a long time to come.”
Salenia P., Co-op Member
”I have been so pleased with this purchase. Before, when we wanted to look at a video on a subject, I had to filter through videos on YouTube and other sites, until I found one that suited our needs. However, since Discovery Education has excellent quality videos, and each video is broken into searchable segments, it has cut time in searching to almost none, and increased the quality of the videos we watch. While reading, when we are curious about something, we just pop open Discovery Education and find a video (or even images) that give us just what we are looking for. Captioning is not only available, but with a great deal of control. There are many other capabilities for educators and parent educators, and I have but scratched the surface. My family has really enjoyed this purchase.”
Lisa Curley, Co-op Member
”Great product! Fitted right into our Homeschool schedule. We went ahead and upgraded to a full subscription after the trial. If you are looking for a multimedia resource-rich tool for your Homeschool, try this product!”
Jide, Co-op Member
”I highly recommend this as a supplement to any ones homeschool curriculum. I have an 11 year old son with autism and a 9 year daughter with dyslexia. When we watch there videos together, history, science and so much more comes to life. We have been able to find many great shows that are no longer airing on PBS such as Reading Rainbow. My children love watching this show which is all thanks to Discovery. Animated Heros has been a great source for history lessons. I can't give enough rave reviews. I have not gotten to use all of its functions such as giving my kids actual written assigments but I do assign these videos as part of their class work. Highly recommend to parents of struggling learners such as my kids or those that just want a great supplement. I will renew my subcription when the time comes.”
Lizette Rocha, Co-op Member
”I really liked Discovery Education. The movies on the Nomads and Egyptians were wonderful. They added a strong visual for my girls in understanding where and when these groups lived. I plan on using it, but I can't now because of cost. [Co-op Note: The Co-op's price was recently dropped from $199 to $99 - 74% off the list price of $375.]”
Megan, Co-op Member
”The variety of programs available and topics covered is impressive. The quality of programming and the topics within science we were able to search for was remarkable. This is a great resource for homeschooling of multiple grade levels.”
Mike, Co-op Member
”I have three homeschooling kids, ages 7-11. We had previously subscribed to Discovery's Cosmeo service, but found the content to not be as in-depth, and skewed a little young. We all agreed that the Discovery Education Streaming was far superior. The content is amazing! It's a little overwhelming, although fairly simple to search. I haven't even begun to maximize its potential yet. I can definitely see us subscribing for the next school year.”
Heather S., Co-op Member
”Fantastic resource. You can search by topic, age or grade etc, and find the perfect resource in a few minutes!”
C K, Wisconsin, Co-op Member
”We loved this program. I have children 14, 13 & 10 and we all enjoyed the quick visuals of anything that we were either studying or just wanted to know more about. Some programs were longer than 30 minutes but most were about 10 - 15 minutes which was really all we needed. Great program.”
K Star, Co-op Member
”The 30 day free trial of Discovery Education Streaming Plus was invaluable in my decision to purchace. From what I read, I thought it was simply a collection of video clips produced by Discovery Channel. It is SO much more than that. It has lesson plans, quizzes, images, etc.

I was surprised that many of the videos have teacher guides and worksheets to accompany the video. This was unexpected but certainly appreciated. It even "links" materials to other ones in the same series or similar content. Anything that can save me time creating valuable lesson plans is much appreciated.

I was impressed with it's searching ability. I can search by a specific type of resource and also limit by class subject area and grade level. This saves me SO much time and I quickly find the material I am looking for.

Another vaulable aspect is that I can save the items I have found and organize them how I wish. This is actually one of my favorite offerings of the site. Even more impressive, all of my organization and settings was saved when I converted over to a paid account.

My daughter, age 11, and I love all of the material and the flexibility of the materials offered. It may be expensive, but it is an integral part of our homeschool curriculum.”
Sue B., Co-op Member
”My kids and I loved this! It was wonderful to be able to search for the topic we were working on during the day and see a high-quality movie about it. I could sit back and have a short break while they were still learning and they were so interested in it, they wouldn't move a muscle until the movie was over. They especially loved the slow-motion, up-close shots of animals so that they could really study them, which wouldn't be possible in real life. They also loved the Liberty's Kids cartoons, though they wished that they had them all and had numbered them. That cartoon is so informative! I wish they had a cheap option for homeschooling families so that we could buy this because it was a big hit, but it costs waaaay too much unless you're a school or just plain rich, which few homeschoolers are. Thanks for the chance to check it out for free. We really, really loved it and hope you let us check it out again for free sometime. We will definintly make sure to tell all of our friends about it the next time that happens so they can check it out and see how awesome it is too.”
R. Hight, Co-op Member
”The many topics, high quality and content depth continues to enhance our children's understanding of history, science and the arts. There are many selections that we watch just for entertainment.”
Linda D, Co-op Member
”We previewed this program as a support to our home schooling efforts. My son, who is 7, was captivated! Thank you for giving me some tools that are engaging, beautiful, and rich! I will be subscribing!”
Mrs. Hoerner, Co-op Member
”We have found Discovery- Education streaming plus to be very useful in all subject areas. When we purchased it, we had no idea how much we would use it. It has been a wonderful resource for our curriculum”
Rachel H., Co-op Member
”This is a wonderful resource for multi age use!”
Elizabeth Maderi, Co-op Member
”We are enjoying our subscription. My son likes to log on and view the science videos. My daughter will also get on and search for fun topics. There is a wealth of information available on the site. Great price.”
Corie S, Co-op Member
”We love Discovery-Education-streaming-Plus. I incorporate the videos into my daughter's lessons everyday. She is a "visual" learner. Since we have started using Discovery Streaming her grades have improved and she actually enjoys school.”
Tracie S., Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming Plus is very much an integral part of our home school lessons. We use it almost daily. My daughter is very right brained and access to visual media on just about everything is a great resource. She often looks up videos to watch on her own. We have it set up as her home page on her computer. We would not be without DE Streaming Plus.”
Desiree Smith, Co-op Member
”Our family really enjoyed Discovery-Education-streaming-Plus. The resources are never ending on any subject. There was also a section to pull up state core requirements. You just put in the subject and you are greeted with a host of materials to choose from. You can create your classroom and list students allowing you to assign work to each child. And the children are given a log in to a part of the site just for students. They can click on their work you have assigned them. They can play educational games and do research for any essay easily. My kids literally begged to get on when they didn't have work to do so they could watch educational videos. Everything from math, history, grammar to science. They can not get enough of what is on the site. And frankly if they didn't have any chores or it wasn't a meal time, it was hard to complain they wanted to learn more. It's an insanely wonderful tool to have at your fingertips. I can't think of any negative criticism I have regarding Discovery. It is pricey but if you are able to try Discovery you quickly see the value and ease of having it. Right now I have two (three if you count myself) mopey kids who are waiting until after the holidays to purchase a membership. LOL My 6 yr. old & my 12 yr. old literally talk about having Discovery to use everyday when we purchase our membership!! Of course, it's pure torture for me to listen EVERY day to my kids go on & on listing ALL the things they WANT to learn more about. I love it! I do think the upgrade to the Discovery Plus Streaming is better than just the subscription to the basic Discovery. Again, it does cost more. However, it's like having a hamburger steak and for a few dollars more you could have had the filet mignon.”
Lara Proctor, Co-op Member
”This is so versastile! We use it for everything. Thank you for offering this fantastic product.”
Gen, Co-op Member
”This is the best program for High school Homeschoolers. My son is dyslexic. He has problems reading and understanding materials presented in book form. This brings his work to life. I am able to create test, content, and assignments as needed. I wish I had found this year's ago. He logs in online and his work is waiting for him. I get an email when it is finished. I no longer fight with my son over completing his work. Work smarter, not harder.”
Kimbie, Co-op Member
”We signed up for Discovery Ed this past summer. I've been pretty impressed with the content I've been able to find for my kids on many different subjects. Haven't really had time to explore all that they offer, but what we've checked out has been very good. And a few times we've had spur of the moment discussions from something we've read/discussed and I've looked to see if there was anything to help--I haven't been disappointed yet.”
Rhoda, Co-op Member
”This is a wonderful tool! The video library is very extensive. I expected science videos, but this includes an even larger variety of topics. The subscription is certainly worth the price.”
Anna G., Co-op Member
”As a home-school mom of more than ten years, I have seen and used quite a bit of resources available for teaching my four children. I have one in college, two in high school, and one in first grade this year. The older three are traditional learners and I have been very comfortable teaching them through the years. The last is a testament to God's sense of humor! My first grader shoved me right out of my comfort zone! I am having to relearn teaching in a whole new way. He has certain issues with traditional paper, pen and books. At one point, I ended up making an alphabet book on the computer with his favorite objects just to get him to learn his ABC's. While trying to work through his learning issues, I found he learns to movement. Whether with his eyes, ears, or any other body part, video has become his favorite learning device. In the beginning of my searching for ways to incorporate these learning issues, I began having trouble finding enough appropriate learning videos, games, songs, etc to keep in step with his learning skills.

Thank goodness for Discovery-Education-streaming-plus! After checking reviews online and speaking one on one with teachers who have used this in schools, I held my breath and purchased a year's subscription. I have not been disappointed. When trying a new concept out, I look to Discovery first to help get us started. My son seems to 'catch on' better when mom isn't teaching everything. Watching the videos has been a life savior, the games are great for reinforcement, the pictures give more eye appeal to lessons and the songs are ones he sings throughout the day to help him remember the meaning of the lesson or rule.

Discovery is full of so much information in all formats. I find different ways to present lessons to my kiddo that stick. All subjects are covered in ways that I can't quiet express for him to grasp at times. Searches are easy to use with minimal time which can be broken down with subject, grade, format and other criteria. You can find what you are looking for without having to look through unnecessary items.

I will continue to use this service as long as needed to teach my son. I am grateful that Discovery opened this streaming for individual purchase. I spent too much time trying to filter through the internet and not knowing if what I found coincided with my beliefs. I like knowing the background that Discovery has and that they have done all the work to find the items I need. I can filter out what I want to teach and not teach items that go against my beliefs.

I recommend Discovery Education Streaming Plus to other moms and will continue to recommend.”
D. Arnold, Co-op Member
”We did purchase the Discovery-Education-streming-Plus from the Homeschool Buyers Co-op. At first I wasn't sure if we would use it being that youtube is readily available for videos, but it has been very nice to just pull up a video on a specific topic and just play that part that we are studying. We just used it to day for a story on Paul Revere's famous ride. It is nice when you have a big family, the kids can all watch together!! Thank You for making this available to us!!”
Jenifer Latawiec, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education streaming Plus videos have helped bring lessons to life for my kids. They add an extra element of understanding that 'just reading text' lacks. We have shared Discovery Education streaming Plus with other home school families in our area and we will continue to purchase and use this resource as long as our children are in school.”
Tammie B., Co-op Member
”We use this program to supplement our science curriculum. My children love it and I love the visual impact it brings to our studies.”
Chena Anderson, Co-op Member
”I find that this site is an excellent resource to supplement our home school curriculum. They have in-depth materials on every subject that we have looked for. This brings to life material that we cover in books, which I believe enhances my children's ability to retain knowledge. I hope to keep this membership going throughout my children's school years, if we can continue to get a good price through the co-op.”
Nina D., Co-op Member
”I love the flexibility of watching all the great information provided although it is not always a very clear crisp picture when streamed from your computer to your TV. This would be my only complaint. I love to not have to go to the library searching for educational videos for teaching at home.”
Kristin Cummin, Co-op Member
”I am so happy I invested in Discovery-Education-Streaming-Plus. My daughter is a visual learner so I like to supplement our lessons with videos. But when I would search on YouTube it would take forever to find appropriate content. DESP is so easy to use, I can sort my search by age and subject. Best of all I don't have to prescreen each video, as I did with YouTube, to ensure there is no offensive content. I know I can trust DESP to offer only educational material. Plus my daughter is always excited to watch one of these videos. We will definitely continue to use DESP to enhance our lessons. I can't say enough good things about DESP. If you're looking for videos or even audio selections to enhance your homeschooling curriculum, I don't know of anything better.”
MK McGinty, Co-op Member
”I had been looking at this curriculum wondering if it would enhance our homeschool experience. We did the free trial. Found it to be very helpful. The cost decreased due to the amount of people signing up making it more affordable. Thanks for your hard work making this possible for homeschoolers.”
Linda H., Co-op Member
”My family absolutely loves Discovery Education!!!! My children use it everyday to learn about Language, Social Studies, Geography, U.S History, World History, Math, Science, Health, Biographies, Money management etc. They are always excited to view the videos and always share what they have learned with me. I have told many people about this fabulous resource and will continue to let others know about it. I hope to continue my subscription year after year.”
N. Lawrence, Co-op Member
”We LOVE Discovery-Education streaming Plus. We use it almost daily. It has been worth every penny. One of the best buys I've made in my homeschool career because it can be used for so many different subjects.”
Paige L., Co-op Member
”This has to be short and sweet as with most homeschoolers, time is precious. Bottom line,

Invaluable Daily Resource”
Wendy Piret, Co-op Member
”"The best thing in the world! It's so much fun!". That's what our kids ages 10 and 8 say about Discovery Education videos. The videos have increased their interest in learning and I find them applying the knowledge almost daily. Their favorite are The Magic School Bus and Jeff Corwin. Thank you for making all these videos available and affordable.”
Juanita P.K., Co-op Member
”Our family has thoroughly enjoyed Discovery Education Streaming. We use it often for finding interesting videos on history subjects and other school topics, as well as to watch some of our favorite shows like Myth Busters.”
Tammy M., Co-op Member
”We LOVE Discover Education Streaming Plus. There are so many great resources on all subjects. We love the videos and the interactive games. Our favorites are probably the Mathica and Number Crew math videos. My children love the nature videos. Playing the quiz show games has also been fun and educational.”
Pamela M, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education plus has been worth every penny for my family. We've been using it about 3 months and it has contributed to science, history and free time. We are so glad homeschool buyers co-op has been able to get us this service at a price our family can afford. We've watched documentaries as a family. I've pulled up countless shorts to watch at breakfast to go over related topics for the day. I was able to pull up a couple quick educational videos this past week when I didn't have time to read about our weekly history topic. Our oldest also has really enjoyed some of the animated series during his daily media time that meets his requirements for entertainment and my requirements for being educational. I love that I can let my son pick anything from Discovery Education and know it is educational in some way unlike Netflix. There is also a great diversity of endless choices. We look forward to continuing our use of this great educational resource and hope we can get the affordable pricing again for next school year.”
Krystal, Co-op Member
”At first I was hesitant about the investment in DE Streaming Plus, but once I saw just how much content was on there I was sold. We have used the site for history, science, foreign language, math and so much more. We are thrilled!!”
Jen Clarke, Co-op Member
”Discovery-Ed. is a great addition to my sons curriculum. Not only does it help him to understand our lessons, it also helps me to explain and teach them to him.”
J.S. Boyd, Co-op Member
”Buying a subscription to Discovery Education streaming was the best spent money for our homeschool this year. My 3 sons love it! This has made a huge difference in helping them to enjoy subjects that they thought were "boring" before. Now they actually look forward to those subjects. Furthermore, you can find resources on just about any subject you are studying, from foreign language to history to science to geography. There is so much to look at and do! We not only use the resources for our school work, but my sons also use it on their own to find more information and watch videos about things they are interested in. They are truly learning in a way they enjoy.”
Kim O., Co-op Member
”I LOVE it! I purchased the subscription for my young grandson (3-1/2 yrs). He only has about 30 min of screen time per day (and that only started after he was 2), so it's wonderful to be able to find commercial-free educational videos for him to watch. The ability to save the videos, etc. under folders that I've made ("Volcanoes""Birds" etc.) and to sort everything by age is fantastic. He LOVES educational videos, and now I don't have to worry about commercials or sorting through inappropriate videos on YouTube/the internet. When his interest moves on to another subject, it's easy to search for new content for him to watch and save it under the appropriate folder. As he gets holder, there is also Teacher Guides with a lot of the content too.”
Brenda Lyons, Co-op Member
”This is by far the BEST educational tool ever!! The free 30 day trial was amazing. I knew after just a day that I had to have this awesome program for my homeschool.My son goes to it on his own time when he wants to know more about something. He has special needs and this is perfect for his visual learning style. And he loves to watch the videos over and over and over. Thanks so much Homeschool Buyers Co-op for always finding us the best programs at the BEST prices!”
Kim A., Co-op Member
”This has saved me countless hours in trying to find resources on the internet. I especially like that you can customize by grade level.”
Debbie H., Co-op Member
”We have used Discovery-Education for about 5 years now. It is a great product, the extent and quality of the videos is unmatched. I paid full price for it before it was offered on the Co-op, so this discount is fantastic.”
Jackie S., Co-op Member
”We picked-up Discover Education Streaming Plus as an adjunct to our homeschool curriculum. We are first-year homeschoolers who live in a small rural town connected to other towns by (expensive) plane travel. We have a small library in town, but our resources are certainly limited.

I have found DE Streaming+ to be not only immensely helpful but really COOL!! We've used it get live footage of Egypt and other ancient cultures. We've watched the inner workings of the cell. We've used it as a resource music, research, math, writing and more.

Our internet service is very slow, and I was quite concerned about how the videos would play. I am so pleased that I can let it load the video all the way through and it doesn't have to re-download on the next playing (if I haven't shut it down in the meantime). I'm sure for those who have faster internet, this won't even be an issue. It sure is a pleasure to watch without multiple glitches in the program! That's a great bonus.

I've also used their Teacher section to create projects and assign them to each of our girls. It's fun for them to find their assignments on their own space at DE. It also takes away my need to continuously remind them about what they need to do: it's all right there.

All-in-all, we are very pleased with DE Streaming+. I would recommend it to anyone that has limited access to these kinds of resources (educational videos in particular).”
Debbie F. D. d, Co-op Member
”To help my daughter who struggles with dyslexia and happens to love TV, I wanted to supplement the textbooks I was using with video materials. Discovery Streaming has made it so easy. We can watch a short clip or entire show, and just about every topic I've searched for, I've found. A huge time saver. Often I wanted to enhance learning this way, and now it actually gets done. We love it!”
Sarah E., Co-op Member
”We only had the Discovery Dducation streaming a couple weeks, so we did not have time to fully explore it. We did enjoy several really great educational videos and it seemed like an endless resource!
We really enjoyed it”
Shoshana Gold, Co-op Member
”I joined the Co-op several years ago just to have access to Discovery Education Streaming. Last year as we were studying the 19th Century and marine biology we found valuable and interesting content on DE. Not only do they have video, they have audio, lesson plans, interactives and quizzes. You can also make your own quizzes, save videos, lesson plans, etc. to your own account and send the link to your own kids.”
Jennifer Jensen, Co-op Member
”I am so HAPPY that we were able to get in on the Discovery-Education Streaming Plus savings with Homeschool Buyers Co-op! We are so pleased with the service and quality of content that we get. The planning features is amazing and so helpful. My kids get more excited about school than ever before; anticipating what they will "Discover" each day when they log in. THANKS so much for this amazing resource at such a great price! Without it we could not have enjoyed such a wonderful tool for our homeschool.”
Spencers4Christ, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming Plus has truly supplemented our history, science, and even literature beautifully. It is so easy to simply search your topic and a slew of video segments, images, articles, etc. are there for your choosing. You can also tailor assignments so that your students can simply go to their assignment page, see the video assigned and mark it complete. I'm astounded at the choices. We've been studying the settlements, colonies, and the Puritans and Salem Witch trials, as well as reading Legend of Sleepy Hollow and I've found numerous videos to supplement the reading. Having a visual reference for history, especially, is so vital for lessons to stick. My son always looks forward to the videos, comments on them, and always wants to watch more. Sometimes we end up watching several short segments in each sitting. The science supplements/videos are also magnificent. Watching a plant grow in time-lapse photography is so educational. You also have access to diagrams as well. It's nice that we can choose the grade level - it's difficult when companies force you to sign up for a certain grade level and charge for each one. This way, you can choose for yourself. We love it and will continue - it's an incredible value! We just finished watching Animated Hero Classics: William Bradford and Pocahontas - can't find them in their entirety on YouTube. Join now - you can't go wrong!”
Caroline Good, Co-op Member
”The Free Trial was amazing!! My family Loved the videos and all the choices. I have several free sites that I search for videos, but the variety and the reliability has not compared. I wish I was able to purchase a subscription at this time. We are starting our first year of Homeschool this year, so we are learning how to plan for expenses next year. I hope after the New Year we can add this to our budget. A Very Nice resource!”
S. Mc, Co-op Member
”WOW!! Amazing! Highly recommend. So much on here - lesson plans, grade levels, so many subjects, topics galore, videos and so much more. Very easy to use. Wish I signed up earlier.”
Debbie F, Co-op Member
”I was unsure of how much we would really use the Discovery Education Streaming but could not pass up the free trial of the product. I am glad I did! After just 2 weeks I knew it was well worth the Co-op price and paid for the year. The only way we could have purchased this was through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op and I thank them for offering it to us.

We have used the Discovery Streaming Plus for history, english grammar, science and latin and have only had it for a few weeks. It is a great supplement for our schooling.
Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op for another quality product.”
D. Ewing, Co-op Member
”The free trial period for Discovery Streaming Plus was a great way to really use the product and see how it fit into our school day. It only took a few hours to realize we wanted to have access to this all year is a great way to supplement what we study!

I especially appreciate the ability to research videos, audio, print material and pictures and then store them in folders I can create for specific topics we will study in the future! Makes it so easy!

My daughter is a very visual learner and this has helped her remember and review our history lessons in a fun way! Love this product!”
Lisa W., Co-op Member
”We started out with the free trial. There is so much content! And the content is delivered in a way that captivates my child. Thank you.”
Megan D., Co-op Member
”I was so excited to find an affordable price for Discovery Education Streaming Plus through Homeschool Buyers Co Op! During my public school teaching years I used Discovery Education almost daily in the classroom. The ability to enhance lessons in the classroom with videos and teacher lesson plans was invaluable. As a homeschooling parent it was almost inconceivable to pay the price for the service and use it at home. Thank you so much Homeschool Buyers Co Op and the many homeschooling parents that signed up to make this most necessary teaching tool available at an affordable price!!!”
Sheila Nawrot, Co-op Member
”We are loving this program. My kids never skip a video lesson! Hoping to continue using this for a long time. -- the Tilley's”
Lisa T., Co-op Member
”This has been awesome for my 9 and 6 year old. Easy enough for them to search for what they want to learn about and then the videos are very interesting, informative, and entertaining. They begged me to do their "science research" on Discovery streaming every day!!!”
Carola B., Co-op Member
”Discovery Education has been very valuable to our homeschool experience. My daughter and I both really enjoys the many different resources. I'm looking forward to making it a big part of our curriculum.”
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
”We are a homeschooling family with four kids and this has been such a time saver for me! Each subject of school is broken down by topic, complete with videos and teachers guide. Everything is done for me. I read through the guide to make sure I can apply the activities to only one or two students, print off the problems and we're good to go. The quality has been top notch, the kids find it easy to navigate, and we've been able to add in some extra (fun) curriculum because so much of the work is done for me. I love it!”
Heidi F., Co-op Member
”I can't say enough good things about this resource and about the great deal that made it affordable through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. My 4-year-old is exceptionally inquisitive about science, nature, and the world around him. When his curiousity is peaked about sharks or volcanoes, I can go to Discovery Education and pull up a huge variety of video and other resources to satiate his young mind. And it's just as interesting for mom and dad, too!”
Steph D., Co-op Member
”This program is really great. The kids enjoyed the videos and this in turn makes them want to learn more. Thanks & keep up the good work.”
goodman academy homeschool, Co-op Member
”This program was very useful for every child in my homeschool from my 1st grader to my high schooler and middle schooler in between. There seemed to be videos that would accompany every lesson we were learning. My 1st grader enjoyed seeing videos about animals and videos with illustrated and narrated books. My high school and middle school ages children benefited from videos which pertained to their Biology and General Science. I had only anticipated using this product through the free trial but now, because it has served as such a beneficial tool for my family, I am planning on purchasing it. Lastly I viewed the videos on my Apple Ipad and streamed the videos through Apple TV directly to my television for easier viewing. This was also useful for our family.”
Nicole P., Co-op Member
”My kids, 12 and 10, really enjoyed the trial. We knew right away that we wanted to continue with this service. My kids asked to watch the shows offered on Discovery streaming over regular tv shows! We were thrilled when we found out our charter school offered membership to this service. If not, I would not hesitate to enroll.

Loved it!”
Lorraine, Co-op Member
”This is our third year of homeschooling but our first time with Discovery. It's been a challenge for me to sort through all the resources available. The quanity of quality products is simply mind-boggling. So, I am writing this today to say that choosing Discovery Education was a good decision. It's like having a library of movies, videos, games and teaching resources right in our home. We should have signed up three years ago!”
Sharon Page, Co-op Member
”We really enjoyed the trial for Discovery Education Streaming Plus. We did have prior experience with it through our local school district so knew this was one thing we would really find useful. We really wanted to subscribe for the year at the group rate but were not able to fit it into our budget this year. We hope it will be available next year again at the group rate and then we have another chance and hopefully our circumstances will allow us to sign up for this very educational program. Our children enjoy the historical videos and remember the characters afterwards better than if they just read it in a book. We really like the wide variety of subjects that they can research and learn. I would highly recommend this resource for homeschooling!”
Carol E, Co-op Member
”Discovery-Education Streaming Plus has been an enormous success with my family! I has opened our eyes to so many ideas and topics for discussion. My kids now tune in for fun! We use it daily and take advantage of the broad range of topics. I can assign multiple levels of study and my kids love it! This has helped our homeschooling in so many ways. Sometimes we don't have the hour to watch a documntary, or try to order things through the library which can take some time to receive. There is always something of interest to learn about and spark enthusiasm for further research. We love it and I tell everyone I can about it!”
Mrs. Gjerman, Co-op Member
”I was thrilled to learn about the Homeschool Buyers Co-op's recent group buy for Discovery Education Streaming Plus. Our family has benefited from Discovery Education's wonderful online video and curriculum resources for many years now. The videos are organized by subject and cataloged in such a way that I can easily access just the right segment to enrich the lessons in history, science, spanish, or whatever we're learning. The My Content section allows me to plan ahead and my kids know just where to go to find relevant videos correlating with our studies. Sometimes when my child wants to learn about a particular subject he'll say, "Let's check Discovery Education for a video." More often than not, more areas of interest are opened up, and learning takes on a whole new unplanned direction. It's really wonderful the way Discovery Education brings the world into our homeschool classroom. I highly recommend Discovery Education to everyone!”
Lauren Ray, Co-op Member
”What an amazing resource! My kids have really enjoyed watching the beautiful videos and I love the lesson plans, activity guides and digital textbooks. We can even use the ipad for personalized student assignments. I can teach for an entire year using only Discovery Plus and our local library. What a deal!”
Erin S., Co-op Member
”This was an amazing resource -- if it were affordable for our family, it would be an easily integrated, valued part of our days. My kindergartner enjoyed the content, searching for subjects on an age-appropriate level was very simple, and we just, overall, had a lot of fun with it.”
N. Vaughn, Co-op Member
”I have been debating for years on using Discovery Education Streaming. When the Co-op offered a free month trial I jumped on the opportunity to try it out. We have used it several times during the month. I love the opportunity to watch the whole video or just the clips that pertain to our study. I signed up for the year membership and am looking forward to using it through out the year to enhance our studies.”
Debbie, Co-op Member
”My 9 year old daughter thoroughly enjoys the these videos. She loves being able to think of a topic and look it up and learn more. I've caught my 12 year old son enjoying it with her.”
Loretta P., Co-op Member
”Excellent videos and educational materials. Great resource for any homeschooling family.”
Giovanna, Co-op Member
”I am so excited to have bought this product. When I taught public school we used this service to provide support to what we were teaching. With the help of the Homeschool Buyers Co-op I can now afford to use it to homeschool my kids. I can find a video or image of anything I am looking to teach. I can even stream it on my tv using the Wiiu.”
Karen S., Co-op Member
”I like the format and the ability to email/assign videos and projects to my children. The library is extensive - some of the videos are older and my children do notice the difference in production quality but it doesn't take away from the lesson.”
SC, Co-op Member
”I am brand new to homeschooling. The cost of DE streaming plus through the Co-op is fantastic. I have been playing with it this summer. So far I have found setting up assignments for students cumbersome. However as an on the fly addition to daily activities no matter what subject it has been a great help. Since I have twins I'm not concerned about saving my favorite items for next kid. So far it has been a safety net and something interesting and exciting for my 4th graders. Short appropriate videos is mostly what I have used. English and History so far. Definite kid attention grabber.”
Kathleen, Co-op Member
”This product was very beneficial. It's best to describe it as an encyclopedia of videos on most any topic you could think up. It is the perfect tool to accompany any curriculum especially if your child is a visual learner and enjoys watching TV. I like the scheduling of the lessons although it took a lot of work to figure out how to do so. It was well worth it in the end. I was not entirely sure how to print out my students progress and reports of shows watched during my free trial but loved the product.”
Caiazza Family, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education's streaming plus is AMAZING! No more wasting time on other video sites trying to find educational material. Instead, almost any topic we have wanted to study in school, I have been able to supplement with information from Discovery Education's streaming. I highly recommend them.”
Heidi, Co-op Member
”My daughter loves Discovery Education Streaming because she likes to watch cool videos and I love it because the content is extensive, in-depth and so darn easy to find. I have spent hours in the past looking for multimedia supplements but with this resource it only takes few minutes to find something completely appropriate for our lesson.

We use Discovery Education streaming several times every week. In fact, we watched a short video section about silk worms that was part of a larger video that included several insects this week. The little piece we watched was SO interesting that we delayed finishing our lessons long enough to watch the remainder of the video and learn about ALL of the featured insects...not just the one that related to ancient China. Oh yeah, did I mention that we originally watched the video to supplement our history lesson, not our science!”
Lara G., Co-op Member
”We totally enjoyed having this program for the summer. We would get lost in watching different videos and lose track of time. I could see us using this for our science or other lessons if it weren't so expensive. The nice part was it didn't have ads to distract us while watching the videos. Thanks for the chance to watch it over the summer.”
Patricia Nelson, Co-op Member
”This is a great source of information ready to go. My granddaughter and I were walking around our pond this summer and she discovered a water strider. She asked me what it was. I knew that it was not a spider which is what she thought it was. When we were back home I got on the computer and looked in up on Discovery Education streaming Plus. Just typed it in and there it was, a film about water striders. No more searching for hours for the correct information. Plus I also learned something I did not know about water striders. Great learning experiences happen when we least expect it.

To have information that is so accurate, not filled with advertisements and unacceptable material that you do not want your children to view its just invaluable.

Thanks Discovery for the free trial and adding enrichment to our summer.”
Lillie Harrison, Co-op Member
”I really love the DE streaming plus. It is a great addition to my homeschool curriculum. I love that it has resources in every subject. My children beg to get on and watch the videos. The lesson plans and teacher resources are very helpful. I started with a trial and had to buy it! I have told others in the homeschooling community and on Facebook about this. This will continue to be a tool we will use for years to come! I would recommend this to anyone who would like to add a visual touch to their textbook lessons, anyone who is looking for extra help for their children in any subject, or just anyone in general. This is a great tool to have in your home to make learning fun, enjoyable, and at your fingertips!”
Clara Long, Co-op Member
”I can't believe how many educational videos there are. Such a great resource! My 8 year old daughter loves "Discovery Education time". We will definitely continue using this valuable website.”
Cindy J., Co-op Member
”My youngest has used this through the summer months as one of his "summer bridge" activities. We didn't use any of the supplemental teaching materials, just the videos which he watches for enjoyment, but learns a little bit along the way. It's been great and he would love to continue to use it, but we can't afford it right now. Thanks for providing it for free for the summer!”
Sharon M, Co-op Member
”This site had valuable multimedia to help my grandson understand more about music (specifically, cello) as he began cello lessons with a private tutor. We certainly appreciate the opportunity to see the variety of topics available on this service.”
S.Pierce, Co-op Member
”I use the Spanish lesson tools and find them very helpful. My son and I especially like watching the videos (conversations in Spanish that appear to be a sit-com) with the English translation running beside the video. We can stop the video and look up words, too.

There are so many ways to use this as an educational tool. I love it and will continue to use it as we progress into Spanish 2 of High School.”
Leslie S, Co-op Member
”My 3 children are loving Discovery Education. We're watching history, learning math, and conducting science experiments alongside the shows. The content is very high quality and I'm happy to have my children watch unsupervised. There are hundreds and hundreds of videos to choose from.”
Heidi L, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education streaming plus has been a wonderful addition to our homeschool curriculum. I have found it easy to use and my daughter loves it. I have shared it with other homeschool families and all the feed back has been positive. If I am able to afford to continue it use it, I will with out a doubt. I have found that the teachers guide and the blackline masters are easy to use with clear instructions. We use a Waldorf base curriculum but we are not Waldorf purists. I let my daughter choose subjects that she finds interesting such as dog sledding and life on Baffin island. Discovery education has good solid facts about the things that she is interested in and presents them in away that she can understand and enjoy. Thank you for making such a great product and thank you to the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for helping make quality product affordable to our homeschool family.

Best wishes to all
Amy Toth”
Amy Toth, Co-op Member
”This is an amazing website of useful information and the kids will love it. Learning can be fun :D”
Wendy McCullough, Co-op Member
”Thank you so much for the Discovery Education Streaming Plus free trial!
There is so much wonderful information available. Our kids love all the videos and I love being able to plan ahead to incorporate Discovery Ed into our lesson plans.
I've shared on social media it with my homeschool friends, and hope we can keep the price low so everyone can enjoy the benefits of Discovery Education Streaming Plus.
Thanks again!”
Kristy, Co-op Member
”Great tool to simplify your search about a specific topic. You will find from images to videos, even songs to go along with your theme. We enjoyed using it!”
Caridad, Co-op Member
”This has been a wonderful new resource of information for the whole family. My son loves it.”
Lisa M., Co-op Member
”We have enjoyed the free trial of Discovery Education Streaming this summer. Its large selection of videos, songs and games make it easy to find content on almost any subject. It even has lesson plans with recommended content selections. We plan to continue to use this wonderful resource. Thank you Discovery Education for this free trial.”
Pamela Moss, Co-op Member
”We spent the week before we went on vacation this summer watching videos about coral reefs and marine life in preparation for activities we would be involved in such as snorkeling and investigating tide pools. We learned so much from the videos and our learning was reinforced by our adventures on vacation. It was such easy and fun learning!”
Lindsay, Co-op Member
”Discovery Streamng plus is a very valuable educational tool! I get to watch videos that are hard or impossible to find elsewhere.

I would recommend all homeschool families to try it. It will be money well spent!”
V. Gilliam, Co-op Member
”I have been using Discovery Education stream plus for a short time but I have already enjoy the benefits. We have been using it for language art and some sciences. They have the magic schoolbus videos, and my kids love those. My children are 5 and 7 years old and they had really like the videos I used to teach them the parts of speech. Other time I had found videos that answer some of their questions, like "Mammy, how the babies are born".
I mainly like it because their videos are not only classified by subject but also by age. So you know if the video is appropriate for your child. Also you don't need to spend time searching on the Internet for videos, and you know they are safe videos so you don't need to watch it first and then show the kids.

I already recommended it to my friends!”
Sandra M., Co-op Member
”We are using DiscoverEd as a supplement to all of the subjects we study at home and in particular to science, history and French. I find the visual element of video helps reinforce concepts we are learning. DiscoveryEd videos are really well-made and fun to watch. Having them in one location is much easier for me than scanning the web for suitable videos.”
K. King, Co-op Member
”Phenomenal product. That pretty well sums it up. The large amount of material could easily have been overwhelming, however, the creators have designed a comprehensive search option that allows you to uncover information by performing a broad search as well as a detailed search, and everything in-between. Serving families from pre-school through high-school aged children, they provide media as well as print materials in all of the areas of education including Math, Science, History and Language Arts, along with many other perks. The benefit of having been given a free month to utilize this product has certainly created a great desire to include it into our curriculum for next year. Had this free month been allotted to us at the tail end of our school year, or even the middle, we would have then included the cost within our budget. That said, we plan to purchase the product next year.”
Debbie, Co-op Member
”Discovery streaming is a treasure trove of educational media for K-12 math, language, social studies, health and science. Very easy to navigate and select materials by subject or grade level. I love the teacher guides and the ability to create folders for various students or subjects so that I can easily plan ahead to coordinate with lesson plans for any given topic. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Discover streaming and so do my kids!”
Jill Stanish, Co-op Member
”As a homeschool mother of 4 kids ranging in age from 15 to 5, it is hard to find curriculum that has resources for all of my children. Discovery education has top quality resources and curriculum materials for ALL of my kids. It is very engaging, and hit almost every subject we are looking to explore. I love this service! For all that is packed in, and the capabilities of the scheduling, etc... it is an incredibly reasonable price. I would recommend this curriculum to any of my homeschooling friends.”
Heidi C, Co-op Member
”My kids have definitely enjoyed the wonderful educational information on the Discovery Ed Streaming Plus site. As homeschoolers, this wonderful site would usually be out of our price range as we can't possibly pay for it the way a school system would. We have been grateful for the opportunity to have this resource for the summer. It has been a blessing.”
T. Gardner, Co-op Member
”We have taken advantage of the free month subscription and love it. It seems that no matter what we're studying, there are so many quality videos and resources to supplement.”
LAR, Co-op Member
”Tried this for my 6 & 8 year old - very cool! So far we've looked at numerous weather videos and have even gotten some ideas on hands-on projects we could do. Great add on to our homeschool learning!”
Pat K, Co-op Member
”We absolutely LOVE Discovery Education Streaming Plus. This is our second year with this curriculum resource and we just can't imagine our school year without it. It is our one extra we budget for and probably always will. There is so much wonderful information there that can enrich every subject for every grade.

The kids love adding the videos and clips to our subjects, my preschooler and 2nd grader enjoy Magic School Bus science videos and Maya and Migo videos together and whenever we have something we want more information on, we try Discovery Streaming first.

I imagine we will continue to use it to supplement our curriculum. We have told many people about what an excellent resource Discovery Streaming is and hope they can enjoy the benefits as well.”
Tawnee H, Co-op Member
”Love it! This is my favorite buy from Homeschoolers Buyers Co-op. Easy to use and has tons of videos, from history and math to language arts and everything in between. The programs are interesting and easy to understand. I would highly recommend.”
R, Co-op Member
”We really enjoy most of the content in this program. It is easy to use, allows the teacher to create programs for different students and classes. Very intuitive in every area. One downfall, for some reason on our Mac the video resolution in a full screen mode is a little low. I cannot say it is really disturbing our experience, but since we are paying for it, I wish it was a good quality videos. Also I have to say that some of the content is a little old. Which makes me wonder how contemporary the information there is. But most of the videos, images, audios, etc, are very useful. I am glad I subscribed to this program. One other great thing it is one subscription for the whole family, as many users as you like can watch the videos simultaneously.”
Michal R., Co-op Member
”Discovery Education is one of the best tools I have purchased. My children watch quality videos without commercials. Great investment!”
KJV, Co-op Member
”Now that I have it, I can't imagine homeschooling without it. I use it all the time, for just about every subject. I love not having to worry that my children will be exposed to inappropriate content or advertising. My children love it.”
Rebecca, Co-op Member
”We use Discovery Education to cover the state standards. It's convenient when we are traveling and very easy to access. This is the best homeschool tool we have used.”
Bonita, Co-op Member
”My children have been using the DE Plus streaming website from the day I made the purchase and they LOVE it!!! I have yet to explore it and make assignments from it, however, I certainly intend on doing so for our homeschool subjects. It is indeed a marvelous asset and ensures a safe way to 'surf the net'!!!”
Veronica G, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education ... very cool. You can watch many shows - The Jeff Corwin Experience, which our whole family enjoys, and the Magic School Bus are big hits. Science topics abound and we will continue to use the service.”
Valerie B., Co-op Member
”We use Discovery Education through Homeschool Buyers Co-op to supplement to enrich our educational learning. And that it does! It also makes the experience of learning much more interactive. It's a tremendous multi-disciplinary asset in our approach to learning. We incorporate Discovery Education into most of our subjects - math tutorial/instruction videos, history, and the sciences. My son also loves the "Today in History" and even logs on to watch his old favorites from younger days like "Time Warp Trio" and "Math Mansions." He also watches historical videos for fun periods we are not currently studying but will in the future. We love Discovery Education as a homeschool family and tell other families about it all the time. We are so appreciative that Homeschool Buyers Co-op offers this and at an affordable price for a full year of service.

I love being able to catalog our content in the "My Content" folders ready for us to watch as part of our lessons. And I should add that we have the basic subscription which is more than enough to feel like you have a major resource library of right at your fingertips!”
outoftheboxmom, Co-op Member
”Discovery-Ed has been such a wonderful resource for our family. My kids enjoy the variety of resources available on many topics. We have tried other video resources however if the interest is not there those services tend to drop the educational films from their menus. I have told many other home school families about this wonderful resource and will continue to use and renew my subscription.”
A Shrader, Co-op Member
”This has been such a time saver for a busy mom of five! I have found many programs at my fingertips rather than having to search for them through the library. We enjoy access to Magic School Bus, Bill Nye, Mythbusters, Liberty Kids, Animated Heroes, and others.”
Mary S., Co-op Member
”Thank you for offering such a wonderful package with DE streaming Plus! This program is so comprehensive that we have decided to put it into our school budget in place of other programs. I have been able to use the DE streaming Plus program to teach my child things that I would not have been able to without it. It has also opened up so many more avenues for his education, and mine too! If I had to pick a program to supplement with our main classical program, I would chose DE Streaming Plus. I wish I would have known about it years ago. Thank you for offering it!!!”
C. Reeves, Co-op Member
”We are enjoying our subscription to D. E. streaming Plus. I have students from high school down to fifth grade and everyone uses this product. It is so easy to find a video to go along with our history or science lessons! This product has enhanced our school year- I will definitely renew when my subscription next year. Thank you!”
Mary Ann M., Co-op Member
”Our family LOVES Discovery-Education, we use it every day in at least one subject. I could read in a text book about the beauty of Africa or I could show him a very well done and educational video. It has enhanced our curriculum and also shortened my planning time. Finding a video you need is extremely easy. Our student enjoys the videos and actually looks forward to them. I am currently using my first teachers guide and loving it. I will definitely renew when it is time. I tell everyone about it, Discovery-Education has something for everyone and in many subjects.”
Jana, Co-op Member
”I have found immeasurable value to this Co-op buy! We use it in nearly every subject we teach ... history, math, language arts, science, etc. You can find educational content on just about EVERYTHING! My son loves it as do I!”
Karen F, Co-op Member
”This is a wonderful program full of video clips and lesson plans. We love to be able to look up so much info on video. We will keep using it as long as we can get it!!”
Lisa H, Co-op Member
”My 8-yr old goes to a specialized school where the weak parts of her brain are strengthened. No academics are taught. I used Discovery videos to easily supplement what she is not getting through traditional academics, i.e., in social studies, science, history -- even math and grammar. She loves it, and so do I.”
Lizbeth, Co-op Member
”I have been homeschooling 15 years so I don't know why we did not find out about Discovery Education earlier but now that we have I won't homeschool without it again. Having educational video content that is easy to find when I want it makes our learning experience in subjects such as science, history, language and even math so much richer. In addition, being able to assign videos of interest to each child has changed the flow of our days and helped me further justify and appreciate the use of portable technology such as our laptops and ipads. We love DE streaming and my kids can't wait to finish their 'homework' to be able to watch their favorite videos.”
Mrs. Bird, Co-op Member
”DE Streaming Plus is our greatest home-schooling asset. We use the multi-week exercise, art and Spanish videos courses every week. We use its other videos to supplement our social studies, geography, science and history lessons. We also use its songs, videos, and encyclopedia articles to reinforce phonics, reading, writing and grammar.”
Mary C., Co-op Member
”Our 7yr old daughter loves to watch & learn about pretty much any subject we are doing on Discover Streaming! From Composers to Slugs, we have been educated and had loads of fun discussing the content.”
Kathryn Valley, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming Plus is an amazing resource and an incredible bargain. My grandson whom I homeschool (a visual learner with high-functioning autism) likes to watch high school Astrophysics videos as a "break," and he also watches the cartoon grammar and punctuation videos, among other things. I hear him looking at galaxies and saying "Awesome!" I showed it to the Head Children's Librarian at our Public Library and encouraged her to look into getting a subscription for the library system so that more people could benefit from it. She was very impressed, and promised to look into institutional subscriptions.”
Kathleen E., Co-op Member
”I cannot emphasize enough how valuable I have found Discovery Ed Plus. We've been long time subscribers to Cosmeo, but this takes it to another level with much MORE content, ability to create plans and manage assignments. If you have visual learners and need something to enhance texts, then look no further--well worth the money!!”
Lisa, Co-op Member
”We've only had a week and already I could not teach without it! I teach a lot of kids and Discovery Streaming has brought a new level of excitement to the day. Every subject is covered. The art shorts are fun, the math is great, geography is wonderful!”
Amanda McBreen, Co-op Member
”I, like many others, was very hesitant to spend this amount of money on one product but I am so glad I did! Discovery Education Streaming has by far exceded my expectations. We supplement our science and history with this. When you school day ends early because the kids have finished all their work early I pick a topic and they watch a short video on it. Also there is extensive coverage on the upcoming election including writing activities and current events. I would highly urge any homeschooling parent to get this valuable resource!”
J. DIstel, Co-op Member
”My daughter had Disc Ed first thru a Charter and we loved it, but now I am homeschooling by myself and was so greatful to be able to take advantage of this discount. Discovery Education has so much to offer. My daughter loves the Science videos. I love being able to download the Blackline masters to give to her quiz, assignments, and more. My four yrs old loves the stories for him, like "Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People's Ears" and "Chick A Chicka Boom Boom". Plus both kids love "Magic School Bus" and I love that I have more security over what they watch in front of a screen, then to just turn them loose in front of a television, when I'm busy making dinner. The convinience of having quality education all hours of the day makes this a top pick for us. And it has endless videos with or without worksheets. Some science videos come with experiments instead of just worksheets for those who need a more kinesthetic style. And the added Plus features have been, so rewarding. I can't stop recommending Disc Ed to anyone homeschooling. From your smallest child to your oldest, there is quality education in all subjects and the benefit of easy use if you just want to open search, or if you are doing a specific State Standard search. Discovery Education is a true must have!”
K. Shaw, Co-op Member
”This an outstanding resource! I have used it to supplement history, fine arts, math, science, and literature/english. It's the first place I go when I am looking for something interesting and top quality for my high school student. In addition to the incredible collection of top quality resources available, if you subscribe to the "Plus" edition you can set up and track assignments which was also really helpful to me for long range planning.”
Paula, Co-op Member
”The content is outstanding. We love being able to search for anything that our children are interested in learning about. We've yet to have a search come back empty! I am still learning how to use all of the neat features and teaching tools available. The only downside is the visual quality of the videos. My husband is very disappointed in it and I have to admit that I do often feel like I'm watching a projector film back from my own school days. Nonetheless, our kids really enjoy it!”
Jessica, Co-op Member
”I renewed our 1 yr subscription just recently. Well worth investment with some great history and science videos. Kids enjoy it. Videos range from 2-3 minutes to 30+ minutes. Also organized by age groups/grades. It's an easy way to find a video accompaniment to a topic one is interested in learning about. Totally recommend it.”
Sonja in Maine, Co-op Member
”I've been homeschooling for 4 years now and I'm so happy we came across this subscription for Discovery Education. We've been using Discovery Education Streaming Plus for a month now and my daughters and I absolutely love it! The video segments are educational and engaging, moreover, there is such a plethora of information on this site!!! It is easy to use and you just can't beat the quality of information and education my children are receiving with this product. Considering how much I would have paid for regular books that don't engage my children as this web site does, this is money well spent. I would HIGHLY recommend this product!!!!”
M. Pena, Co-op Member
”I absolutely LOVE the Discovery-Education streaming Plus. We stream the program through our tv, so it is easy and convenient. It is made for schools, so there are many tools beyond Discovery shows. There are videos and tools made for each specific topic and class. Whenever I am teaching a topic, I just enter in the topic and the grade level and I get hundreds of videos etc to choose from. It is very user friendly. This program does not disappoint!

I am very glad that it is offered to homeschoolers, however, I would recommend it to anyone who wants their child to have additional education. Children who are going to school will benefit by watching videos on the topics that they are currently learning to enhance their understanding.
I was very impressed with the program when my 5-year old told me that I needed to eat protein so that my cells would be able to repair themselves :) She now comes to me all of the time teaching me new things she has learned (and she eats her vegetables now).”
Tamara B., Co-op Member
”All my children age 10, 8 and 5 love discovery- education streaming plus. I love the ability to find anything we are learning about by just searching on it. This week my son, age 8 learned about komodo dragons and wrote a paragraph about what he learned. Writing is his least favorite subject. I am glad Discovering-education-streaming-plus encourages him to write. I know that I could not do that on my own. This is our second year of using it. And I know we will get it again next year.”
L Taylor, Co-op Member
”If I had to select one homeschooling tool, it would be this one. I can quickly find videos on the topic my daughter is interested in at her level. The videos help her to visualize the learning and she can explore the topic further by searching for videos herself. Some of the videos are dry but there are so many that she can select one more to her liking. We aren't tied to a desk because she can view a video where ever there is internet. The videos cover the standards and make my job so much easier!”
Bonita T., Co-op Member
”I think it is a fantastic resource! The only downsides are that it's kind of pricey, even with the discount (I know the price is ridiculous without it), and that the site has so much to offer that it's a little overwhelming trying to pinpoint exactly what you're looking for. I highly recommend it IF the price is within your budget AS WELL AS you have the time to look around for what you want. Time can be wasted looking at/for resources you don't need.”
M. Ziegler, Co-op Member
”We are so very happy with our Discovery Education Streaming Plus membership. We got it early so I could use it to plan for next year's curriculum and we have already watched tons of videos and I have started making assignments for next year. It is such a great tool. There are so many videos to choose from for every subject to enrich whatever you are studying.

We are using it to give real life examples with our History and Geography lessons as well as finishing our study of Colonial Times this year.

My toddler loves some of the fun preschool videos. And I'm looking forward to using the Spanish videos for next year's spanish lessons.

I'm very happy with the purchase and the kids love Discovery Streaming time.”
Tawnee H, Co-op Member
”This was positively the best purchase we made all year. We have a son with delayed reading skills, but he has been able to fill his time watching educational videos on this site. The amount he has learned this past year because of Discovery streaming is truly amazing. With other children we have been able to supplement their courses with videos that have added depth and understanding to the topic being studied. Highly recommended!”
Mary K, Co-op Member
”I LOVE Discovery Education Streaming Plus. I use it daily several times a day for my children who are middle schoolers. The content and the value (especially getting it through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op) is wonderful. My kids enjoy and more importantly learn from the informative videos. I love the fact that I've been able to find videos for just about any topic we are studying. I incorporate them as supplements to our lesson plans and plan use this service until they graduate.”
T. Klose, Co-op Member
”We have used Discovery-Education-streaming-Plus for at least three years now. Our son is just finishing 3rd grade. If I were asked 'which homeschool product could you not do without?', it would be DE. We use it as a supplement for every single subject and as the primary source for Spanish. From learning to read to demonstrating more complicated math concepts to studying the solar system to learning a new language, DE Streaming Plus has something to offer everyone. We make room in our budget every year for our subscription and our son especially loves the nature documentaries. I enthusiastically recommend it!”
Anne, Co-op Member
”This is a great tool for visual learners! It adds to the lesson plans nicely and there is such a wide assortment of videos and clips. I love that you can narrow down the topic by age group, segments etc. Well worth the money!”
Nikki, Co-op Member
”My family and I have really enjoyed the programs we have watched on Discovery-Education-Streaming-Plus. I can't tell you how many hours my husband and I researched looking for something like this. We fell into it here on the Co-op site by chance when I was looking for something else. It has far exceeded our expectations. There is so much content that if we'd allow it our kids could watch programs all day long. So far we have watched quite a few history and science shows to enhance our curriculum studies. We plan on looking into the language programming and more in the future. Thank you so much for this awesome resource. We couldn't be happier with our purchase. It is well worth the dollars. In fact, I have encouraged alot of my homeschooling and non-homeschooling friends to take a look at it as well.”
Mandy, Co-op Member
”We have recently purchased this and it is a huge hit. I have kids 12 and 16 and they watch something on it every day. We usually use the Ipad to view the videos. There is a mobile website that contains probably 75% of of the content that is specifically for the Ipad so the videos look really good. Of course it can also be accessed through Safari on the Ipad for the full content. My 16 year old daughter has found many French immersion videos that have been very useful to help her as a 3rd year French student. She also is studying World Geography and has found videos that truly show the culture of the country she is studying. My 12 year old is a visual learner, so after he reads about something in history or science I can usually find a video clip that reinforces what he has learned. The Horrible Histories videos are his favorites. He often asks to watch something in his down time. I plan on using it this summer as a review of things he has learned about in the past.”
Lynn H., Co-op Member
”Aside from my basic core curricula, Discovery-Education-streaming-Plus is the best educational purchase I have ever made! I don't mean to sound like an infomercial. I rarely give reviews, but this is such a wonderful product I had to say something.

I have home-schooled for over 8 years. Before I home-schooled, I taught in public school for 5 years. As you can imagine, I have purchased a lot of educational items. Unlike my other educational purchases which gather dust on my shelves, I use the Discovery-Education-Streaming-Plus everyday!!

The Discovery-Educational-Streaming-Plus compliments every aspect of my home-school. It doesn't matter what we are studying; I always do a quick search on the Discovery site to see if there are any videos that would explain a concept we are currently studying. (There are usually hundreds of videos that are perfect for my kids.)

Every opportunity I have, I talk about Discovery-Education-Streaming-Plus and encourage my friends to purchase it as well. How can you keep silent about such a wonderful product?!

The technical support that Discovery offers is tremendous. Since my computer skills are low, I value any technical help available! The technical support team are patient and extremely helpful.

I will continue using Discovery-Education- Streaming-plus and hope to buy it again when my membership expires.”
L.Lewis, Co-op Member
”My family is absolutely thrilled with Discovery Education streaming Plus. We use it many times a week to support our studies in Science, Geography, History and much more! There are foreign languages to learn, cultures to explore and lessons to remember. We have used it for several years and will continue as long as we get this wonderful discount through the Co-op. My boys adore it and it adds that visual component to our studies. We forgo cable because of the lack of educational value - but DE streaming we LOVE! We also watch it outside of the "educational day" just because there is simply so much and it's fun. Highly recommended to home educators and parents!”
Mellisa Dormoy, Co-op Member
”We love this online product because it adds depth to our school day. I can tailor specific subjects by adding a video clip to already learned subjects and my 8 and 4 year old will never forget the content of the material. If my little one asks me "how are cars made" I can right away quench that thirst by doing a quick search and find age appropriate clips or books in a matter of minutes. It saves us time by not having to go to the library. We will use this program for years to come and whenever I can share my homeschool experience I mention this product along with a few others. After my daughter was writing a report about the loggerhead turtle, she watched several video clips about this fascinating animal. My reward was when she thanked me (with a big smile and a hug) for buying the Discovery Education streaming Plus subscription.”
S. Reilly, Co-op Member
”We previously had a subscription to, which is owned by the same company. We switched to DE Streaming Plus and love the way it is organized and all the options for setting a program for our kids. It is great to be able to have these visuals tools at your finger tips. This subscription greatly enhances our learning experience. Our kids love it!”
Shari S., Co-op Member
”My family has benefited greatly from Discovery Education Streaming Plus. I home school all six of our children ranging from 3 to 14 years old. All of my children utilize the site multiple times a week. We have used it for a wide array of subjects from science to geography. My youngest children love to watch Magic School Bus and the older children enjoy Mythbusters and Discovery Health. There are so many video to choose from. This site has been an extremely useful tool for us. We will continue to use it.”
Beth, Co-op Member
”My son usually needs to approach a topic from multiple angles to fully grasp it. Discovery Streaming Plus is invaluable to him. The wide range of content has allowed him access to information far below or above grade level without purchasing multiple grade specific choices. It fits perfectly with his other curriculum both print and virtual. Many of the programs are cut into many small, manageable clips. Whether using them as an introduction or in coordination with a topic, he is always excited when I tell him to log in. The Q&A sheets and Lesson Plans save me valuable time better spent on him. If there is one problem with the program, it is the overwhelming amount of content per topic. I wonder some days if the time I save preparing lessons is spent on going through which clips or videos on which topics would best suit him. After having worked with the program and all it has to offer, the price tag is much less intimidating than it was when I milled it over for a few weeks prior to purchasing it.”
J. Jackson, Co-op Member
”We LOVE Discovery-Education-streaming-Plus! It has videos for almost every topic. They can be sorted by grade level, topics and subtopics, full videos or clips, and supplementary materials (worksheets, teacher guides). If there is a topic I have a hard time explaining, there is a video here to do it for me. History and Science are so much richer because of our subscription!”
Lori S., Co-op Member
”I have enjoyed this product. I can find a video on almost any topic we are studying. There are some of the great "oldies" out there that are nice and slow compared to the new high tech, fast moving videos out there. I like that I can save videos that I'm interested in into folders for later usage. This allows me to do my planning in advance.”
Cheri, Co-op Member
”My 8 year old is a very visual learner and has exhausted all the documentaries available on Netflix. He is throughly enjoying all the videos available on Discovery, especially the science ones. I have been telling everyone in my homeschool groups about it and a few of them have already signed up.”
Giselle, Co-op Member
”DE Plus has changed the way I and my son approach many of the subjects I teach in homeschool. I use DE for Science, History and Geography. It is the best and most comprehensive product I have come across and is my first choice when looking for A-V material to make my lessons more interesting. When preparing my lessons I now have a tool to help review and cement the learning done. My son loves watching the videos and he is so much more motivated as a result. Thank you DE Plus.”
Lisa Norman, Co-op Member
”Discovery Streaming is a very useful tool. It makes assigning materials for the different grade levels I teach simple. The printable quizzes are wonderful. My ninth grade daughter said the video and quiz on scientific method were "fun"! There are thousands of videos we can all watch together and I can tailor discussion and worksheets to my children's levels. Well spent money.”
Ellen M Harvey, Co-op Member
”My children are definitely enjoying the video streaming. I never have to ask twice when I want them to look up a subject and watch a video. It has been especially helpful in preparing for a test, to get a good overview.”
Andrea F., Co-op Member
”We absolutely love Discovery Education.We use it everyday. The kids love having access to Pendamonium.”
Amanda, Co-op Member
”Discovery-Education streaming plus is well worth the cost. It enhances all of my lessons. It saves time because I no longer have to search the entire internet and not even find what I want. I am able to search for videos for upcoming lessons when I have free time and store them in my account. When I am done teaching a topic I can set the kids up to watch the video while I get something else done.”
Jennifer Rooney, Co-op Member
”We have been using Discovery-Education to supplement the teaching in Science and Geography. My kids love the videos and I believe more learning takes place while watching those than when they are looking at textbooks!”
Ruth S, Co-op Member
”Do not hesitate! It provides awesome enrichment opportunities in all subject areas. It's a real no brainer! You will love it!
Kids love it!”
N. Paton, Co-op Member
”These videos are great. We originally got Discovery Education as a science and history resource for my 6 yo but have been actually using it for grammar as well. There is so much and for every age level which enables us to get deeper into a subject if we want to. Many of the videos also have teacher's guides and quizzes associated with them. These resources help so much. We are very happy with our investment with Discovery Education.”
Sarah Greene, Co-op Member
”This service rocks!!! Our charter school went with a different service so we were tickled to be able to purchase DE through the Co-op. The kids ask to enrich their daily textbook assignments with a video; and when we struggle with a concept, we head straight to DE to explore the topic. Definitely worth the money!!!”
Karen H., Co-op Member
”Discovery Education streaming Plus has made all our history lessons come alive. It reinforces what we just read about. My kids look forward to the watching part after the lesson.The quality of the videos is excellent. I will definitely continue to use this, am thankful to be able to afford it through the Homeschool Co-op!”
D. Catey, Co-op Member
”I love Discovery streaming. More importantly, my children love Discovery Streaming. They have great videos on all subjects easily found by topic and grade level. There is no better way to truly understand history and science than by videos, especially history. No book can make you understand history like the expansion of the Roman Empire than seeing the movies about it. It gives a whole new dimension to learning. Instead of fighting with my children to study, I have a hard time getting them to quit! I have promoted Discovery streaming to many parents-those who already home school and those who are researching it. Discovery streaming makes my teaching job so very easy!”
Lynda P., Co-op Member
”This is my best homeschool buy this year!! In the past, I have had to search through inter-library loan to find movies to match our history and science subjects. I am saving so much time with Discovery Education streaming!! It is so simple, my son is able to look up his own video clips. Love it!”
Christine B., Co-op Member
”I have used Discovery Education Streaming Plus for 3 years now. When my son has difficulty comprehending material or wants to know more in depth info on the subject we are studying; I just log in and find a video on the subject. My son always loves a day when videos are in the lesson.”
Tammey Perkins, Co-op Member
”We purchased Discovery Education Basic a month ago. It is fantastic. No more time consuming internet searches for videos related to a particular topic/subject being studied in our homeschool. I love the multimedia approach that it lends to our homeschool curriculum. Also, unlike videos we check out from the library, these are at our fingertips the minute we desire the information. Discovery Education has been a real asset to our homeschool. It is a great value too.”
J. Pearl, Co-op Member
”Ok! This was a total splurge purchase. I have one child who loves video. She remembers everything she sees and hears on a video better than what she reads in a book. I thought Discovery would be a great support for our basic curriculum therefore enhancing her memory. I am so happy I splurged.

I have used it for Ancient History, Geography, Science and Literature. With each subject, we have been happy with what we have found. Sometimes we have been surprised by all that we find available on Discovery. For example, the geography interactive map a great tool with accurate information.

Streaming Plus has become a central figure in our curriculum. It has saved me so much time and money. No more lengthy library searches; no more waiting for our books to arrive; no more adjusting our curriculum to fit with our limited resources. No more frustrating web searches. It is all right here at my fingertips. Thank you for offering this great resource. Our family loves Discovery Education streaming Plus.”
Mrs. Ramberg, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming Plus has been an essential element of our homeschooling curriculum for 7 years.”
Michelle L., Co-op Member
”We have subscribed for three years so far and will continue to do so. It has been an excellent resourse and my son uses it almost daily. I highly recommend this product to everyone”
Jackie S., Co-op Member
”The videos are educational and interesting. And I can find everything I need... I really think it is great value.”
Mousumi, Co-op Member
”We absolutely love the DE Streaming Videos! they enhance our regular lessons and some we view just for fun or enrichment. They even work well as time fillers on a slow day.

The Blackline Masters and Teachers guides give added instruction or worksheets that can be used as well.

My 7th gradeer enjoys them very much. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for some additional resources.”
D. Hobson, Co-op Member
”What an incredible investment! My kids absolutely love it and are learning so much through it! I have children of all ages and it has been super for all of them!”
Denise, Co-op Member
”My daughter (6th grade)is very happy that we've added Discovery Education Streaming Plus to our homeschooling. We are using the educacion espanol full Spanish curriculum as well as adding video support to science, literature, math and history. She says it's the best part of her school day.”
Karen D., Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming Plus is a vital part of our homeschooling, and I would not want to be without it.

I am a first-year homeschool mom and this membership is invaluable to me as a busy stay-at-home work-from-home single mom.

Of all my jobs, teaching my 8-year-old son is top priority, and as his mom AND teacher, naturally I want the very best for his education.

I knew anything Discovery put their name on would be quality, but Discovery Ed Streaming has gone above and beyond my expectations.

I can take any topic we are currently studying in whatever book, go to Discovery Ed Plus Streaming, type in a keyword and TONS of quality, interesting little (and big!) documentaries and films pop up that cover it exhaustively. You can even narrow it down by most popular, which helps.

I wish I had known about it a long time ago, as it would have saved me a lot of money from buying educational videos individually over the years. It's all here in one service!

I find that it comes in especially helpful for science and social studies. So far, we've watched all about plants, the American flag, all of the states, seasons, holidays... It's great for Language Arts, too: watching a video of a story about the topic is a fantastic way to tie in listening to literature with that topic, whatever the subject.

At the end of the day, after recess, we sit in a comfy chair and watch a few movies covering topics we read about during the start of the day. Priceless! It is a great way to wind down the day without wasting school hours, and to let that topic sink in just a little more through quality, educational "entertainment". My son asks for it and looks forward to our "video time" everyday.

I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon the wonderful Homeschool Buyers Co-op, for had I not, I would have never known that this quality membership is available to homeschool moms like me!

I highly endorse Discover Ed Plus, as I find it capitalizes on the utilization of media via the internet in such a positive manner for my son.”
Ms Badran, Co-op Member
”Thanks so much for offereing DE Streaming. At first I loved it because we had access to our old favorites but on our 1st official day of homeschool I LOVE it because it gave me access to a video that made our history lesson come alive and inspired a more in depth study of the topic. THANK YOU!!!!”
Shawna M, Co-op Member
”As a former public school teacher and now a ten year homeschooling mom, Discovery Education is one of my best resources. I use the lesson plans and the handouts that are available to supplement my curriculum. I have children of several grade levels. With Discovery Education I can teach all of them the same unit, but use videos and handouts that are age appropriate as supplements.”
Michele Penton, Co-op Member
”Yesterday, I ended a seemingly endless discussion of "I don't understand!" to a science assignment. She was to write a paragraph about how she would plan her own "Wild Life Refuge". I typed in "wild life refuge, 3-5th grade" at Discovery-Education. Five minutes later my 9-year-old was smiling, "NOW I get it!"”
R, Co-op Member
”I just started home schooling my daughter this year. I have a masters degree in teaching. I cannot say enough about DE streaming plus. This is such a great value. One of my concerns was how I would be able to give my daughter access to media. The schools have the funds to have these available but not our household. I love the science shows like Magic School bus and Bill Nye the science guy. To buy these videos can cost $30 a piece and now I can just look up a topic and have endless resources.

This is the best resource I have purchased and my daughter loves to just look things up on her own. I can allow her to explore in a safe educational environment unlike the interesting things she might find searching the internet.

If you are considering taking a chance on something, this is the one!”
Amanda, Co-op Member
”I just logged on for the first time with my co-op purchase of Discovery Ed-'s AMAZING!! I can save on fuel costs and museum memberships by logging onto DE-Plus. From Ancient Egyptian mummification to math fraction tutorials...this is a win-win purchase that will save on other costs in the end.”
Tina, Co-op Member
”My boys love Discovery streaming. We use it to supplement are subjects throughout the day. It's a great resource and worth the investment.”
Jennette, Co-op Member
”What a resource! Each time I log on there are thousands of options at my fingertips. My kids have enjoyed watching art lessons and animal movies. My only complaint is that DE doesn't allow homeschoolers to download the videos for any reason...even something like exportation into a powerpoint presentation. I was disappointed that homeschoolers were not granted the same rights as everyone else. [Editor note: This is due to licensing restrictions place on DE by content providers.]”
Jamie S., Co-op Member
”The Search function is amazing; I love being able to call up, literally within seconds, a video to answer my kids' questions. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video in less than a minute is *definitely* worth a million!”
Siggi, Co-op Member
”This is one of the best investments I have made. We have used this subscription for homeschooling purposes and it is a wonderful supplement to our curriculum. This year we are not homeschooling and still feel it is worth every penny spent for quality videos - both entertainment and educational. The lesson planning capability is wonderful. My grandson, who is 7 yrs old, will be coming to live with me shortly and I plan to allow him to view as many of the videos as are an interest to him. I can't say enough good about Discovery Education!!!”
Connie Klumpp, Co-op Member
”I bought this subscription so that my four kids could freely choose their own path in science and history. My kids love it so much they are watching something at least 4 times a week (when we are home). Considering this is summertime I am imagining even more viewing in the colder months.

I asked them to write about what they watched, and to document the time and episode name. I can use this for our teacher evaluation.

My kids are completely stoked about having the freedom to learn what they want. We have had three computers running at the same time with different programming, and I love the fact we can do this anywhere we want so we can travel.”
Laura Luster, Co-op Member
”I purchased Discovery Education streaming plus for one specific subject area for our upcoming school year. Once we started using it, I realized how much it could enhance nearly every aspect of our studies! I love having all these resources including lesson plans and quizzes just one search away. With these videos, I don't have to worry about content and I know I'm getting quality material. It is a "go to" resource for our family.”
Lara T., Co-op Member
”My whole family loves this program! My children have enjoyed watching countless videos and I love the teacher material which is included. I have stopped buying educational DVDs because we can usually find the same material with Discovery Streaming Plus. Well worth the money!”
Robin P., Co-op Member
”I just purchased this product and took an opportunity to use it for a unit study on owls. I found everything I needed: video of owls in their natural habitat, owls in flight, close ups of the owl's unique feather structure which help them fly silently, an owl pellet dissection, etc. I have found this product instructional and easy to use. I am looking forward to using it in the upcoming school year.”
Jen, Great Northwest, Co-op Member
”I can't get enough of this program. I can look up any topic and usually find a plethora of resources.

This year we are studying the 19th century. We have found videos about musicians, writers, artists and of course historical events of the 1800's at our disposal. We stream it to our TV and learn so much! The kids are not only absorbing facts but are really seeing interconnections of people and events. They are able to understand the "why" much better than they would from many other resources and they are only 8 and 10!

I don't think I will want to homeschool without it.”
Stephanie S., Co-op Member
”A seasoned homeschooling mom highly recommended Discovery Streaming. We used videos on ancient Rome to prepare for our summer vacation. We can't wait to learn more about the Middle Ages and Renaissance when we return and begin our homeschooling adventure.”
Kathy K, Co-op Member
”My family loves Discovery-Education-Streaming-Plus! It is easy to use. There is so much valuable/fun information. This is a subscription that won't lapse in our house.”
Jenn V., Co-op Member
”DE Streaming Plus is already a great tool for our middle schooler and high schooler. With so many videos available, we have a wealth of material from which to choose. My daughters don't even mind using it in the summer so that we are able to get the most use for our money.

As a certified educator, I am also impressed with the lesson plans that are available for some videos. They encourage good feedback from the student and help me to know how much information they are retaining.”
Renee B., Co-op Member
”I love the Discovery Education! I haven't used it quite as much as I hope to later in the year but it's already done exactly what I had hoped - helped me to better explain complex topics. I've been able to search for a video that relates to a topic we're struggling with such as a physics concepts. We watch the video together and BINGO! Understanding is achieved and we're able to complete assignments easily.”
Michelle F., Co-op Member
”I love DE Streaming.

At first I was concerned about the price but spoke with someone who told me they use it everyday of their school year so when you break it down that way its less than a dollar a day!

I am absolutely amazed at the amount of content and how easy it is to find videos on absolutely anything we have been interested in. I was so impressed by the fact that you can search by age level so I don't have to worry about whether something is going to be age-appropriate or not. I love that there are study notes and quizzes linked to some videos. Its also nice that you can organize the videos that you want into your own folders and label then e.g. science, math etc... to find them even more quickly the next time or to allow your child to go their folder on their own. Thanks so much for offering this!”
Shawna M., Co-op Member
”I just purchased Discover Education Streaming Plus a month ago and can't say enough about it! We use it nearly every day, and I am amazed at the breadth, depth, and quality of content available. We have watched short videos on everything from photosynthesis to the Viking explorers to the U.S. currency system to King Arthur to the history of the American flag.

There are also many full-length programs available, such asDavid Macaulay's wonderful series on the relationship between architecture, engineering, and culture ("City,""Castle," etc.).

Many video resources also include supplementary teacher materials such as black line maps, quizzes, crossword puzzles, lists and links to related resources, and so on.

I purchased a video cable and adapter to connect my Macbook to our TV screen so our family can view these wonderful videos and related materials together. This is an amazing resource for our family and well worth the annual subscription price.”
Rebecca N., Co-op Member
”This past year was our first year of homeschooling. At the beginning of the year, Discovery Education Streaming Plus was one of our "Let's take a chance on this" buys, since I really had no idea how the year (or this product) would go.

I can honestly say it has been a fantastic service for us! It is truly one of the products we use on a daily basis. There was absolutely no question that we were going to renew. And honestly, with this being our first full year of homeschooling and using Discovery Streaming, I think there are even more features that I have yet to explore. For example, we have not yet used it for foreign language, but I've heard many people do that.

We use it primarily to supplement many of the subjects we do on a regular basis. No matter what the topic, Discovery Steaming has a VARIETY of videos that can help expand on it. Plus, you can choose to look at either a shorter segment, or a whole video on a topic. The choice is yours!

This year I'm going to explore more of the lesson planning, and try explanding to more subject areas (history and science were the biggest for us this year), but believe me, it has already been well worth the price, and will probably be even more so in the coming year.

Great, great product!”
Patti, Co-op Member
”My family loves Discovery Education Streaming! It is a great resource that I am using to supplement my kids homeschool curriculum and since they are young, we plan on using this for many years to come.”
Brenda G., Co-op Member
”I subscribed to DE last year to get Elementary Spanish, but have gotten so much more. We use the audio downloads almost daily on my Mp3 player at home, and my daughter has LOVED having Magic School Bus and other favorite programs available on demand. I love that, when I'm having a rough day, I can easily and quickly find a video or two that can supplement what we're doing.

This year, I'm getting plus!”
Donna Metler, Co-op Member
”Our Discovery Education streaming subscription is by far the best money we have spent during our homeschool year. I am able to find videos to supplement every subject and because the website allows you to search by both age and subject, I can find what I need in a flash! My son loves these high quality, entertaining videos and begs to watch more. I couldn't be more pleased!”
Cindi, Co-op Member
”The Discovery Education streaming Plus subscription has been great for our kids. My younger children are very visual learners. DE streaming is a reward for them, and they love having so many interesting videos to choose from.

The site has far greater functionality than I have had time to explore. Even without spending a lot of time learning how to use the site, we still enjoy a variety of options. Every day there is an historical reference to read about. There is a webinar coming up that is being hosted by our favorite famous biologist. I have downloaded and used some high quality PDFs for free. They are for use in conjunction with the streaming videos.

One of the best parts, for me, was the cost. It seemed high at first, but when I compared it to the cost of our subscription to a national home video delivery service, I realized DE streaming cost less.

Thank you, Homeschool Buyers Co-op. This has been another great buy for us.”
Arianna, Co-op Member
”We have had DE Streaming Plus for about one month. There is an abundant of videos covering all subject matter: science, history, foreign languages, etc. We use it to supplement our current studies. For example, if we are reading about ancient Rome, we do a DE search for that and have a great variety of videos to watch. Because there are often so many videos returned, the search works best if you are specific: use "photosynthesis" instead of "plants." It is helpful that they are categorized by grade level. I like, too, that you can easily watch the whole video, or just the segment that pertains to a certain subject matter.

My 11yo has been learning Spanish most of her life. DE offers a great variety of videos done in Spanish. There are also quality Spanish learning curriculums. It would be helpful, though, if there was an easy way to search for the videos spoken in Spanish. It is easy to find the ones that are meant for learning the language, but it is cumbersome to find the ones that are replicas of an English video.

If you have Discovery, Science, History, etc. TV channels you could still benefit from DE. DE videos are available 24/7. Whereas the shows on TV are only at select times.”
Heather D, Co-op Member
”LOVE IT! This is one resource I do not let lapse. The longer I homeschool the less I find that I need to purchase. However, Discovery Education Streaming Plus is a must have for us! It provides a myriad of educational and enrichment materials at all levels, so as we have moved from elementary through jr. high and now into high school, it just keeps on providing an amazing array of resources in all areas of subject matter! What a great coup for Homeschool Buyers Co-op to negotiate a great price for this! I heartily recommend it!”
Pam W, Co-op Member
”This curriculum has been a God send!! I can't recommend this enough to anyone with a child that is a visual learner.

My 10 year old daughter has a severe form of dyslexia and finding a curriculum for her has been very difficult. I have tried many wonderful different curriculum's but none of them were working for her. Discovery Education Streaming has "broken through the barrier" and has made learning fun and she has retained what she has been learning. They even have math videos that teach fractions, algebra, etc!

I have recommended this to my friends with dyslexic children, but it is great for anyone. The discount that I got through Homeschool Buyers Co-op was the icing on the cake.... :-)”
Julie T, Co-op Member
”This is an awesome resource to have at your fingertips. You can choose a French or Spanish class or watch MythBusters, Grossology or just do a search for a word and see what comes up. Very cool!”
Leslie C, Co-op Member
”Our family enjoys using Discovery-education streaming Plus! There are videos and programs covering every subject area and for grades pre-K through adult education. It is wonderful to have instant access to information and videos covering so many topics. We will continue to subscribe to this each year.”
Susan M., Co-op Member
”We are using DE as a supplement to our American History course right now. Every day, my son chooses a video on the topic we are covering. If there isn't one on that topic, he can choose one on any subject. I hope to expand to more subjects soon.

There is a wealth of information available.”
Cindy Howard, Co-op Member
”We've subscribed to Discovery Education Streaming Plus through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op for two years now. This is our most valuable homeschooling resource, we use it for almost every subject, every single day. My six year old daughter is learning Spanish with Elementary Spanish. She watches fun math videos with the Number Crew. Magic School Bus is always a hit, but there's so much more.

It can be overwhelming with the vast amount of resources, so I've been trying to compile a list of video series. You may find it here:

We look forward to purchasing a DE Streaming Plus subscription every year. I talk about it often on the homeschooling forums I frequent, I even have it listed in my forum siggie. I highly, highly recommend Discovery Education Streaming Plus! ”
Angela, Co-op Member,
”Discovery-Education Streaming Plus has been one of the best resources we have ever used in our homeschool. It has been great to have educational videos on almost every topic we have studied at our fingertips. Since there are videos for every age of learner, I anticipate using this website for many years to come. Some of the subjects we have supplemented using Discovery Streaming include World History (Ancient, Middle Ages, Renaissance/ Reformation, and American), geology, astronomy, botany, zoology, music and art history, literature, and a whole host of "for fun" programs. I highly recommend this resource to all homeschoolers to help provide a well-informed and enjoyable education to your children.”
Pam R., Co-op Member
”We LOVE our membership to Discovery Education!! They have videos to support the state standards that are entertaining and very interesting. The search function allows us to target our learning but you can also just explore for fun or less directed learning. I recommend Discovery Education Streaming to all our friends even those not homeschooling. The Coop price makes it affordable. Thank you for this opportunity.”
B. Thompson, Co-op Member
”This has been a total answer to prayer! My daughter says she has learned more in the last 2 weeks, since we signed up, then she did the entire first half of the year. If you have a student who learns best from video, this is the ticket. I love the study questions, suggestions and quizzes that come with alot of the videos. And the games are just icing on the cake. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS AVAILABLE!”
Eunice M. LaCoy, Co-op Member
”I cannot believe the discount on Discovery Education. We all are visual learners and I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful to have this resource for my children in the home. I highly recommend this purchase to anybody interested in purchasing DE. I will again subscribe. Thanks to the Co-op for the buying power to cut costs!”
Claudia Dunston, Co-op Member
”I use this daily to supplement science or history for a middle-school child. I assign one video per day since my child learns best by seeing or hearing something. I enjoy the fact that she's absorbing more than she would be by reading. She enjoys the fact that she can "watch tv" for an hour of each homeschool day.”
Amy S., Co-op Member
”The discount from Homeschool Buyers Co-op really helped us -- our budget is limited. My 16-year-old has already really enjoyed history documentaries and science and math programing on Discovery Education.

We will look forward to a whole year that will help us so much with our decision to home school.

I enjoy watching with her when I can!”
K. Sith, Co-op Member
”DE Streaming Plus has been an incredibly valuable resource for our homeschool. I feel that we have gotten more use out of DE Streaming than out of any other online resource we have tried - and we have tried many.”
Cyndi S, Co-op Member
”My kids are very fun-oriented and they love a good story. Some of our favorite and most exciting videos on Discovery Education Streaming were the animated stories about important and amazing people in history.”
Sara McGrath, Co-op Member
”Easy to navigate. Can watch full videos or select specific segments (my fav). Great for enriching an otherwise boring textbook based course. You can make the video selection or allow your kids to select one pertaining to the lesson at hand. I've used it for years. Tried others but nothing compares. Couldn't imagine being without it!”
Tammy J., Co-op Member
”Remember Movie Friday in "school" Well now you can do the same for your kids. Assign a great movie to watch that enhances what your kids have been learning all week. It makes a fun way to close the week out. OR... Worry free web searching for learning on your own. I have not found a topic not covered. All video divided out by age. The best thing is that they have been sectioned so you do not have to watch the whole thing if you do not want to.”
Rhonda M., Co-op Member
”We use Discovery Ed Plus for History and Science. My daughter is a visual learner and learns so much from watching the videos. I highly recommend Discovery Ed. to supplement your curriculum.”
Margaret B, Co-op Member
”Can not say enough good things about this resource. We use it constantly to reinforce or introduce ideas we are working on. I was at first reluctant to purchase this because of the price, but I can say that this will be the one subscription I will always budget for and keep renewing for years. Has many resources on many grade levels. My kids truly enjoy it. It is well organized, and customer service has always responded promptly to my questions. I highly recommend it.”
Andrea Ragsdale, Co-op Member
”This product is exceptional. You can find quality educational videos for almost any subject. My son loves it. We have been using it for over 3 years now and found it to be exceptional. We use it nearly every day.”
J. Sharkey, Co-op Member
”This has been a worthwhile investment for our family! We've subscribed the last two years and have really made good use of it. We can find information on almost any topic we are studying and both of my children have learned a great deal. They BEG to watch more and choose to watch additional videos on their own. I really like the fact that we can find age appropriate information that suits our needs. We can watch a 2 minute clip or an hour long video. I will continue to subscribe as long as my children are in school. We highly recommend it!”
Nancy, Co-op Member
”We love DE+. We use it from 2 times a week to everyday. My children love to use it to learn about the world and other cultures. They can watch the films and feel like they are there. I love the science videos they are very informative.”
Chris A., Co-op Member
”This is my first year using Discovery Education. It has been such a help to me. I needed to add some life into my science and history curriculum. It definitely has done that. My kids love the shows I select for them. I am amazed at how much this has added to our success as homeschoolers.”
Mary D., Co-op Member
”We love Discovery-Education and use it everyday. Recently we watch a fascinating move about mushrooms. Thanks so much for this priceless tool at price that fits my budget.”
Heather G, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Steaming has become a main feature in our learning day. While both of my children use DS, my son especially depends on this resource. He loves being able to search his interests and know that the choices offered are dependably good.”
Ame Laeyendecker, Co-op Member
”I have subscribed to the DE streaming offer for the last three years, last year I upgraded to the Plus. It has been well worth the money spent. One of my children is a visual learner and being able to play a video clip to introduce a topic has been great. I've used some of the videos along with the teachers' resources with my co-op classes, even assigning some for homework. Having resources available on just about every topic imaginable saves me a bunch of time hunting up the enrichment resources I like to include in my classes. Thank you for a great product offering.”
HollyAnne, Co-op Member
”The videos on Discovery Education are a great supplement to any topic we are studying at the moment. I can ALWAYS find something relevent and useful that further demonstrates or explains a concept or idea.”
Karen P., Co-op Member
”We use our Discovery-Education streaming plus subscription nearly every day with our second-grader. Our annual subscription is a "must-have" for our homeschool. We upgraded from the basic subscription so we could have access to more of the material and we are glad we did. Discovery Education Plus is a marvelous supplement and deepens the learning!”
Anne G., Co-op Member
”We will renew this membership! It is the best visual aide. We keep our laptop in our study area for easy access and use it daily!”
A. Josi, Co-op Member
”Discovery has not only greatly enhanced our family eTAP subscription, but it has also been a rich audiovisual treasury that my children enjoy watching after school for enjoyment. We could supplement any social studies or science curricula with the videos, so we plan to continue to use Discovery in the future.”
S. M., Co-op Member
”This is a great website, It is so great to find videos on all kinds of thing and to have teacher guides as well. Easy to find videos with searches as well. Great site!!”
Lisa H, Co-op Member
”We use Discovery Education streaming plus several times a week. I love their search function where you can specify age/grade levels when looking for appropriate viewing material. There really is something for every child (and adult!) here. I also like how the videos are often divided into segments, so you can view the entire episode or just the part you need. It works really well for kids who need to see how something works and not just read about it. My son wants to use it all the time.”
Michele, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education streaming Plus has been THE best investment I made for home schooling. We use the Elementary Spanish course and on-line Art Tango art lessons each week. The programs come complete with downloadable teacher guides and black-line master worksheets. There are helpful songs, good encyclopedia articles, images and great movies to supplement our history, social studies, science, music and religion courses.
I have used the teacher enrichment programs to learn ways to bring multi-media into our learning -- teaching the children to create powerpoint presentations, make videos, and use graphic design programs to share what they have learned. DE streaming is easy to use. You'll be impressed by the quantity of high quality materials available.”
Mary C, Co-op Member
”Discovery's Streaming Video has made a HUGE difference in our homeschool! We use to watch youtube video (as I could find them) but it was very hit or miss plus you NEVER know how kid-appropriate material would be -- But this is different! This product allows you to search by keyword through thousands of kid appropraite high quality EDUCATIONAL videos to find what you need. So no matter what we're studying I'm sure to find something interesting to supplement our curriculum. My kids love it! They always ask if we can watch a video about what we're learning about. This is our first year and I've so far seen a huge return on our investment. Even in their free time my kids choose to watch these videos over a movie. This is a gold mine for our family! It's so easy to use and my kids are learning a lot! I can see us continuing to use Discovery's Streaming Video for years to come -- it's that good!”
Melissa B., Co-op Member
”I have been using DE Streaming Plus for several months and it is one of the best investments I have made for my family since we began homeschooling. I was familiar with the service from my years as a teacher and it was a resource I missed greatly and wished I had again once I began teaching my own children. I needed very little convincing to take advantage of the deal through the Homeschool Buyers Co-op once I saw it was available and I knew within weeks that I would already be renewing next year if the deal was offered to me again.

My children are four and six. They respond well to video. I often set the little one up to watch something while I am working with the eldest. I frequently will search for a topic to supplement a new topic. This was very useful when we began studying geometric solids. I think the ability to animate mathematical ideas is really helpful and both children retained quite a bit of information from that unit, even though only the six year old was technically studying solids at that point.

Because search results give you the option of finding complete videos or shorter segments within a video, I can easily find a two to three minute clip that specifically addresses a topic either child happens to be struggling with at the time.

I personally use DE Streaming Plus while planning. I appreciate the ability to save search results into folders of my own design. Sometimes I will watch the high school level content on a new topic before I introduce the topic to my children. I do this especially before preparing one of my co-op lessons. The service also provides images in the search results and I use those frequently in my preparations and lesson plans.

I might not use the site each week as I don't always plan for brand new material each week. What I have found is that when I need the site to solve a problem, I get my problem solved within minutes. My children aren't learning independently yet - when that happens I can only imagine I will find this service even more valuable.”
K. MacPherson, Co-op Member
”I use this to enhance my science teaching (we are doing Sonlight Science 5, The Human Body). I can find short videos on all of the subjects covered in my curriculum. There isn't much to help with humanities, but the science content makes it worth the cost.”
MC, Co-op Member
”I am a single mother of a 12 year old 7th grader and having this product at an affordable price has been a dream. My daughter and I just love it. We have learned so much history together. I watch all the videos with her and love the educational tools. I love the search engine and the ability to either view entire selections or just clips...A great product. We use it all the time and I have found nothing on the market that compares to it. Very pleased.”
Yolanda Phelps, Co-op Member
”We have a son with autism who is very book smart. This site was a BLESSING to us! It gave him the independance to look up and learn things on his own. Books are great, but this also helped give him a visual clear concise description about what was happening and why.”
sherri v, Co-op Member
”This is such an incredible program. It is like having a video library at your fingertips. There are so many topics to choose from. My kids love using Discovery streaming because it is so much more convenient than the library. At the library, we have to search online for the subject, sift through titles to find a video of interest, then put it on hold and wait and wait until it becomes available. By this time, we would have moved on to another subject. Discovery streaming is convenient and always available. It is a great asset to our homeschooling programs. Thanks so much for making this available, Homeschool Buyers Co-op.”
Terri Standley, Co-op Member
”This is definitely one of the best resources for our homeschooling. Hardly a day goes by that we don't watch a documentary or program that supplements our curriculum, and my kids love it! Thank you HSBC for offering it at such a huge discount!”
Pam R., Co-op Member
”Thank you SO much for making this subscription available to homeschoolers! This is a wonderful program, and I believe it will benefit our science learning tremendously!”
D. Hockman, Co-op Member
”I am really excited to see that the Plus version of Discovery Streaming is coming to the co-op! I purchased the basic back in June and love it! Thanks for all the great resources you all are pulling together for us. I just subscribed to netTrekker d.i. - wow! Is that going to streamline my processes in planning unique lessons for my boys!”
Pam W., Co-op Member
”We LOVE DE streaming! My dh and I have even been known to sit around on the weekend and watch documentaries together as if we had our own educational tv channel. My children are completing their second year of Elementary Spanish video lessons and I plan to continue those for several more years. Thank you Homeschool Buyers Co-op so much again for your work in bringing Discovery Education to the homeschooling community.”
Lisa S., Co-op Member
”I love that my kids can pick a topic and have instant online educational access to it, in a safe environment. That my 10yo dd loves watching behind the scenes of the making of a play - and that it was right there for her to view.”
Tammi, Co-op Member
”Our family loves Discovery Education Streaming! The videos and corresponding teaching guides, quizzes and worksheets are outstanding resources for supplementing their education, studies and learning new things. They are even learning Spanish through the language program that is available through Discovery Education Streaming. The kids look forward to watching episodes of Magic School Bus and watching history and science videos directly related to what they are currently studying. We have been using Discovery Education Streaming for 2 years now and I have yet to find another product on the market that offers such exceptional quality, variety, features and teaching and planning tools. I often tell other parents wanting more for their children to look into Discovery Education Streaming as it is a worthwhile investment in your child's education.”
Joy K, Co-op Member
”The Discovery Education streaming video service has provided great supplemental educational videos to our homeschool education. So much of our studies are in written form, and it is fantastic to be able to offer visual reinforcement of things that I have already taught my children. We have tried to rent videos through the library, but they are few and far between, and many times are not at an appropriate grade level, or are much too long. My kids have loved the videos! Thank you for providing this!”
V. Carlson, Co-op Member
”I love having these videos and clips for my child. It reinforces what i am teaching him.”
Tricia L., Co-op Member
”The Discovery streaming has added a whole new dimension to my homeschooling. I can expand on our lessons and thankfully get my very active son away from too much bookwork. I am also so grateful for the quizzes which helps me out so much. There is so much more I can do with this site that I haven't even had time to explore and I really cannot wait to do so. I love it. Thanks so much.”
Alicia, Co-op Member
”Discovery Education Streaming really contributes greatly to our homeschooling. We cancelled cable because we can now not only get educational programs on every subject of history, science and more, but we can choose from many programs in each category based on the grade level and complexity we need. We recently watched a great movie on the history of slavery and discovered that the teacher resources included the vocabulary list with definitions, discussion guide and even a crossword puzzle on the movie. What more could you want! When you search for a topic you can watch a piece of a show that includes just that topic or the whole show.

We recently used it to aid our geology study and found a great K-3 show written for kids on rocks and minerals. These are entertaining, but comparable to a really good lesson that I don't often have the time or resources to prepare myself.

We've used Cosmeo, which is also very good, and which includes useful games, articles and links, but this has a different selection and is very comprehensive.

If you've every had a day where you just don't feel you've covered all you need to on a subject, this will not only fill gaps, but launch you into new areas as well.

VERY worth the money.”
Anne Huffman, mom of boys 9, 7, and 2, Co-op Member
”Discovery-Education streaming is an incredible opportunity for homeschooling families! My children have been able to have access to incredibly informative information on virtually almost every subject imaginable. My high school and middle school children really love it! Although, they would have loved it at any age. It is only unfortunate we did not have access to it sooner! Discovery streaming has added a very fun element to learning. They have also found them to be an invaluable research sourse as well! Providing a more indepth & understanding of a subject and will most likely be remebered much longer than would be obtained by just reading about it. I truly cannot say enough about it. We have also purchased an adaptor to hook up the computer to the TV so that the entire family can watch at the same time. Because Mom and Dad love it too!”
Charlotte H., Co-op Member
”There is an amazing amount of great content on this sight. We have been using the spanish class for grades 1-2 and feel it is a great class and worth the cost of the entire subscription. They also have all the magic school bus episodes which my daughter enjoys. They let you use the sight free for a month to see if it will work for you.”
aynsley k, Co-op Member
”Streaming is such a great way to support the book learning. My teens like to watch TV and what a better way to get some learning in than watching the "streaming" TV. One of my girls has some learning issues around reading and streaming helps her get more information in than reading alone. Thanks for such a great way to help the homeschool parent.”
Colleen, Co-op Member
”This had been a great tool in homeschooling for me. So many topics are covered you can all most always find what you are studying within the streaming videos. My eight year old son loves the videos and even enjoys the ones geared toward the older classes. I would recommend this to anyone who homeschools and their budget allows them access.”
B, Clay, Co-op Member
”We absolutely LOVE Discovery Education Streaming! We have three boys ages 11, 9 and 4. The content available is suitable for all three. My oldest two use it almost daily to supplement their various courses and areas of interest. The breakdown by segment makes finding what we need quick and simple. It is very easy to search effectively. It is also a bonus to have videos to supplement our math studies. I can't imagine NOT having it now! I highly recommend it to all homeschoolers and am thrilled that the homeschoolbuyers co-op made it possible for us to access this excellent resource! Thanks again!”
Briana Ebmeier, Co-op Member
”As a home schooling parent, sometimes reading about ancient history just isn't enough, and the library resources are limited. I have enjoyed the age appropriate films which I can watch either as segments or in full on demand, before and with my children (elementary, junior high and high school aged)and it has REALLY helped them understand the ancient civilizations we are studying.”
Cindy W, Co-op Member
”I am new to homeschooling and I am also teaching a special needs child. My son has autism. The Discovery Education streaming video program has proved to be one of my best tools and I'm so thrilled to have this available at such a reasonable price! My son is a strong visual learner and we are using videos for support for things like learning what nouns and verbs are, reading classic literature,understanding how thermometers work, identifying properties of matter, and so much more. Just about every subject that I have been struggling with trying to figure out how to introduce or reinforce, there has been an appropriate video. I've also received great technical support from the company on a couple of questions I've had. I have told so many people how great this service has been for us and would definitely continue to use it in the years to come. I'm so thankful for the co-op purchasing program and the many other Moms who shared their testimonials with me!”
Karin Barasa, Co-op Member
”My kids really like the presentations in the Streaming program. We use it both to supplement subjects we're studying and as an edu-entertainment resource. I would say that I use it no fewer than 2 times per week and hope to continue to use it.”
Tara,G., Co-op Member
”We use it to supplement our science studies. My kids are in awe of the details and look forward to the movies. The clear and precise way the information is presented helps them to retain what they learn. I like the search feature. I can find the right resource and begin showing it in under 2 minutes. I have shared this with my homeschool group. I think the only thing that may cause them to hesitate is the up front cost. If they could pay by the month I am sure some would join.”
Terri G., Co-op Member
”The multi-media resources provided through Discovery Education Streaming are awe inspiring. My children are 12, 14, and 18. My oldest uses these resources to supplement her college course work. My younger two have elected to take challenging subjects this year, in their pursuit of career goals, and we have found that the videos and programs available through Discovery Education Streaming are a wonderful and rich addition to their studies. The search capabilities of the site are easy to use, and can be approuched through several different angles. The children will often finish watching a video I've suggested and then sift through looking for and watching clips that catch their interest, just out of curiousity. When an appropriate video is found, there is often addtional educational resources available to extend the learning potential. The conveniently tabbed video descriptions sometimes contain links to teacher's guides, assignments, vocabulary lists, pre-tests, tests, and project ideas. The videos are often so fascinating that we plug the laptop into the tv so the whole family can watch! I don't often spend this much money on homeschooling materials, and was leary of doing so for this. It has turned out to be worth far more than I could have hoped. I would recommend this to every home educating family, regardless of learning style.”
Elizabeth, Co-op Member
”This is a wonderful tool for my family. It is easy to use and fast to search for things, they are very well grouped.”
Mary T., Co-op Member
”We've really enjoyed the Discovery Education video service. My daughter's 12, and there are hundreds of videos targeted at that age range. Her favorites so far are the math videos (go figure!), but we've watched a lot of science and history videos as well.”
Rhee Eliker, Co-op Member